Friday 29 May 2020


The world is too mad for me to comment, just look at pictures!  Bad cops. Race riots. Murdered Black people. Soros and Antifa are back. My excellent blog roll to the right says it all actually. A lot of excellent links for you to peruse. Now, down to the business of your enjoying this week's offerings.

Consider we are in a war of the spirit as well as the body. This is why it is so important to not fall prey to depression and despair.

Our coloured cash is made of plastic! Absolutely hilarious. I imagine there was some cussing going on after this silliness.

American beauty

Torontonians must be so proud! How embarrassing for all concerned. This further validates my flight from my hometown 38 years ago!


Dripping testosterone

Joe and the KKK

When someone tells me how horrible life is, images like this come to mind. It never fails. I think of the scents, the sounds, the air, the peace.

A Peaceful Place

My favourite cartoon of the week.

Summer evenings

Remember James Alefantis of Pizzagate fame? Funny to see him in this Rothschild family photo. This might explain his huge popularity and influence in Washington, family connections.

Were the tree planters on psychedelics?

You have his full attention

Yes he actually said this. It is not a cartoon, it is a depiction of events! Do you believe him or  your lying eyes?

Meanwhile, there is not much mention of this good woman, killed in her sleep during a botched raid at the wrong address. But people were shot in Louisville last night during demonstrations for justice.

Now THIS is a kitchen I could love. Absolutely awesome.

Antifa up to their usual hijinks for the camera. Minneapolis police stood down for the photo opportunities as the police in Democrat cities tend to do.

This woman made huge headlines being attacked trying to stop looting in some mall. Or so the story goes. She does not look too handicapped to me. Not to mention sitting and joking it up with a few other possible actors.

There is no charge serious enough for this foul creature. He and his cohorts must pay for their crime; depraved indifference and disregard for life. His victim, whatever the situation, whatever he did, was on his belly and handcuffed. that should have been plenty. It might also be noted that both cop and victim had worked together as bouncers in the past. They knew each other.


Absolutely astounding, Candace!

Cuteness overload


President Trump has launched what will surely be another battle royale, and we think this one was long overdue.

On Thursday, the President signed an executive order which will turn up the heat on the giant social media corporations who are currently curtailing the free speech of Americans in order to advance their own political and business goals. This has always been discouraged, but there were no enforcement teeth which could truly tame these media megaliths. Until now.

We'll do our best to explain what we think this means, since you're going to be hearing wild distortions and misrepresentations about this executive order. Which, come to think of it, is nothing new ~ and exactly why this executive order is so important.

Currently, there is something called "Section 230 Protection" which says that Twitter, Facebook, Google, and similar services are "platforms" which host content, but do not control it. In this way, they avoid any legal liability for what is said by others using that platform. It was the government's way of trying to guarantee that speech would remain free.

Other platforms would be the phone company which doesn't censor your calls, or jump into a conversation to "fact check" what you're saying. Similarly, the postal service is a platform which delivers your letters without redacting parts they don't like, or just banning you from using their service. Simply put, a platform is simply a delivery system with no editorial control...and therefore no liability for the content that is transmitted.

BUT, at the point content is edited, manipulated, labeled as untrue, or banned entirely, the entity in charge is no longer a platform but is instead a publisher ~ a status which is not protected by Section 230.

Despite what we see in the NY Times, publishers are not allowed to make up or propagate lies and smears about a person, company, or news event without legal consequence. They can (and should!) be sued for libel when that happens, because they're responsible for everything that appears on their printed page or website. 

Trump's executive order clarifies and updates Section 230 to make these distinctions clear: if you're a platform allowing everyone to post whatever they want, you're shielded from liability. If you're a publisher, editing, changing, "correcting," or banning content, then you're going to share the legal liability for all of the content that you've "chosen" to publish. 

If the executive order manages to stick, social media sites will have to go back to letting citizens air their views, right or wrong, without encumbrance. More importantly, they'll have to stop shifting and slanting information for the express purpose of manipulating the minds and votes of the American people. And it couldn't happen at a more crucial time

Just swallowed that squirrel whole!

I got this!

So does Mike.

This is becoming a huge problem because legally these are hazardous materials.

Hong Kong beach.

Good words to come from a Rabbi's son!

Camouflage: Can you see it?

This whole mess effects some cultures much worst than others. Indian people have no transit but must still work. They walk.

And with Hertz, many thousands of jobs in both Canada and the US.

Vancouver Island

Entrance to a wild wild beach.