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And so it is this constant, ubiquitous non-use of the J word that represents the great lacuna ~ meaning vacuum, absence ~ in all of our social problems, in the money that is being siphoned from our pockets through a false and criminal financial system, in our health being taken from us by stealth, poisoned skies, murky water, and cardboard food, and through the lives of countless people gunned down for a criminal (because all wars are about theft) economic fantasy.
The J word represents that thing you cannot say, because they will kill you if you do, one way or the other, inevitably. This is the world we live in, as well as why it is the way it is.

By Gilad Atzmon

Many of us, the critical voices of Zionism and Israel, have already realized something: it is advisable to avoid using the ‘J’ word. Once you use the ‘J’ word you had better expect some serious trouble. But in fact, this is not entirely true.
You can safely apply the ‘J’ word, you just have to make sure you say the right things. For instance no one is going accuse you of being a racist for flattering the ‘J’ people with some incredible positive superlatives.

No one will cause you any trouble for saying that the J’s are very intelligent or a nice bunch of people.

You can even lie and say that they are extremely good looking and by far the kindest people on earth.

It is only when you say what you really think that the real trouble starts.

As soon as you become slightly genuine you will have to face an orchestrated smear campaign, you will be then called an ‘anti Semite’, a ‘new historian’ and even a ‘holocaust denier’.

If you happen to be a ‘J’ yourself you will probably end up being labelled a ‘self-hating J’, no doubt a pretty prestigious club to be a member of.

All of the above depicts a very obscure picture: as it seems, the ‘J’ people do not mind being collectively categorized, they do not mind racial generalizations as long as they come out looking good by it.

For instance saying that the J’s are the greatest and the most clever people on earth won’t be taken by them as an outrageous racist remark. But then, as soon as you mention that some of them may appear to be just slightly greedy at times, this is when trouble starts.

One may wonder how is it possible, clearly, the two statements are equally racially outrageous, equally categorical. Both statements attribute qualities to a specific racial group and yet only the latter is seen as inflammatory.

Rather than address this riddle, I would prefer to dismiss the issue altogether. In fact, none of these remarks should be considered racist, because

the ‘J’ people aren’t a race.

Not only are they not a race,

they aren’t a class,

they aren’t a nation,

they aren’t a tribe,

they aren’t an ethnic group,

they aren’t victims,

they aren’t even the oppressors.

They are none of these but

they can easily become any of them

whenever it is convenient.

The J’s are the ultimate chameleons, they can be whatever they like as long as it serves as some expedient. As soon as you criticize their expansionist militant national beliefs (Zionism) you hurt them as a race (Semites), they would insist that anti Zionism is in practice a form of anti Semitism.

When you condemn their racist tendencies, they are transformed immediately into an innocent cultural identity (merely chicken soup consumers).

When you criticize their exclusive cultural leanings, they then become a race again (it isn’t me it’s all down to my mother, she is Jewish, I am just a consequence of her racial belonging).

But it goes further, when you scrutinize their racist and supremacist religious law (Talmud) they remind you that most of them are in fact secular (true by the way), but then, when you question their secular philosophy, they would immediately confess that, in fact, there is no such philosophy.

You may push your luck and ask them what stands at the core of their ethnic belonging. A ready-made answer would be given instantly: ‘it is Hitler rather than Moses who made us into J’s’. Hitler never asked for our religious beliefs, he killed us just for being J’s.’

When you remind them that Hitler is no longer with us, they would assure you that a new one is just about to be born. Basically you can never win. But neither can they.

You can never win because you don’t really want to win, you just enjoy exploring a unique bizarre and yet a very powerful and victorious identity. For you it isn’t about winning, all you want is to help the Palestinian people in their right and justified battle.

For you it isn’t about a clear practical gain, you want to make this planet just a bit nicer of a place to live in.

But for them it is a different matter altogether. For them, it is all about winning, they are set to win, unconditional success is brewed into their spirit both culturally and religiously.

But they can never win,

by the time they win they get lost.

They stop being victims.

