Friday 28 February 2020


Older cartoon. Highly prophetic.

Gosh. International Pandemic, huh?


Enlarge. The small print to the right is pretty telling.

Sorry, JT. You are not serene, you are merely an empty vessel awaiting orders. You are not even bright enough to light up a fridge.

It may be chill but the trees are already doing their March bloom here in Victoria. These are the trees the local Liberal government wants to remove because their blossoms allegedly clog the streets during an inevitable spring storm later in March.

Considerations cartoonists must consider.


That is me but I am still going to stock up on a few things!


Why is that puppy on a leash?

Thanks, Mike at 90 Miles From Tyranny

Those toilets are impossible for anyone with knee problems!

Appealing to the Common Core generation....


Says Mike: I’m going to just come right out and say it: fuck Nancy Pelosi straight to Hell.

People all over the world are getting sick ~ many dying ~ from coronavirus, and now that we’ve got some cases in the US, Capitol Hill is finally getting off its rich, bloated ass and taking a whack at doing something about a response. In classic Pelosi fashion, the House Speaker babbled about making a vaccine “affordable”. AFFORDABLE.

Never mind that many Americans may die simply because they can’t afford to be tested, let alone vaccinated; the typical response from Queen Nancy is some tepid blathering about making a vaccine “affordable”, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. If the goddamn vaccine is going to be developed with tax money, then it should be free.

Say it with me, kids: fuck “affordable”; make it FREE.

Speaking of Fidel...


No matter how you look at it, though, this is a really sweet little cottage with a good lake view. Definitely unpretentious.

Stilton says:
One of the most jaw-dropping moments of Wednesday's wildly out of control Democratic debate occurred when frontrunner Bernie Sanders managed to display both his misunderstanding of capitalism and his casual racism in a single statement.

Specifically, Bernie proclaimed that "we're going to provide help to the African-American, Latino, and Native American community to start businesses to sell legal marijuana." Because, in Bernie's view, what the hell else are "those people" qualified to do? It's not like they can aspire to be doctors, electricians, lawyers, plumbers, teachers, computer programmers, or senators ~ right?

Plus, what red-blooded American won't be thrilled to cast a vote for the one candidate with a real plan to finally end our nation's sad shortage of drug dealers?

Shockingly, but unsurprisingly, no other Democratic candidate on the debate stage voiced any opposition to Sanders' ludicrous and offensive statement. Apparently the party which wants to perpetually keep black Americans on a plantation doesn't care that there's not much difference between picking cotton or cannabis.

I prefer to believe we are never alone. My angels are very traditional.

For those unfamiliar with the vernacular, a "beard" was a woman who married a gay man in order to help him pass as straight. And if she was really good at her job, she'd also keep the guy from looking like a complete daffodil when choosing bike helmets. Not that we're implying anything about the Obamas, of course.

Especially since the real point of the cartoon is the CDC's potentially life-saving announcement that men need to shave off their beards in order to get a good seal on the antiviral masks which may, or may not, help them avoid becoming infected with the soon-to-be-out-of-control coronavirus.

And while we don't yet have tremendous confidence in the CDC's ability to handle the crisis, we will admit that we were impressed by the highly detailed beard chart they created at taxpayer expense:

Seriously, who knew that facial hair came in styles called the French Fork, Chin Curtain, Balbo, Hulihee, Horseshoe, and Lampshade? And who the Hell do they think they're fooling by renaming the "Hitler" as the "Toothbrush"?!

Personally, we sport a wild and abundant ruff of white whiskers. A look which, in December, people fondly call the "Father Christmas" and the other eleven months of the year call the "creepy derelict." But the sad bottom line is that we're likely in for a close shave soon, and that "Locks of Love" will be wholly uninterested in a donation of our face pubes.

Stilton talks Coronavirus:
Today we're putting politics aside to speak about a genuinely serious issue: the continuing spread of Covid-19 (which we'll also call coronavirus, like everyone else does). First and foremost, we want to emphasize that this is not the time to panic! 


