Friday 27 January 2017


This last week has been busy; the highlight being a lovely 200 K drive through a few sets of low mountains along clear free stretches of highway where speeding was llimited only by the potholes and, fortunately for me, they had all been filled in maybe a day before my little jaunt. Wonderful way to charge the battery and hopefully now those auto woes are taken care of; apparently I was not driving enough to keep it charged. 

It has been an action packed week politically as well. Trump is the eternal Energizer Lion, more energy than most politicians ever exhibit and actually working at fulfilling his promises to the American people. I am taking a comfortable chair and just watching things unfold and sometimes inhaling with deep satisfaction. An added bonus: the blowback from the women's march still tickles me ~ or makes me nauseous. 

Anyhow, please enjoy. I hope your past week was full of good things and that the one ahead even more so. Is it cruel to mention that I saw spring melt and that the early flowers of spring are already beginning to pop up?

Check this link out. I am Canadian and I managed to sign this petition.

In the Sub Continent, elephants draw and paint for tourists. The work they do is, to put it mildly, often very beautiful. Usually they paint flowers or simple line drawings of other elephants. This particular drawing was done by a 16 year old male and resembles nothing that the other elephants have been painting.....

Above is simply an exercise in putting quips with old images. Recently retired Stilton of Hope n Change began his career finding the images then creating jokes with them because he could not draw. The above is a hilarious set of lines for the accompanying image. 

Jewish boys

Another "Ooopsy!" from our dear friends. 

Israeli girl. I imagine rape is not too much of a problem.

Central Bankers are Now Pushing the Public to Acept a Cashless Society 

New World Cashless Society: