Tuesday 30 August 2022


Could be a bit of a learning curve.

(((Senator Scott Weiner))) is so proud of himself.

What!? No Dr. Suess?

One of Trudy's very first bills passed involved bestiality. And it was not good for the beasties.

Boss move!


I don't know if this is photoshopped or not but....

This image a few weeks ago, that I also posted, of Levine, was photoshopped. This poor woman!

Inspired by that green ridem bike above, I began to investigate E bikes made in Canada. Daymak, a Toronto company has some I really like although not available for a year or so. But they also advertised THIS!

Mike, they still don't if you are the example you wanted them to go by. You ain't no lady.

Everyone recognized "Chubbies" fashion. It created inferiority complexes. You wore this stuff and felt different from the other girls. Going to Catholic School and wearing a uniform was almost a relief.

Europe this winter?

The British people will not be impressed....

Entitled dickhead

Casting nets...

These ladies, I dare assume their genders, are not folk I would like to see at my door. They look like genuine buzzkills.

Go woke, go broke.

Blind owl

Hell is not hot enough for these sick buzztards.

Futuristic still life

A man and his pup

Believe it or not, this outfit serves a useful purpose. It is intended to protect the pup from being carried away by a predator, ie an eagle. Or on a hike, coyotes.

Now this would be a superior way to shop. Fresh. It used to be the only way including in North America. No middleman. No wasteful packaging. Supermarkets and fast foods took the adventure out of grocery shopping and we bought it as "convenience". Bonus: No Kosher tax!

No one buys it, Mark. No one. (((I am the victim here!)))

I can attest to this. We recognize each other as we waltz through time and rebirths. It can be beyond belief expanding, or peaceful, but it can also be among the most painful of experiences of all; these things are rarely easy or without serious complications. There is one, we shared several lives but we could not get the timing right this time. I also shared a few with his sister, a woman who changed my life. But... digressions... on we go.

Your Great Grandfather's typewriter, that old Corona, turned into art.

This wall hanging took 7 years to complete. It is entirely made of folded and swirled paper known as Quilling. Truly an amazing piece of work. 

I have no idea who this guy is. I see him all over the internet. But I agree with the sentiment entirely.

So much diversity here....
and here....

I watched the speech as he said this.