Friday 25 November 2016


Almost all of us are truly blessed, no matter how much we complain. As always, Stilton says it perfectly. I hope all you Americans enjoyed your holiday to the fullest and enjoyed a positive family time. 

 The Trump effect in Ontario... 

What a man our Canadian PM is! Such a leader! 
So strong, so manly. Such an embarrassing joke.

 A search for "Fake News" brought up a LOT of images of Jon Stewart and Brian Williams. 

Prince was on to something back then.

Freedom of the press has become the freedom to manipulate.

To know the truth about "fake news" for once you can read about it in the New York Times. In this piece, they do their damnedest to exonerate the criminals of Pizzagate as victims of "fake News". This is definitely a case of believe the exact opposite of what is written, of course. "Fake News Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child Trafficking

Femicide in Mexico

Fukushima is shaking again. Long hard shakes. There are more tsunamis. 

Cartoonist Comment: “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” – Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-AL, Trump AG nominee

So, roughly speaking, that’d be maybe 60 million people in at least half the states in the country that voted for the decriminalization or legalization of cannabis for recreational and/or medical use? Wow, that’s a whole lot of bad people.

From the latest at

Donald Trump has tapped one of the biggest prohibitionists in Congress to be the Attorney General of the United States: Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. Earlier this year the Alabama Senator said “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” and while we don’t know yet if he’ll respect states rights (or DC’s rights since we are not a state) or if he’ll do what John Ashcroft did as George W. Bush’s Attorney General: raid lawful cannabis grows, raid lawful dispensaries, and even go so far as crack down on paraphernalia vendors. Let’s not forget why Tommy Chong went to jail and why history may repeat itself if we don’t act NOW!

Stilton Says: President-elect Donald Trump has said he no longer intends to request a special prosecutor to go after Hillary. Instead, according to Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, "if Donald Trump can help her heal, perhaps that's a good thing."

Artist's Comment: While we wouldn't have been surprised to see the above scenario actually happen, it now appears less likely that Hillary "I Lied About Everything" Clinton will be in need of a presidential pardon to escape justice.

Look, we understand the bad optics of having the new President zero in on a former political rival, and are fine with the idea that he doesn't do it personally. But healing?! Give us a break. Do any of the Bond villains get a hug after their plans for world domination fail? They do not. In fact, they usually disappear in gigantic, satisfying explosions.

And while Trump should not pursue Hillary his DOJ most definitely should, in order to send a signal that criminal activity simply isn't excusable in the privileged and well-connected classes anymore. If Trump truly wants to send a message about Law & Order, that's a good place to begin.

Additionally, on his first day in office we think Trump needs to permanently cancel security clearances for Hillary, Bill, Huma, Cheryl Mills, and the rest of the gang that so blithely gave away our most guarded intelligence. They should never, ever, under any circumstances, be privy to national secrets again.

On top of that, we'd like to see President Trump make it publicly known that anyone (individual, corporation, or nation) donating to the Clinton Family Foundation will be considered persona non grata by the new administration. Which should finally mean the end of any million dollar speeches or book deals by these detestable grifters.

A Hillary-Soros

Alas, this cartoon could prove to be all too true for the Palestinians. 

This reminded me of certain groups of people.

Perhaps the French are ready to revolt once again. The first revolution was not at all as we were taught, nor another one be completely an organic event. However, Marie LePen seems to be garnering much popularity, to the professed horror of the "establishment".

This 1880 Puck cartoon was concerned with "mad cow disease".

Early cartoon of a French dandy, circa 1790.

Boohoo. I was going to give the link to this sad sad lament, but ... heck, the NYT! I don't sent that rag anything. 

RT Television is now considered a Russian weapon

I know these Pizzagate memes are not particularly amusing. They are not intended to be. 

Back to RT and Russian propaganda in the EU

A devilish portrait of Elizabeth II.

Really????? Just how hard does Soros want this race war?

The artist asks why there is so much food from Venezuela available in Miami while the shelves in Venezuela itself remain empty and people go hungry.

The French made short work of Sarkozy's latest bid to rule! 

Hahaha as IF, Marina.

Media addiction

Kurdish fighter, Asia Ramadan Antar, reportedly killed by ISIS in battle.

I really doubt Ms. Trump cares much about losing the services of such a person so foolish when it comes to fashion. She seems to have it all figured out quite well. The letter enlarges if you care to read it. Both Melania and Michaelelle are 5' 11" tall.

One of the few cartoons I found from Europe that did not completely malign the President elect. 

Yes, that's really the price.

Artist's comment: It's hardly shocking that Broadway is something of a liberal cesspool, but those on The Great White (Privileged) Way hit new depths of dipshittery on Friday night when VP-elect Mike Pence attended a performance of "Hamilton."

Pence was booed by the audience, and at the evening's curtain call the cast delivered this insulting message from the stage: "We are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights."

As much as Hope n' Change would like to call for a boycott of the show (a retelling of our nation's formation in Rap music), it would run contrary to our support of our precious First Amendment right to say things that are stupid and offensive.

Rather, we're thinking of kicking off a fundraising campaign. If a bunch of us can put together $849, we can buy a ticket to the show for Mad Dog Mattis and encourage him  to (ahem) meet the cast. It seems this outburst was well planned ahead of time.

This is a rather fascinating alteration of the traditional Tarot which graces the cover of The Economist. Enlarge and compare for yourself.

This ain't gonna stop no time soon. And you will find a tribalist behind almost every slam.

Only time will tell how things will go. I am willing to adopt a wait and see attitude because all else is just no more than hot air.

You don't need to think too hard to know what Erdogan is whispering to the greats of Communism.

bill in Turkey that would overturn men's convictions for child sexual assault if they marry their victim has provoked fury, critics accusing the government of encouraging rape of minors with these proposals.

Erdogan is threatening Europe once again.