Friday 23 April 2021


Lest ye forget this ancient classic.

Check the date of this golden oldie. My problem last week was that I had FINALLY run out of space for the contents of the blog. There were decisions made: I went back and removed over a hundred older cartoon pages. It was a painful process but I found myself missing the wit of those earlier cartoons. Of course, as with the one above, it was ahead of the times considering the current immigration situation. Expect to see some of these old classics simply because they are a pleasure to share.

I enjoyed the audacious work of Mr. Fish before he went bonzo on Trump. He was always bang on in his political criticism of previous presidents but went off the rails with Trump and lost me. Today I include some of his work from the archives.


BC has gone full scale lockdown again. What bothers me is how happily everyone is about it. The other day I ran into a store, forgetting my mask. The door-guard came up to me and suddenly I remembered. "OOOps, I thought for a moment I was free and forgot it in the car. As I walked out the line of people waiting to get in were full of the usual dumb comments regarding my lack of caring for others, blah blah blah. These folk LIKE the restrictions! The nanny state is taking such good care of them, so concerned about their health. 

For some reason, this reminds me of the OT story of Moses and the Golden Calf. Or the Wall Street Bull?...

Again, check the date. 2008!

Green Earth friendly home of the future. Actually this is the interior of an underground Icelandic home.

Again, check the date. (((Things that make you go "Hmmmm.")))

This child, St. Steven, has been removed from the roster of canonized martyrs of Catholicism within the last decade.

Saudi Arabia and Iran now right up there protecting international women's rights!

"Who Will Rule the World? Jews or Gays?"

Washing the web has made access to such antiquities as this impossible to find nowadays. Not to mention loss of access to more international material. Not to mention the suppression of editorial artists and cartoonists.

Diversity. Before and After.


This New Orleans Grandma probably cooks up a storm for the folk around her. That smile!

Now we know why this doofus was told to "shut up and dribble."!!!


Stork Drop Off. Speaking of stork drop offs, On April 18, my grand daughter Rosie made her entrance into the world. Beautiful baby, everyone happy and healthy. Big brother toddler has never received so many trucks in his short life. Everyone seems to bring him a gift from his new sister, whom he already seems to love. Trucks trucks trucks. Life is GOOD!


This amazing photo of a nursing elk and its mother was taken by the fellow across the road who sells me vegetables; the work he loves is as a photographer for National Geographic. 

Thank you everyone for your kind notes and suggestions; you all have no idea how rewarding it feels to know I am not just here throwing out material into the universe.... 

This that I do is truly a work of love. Glad you all get some feels... maybe even goosies once in awhile ... from some of these offerings. 

Sleeping hummingbird.