Friday 24 April 2020


Canadians mourn this senseless loss of life. Truly a sick individual to have gone so far in preparation for this spree.

 The sun also kills viruses.

 Don't you dare laugh!

She was also, at one time, mistress to Philip Rothschild who published her writings.

Tell me those are not phallus on those socks! That smarmy little perv. Because they are not doggy treats!

Always the guns. Nothing to do with the idiot behind it?

Arctic Fox kit growing its winter coat.

Grabbed this from the work of a photographer I came across. He is a big wig, close friend of Musk, lots of photos of them. His photography however is magnificent. Also a great insight into the lifestyle of billionaire Silicon Valley magnates. He has a LOT of fun. But this I grabbed due to the Gates and Musk quotes.

Amazing dogs.

Lots of modified cartoons today.

 Ancient Persian Bear Claw Fighting gloves



No words necessary.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Apparently, dogs loving to roll on freshly cut lawns is a thing. I am so glad my Old English simply preferred rolling and rubbing herself into the carcasses of fish and animals, the stinkier the better.

May be a soy boy but his dog adores him.


From the (((They just can't help themselves))) department:

We all think the same about these situations. Who cares?

Somewhere in Italy. The church in the distance is such a beautiful touch.

And who would nip your nose?

 The Splendid Fairy Wren

 And yes, they are that idiotic.

There is another aspect of this agenda. Meat packing plants across North America are being closed down due to this virus. Animals are being mass slaughtered and thrown by the tons into pits. There is an agenda, partly sponsored by Gates, to end slaughter of all animals by 2030. Possibly this is why they are so heavily financing and pushing these fake meats? There will be meat shortages due to these closures.

Swedish. Mmmm.

 He ain't no doctor of anything!

The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, "blessed" by (((architectural improvement))). This is facing South, Queen's Park Circle at the end of the road. Back in the day, my idea of a romantic lunch was being snowbound in the ROM, in the Egyptian room facing the massive wall of hieroglyphics stolen from Queen/Pharaoh Hatshepsut's tomb. That old-fashioned type of display has long since disappeared.

They were murdered Mossad execution style. Great article.

His production of INEXPENSIVE Hydroxychloroquine was definitely part of the reason for their assassination.

Those crazy Norwegians

Suddenly I have a new respect for kangaroos. I heard they can pack quite a punch; you can see that. Wow!

As crazy as things are, as bad as they are, a lot of common sense should be enough to deal with this mess and open things up again. But that is not going to happen for some time. There really are some nasty people out there. I think if only the targeted ages had been isolated and protected, herd immunity would have been the way to go with this virus.

A friend took these the other day when she was out with her sons for a walk. This is a local hillside hanging over the ocean; at this time it is a sea of purple majesty. Both enlarge significantly.

I don't know what these men have said except for Dr. Phil. I actually enjoy his show sometimes; however for the past month he has been doing special insights into this mess and he takes it very very very seriously. He certainly does not consider it to be "no more than the flu".

What IS this? 

Breathless Beauty

When 'fiction' becomes reality
What movie is this from, folks? Doesn't it feel all too real at this time?

Just an America Woman

The eye of Tokay Gecko

They really did this.

Were I Mrs. Banksy I would not be happy with what he did to our bathroom. Apparently being cooped up has Banksy involved in interior decoration. 

Smooth sound. Remember these set ups? The warm tones?

#4 has a pool!

As planned:


Consider the plastic waste being generated at this time. All those gloves, masks, suits, etc. Not to mention no one can use their recyclable shopping bags; stores are using plastic single use again.

Wild pigs are taking over the streets of Tel Aviv

This is Big Poppa. BP is a NYC pup who plays with the local children daily. He is not very happy about the lockdown because all he gets is a short daily walk with his human and no play.

They really love us.