Tuesday 31 August 2021

COVID "Vaccines" are a Communist Bioweapon ~ Igor Shepherd

(h/t Henry Makow)

August 30, 2021 

(Dr. Igor Shepherd, former Soviet military doctor who lost his job as a Wyoming health official for speaking out.)

"The evidence of global warfare is everywhere ~ from the dictatorial global alliances being formed between nations, to the violations of civil rights, to the imprisonment of citizens inside their own homes, to the destruction of private businesses, to the extreme rules of mask wearing, to the cruel new laws denying unvaccinated Americans the right to work, eat at restaurants, or attend theaters ~ these are not normal responses to a pandemic, especially one with a 0.1% to 0.5% fatality rate.

"These are the responses of a communist despotism. By mandating these bio-vaccines, they are forcing us to play Russian Roulette, but instead of one bullet in the six-chamber shooter, there are five."

mRNA Vaccines: The Silent Weapon

By Dr. Igor Shepherd

(Excerpts by henrymakow.com)

My seven-year medical studies in the Soviet Army under the Strategic Rocket Force sector included large WMD-oriented military field exercises. I learned tactics of global warfare, including weapons of mass destruction and their effects on populations and enemy forces. The Soviet Army had a powerful biological defense system, and to be a successful military medical doctor I was required to know more than traditional medicine ~ I had to stay updated on the combat of "silent weaponry," because this type of covert biowarfare was crucial in extermination of enemies (peoples of western free nations) and globalizing communism.

Under Soviet rule, biowarfare was set up to be carried out through either tactical or strategic methods.

In a tactical event, the military aggressor would use bio-agents during ground battlefield against enemy troops.

With strategic warfare, the civilian population would be the main focus for destruction.

Bio-agents, as bomblets, would be dropped onto large populated areas using cruise missiles or through aerosol dispersal off aircraft. This type of silent warfare allowed the enemy to quickly take over a country's infrastructure and economy, and incapacitate the population without a messy drawn-out military invasion.

Americans should be concerned about silent warfare, because most nations, including the US, no longer follow the very Bioweapon Treaty that was put in place to protect the world and whole populations against maniacal bio-genocide....


Messenger RNA technology in Covid vaccines is not new, even though our leaders have been spinning this mistruth since day one.

The Soviets began developing mRNA sequencing almost four decades ago. They were the first to develop "designer" bio-agents under a classified program called Project Factor, one of many classified programs using recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology, known as DNA genetic engineering. Their gene-sequencing included messenger RNA (mRNA), and microRNA (miRNA), and carried the capability of creating horrific epidemics against enemy populations, even severe and debilitating multiple sclerosis.

Through lab-created modified pathogens, using rDNA and mRNA, Soviet scientists decided to rival God. By plugging genes and combining segments of DNA from one type of organism with the gene of another organism, they created more deadly, contagious, environmentally stable and pathogenic novel strains of the various microorganisms. These included multi-drug-resistant anthrax, genetically modified super plague, chimerical variations of smallpox, and German measles.

They also found the way to effectively hijack the body's natural immune processes by producing overstimulation of the immune system through the "reprogramming" of the human immune system responses to those manmade-modified external pathogens.

The over stimulation of the body's immune system was purposed to cause serious immunological reactions and remove the body's responsibility to release antibodies when the body decided to do so. Once the immune system was continuously in overdrive and self-exhausted (similar example of self-exhaust would be like a cancer patient whose immune system gets depleted from chemo-therapy), the body weakened and became susceptible to mild infections, like a cold, and could no longer fight off infections. For the Soviets, this breakthrough became important "silent warfare" for mass destruction,

Does this "reprogramming" of the immune system sound familiar?

It should.

The Covid-19 vaccines utilize the same mRNA technology of reprogramming the body's immune system as Russia used in producing bioweapons for silent warfare against civilians.

Unlike traditional vaccines, mRNA vaccines do not carry real pathogens, and works by "tricking" the body into thinking it is under attack with a real virus. The body becomes like a computer, and is instructed to develop the pathogenic proteins itself, "reprogramming" the human body to produce its own antibodies.

The proteins become independent and do not gather to form a virus like traditional vaccines. The immune system then detects these viral proteins and starts to produce a defensive response to them. The final result, though, has altered the body's natural responses, and dangerous pathological immune reactions are induced, including systemic inflammation and stimulation of auto-reactive antibodies, resulting in a cytokine storm or death.

Worse, these harmful outcomes might not show up for months or years.
This is why the initial side effects of many Covid vaccinated individuals were severe, and developed in days and weeks after the injection. The overstimulated immune system caused by the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines certainly blueprints Russia's silent weapons of warfare.

The Covid vaccine companies insist mRNA does not alter DNA, but I do not buy it.  

They have their reasons for bypassing the traditional vaccine method and going with the bioweapon technology, and I do not think it has anything to do with ensuring the health of populations, otherwise they would have taken the time to follow proper testing protocols for their "new" vaccines at the onset, and not been rash in ignoring the abundant reports of injuries and deaths caused so far with the vaccinated.

And so, should we blindly trust them after knowing mRNA technology was initially developed and used by the Soviets to harm and destroy whole populations?

Should we trust them knowing there is no known proper gauge for short or long-term side effects and what fatalities might occur up ahead?

Do we ignore the fact Covid vaccine ingredients use aborted fetal cells which could potentially initiate cancer and autoimmune system shifts within the vaccinated?

