Friday 26 February 2021


An ugly truth. Let people KNOW this. Every chance you get!

One of the earliest signs of spring....

Be safe. Be good. Be kind. Those are the words drilled into us 24/7. I can live with that but the above infantilizing is beyond the pale. Extremely condescending, Dr. Bonnie. No one is impressed. "CRY IT OUT"!? Is that the best you can do after a year of this ludicrous and cruel regime you have locked us under?

It took me a few moments to find the difference between the above two. Hint: it involves digits.

So sayeth another Schwabb acolyte.

This is an important little snippit to remember. Barely in and they are already concerned to this extent.

Scion of the Biden family, Joe's heir; holder of their future; don't you miss Don Jr. about now?

This foul one wants to play with your children. His reaction to Rand Paul regarding this very topic was a dead giveaway.

Stilton Says

There's a new podcast (we think "oddcast" would be a more appropriate name) in which regular old American millionaires Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama sit around and talk about why our country sucks.

As part of the discussion, Barry recalled a time in middle school when he quarreled with a young friend who called him a "coon," after which "I popped him in the face and broke his nose." To which Springsteen responded "Well done," because busting someone's nose is absolutely the right response if they call you something offensive like, oh, a Nazi or racist.

Recounting the event, Barry said, "Now first of all, ain't no coons in Hawaii." Which, we believe, was the b-side to Don Ho's recording of "Tiny Bubbles." Although in fairness, maybe it was just the remembered trauma that suddenly triggered Obama to start communicating in dialect, saying that racial hate speech is used on people for "taking advantage of 'em, cheatin' 'em, stealin' from 'em, killin' 'em, raping 'em." Seriously, he sounded like a psychotic Bubba Gump listing shrimp recipes from Hell. But did the incident ever really take place or, like Barry's imaginary "composite girlfriend" in college, is this just another self-serving lie? And, more importantly, why do we keep making rhetorical questions out of things that are painfully obvious?

Somewhere in Slovakia.

All week I have been stuck on this song!

Do not wonder why this pup decides to poop in the middle of the room in front of your parents! You will remember doing this to the poor creature and know .... vengeance.

German peasant farm, circa 1850.


Feeling a tad nauseated with this one of Epstein on the Lolita Express?

The magnificent Kea Parrot of New Zealand.

It is not about being feminine or masculine. It is all about gender confusion. Smooth face, hairy chest and legs. Oh. Dear.  

Called The Moses Bridge.

Spring greens; so refreshing after a long winter. Rumor is that Italians brought the Dandelion to North America.

The Princess has attempted to escape imprisonment when attending Western events but is returned to her family each time.

I counted 14 baby quail. How about you?

The attack was captured on film. It was brutal; swift and deadly. There is no "not guilty".

So the folks below obviously did not get the memo! 

Could these race traitors get any whiter?

"I found him. Can I keep him?"

Does Seth finally stop taking advantage of (((his))) "white privilege"?

My children were raised with their innocence protected; it was possible back in the day. After her first day at a local fast food place, I asked my daughter how her day went. She proceeded to teach me about the blue lights used in the washrooms; blue to make it impossible for the druggies to see their veins.

Allegedly this is how flowers look to moths and butterflies.

Somewhere in South Africa

"Political cartoons and memes fulfill an important criticizing and controlling function in society. Political cartoons can also encourage the process of opinion formation and decision making as well as provide entertaining perspectives on the news." Fancy words.

I was just reading a piece about memes and cartoons. The (((Rachel Maddow clone))) author insisted cartoons were outdated since they were primarily the product of straight White males. Quelle surprise! How very original a viewpoint in today's climate. While vaguely appreciating the artistry of the cartoonist, she still wanted edgy with a dash of trash and impact. She made it so.. so very either/or. There is room for all of it, that silly (((person))). But then there is that

I just like the fact they are a lazy way to express yourself in political discourse although, as things change under the new "boss" those outlets seem to be drying up.  Liberal cartoonists are the norm at this time just as they were under the previous administration. The difference now is that they are paid to make idiocy news about Biden's love of peanut butter; before they were paid to destroy Donald Trump and his successes. I fear that work will always be ongoing just as it is still ongoing against whoever (((they))) detest and fear so deeply they must paint as the eternal villain. Hitler. Nero. Those who practice true freedom of speech are increasingly silenced around the globe; it is an honour to find what I can and share their work with you all. But despite the emphasis on "globalization", one thing NOT being shared is the local news of various areas of the world; big tech is locking our access to information and each other in; finding material is becoming increasingly difficult. 

The local news is showing how MY recreation center (Pool in another building) is being set up for a mass vaccination in the next week or two. Ask me if I am thrilled. I am not but I can already feel the pressure begin to mount against my decision to avoid the darn thing. 

It is true. If you are self-educated, you know better than to fall for the media manipulation. Something to do with logic and common sense.

The city synagogue is the FIRST place of religious gatherings to be allowed to open for public services in the next day or two. Apparently the local Chabad are pushing for this because they are not allowed to use Zoom for services since that requires manual labour. 

I will leave you with this for the week. Please remember, this, too, will pass. It will never be over, but nothing is static; do what you can to create positive change around you.