Friday 2 April 2021

SATURDAY CARTOONS: Never Has Humanity Needed Him More: April 3, 2021

Isn't Communist architecture inspiring?

Wine and cheese vending machine. Switzerland.

The different ripples these notes make on a smooth surface of water.

Leaf cutting ants returning home with booty.

This analysis is flawless.

Astana, capital of Khazakstan. Model New World Order city.

But he was coldly murdered by two Black teenage girls so this story does not fit the narrative.

Blue bananas. Apparently they taste like vanilla.

This beautiful monument in Ireland is dedicated to the Choctaw Nation in gratitude for its assistance during the Great Famine.

Bird's nest...


  1. Excellent as usual Noor.....

  2. As always great

  3. Thought provoking posts again Noor. Jaw dropped at post 234, a flower that looks exactly like a preying mantis. How does a flower develop into something it cannot see? The mysteries of nature.

    1. That IS a praying mantis. It is an orchid mantis. Do an image search; they are beautiful. Mantis come in so many varieties that it is amazing but that one there, oh, my gosh, the most beautiful insect ever isn't it?

  4. Why do you keep posting unfiltered propaganda like this

    when you should know better? After decades of being anti-Judaic, you still follow the standard Judaic propaganda about their greatest enemies? You just throw their great heroism under the bus because they kicked the Jews, communists, freemasons and Jesuits out with a boot in the rear-end, exactly like they deserved? Are you crying for those poor usurers and exploiters? boo hoo hoo.

    How "people" could "stand by" and "allow" what? What needed to happen?

    The forceful expulsion of disgusting usurers, counterfeiters, criminals and cultural and political saboteurs from their nation? They didn't stand by and "allow" anything. They wanted it to happen and supported it 100%, as anyone with any balls and honor would. The Germans had the highest standard of living in the entire world during the 1930s! What are you even talking about? Allowed what? Allowed your precious Chicken Swingers to be expelled from their nation and forced to go to their own? How is that wrong after what they did to the German people in the 1920s? After they stabbed them in the back repeatedly? After they continuously raped them and caused hyperinflation and bought all German land for pennies on the dollar?

    It's obvious you have never even read the most basic National Socialist documents such as the 25 Points of the NSDAP program. Because if you had, you would never let shekel-squeezing propaganda influence you to that degree. Here it is for your enlightenment. It will take you only 5 minutes to read:

    After that, you might want to read some of the speeches from the 1920s:

    Even one page of any of the speeches above cleans the Chicken Swingers' clock and exposes them better and in more detail than any 5 years worth of shows posted at Mami's. These guys walked their talk, while most "truthers" only talk and keep talking some more, yap-yap-yap, while never taking action, lacking the capability to lead even the simplest organizations without in-fighting or being infiltrated and shut down.

    It seems you just have some kind of grudge against Germans and that's it. And why is that really? Because they were ethnonationalists and wouldn't allow mixed-raced kids to become full German citizens and you happen to have mixed-race kids? Isn't that their right as a nation? Don't they have a right to protect their blood and their culture from those who would change that culture, as they see fit, since it's THEIR nation which the foreigners want to live in and not the other way around? And if the situation was reversed, wouldn't they accept that they would never be considered Chinese or Japanese or African or Arab, just because they lived in a country for 5 years or happened to be born there? Don't they have the right to only accept those they prefer, only those who are honorable in their intentions, just like individual families would choose their guests? But guests are just guests, they don't live in your house forever. Should you be forced to give permanent lodging to all your guests, otherwise you're a "bad" or uncaring person?

    If not, then how can you argue at the same time FOR preventing non-white/non-European immigration into White European countries as you usually do in multiple posts of cartoons and memes? How about the simple reason that even if all the people coming in were of outstanding character, the very fact of them being foreign and different, if added in sufficient numbers, would change the essence of the culture they immigrated to into something else, something other than that which attracted them in the first place and merited preservation? How about that?

    ~ Negentropic MK I

  5. If you think I have a grudge against Germans is ludicrous. The elder was named by a dear German survivor of WW2, an elegant countess type whom I adored. Do not assume please. The fact I have mixed race children has nothing to do with anything. Heck I lived a few doors down from the great Ernst Zundel when she was born.

    You are reading far too much into one meme you disagree with. Have a wonderful weekend.


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