Occasionally it looks as if they are almost there,

you can see them running the show,

running American political life,

running American show business,

running the ‘new middle East’,

running the Communist revolution but then,

as it appears, something always goes wrong.

Suddenly, completely out of the blue, everyone around is standing up against the plot. As it seems, they always win the battles but somehow manage to lose the war, very much like contemporary America.

Is it a coincidence?

I don’t think so.

Sadly enough for them, not only can’t they win, as tragically as it may appear, they can’t lose either, they can never be defeated. Thus even their lowest moments are transformed into a glorious political manoeuvre.

By the time millions of European J’s

were facing murderous Nazi brutality,

Ben Gurion was already capitalizing

on their imminent deaths.

By now, within the J’s common worldview, the holocaust is recognized as a justification and a pillar of self righteousness. Rather than being a moral lesson, the holocaust stands as an excuse. Rather than use the tragic event as a moment of reflection, at least in the eyes of the Zionist J’s, it is transformed into a militant expansionist philosophy backed with hundreds of nuclear weapons.

As it seems, they can neither win nor lose, Thus they are doomed to wander around engaging themselves in an endless metamorphosis. They move forward and backwards, from left to right, from right to left, from spirituality into materialism, from orthodox Marxism into hard capitalism.

They are always at the cool side of game, when it was right to be a Socialist they were right there in the forefront of the Bolshevik revolution, now when it is hard capitalism that sets the tone, you read about them in the Wall Street Journal, they are the new prophets from Manhattan. Life is never boring for ‘J’ people.

But then, let me tell you, there is only one thing they can’t cope with, one thing that drives them mad. Something that never settles peacefully in their well protected binary world.

It is called love.

If you love them you kill them.

Love shakes their confidence,

for them it is far easier to be detested.

The only way to destroy Zionism,

to dismantle ‘J’ power,

is to embrace them to your heart,

to make love to their ‘J spot’.

To worship them exactly when they anticipate your ultimate aversion. Always overwhelm them with affection. A brief look into their history makes it very clear. By the time they were fully emancipated by their European host nations, they invented Zionism. When anti Semitism was thrown out of the window, it was the Zionists who reintroduced it. By the time Israel was praised by the world for its military success and murderous strategies, Zionism was in ruins.

We must learn to accept everything they do. When they flatten a Palestinian village, rather than protesting, just look in their eyes and assure them that your love is unconditional. When they throw a bomb on a school in Gaza, just hold them close to your heart and express your sincere understanding. When their right wing American zealots take the West into war against Iraq, Syria or Iran just remind yourself that sooner or later peace will prevail.

Don’t you ever forget, they are doing all those horrible things not because they are that horrifying, they just feel an urgent need to remind you that you really hate them.

When you meet them in person you learn that they are not that vicious, they are just slightly immature beings due to the fact that they are not very competent in social life, they are born chosen. They live in a segregated mental ghetto. They never learned how to handle human company, they know very little about empathy. In the end of the day, they don’t live among others. They prefer to live alongside.

Love is the way to redeem the ‘J’ people and hopefully to save the world. It isn’t easy, some would even say that it is pretty impossible. But as sad as it may sound, love is the only weapon against those who are fueled by negation.

And by the way, don’t you ever use the ‘J’ word.



Do you have the courage to speak the truth about the lie?

30th August 2010
By John Kaminski
"The division of the United States into two federations of equal force was decided long before the civil war by the high financial power of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained in one block and as one nation, would attain economical and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world.

The voice of the Rothschilds predominated. They foresaw the tremendous booty if they could substitute two feeble democracies, indebted to the financiers, to the vigorous Republic, confident and self-providing. Therefore they started their emissaries in order to exploit the question of slavery and thus dig an abyss between the two parts of the Republic." ~ Otto von Bismarck, 1876
"He’s a hater!” she shouted. Her words spewed out like napalm, silencing the room for a long burning moment. Finally, with her arms smugly crossed, she delivered the coup de grace. “You’re an anti-Semite.”

That broke the spell ~ the magic words. Immediately, the template of responses to this tired banner of hypocrisy appeared on my mindscreen. They burst out of my mouth.

1. Anybody with a brain is an anti-Semite, if you only realize the true nature of Jewish history, parasitizing cultures and destroying them with wars where they control both sides.

If you’d only understand that the wars now are just like the wars then, manipulation of feeble minded locals by the far-advanced tactics of the maladaptive money masters, Judaism would have long before now been exposed for the crime scheme it surely is.

2. Anti-Semitism is something Jews say to distract you for the purpose of covering up their criminal behavior as a culture, always working to sabotage the host nation with well-thought-out strategies to seemingly improve things.

But like the Southern Poverty Law Center, or even going back to the abolitionist movement, the subterranean purpose of all these seemingly noble endeavors is to further the aims of the ever present, always working Jewish destabilization template, through which astonishing profits are made through the destruction of societies.

3. Anti-Semitism is just another Jewish lie constructed for the purpose of gaining advantage in the real world through the selling of sorrow and empathy. The Holocaust of World War II is an utter fabrication that was not really invented in full until the 1960s, when it began to be used as a psyop after the first Kennedy assassination.

By understanding Nietzsche’s inversion of values principle, you can see how these liberal causes appealed to our sense of honor and duty, yet these same causes caused the ruin of America, overrun past common sense with the delusions of drugs, sex and rock and roll, fused with some vague sense of duty among the new recruits but not by the guys running the show.

4. The Holocaust public relations campaign is the actual dividing line between who realizes what’s really going on and who doesn’t, between who is trapped in the Jewish media myths and who is not. The creation of the Holocaust mystique was actually the first in a long line of media engendered historical mystifications that firmly separated actual human reality from Jewish media reality in that it established a Jewish falsehood into humanity’s consensual reference template, and became the bad stone of the foundation that the future was built upon, producing the Cold War and an unending string of “little” wars that continue to this day.

5. Am I supposed to admire killers like Rahm Emanuel, Michael Chertoff and Bernie Madoff? A perfect portrait of Jewish America, out to kill or enslave the world.

I could go on about how to respond to anti-Semitism, but there are more important things to talk about.

That so-called Good Book says in the beginning was the word. Now that we come to our so-called End, it turns out the key word is the word you cannot say in public, out loud, or over mass media. It is perhaps best known as ~ pull down the shades now! ~ the J word.

A lot of well-known personalities on the World Wide Web who have spent a fair amount of time assassinating my character have done so because of my deliberately unbridled use of this word. I chose to do this because nobody else seemed to have the balls to do it, and I felt it needed to be done.

No language should contain any word that for any reason is deemed to be “too uncouth” to say. Better to know what that word actually means, and detoxify it. What does it really mean?

The personal penalty I have paid for this question is high, though I don’t blame it totally for my woeful financial condition. Sure, when I first used the word Jew big time as in “Jews don’t believe in freedom of speech,” about all my Internet exposure came to a sudden halt.

Most people concluded that offending Jews in this way would denature their financial support, and they were right. The consequence is that they are still in business and in some cases thriving, while I have been excluded for ~ yes, you guessed it! ~ telling the truth.

The one that you never hear on television.
There’s that J word again.

Bottom line: they prosper, but you don’t get the real truth, and nothing gets fixed. The scam just continues.

It started with them being accepted as part of the crowd.

Well, they never were, they never did fit completely in anywhere, and by the time people really noticed what was happening, their country was destroyed.

Go ask a German.

Or a Pole.

The great unspoken secret never heard in polite company is that Jews run everything, and they are pulling the plug on America.
I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood. ~ JOEL STEIN, December 19, 2008

Those non Jews who pretend that Jews “just happen” to have reached a totalitarian ascendancy in all avenues of society don’t realize that with a single word, the Jewish community can shut down America totally, rather than continue to destroy it piecemeal, the way it is happening now.

We may not talk about this in unidentified mixed company because you never know who is listening, do you? Cicero expressed that sentiment in the glory days of the Roman republic.

We’ve developed plenty of nicknames for them so “they” won’t know who we’re talking about, supposedly.

