Tuesday 24 November 2015


“If ignorance is truly bliss, then why do so many Americans need Prozac?" ~ Dave McGowan

An amazing researcher and truth seeker, Dave McGowan, passed away from cancer today at 12:47 p.m. McGowan produced several series of articles on topics like 9/11, the Apollo Moon missions, the Boston Marathon bombings, and the Lincoln assassination. He ran the web site The Center for an Informed America and wrote several books, including Programmed to Kill, Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion, and Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Don’t Want You to See. Dave opened a lot of eyes and a lot of minds with his incredible work. He will be sorely missed.


The following message was put out by his brother Craig, November 23, 2015:
Today at 1:19pm
David has now passed. He had a horrendous last 8 hours and he finally mercifully, let go at 12:42 PM PST today 11/26/2015. We have just lost the greatest researcher of TRUTH of our time. Let him never be forgotten

Craig McGowan

Yesterday at 5:30pm

I have held my silence for a long time on this. I said I would not post until David had moved on from this World. He has not. I would not Honor him if I waited until he had passed. His physical body now weighs less than 90 lbs, his breathing is severely impaired, He is incontinent though he fights to rise and be proper in expelling his wastes. HIs tissue is turning blue/ purple/ blackish as it dies; He is heavily medicated, so much so that even those of you who are privy to a regimen of pain medication would be amazed at his resilience to maintain some aspect of clarity as his stubborn mind clings to Life. We were told he would not make it to Halloween when he has just 125 lbs, Days ago we were told he would not last more than 48 hours as his tissues begin to die. It has been 6 days since and he is still fighting to be with us. When I left him three weeks ago. i could not say goodbye to him as he told me he might surprise me. For the first time as far back as I can remember, I doubted his words. I was wrong. He is a Visionary. He is a Warrior He has always been a fountain of Truth and his truth will continue to awaken people. David is making a final statement that though he may have lost the ability to write, that though he has lost the ability to speak, that his spirit is not so easily disposed to those who attacked him and to those would relish in his death, he has won. I would like to say to him that it is now alright to let go. It is alright to be at Peace. That You have done enough.

 Craig and Dave McGowan, a few days before Halloween, 2015. Those are the eyes of a man in great pain.

The following is Dave’s last post from his Blog Center for an Informed America
June 14, 2015
Just nine weeks ago, on April 14, I presented a lengthy video deconstruction of the 2013 Boston Marathon incident through the Caravan to Midnight radio show/podcast. About a week later (on April 20, of all days), the nearly four-hour video presentation was uploaded to YouTube. Not long after that, someone using the username Phoenix Archangel posted an interesting comment: "John [Wells, the host of the show] always signs off with some of the best advice ever. Speaking of advice: this David McGowan fella really ought to quit smoking. With all the elitist feathers he's ruffling, he's likely to come down with a spontaneous case of hitherto undiagnosed stage 4 inoperable Pancreatic cancer."
If you haven't watched the video yet, by the way, you really need to do so. And have all your friends and family members watch it as well. It’s a little on the long side and could use some serious editing, but it does succeed in completely laying waste to the official story of what happened in Boston on April 15, 2013. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzgON_5sg4Q)

As for Mr./Ms Archangel, he/she wasn’t too far off, though I’ve been told that it’s actually incurable small-cell lung cancer that has already spread to my liver and bones. And no, that’s unfortunately not a joke. It’s my new reality as of just a few short weeks ago, when my entire world was turned upside-down and I suddenly found myself being admitted to the oncology ward at Glendale Adventist Medical Center. Four days later, I was beginning my first round of chemotherapy infusions. The second round begins tomorrow, on Monday, June 15.

I’m still having a very hard time processing all of this. Despite not having the healthiest diet and not making the most healthy lifestyle choices, I have been remarkably healthy throughout my adult life. Until a few weeks ago, I’d never been hospitalized as an adult. Never had any surgical procedures performed. Never had a major illness or significant injury. Never broke a bone in my body. Haven’t ever been reliant on any prescription drugs of any kind. Haven’t even had a primary care physician for many, many years.

But now, literally overnight, that reality has been replaced with a painful and, if I’m being perfectly honest, terrifying new reality. Based on what my doctors have told me and what I have read, the prognosis is not good. My oncologist seems to be of the opinion that I only have a couple years left on this planet, if that. The odds of surviving for even five more years are very, very low.

But I’ve never been one for taking advice or believing what I have been told. And I can be exceedingly stubborn. So if the medical community tells me that there is virtually no chance that I can survive this, I will do everything in my power to prove them wrong. But it is going to be a long, tough fight against a formidable foe. And any support that readers can offer, whether financial or moral, will be greatly appreciated.
In closing, thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement over the years. I hope to be able to continue to expose the crimes of the elite for many years to come. Stay tuned ….  

Alas, it is not to be; Dave is gone and we are all the poorer for our loss. 

The world could have used many more years of wit, insight, and terrific investigative journalism from the pen of Dave McGowan, dissident writer extraordinaire. For almost a decade I hung off every word he wrote. It is true, the good DO die young.

DAVE McGOWAN  ~ 1960  ~ 2015