Okay, now it's time! Well, not to actually panic ~ but to take the whole situation seriously enough that you start making some preparations while it's still easy to do so. But first, let's define what we're likely preparing for: not the apocalypse, not zombies walking in the streets, and not the collapse of society. No, those are the things that will happen if Bernie Sanders becomes president.

And here's some good news: even if you get the virus, the odds are wildly in favor of you surviving it. At least, the first time you get it (the next time may cause heart failure, because why the hell not?). But up to 20% of people will get pneumonia which may require hospital treatment, and 3% or more will Bite the Big One which, surprisingly, is not Pete Buttigieg's campaign slogan.

Now here's the bad news: it's a virtual certainty at this point that the virus cannot be contained, and it will be coming to your community. And it's a tricky little bastard! Covid-19 is wildly infectious and can be transmitted from touching infected surfaces or even breathing virus-contaminated air. The virus can be spread by people who are entirely asymptomatic, meaning that they will look, feel, and believe themselves to be healthy as they happily spread an illness which has a 1 in 33 chance of killing the people they interact with. Which also means that you could personally become a "spreader" without knowing it initially, because the virus can remain dormant (but infectious) for up to 24 days (don't believe the 14 day number you've heard ~ it's wrong, and a lot of people are being released from quarantine way too soon).

Hopefully, effective treatments and even a vaccine will become available ~ but don't bet on that happening before you suddenly find yourself in a "hot zone" (as is happening in more and more places worldwide. Imagine the surprise Italian villagers felt when they suddenly found their roads blocked by armed soldiers). Rather, we're all likely to be faced with an extended time in which social isolation (voluntary or compulsory) and supply chain disruption (seen the stock market the last couple of days? Yowsah!) is an uncomfortable new norm.

Which is why we're recommending that you (yes you!) lay in some supplies now which could get you through 2-4 weeks. We're assuming that regular utilities will continue to function, so we're really talking about food, emergency medical supplies, stocking up on prescription medications, toilet paper, paper towels and such. Bleach, cleaning wipes, and Purell will come in handy, too.

And booze. Lots of booze. Clan MacGregor, for instance, can be used to disinfect surfaces or as a germicidal to cleanse wounds. And, in event of a real emergency, you can even drink it!

And that's about all we're going to say about Covid-19 for now, because if we haven't convinced you yet to lay in at least a few supplies, we're not likely to change your mind. We will, however, point you to one of the online sources of information we've been following, which has proved accurate, ahead of the curve, and neither falsely inflammatory nor comforting in their daily updates over the past weeks.

Be safe out there, folks! And take comfort from the fact that large gatherings of people (like political conventions) are likely to soon fall out of fashion.

DISCLAIMER: As always, I reserve the right to be wrong ~ and in this case, I hope I am!

Why is the lamestream media ignoring this woman's crimes? I am even hearing about this from regular American news commentators who push for more publicity on this false creature. Her affair and dirty financial dealings with one of her people has caused divorce and despite photographic evidence of the couple, they still deny a relationship. The ongoing divorce proceedings from the wife are being hushed.

Ilhan is pushing this book of hers like a madwoman. Needless to say, she speaks truth in it!

Inspired by The Daily Time Waster

99% of the genetic manipulation of these fruits was done over many years; the farmers utilized natural selection to accomplish most of the improvements for human consumption. It took GMO's to remove the seeds from that unnatural smooth watermelon above.

Greta Thunberg Incorporated: The Expose

All it needs is a juke box!

Brilliant and it encourages teamwork.

The do stick together, these Hollywood perverts.


 Whatever pup is rolling in, I bet it is dead and well advanced in decay.

I found this photo of a house on line. It looked familiar. My best friend and her 6 siblings lived in it. Very traditional artistic Scottish family. I spent hours at the back of the house in the warm kitchen drinking tea with the Mom at an enormous long wooden table.


For at least 40 years I have felt like Kassandra. I actually considered it as my blog name for awhile.

 Oh, yes. Forget some day and make it every day.

Recently unearthed bottles of very old whiskey. Well over 100 years old. Would you give it a sniff and taste? I would!

Have a wonderful week!

I look forward to the pool soon. Can't wait!