Tuesday 31 July 2018


It may seem trivial, but Kim went one of the most liberal late night talk shows around and held her ground against host and audience. Respect. Wow! Did I really say "respect" to a Kardashian?

Silly twit.

Trump fans have interesting "daddy issues" and like to celebrate America.

Artist note: CONTEST. This cartoon is about Trump's Tweet comparing his poll numbers to Abraham Lincoln's. The caption can be either Trump speaking, Lincoln speaking, or both. The caption can be Conservative, Liberal, whatever you want. Winner announced on Sunday.

This woman looks as if she is challenging people not to notice. Nothing wrong with nursing in public but most women are more discreet and respectful also of their child's privacy. Nursing is supposed to be an intimate exchange of sorts, nothing of that nature on this mom's face.

Many people consider "settling for the ordinary" to be a great privilege. Some people just want to be normal and lead an ordinary life. It is the little things they include in that day to day life that makes it extraordinary.

We have a PM who is almost purposefully selling Canada out to raise his own brownie points by trying to make Trump look bad.

Only Canadian-born should be ruling. This does not mean "white"; it means Canadian BORN.

GAP Canada selling us on multiculturalism. Where are the White kids?

The artist did this very same cartoon about Trump shortly after he assumed the Presidency.

Torontonians on the Danforth a few days after the shooting.

I think I could gain 10 pounds just dreaming of that golden egg....

As usual, sprinkled throughout today's offerings, Pearls from Perloff.

TWENTY FOUR assistants and she complains?

Just FOUR assistants and she makes her mark.

Thank you, Jumo, for sending this.

The sainted look on that old lab's face...

Welsh countryside

"Love is love"

Seriously? Yeah, seriously. Found this at a Liberal site. Sad. They really cannot meme.

Heck, it is offensive to women WITH vaginas.

"SMEAR campaign" because we protect our children? Because we are disgusted by such deviancy? 

The above comments were about a transgender teacher arrested sexual assault charges against students.