Friday 30 September 2022


This pretty much sums things up. No lives lost, yet. The cold of winter will take care of that over in Europe.

World War III ramped up this week. Not just events in the Baltic Sea but also in America. Geoengineering as a weapon .... look to Florida. The Democrats and their globalist masters cannot afford a Republican win in Florida and will go to any lengths to further the agenda. The last time around they pulled similar antics and almost took DeSantis out but he prevailed. 
Samhain takes place at the end of the month, something I will work on for next post, find the truth of what the dark elite satanists are up to. Our local hospitals will, as usual, have triple guards up in the maternity units because ... well... infants have disappeared before around this time of year. 

For now, however, it is what I grew up calling Indian Summer, the days long and summer clothing still appropriate. Is that now a racist type term? Everywhere I went today I saw people dressed in orange. Last year they declared this a holiday, Reconciliation Day, in honour of residential treatment of native children. I see this as another way to demonize the White settlers of Canada; the populace the government wants to remove as part of its "post national" agenda. All I could think of was of the hive-mind effect with all those ugly orange t-shirts as I walked around in my green bamboo print dress.
Again look to my extended blog roll for sources of reliable information on these matters.

I have watched this a dozen times and it makes me laugh every time. Little boys are hilarious at times; if they survive such childhood pranks they grow up fearless ~ or maimed.

Men who hate Canadians.

An old post on the Frankfurt School. Conspiracy to Corrupt. They have removed so much of my work. I just saw that more is missing today. Amazed this one has been missed by the censors so far.

And along came Ian....

How much of this ends up in Ukraine?

The guy in the black cap. Last post I put up something he said, wondering how anyone could say something so ridiculous about Biden's credibility. Now I know. his foolishness has often ended up in my feed; he is an idiot. 

Street corner gym

Which give you the greatest shiver of revulsion?  The hot dogs or King Charles' fingers?

Best fishing buddy

Gotta look into this one.

Close the goddamned borders for a start. This is war.

A German friend of mine told me today that this did NOT go over well with her family!

This was in the Comment section from Wednesday. I have been calling "colour revolution" from the start. It ticks off every single box when it comes to creating these events. The formula works every time. Internationally liberal cartoonists are pouring them out to support the globalist viewpoint whether they realize it or not.
"I am in Iran and I can tell you for sure that the young lady was not beaten or even detained. She received a notice to go to training on hijab and collapsed in the police station. There is video evidence of this available to anyone. She was never arrested and autopsy shows no signs of physical altercation. She died of a heart attack or clot after being vaccinated. This is all a colour revolution attempt. Anyone who is honest can go do the research and see that the you g lady was never even touched."

Iranian students before the Revolution.

There is some debate going on here. Is this photo shopped or not? There is one photo where the collar of the jacket is well painted to cover the pendant around her neck. I do not know but nothing is impossible when it comes to these things. I celebrate her being elected, but will this be another Trump situation? Cartoonists around the globe are already ... well I have yet to find one that actually celebrates her. Almost all compare her to Mussolini, Hitler, Trump, etc.

However, I do admire Catturd's opinions.

Yes. I agree.


Whoopeeeeee! World War Three!!!

Why is Washington wining and dining these people? Why am I asking such a silly question? I remember when Reagan wined and dined the Taliban so long ago. Democrat or Republican, there is always skulduggery afoot.

The rare wrinkled peach mushroom

Gotta be shopped, Hah!

The interior is substandard.

Remember this? It still goes on.

Even when I was well under 100 pounds at one point, when I looked in the mirror I still saw the older me. This is a very real problem for anyone, male or female, with weight issues. Here the photographer speaks to anorexia.

Beautiful sight.

I have a real problem with this. A real big problem. "Just as offensive as the N-word." This goes BEYOND grooming.

This type of roast was a typical Sunday dinner when I grew up. Bone in. The house smelled so gooooood! Especially after a walk in the crisp fall air. Cool cheeks suddenly warm, the nose filled with the delicious scents of the meal to come.

Absolute madness. Watched the video. Absolute madness. How can you discuss "sewing" and "material options" when you are discussing this sort of idiocy? It fits right in with the meta that Zuck is pushing.

Me too, Camille. In history class we were actually taught about the ages of civilization and man, as well as Greek and Roman mythology and the gods. Never lost interest in the overview of the overview.

Cultural appropriation?


Chaput was my mother's nee name; my Grandpere was a Chaput. I wonder if we are related; this is a man to be proud of.

A major target of Marxist feminism....

The sad thing is that Ignoramus Swan most likely has a congregation of folk who swallow his idiotic revision of history.

In the Autumn, I don't go for pumpkin spice; it just tastes so darn fake; I go for beautiful outdoors colour.

Our Canadian media is all over this. Every other TV ad is some actor in a doctor's lab-coat or a nurse in a ward discussing the importance of shots including for babies... Normalizing it.

I can't even imagine such thinking...

Is this real? I mean it seems to go against Daddy's braggadocio.

Take care, friends, and know you are here, at this time of growth, for a reason that is far beyond the physical plane. As tough as it may seem, we have chosen to be here. Take full advantage, these times, thank the gods, only roll around after a whack of millennia! The shifts are momentous and CAN lead to greater things. Each time we have destroyed our planet, things have come back smaller, weaker, in physical form. Check this out! Dragonflies were once absolutely huge. Each time... smaller...