Friday 24 June 2022


Some great wins for human beings this week! Gains regarding guns and babies down south of the border.  I know that for a Canadian I focus a lot on American politics; for good reason. First, good Canadian material is a rare find. Second, what plagues America plagues Canada. They might be going about it differently but both nations are in WEF sync decline.
Now, regarding my messages last week. For some reason I am constantly having difficulties with comments for both my own blog and several others belonging to friends. Sometimes they work here; sometimes they don't. Here I get the comments you send but somehow mine just don't print when I try to respond.
That being said, to the person who has a friend up in Parksville ~ get in touch PUHLEEZE. Leave me a comment below with your email. I won't publish the comment but would love to get that connection in motion! The very thought has made me happy tingle several times this week. I am overdue for a long drive up to Rathstrevor, the big beach near Parksville ~ especially now that the days are warm and that gorgeous surf calls. The East Coast beaches are so calm compared to those up the West side of the island. You can walk out so far but once the tide begins to come in, it comes in fast. Lovely beach.

I hope all of you are doing well; that life is treating you as well as can be expected under the circumstances. And I hope that some of the good we see happening these days blossoms! 
Maybe we do stand a chance after all!  I continue to hope. Besides, as my chiropractor so succinctly puts it, "We were made for these times."


I can so relate!

Things are right on track, no matter the date of the following.

In a nanosecond.

That smile.

We can all relate these days.

I imagine (key word being "imagine") this could tie into Sherman's drug business and the medical hoax that was in the making at the time of their murders, almost assuredly carried out Mossad style.

(((This creature))) sucks on the teat of Baphomet.

Who effing cares, Steve? You go eat them.

Even real women are not allowed to shatter ceilings like a trans MtF. BTW, does "openly gay" mean that in the past there were officials who were clandestinely gay? Don't answer. We already know the answer.

Dead end.
That Joe is such a man! WOW! Truth is, on that ride, instead of turning to the left like all the rest of the cycling group did, Joe caught sight of a very cute little girl, rode towards her, caught his foot in the pedal (a common problem), fell over. Then he went and talked to the child. And the memesters went wild!

In Twitter today people were bemoaning her loss to Trump because "this horror would never have happened" had she won in 2016.

"Good-for-nothing." Ne'er-do-well." Well, that explains it only Chuckie is worse than nothing; he is a demon-driven parasitical thorn in the collective side of humanity.

This lovely donkey is Nick Bottom under Puck's spell from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.
When will they learn that the correct grammatical wording is "WERE" not "was"? Drives the editor in me crazy.

This 1955 bomb shelter erects swiftly and provides protection from unpleasant fallout. It is solid wood without a single bit of metal in the construction.

Plastic shopping bags are like gold in these here parts. As with straws and so many other plastics, they were made illegal some time ago. Silicone straws are all the rage and it is second nature to use sturdy fabric bags for shopping; just as it was back in the day. Mom brought home groceries in sturdy paper bags or cardboard boxes and foods were wrapped in paper, often tied with string or a bit of tape. Now the amount of plastic used in selling foods is over the top.  Don't get me started on Swiffer products or coffee pods!

OK. A "science joke". This one is subtle. Maybe not even remotely humorous but it did elicit a smile.

Can you hear that crunch, feel the slight glassy shatter, your mouth already anticipating the delicious creamy melt of creme brulee to come?

This isn't our first time at the rodeo. But this time, it is absolutely ruinous with no end in sight.


Does Barron Trump come from these giants? That young man stands at 6'7"!
Major ooooopsies!
Lemons. Lovely, lovely lemons.

Grandma was a sweet little lady; she went to church on Sundays.

This one is so darn dark. The stories one could make up about this scenario...
Perhaps it is time Americans got more serious about their condom usage; this image is from the condom shop in Amsterdam.

Recently I collected quite a few images of ballet dancers in everyday life. Expect more in the future.


This was in 2015. Many more child sacrifices since then and the attending madness even more violent. The overturning of Roe vs Wade could definitely signify a summer of war over this issue. Jane's Revenge has promised violence and already claimed several firebombings of pro-life clinics as their work. 

Hard truth. I don't know one girl of my daughters' generation who got pregnant by accident. Not one. They might not have been angelic but they were smart and did/are doing babies in wedlock! And Sal is perfectly correct in his assessment of the situation. Election issues...
They just keep on coming.

I once loved a philosopher/adventurer who knew hundreds of these little poems from English literature. The style is  known as "whimsy". He was delightful and knew many including the more ribald. Very subtle stuff even though it was right in your face. Innocent erotica actually. I miss him to this day.

This is a not so funny one IMHO. This lassie is being quite realistic considering the bombardment of unreal beauty we are exposed to. She is being common sense. BUT that does not mean she cannot go out and make the very best of what she has been given to work with. Having a daughter who is a gym rat, I know how much work and dedication it takes to look like that once you are past the first flush of youth!

Said daughter lives in Norway. It took her awhile to adjust to the different way they do things in Norway but now she has adjusted and finds it wonderful. She owes Norway a fair bit for the advantages it has offered her and knows the costs. But it works well. One thing for example, once you are off work for the day, you are OFF. No need to check emails or anything. Your time is your time and unless you have a special arrangement for some situation, this is the law. Holidays are mandatory for all. It is a wealthy nation. Socialism seems to work there although there are a few very minor drawbacks. Oh, and the tax is a solid 22%.

Quote from Harold Wallace Rosenthal, The Hidden Tyranny.

Dang, I just noticed the "top surgery" aka "full double mastectomy" scars. I have seen trans walking about showing off their scars in the past and could not understand it at all. 

Recently I watched a National Geographic series of this man. He was recreating the treks made by the POW's of WW2 when they escaped the compounds they were held in. Historically accurate. Greece from the Nazis. Jungle country from the Japanese. Amazing what those men went through; a few were still alive and considered heroes. This here is a chap to have if you are in a survival pinch however! He is completely ignoring the leech on his arm as he gets that fire going.

How useless must this "job" be? A real job does not take more than a few syllables to describe!

Changing lives one hug at a time.

How I felt holding my newborn daughter 41 years ago.
The reality.

Hästens mattress is made with expensive materials like horse hair, cotton, wool and flax. The use of extended box springs aid balance and support weightlessness which tends to make one to float. Cost? Between $10,000 (basic mattress for a baby cot) to $400,000 as recorded so far.


A flock of wild budgies in the Aussie outback.

Those stray cows are not neglected however. People generally dote on them although some can get pretty ragged around the edges. Most are treated well by passersby and the locals. It is an honour to their sacred status in India.

See you next week! Everyone of you take care. And you, Mr. Parksville buddy, I am so looking forward to hearing from you! 

Nor do I ever say "good bye". Too permanent. Let's stick with ... see you all next week!