Saturday 30 October 2021


The gods of blogspot paid me a visit this week and reverted a few of my recent pieces to "Draft Status". Within a few hours of my request for review, 'The Great Replacement' was reinstated. 
The second piece is far more controversial and politically incorrect according to the current medical climate. I doubt I will be able to keep it up. If you did not read it, here is the link to this important piece. When and if my article is approved, I will put it back up. "Like Watching a Horror Story: Moving tentacled object, metallic fragments found in COVID jabs"  The piece is an interview by Stew Peters. Peters' link is in my excellent little blog roll to the right.
I have also decided it is time to replace my long suffering computer but that will take a little time to save funds. I promised I would never ask anyone for monies for this blog and intend to keep it that way. Someone suggested I do a GoFundMe but I am totally clueless about how such things operate. It is my nature to fly as low under the radar as possible.
Huge news on the grandchildren. The wee one is gumming avocados. There is nothing that makes me forget everything as soon as that big toothless grin shines my way. Even got my shopping done for the kids; unusual gifts that once gone might not come this way again for awhile. 
OK, the typing is getting very slow here to show up. A lag. Time to stop gabbing or something will happen. 

The ten regions of the United States according to FEMA and the Army:


This man is on film over the days of the Storming Hoax, obviously an FBI instigator, urging people on. Then, despite all the evidence on film, he was removed, along with others, from all records. Hmmmm. 

Oh. My. Dear. God.

In China recently, a young man was being tortured for the great sin of saying something unfavourable about an official. He was held in a chair like the ones being advertised before. Dang!

Missing from the list, Megan Rapinoe and Tulsi Gabbard:

Does Biden make Hillary look better?:

The perfect breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


This is a visualization of where you "feel" your emotions.:

t is not looking at all good for the Antifa side of this battle. A "Trump" judge is the evil one presiding the trial. Best of luck to young Kyle.


Yet somehow Pete got two months of paternity leave while the shipping crisis unfolded.:

Oh, my gosh. Puppy bellies. Almost the sweetest scent in the world.:
Recently, in Australia:

Most likely her father:

Isolation camp in the UK:

The parents' wedding rings. Beautiful portrait.:

You see this sort of ingenuity all over in the Third World.

Who helps corrupt your kids?:

Once again, the Babylon Bee published a "silly story" that became news withing a few short months.

The Newfoundland Moose that .... fed the fishies.

Another OMFG moment. This is a very serious case of TDS.:

Common sense. Of course Baldwin did not intend to do this. But it is a form of karma. 

Apple orchard after a heavy storm. The entire crop gone.

Referring to Jan.6:

You would not believe how much flack was posted about the dangers of bats and covid and poor safety measures this little image generated. Or, sadly, perhaps you can believe it!:

This bear swam under the ice following the path of the photographer. Until he surfaced....:

Juvenile Blue Jay.

Untold stories:

Back in 1980, this man, Neelam Kumar Khaire, spent 72 hours in this room with 72 of India's most poisonous snakes and walked out unscathed.

Oh, the shade these Lefties throw around!:

This story could and should bring Fauci the monster down. That would be their service for which we owe them eternal gratitude.:

Is that sad little scrap of lettuce to the side of this bacon burger cholesterol assassin supposed to be a salad?:
This is one of the animals who survived the Fauci's sand flea test. Where are his lovely long ears? He is blinded and most of his face eaten off. I watched a few videos of these crimes but my heart and stomach could only handle a small amount. The screaming and howling of these poor animals. Not all of them had their vocal chords clipped. There is no hell hot enough for these people.

I want to see them crawling from his ears and nose, laying eggs in his eyeballs. And thousands of them crowding around his mouth. And there is more. Keep scrolling.

We may not be the same but better late than never.:

This is still my attitude about almost everything that is going on today.:
This is just so diabolical.

Kayaking into the Midnight Sun in Norway.: