Friday 31 January 2020


Oh, Bill! Letting the kitty out of the bag!

Bibi knows full well that the Palestinians will not accept this shameful offer. He is counting on it

Last Friday, as I was tidying up after posting YOUR CARTOONS, I managed to completely delete my huge collection of photos: the homes, cabins, scenes, animals, skies scapes, arts, serendipity, foods, etc ~ gatherings from the past few years gone. I really do hate this particular slippery mouse! I am over the initial pain but there were some images I was very fond of; first world problem.

On Thursday morning I will be checking into the local hospital for a relatively major surgery. Because it is an abdominal issue, I will not be at my pc for probably a month at least; certainly won't be able to sit upright long enough to put together pages like this. Call me silly, but this Corona virus issue bothers me, especially since it is already in our BC medical system and I will be in for 2 to 5 days. 

I suppose simply like any person facing surgery, I am just a tad frightened. Mostly of the pain of healing though, not going under the knife. There will be no swimming for a few months; that will be tough. No lifting or holding a rambunctious Grandson. Ouch. 

Yesterday he tantrumed outside the bathroom whilst I was ensconced in that room for a few minutes. Lay on his little belly and made demanding noises until I emerged then it was all sunshine. Grandma's heart burst. He owns me. Literally. 

An inconvenient truth:

Just call me Captain!

When I did a search on the above cartoon all I found were posts from (((media outlets))) bragging about the great accomplishment by (((local activists))); that anti semitism was dealt with. The newspaper apologized and sacked the artist. Other than their responses, I could find no other mention of the issue.

Edible art

Seriously, all you can do is wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. I always wear a scarf when out; one of its major functions is as a face mask should the need arise. (The Keffiyeh is such a multi functional accessory. I have a few shemagh.)

This is my preferred style to wear it; easy to lift up over my nose when driving; I hate having a cold nose! Goes well with a fur-lined hood.

These best friends hike the world with their person. Expect more photos.

This link will take you to the latest statistics on the spread of the virus. Highly informative.

British Nurses collecting patients; the Spanish Flu epidemic. 1918. Learn THE TRUTH of the Spanish Flu here.


The cozy kitchen in a Cordwood cabin.

Plastic surgery only goes so far when it comes to "Who's-Your-Daddy?" issues.

Stilton Says:
Theoretically, today is the day the Senate will vote for or against witnesses in Donald Trump's impeachment trial and, assuming witnesses aren't allowed, a second vote is expected to acquit the President.

Afterwards, the nation will breathe a collective sigh of relief, neighbor will embrace neighbor, old animosities will be forgotten, Congress will get back to doing the work of the people, and the news media will focus solely on important, fact-based stories. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! 

Seriously, we laughed harder at that than Don Lemon laughs when watching the Special Olympics. Because Trump's acquittal will mean nothing at all in the vicious and idiotic national dialogue. Not a single mind will be changed, nor will any lessons be learned. The talking heads on TV will continue to spin like Dervishes, people living in the greatest nation on Earth at one of the greatest times in history will continue to believe Apocalypse is nigh, and many of us will continue to have night terrors after dreaming of Adam Schiff's beady peepers appearing out of the dark.

Still, if President Trump is acquitted we plan to break out a bottle of bubbly with which to toast the failure of the latest, but surely not the last, coup attempt.

Hunter & Prey, Can you feel that little chipmunk heart pounding? The kitty can.

Feast. Look at that yummy marbling.

Hope my surgeon doesn't sew me up like this.

It was amazing how many people went on child-hating rants regarding this image. But even more amazing were how many were all for the wonders of children over a fancy dashboard.

Boris has pulled it off! Congratulations. Needless to say almost all European media is unhappy about this Brexit and I could not find a single congratulatory or positive cartoon. Anywhere. 


Firewood stacking as an art form

What virus?

Possibly one of the ugliest dogs on the planet but such a sweet nature he has. Once again it boils down to the smile.

Breakfast porn

I could not believe this was the title for a cartoon. A little research and I found that the Australian(((cartoonist))) has a bias.


Yet another Hollowco$t Remembrance Day has come and gone. Meanwhile an entitled Israel continues to decimate the Palestinian population.

Is Trump his president?
Would he date Stanya?

Would you do it? 
Could you do it? 
I know I would in a heartbeat!

Carefully study these sweet little feet. What creature toddles about on such beautiful toesies? I will tell you at the end of the post if you have problems. These are from different members of the same animal family.

Modern Rome, beautiful dusk capture of the glorious soft Italian light.

Grooming. Dining at the local "restaurant".

Always look below the surface.

There's that smile again!

Ohhhhh, nice!

As for those pretty little paws, they are the feet of spiders. But I am sure you had that already figured out.