Saturday 31 December 2022


You survived 2022! Join me with a glass to celebrate... well done. Now let us fortify ourselves for 2023.
Here we are facing a brand new year! A tabula rasa! A fresh new beginning! And in that spirit, I wish you all the least painful New Year possible. We are in for another doozy so I am not really up to celebrating more than the fact that we survived 2022. So many were lost/assassinated over the past year and that will not be stopping anytime soon. Who knows how many of us will be here in 12 month's time?

I just want to thank you all, dear Readers, for all your kind words over the season. As I have said before, these are presents packaged for you and I enjoy doing this, but your words make it all worth while. I treasure them. 

Just did a quick numbers check. During 2022, I posted 38, 456 images. Dang!

Not in the mood for doing politics this post. Just too tired of it all. Besides everyone else is busy winding up the past year already and doing a great job of it. However, I do have a few other goodies ready to go.  I will serve up your photos and quotes, just skipping the politics for this post. Tell me what you think. Back to "routine" next year.

For a "lighthearted" review of some politicians, I found Dianny's 10 Most Tiresome People to be a little fun. 

Capybara in Japan are treated like royalty on New Years Day.

And the band played on... .


The hunting lesson
Hot dogs before the casing....

I only post this to show how easily it is done to disguise deviancy in cartoonwork done for children as well as adults.

A small collection last year quotes. I barely scraped the bottom of the one folder...

See you all next year!