Friday 26 July 2019



It is a pity that Canadians have no one to vote for!

California gets the important matters corrected; priorities matter! Scoffing at this absolute idiocy. A government not to be taken seriously other than the fact it is as Commie as hell.

I was unaware of the surreptitious Cloward-Piven Strategy until just the other day. Please note, today's post holds many references to this dastardly plan currently so heavily pushed by Liberals in Canada and Democrats in America. 

Research this matter and educate yourself; it is but another facet of the hateful Kalergi-Koudenhove Plan, aka the war upon White people. No matter who denies their existence, these plans are real and being heavily enforced by (((those))) with interest in doing so. 

What else do you think border invasions (whether in Europe or North America) are all about?

Bucket list. Next life.

Canada's latest humiliation; a "trans" predator photographing young girls in a public washroom, waiting for an opportunity to discuss topics of great intimacy with them. A groomer and very sick individual who is forcing a great deal of attention on his privates, something a true transgender is loathe to do.

On the local news, and sadly this individual IS local, they reported this evening about his current lawsuits against women. They interviewed many transgenders who were appalled by his behaviour. 

I watched a video earlier today in which his mother attacked a person asking, very politely, to interview her son who was in an electric scooter/wheelchair. Their reaction to the request was to literally fly off the wall, call 911, ring for the police claiming infringement of privacy in a public building.

Research Cloward-Piven

Someone was up at dawn fishing for breakfast.

Very useful facts:

"Just focus on me."

Things we would love to see.

Do you think they have WiFi?

Yes. DeBlasio does have his priorities straight.

Bannock on a stick. What is that silver utensil?

Hillary spent much of her education studying and writing about Alinsky and considered him a great teacher.

Van Gogh meets the wilderness.

That paw.

The company she keeps.

Zukashizukashika Takuku. Just call me Zukashi.

Why else did they create Pakistan? Yet the problems continue in India.

Squirrel suit jumpers at Heaven's Gate in China. Check out that dizzying road. More photos to come. Even I would not like to drive that road, considered one of the most fascinating drives on the planet. I would simply wish to be a passenger to enjoy the view.

The original characters of this movie. But America is waking up and some people got creative with the billboards.

Then you have the credits on this version. No mention of Disney or James Gunn or those other Hollywood promoters of pedophilia.

Very interesting little site. They have an APP for shopping. The world of non Kosher foods is disappearing; it is impossible to live without some Kosher in your kitchen it seems.

Thank you for all you do, Mr. James Perloff!

"Seriously, dude?"

Back to that latest Canadian embarrassment. Ricky has been chastised heavily by the European lefties as being "transphobic" for his common sense approach on the issue.

This poor child. Where is his father?

I lived in a communal household at the time. Every Saturday those who were home sat and laughed our brains out at the antics we saw. It was so very fresh. Of course, I was on the liberal side back then although totally unaware of the liberal/conservative division.

Mmmm. Cheese. I would go there for the cheese.

It seems like one of the big stories has been the continuing foam-flecked frenzy of those on the Left to label Donald Trump the most horrible racist ever born based on his tweets which didn't actually mention race at all. Not that this matters to CNN, who had numerous outraged talking heads hyperventilating about race, above an on-screen lower-third graphic declaring "DONALD TRUMP SAYS RACIST TWEETS WEREN'T RACIST." Nice impartiality, CNN.

The other big story, of course, was Robert Mueller's long awaited congressional testimony (at the insistence of Democrats) regarding his 400+ page nothing-burger report on Trump and the Russians. Although there was nothing particularly damning in the report itself, the Dems hoped that Mueller would say something ~ anything ~ that might be twisted to support a possible Presidential impeachment.

Sadly, the only mystery Mueller was able to clear up is why he has to have labels with his name and address stitched to all of his clothing in case he wanders away from home. Mueller was halting, confused, self-contradictory, and seemed so unaware of the contents of his report that many are now wondering if he didn't write the report at all, but simply slapped his name on it - which is why he hasn't wanted to answer any questions until now, and why he was unwilling or unable to answer questions when he was forced to.

Mueller looked so bad that even Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, "just bury that poor old SOB already." And we defy anyone to prove that our quote is inaccurate without contacting Ruth via Ouija board.

Sex wearing a condo.

Very interesting question I am seeing asked of more people these days.

Behold the arrogance and hatred on the face of that creature with the pink in her hair.

We have seen this image before but this is the first time I have seen it in colour.

Sighs. Sadly.