Do we close our eyes to the toxic and non-biodegradable synthetic materials, such as polyethylene glycol (PEG), used to make the vaccines, knowing PEG's cause disruption to cellular function and provoke severe neuropsychiatric symptoms in offspring?

Should we believe our leaders when they insist these "secretly-patented" mRNA vaccines are safe, even after knowingly receiving reports that the Covid-19 vaccinations resulted in injuries and deaths caused by blood coagulation, pathological thrombus formation, Bell's Palsy, cardiac disorders, heart inflammation, neurological mayhem, paralysis, Guillain-Barre's Syndrome, and numerous miscarriages?

The creators of the Covid-19 vaccines expect numerous injuries and fatalities ahead. You cannot mess with this type of bio-technology and be "clueless" regarding end results. This is why the pharmaceutical giants made sure they would be free of legal ramifications for harmful effects and deaths.

The evidence of global warfare is everywhere ~ from the dictatorial global alliances being formed between nations, to the violations of civil rights, to the imprisonment of citizens inside their own homes, to the destruction of private businesses, to the extreme rules of mask wearing, to the cruel new laws denying unvaccinated Americans the right to work, eat at restaurants, or attend theaters ~ these are not normal responses to a pandemic, especially one with a 0.1% to 0.5% fatality rate.

These are the responses

of a communist despotism.

By mandating these bio-vaccines, they are forcing us to play Russian roulette, but instead of one bullet in the six-chamber shooter, there are five.


The communist-patterned pandemic responses forced on free Americans are inconceivable, and I find it worrisome that our own American government and the US Department of Defense is knee-deep in partnerships with China regarding Covid-19 vaccine research and development.

DOD's bioweapon research and expert sectors, BARDA, DARPA, and DTRA, have all been heavily involved with the vaccine conglomerates, as well as China's military, the People's Liberation Army.

To trust the health of our nation's citizens to a country who is an active enemy of American ideals, and who cannot adequately secure their own bioweapon laboratories is treasonable.

Messenger RNA technology, because it involves genetic engineering, can be used in any Covid or flu vaccine today for rapid global depopulation through sterility measures or immunological complications, for racial extermination, to modify human sexual composition and create non-genders, for behavioral modifications, or to undergo chromosomal integration or insertional mutagenesis, leading to random insertions of genetic codes into the host of cellular genomes (inducing tumors).

The idea of vaccines as a dispersal method to annihilate or debilitate millions of people unknowingly, with their consent, is a brilliant strategy of warfare. The very means with which should help eliminate a pandemic and save lives is instead used as a "kill" device.

Because the masses have accepted vaccinations as preventive medicine for decades, most would reject the possibility that a vaccine could be used as a bioweapon against them.

Nonetheless, strong evidence of a global "coup" is piling up as more and more citizens become alarmed that this pandemic is less about health and safety, and more about the restructuring and destruction of our laws, economy, civil rights, and freedoms ~ everything that occurs during an enemy takeover, and not during a pandemic. 

With no enforced treaty to protect civilians against biological weapons of mass destruction, silent warfare against all of humanity becomes today's reality.


Soviet Toxicologist- Covid Vaccine is a Genocide Bioweapon

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Saturday 28 August 2021

SATURDAY CARTOONS: PT 2: ABC, Afghanistan, Biden, Canada!: AUGUST 28, 2021

Just finishing off yesterday's business. I promise to never grab so much again. No comments, just let the images speak for themselves.

How rare! A cartoon about my island. It is shocking how many locals are in favour of this passport!:

The new, improved Tallyban:

OK, Sophie. You are separated. WTF could be so fake and funny here?:

Except the locals keep running him out of town first!:

This NDP leader is SO not pro-Canada! He is also so in bed with the Liberals.:

Sloppy surfing up in Tofino:

TBH, this happens to all of them.:

If I want to keep swimming I need this.:

The lovely sailfish chameleon:

My most sensible dream ever:

The slitherer:

The local Sooke Pot Holes. Gorgeous place.:

Just such a goddam fraud. Honestly I don't understand the logic here, but I don't care.:

Tell me, with a straight face, that the smirk below is not arrogant as all hell.:

Remember when the Turd promised to balance out the electoral layout of our nation ~ and then reversed his decision to so so? Canadians, this is the MOST IMPORTANT image I have posted to date. Save it. Share it. Change it. How can anything west of Ontario stand a chance otherwise?:

I am not sure about O'Toole as a leader yet but this is worth passing on. And, he is not the Turd. I am not going to vote by any other guideline this election.:

That smug mug:

This drop is happening to all Western nations. ONLY Christian-valued nations.:

Sweetest kitty face, ever:

And when Dr. Hoffe of Lytton, BC, drew attention to this issue and his native patients, he was condemned, shut down, the city was destroyed:

Your pretty girl for the week, a Russian secretary heading to the office. I promise to keep them classy!:

'Mommy, I gots a secret.':

Henry and his acolyte Klaus:

Local strawberries are always like NOTHING trucked in from parts distant:


I won't age shame anyone, even Hillary. But the rest of the internet is having a ball with these!:

Earlier this week I found a 10-minute video of Hunter Biden's on line escapades. What an absolute fool and filthy fornicating drug addict he is! I felt so dirty after watching it I forgot to save the link to share with you all. Consider yourselves lucky. China has SO MUCH to use against the Bidens to bend them to their will.



You might want Joe gone, but look what would replace him!:

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Truest cartoon of the day:

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Afghanis trying to get into Greece:

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The young men flee, leaving women and elders behind.: