Saturday 29 April 2017


Please enlarge this old treasure map! 

The more things change, the more they stay the same only with much higher stakes.

Another week and we are still here to enjoy the spring! Surprise, surprise. I still get to cuss that damn cheery little bird outside my windows at 4 am!

(It is now 4:44 am and he is chirping up a storm!)

Trump and his first 100 days; liberals; sanctuary cities; Canada; the EU; taxes; Palestine; the Talmudics; the Saudis, women,Human Rights and the UN; remembering Chernobyl; American politics; freedom of speech; Freemasonry, and more than I can remember at this point of the morning (2:53 am).

More than I can count. Please keep in good health, stock up on provisions, and enjoy your cartoons. Oh, and you have no idea how much your little comments make to me. Thank you all. 

The last time I had major surgery (2000), my favourite quip was that it was amazing what I would put myself through to be put on that morphine drip for a few days. The problem is, then you wake up after a nap in the sun and find it gone.

 Hory clap.

Last story this week, I promise. An example of how entrenched Canadian society is in all this gender foolishness. 

The other day I was taking a short session on computer ergonomics for arthritics at the local center. There were 10 seniors in the class which was actually amazingly informative. At the end, an older gentleman was being shown how to work with his capabilities, reclining in a chair and we were commenting how comfortable he looked. I piped up with, trust me to be a trouble maker, (OMFG!) "All you need now is a pretty girl to bring you a drink." and everyone laughed. 

BUT the instructor, without a blink schooled me with, saying quite aggressively, "OR a young man, OR a transgender, OR an intersex, OR a gay woman, does it really matter the gender of who brings him that drink?" 

The man's eyes popped open in complete shock. No one noted that I was totally blown away at her inappropriate response but it was not the place to get into anything. Class was over. I thanked her and left. But, OMG, she had "triggered" me! 

The next day I related this to a swimming buddy and how I had handled it by a very civilized discussion with her boss. Buddy was shocked that I would speak up because well, gender equality is extremely important and, besides, everyone knows Trump grabs pussy and nepotism runs the White House. Yes, this was her argument. And she is an educated woman but then, she hates dogs and that speaks to character in a bigly fashion. Dogs RULE!

I asked her if it was fair for MTF transgenders to compete with women in various athletic fields where size and strength were important and she said, right in line with Bruce  Caitlyn Jenner's "If it is ok with the Olympic regulators it is fine."  I mentioned Michelle was a tranny and she just laughed herself silly and commented on her elegance. Which, of course, prompted me to laugh. So she immediately jumped into the fact that late term abortions don't exist and abortions should be available for all at any time because such atrocities were a myth. I was too shocked to respond and turned up my headset.

By then I knew the discussion ~ which she had initiated ~ and another pool buddy were lost. We had been chatting lightly about politics for well over a year but finally, I am done, no more chats unless it is about the weather.

She then swam off and I heard her tell another swimmer how unbelievable it was, a Trump supporter, laughing so sweetly. "I love her but she's crazy" was the last I heard. 

It is a goddam mental illness.

This one could get me in trouble but, I will be honest, I still cannot watch gay smooching. My gut instinct is just like Archie's. Just how I was wired.

Apparently there is a real movement to create another party for out-of-touch Bernie to make another run. Driving the other day, listening to Democracy Now on the radio, this was the discussion with some of his supporters.

Meanwhile up in Canada, the land of trees and sky-rocketing real estate prices... 

Remembering Chernobyl, its 31st anniversary was April 26. I live in Fukushima destroyed territory but we all know this deadliness eventually contaminates us all.

Don't think about radiation. You can't see it so it is not there. But DO think about invisible climate change. It is a real threat to gender issues. (LOL)

This I posted to illustrate the way many cartoonists portray nationalism. "Bigotry and hatred." We all know the cost of open, optimistic (!?) globalism but Macron is a proven Rothschild agent.

Another vapid servant of the bankers with strong Rothschild connections.

Corruption is rotting Spain.

My old hippy dream ~ doomed from the beginning, of course. But, when we are young, we are optimistic as heck. Idealism is a good thing, so long as it is not used as a weapon against entire generations. 
So very sad but true.
The state of American politics today

Communists favour mass genocide and frequently use it as an excuse for gratuitous violence beyond the imagination. Starvation is cheap and easy as we see taking place in Africa ~ again. The goyim must be reduced by every way possible. This agenda is just as real, just as much part of the creation of the JWO/NWO, as the fast-food poisoning in the second cartoon posted this week. 

Genocide of goyim, white or black in particular, is the goal of this agenda. Muslims and most other peoples will not accept this horror as an accepted part of their societies  so the Talmudics don't even bother to try.

Canadian born and bred, when one of my girls moved to the US, part of the shock of her cultural awakening to the US was having all her credit cards renewed with flags on them. "Mom! They put flags on EVERYTHING down here!"

Two birds with one stone. A member of Antifa slugged a peaceful Trump fan and the police, sitting nearby, caught it all on film. In 15 seconds they had the attacker surrounded. Clearly shown on the video is the above character. That particular thug was arrested for planning to disrupt Trump celebrations during the inauguration and forbidden upon release to be involved in rioting activities. Well, the above mentioned film also showed him right there in the situation and he was picked up again. He is right there in a turquoise jacket filming the arrest of his "comrade" who had attacked the victim. Nasty, defiant, not too bright. But then, that is why young people are so easily manipulated into the embrace of Communism.

Malls failing? Look to online shopping for much of the problem.

I just cannot promote this POS by speaking of him. Netflix has put out his new show as part of their social programming agenda; I have seen a little of it, well two videos, and felt simply SICK that this is what is being promoted as a science programme to young children of parents who grew up absorbing the fake science this guy pushed back in the day and consider him to be an expert. Even now as adults they trust him as he pushes transgenderism and anti-White ideology to their babies. That is a link to the video. Those who have followed this blog for a long time know that I have never hesitated to post images that are basically repellent in content, but this is too over the top for even me. Please read:

The Best of the Week IMHO. And there are many that are so good.

Palestinian hunger strikers..... Find some way to support these brave people. For a decade I have said, their struggle is our struggle and it behooves us to do our part however possible.

Creeping Wahabbism.


Last week, in Richmond BC, a seniors poker group was shut down. 

 Frankie zaps us with another truth.

Canadian Arms sales and the Saudis:

Warning: This video classic contains naughty words. Just a major blast from the past that explains just how long I have had attitude! The Fugs and their sweet love song to the CIA.