The particularly strident anti-Jew websites all use defamatory epithets to describe them. Most of these sites also vilify blacks and other races, further muddying the waters of trying to identify the perpetrators of the same kinds of crimes over thousands of years.

I always suspect these openly hateful websites as somehow being covertly funded by secret Jewish money to keep the fires of anti-Semitism burning, like Hal Turner, recently convicted FBI informant, proved by his campaign to assassinate judges.

Who knows how many genuinely concerned citizens he revealed to the Feds by his overeager urging of thoughtless and violent acts. What the Turner episode shows, however, is that there are a lot more people than the government thought willing to stand up to them, and shoot if they have to.

But the J-word still doesn’t fly on most of the Web, and nowhere in mainstream media.

You can say Israelis when you’re talking about shooting teenage peace demonstrators in the back of the head or selling stolen kidneys in New Jersey.

You can say Communists when you talk about the forces controlling U.S. domestic policy.

You can say medical experts when focused on these constant calls to get flu shots, or international bankers when contemplating this calculated depression that is about to impoverish us all.

You can say “prudent jurists” when high courts composed of perverts rule that it’s all right to have sex with children.

You can call them anarchists when they try to improve everything with their way of thinking.

And you can call them our lord and masters for the religions they have invented and the systems of government they have imposed on us.

And lastly, you can call them our killers, because they surely have taken aim at eliminating all of us they choose not to like.


Ethnic cleansing is not restricted to Palestine any longer!
Last week, Nicolas Sarkozy announced new plans to evict Travelers and Roma from all "illegal settlements" in France and to expel from the country all Roma who are citizens of other EU countries. This announcement has triggered bitter protest from human rights organizations and media commentators in France and around Europe.

The president spoke in stereotypical terms about an "unacceptable situation of lawlessness that characterizes the Roma people who come from Eastern Europe onto French territory". This is racism.

About 300,000 to 500,000 Travelers live in France. They are citizens of France and maintain an itinerant lifestyle. In addition, there are approximately 10,000 to 15,000 Roma migrants from elsewhere in Europe; they are mainly nationals of Romania and Bulgaria

In the absence of alternative housing solutions, Sarkozy's announced plan will likely worsen already deplorable housing conditions of thousands of Travelers and Roma, and subject them to additional abuse from an already hostile public.

The plan Sarkozy announced is of dubious legality, both under French and international law, which protect the right to housing, the right to free movement and the right to be free from discrimination.

Why are Travelers in France living in illegal settlements? One reason is that France's government has failed to respect its own law, the so-called Besson law from 2000, which requires the state to build adequate accommodation for Travelers. In response to a complaint brought by my organization, in 2009 the Council of Europe's committee of social rights found that France had failed to meet its international obligations by not creating a sufficient number of halting sites for Travelers, by providing sites that were dangerous and unsanitary, and by evicting Travelers from unauthorized sites in a manner that subjected them to "unjustified violence".

The move followed crisis talks called by Sarkozy on Wednesday as part of his declared "war on crime" which prompted rights groups to accuse him of stigmatising the Roma, Gypsy and traveler minorities.

Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said that about 300 illegal "camps or squats" housing Gypsies and travelers would be closed in three months and foreign Gypsies breaking the law would be immediately deported.

With a preponderance of voices from the international media, human rights groups, the French clergy and some politicians denouncing French President Nicolas Sarkozy for fueling negative ethnic stereotypes with his new immigrant-focused security crackdown, many Jewish community representatives in France are taking a more measured stance.

In July, Sarkozy launched some security-related initiatives that included a proposal stripping French nationality from foreign-born individuals who attack police officers and starting a program to rapidly deport Roma ~ or Gypsy ~ immigrants to Romania and Bulgaria. The French leader also is dismantling hundreds of illegal Roma homes in shantytowns in France.

Sarkozy says the government is merely upholding French and European law, not “stigmatizing.” But critics say Sarkozy is pitting communities against one another and violating the French constitution. Some have gone so far as to compare Sarkozy’s policies with the Nazis' treatment of the Jews, calling it a tactic for gaining support from the far-right National Front Party.

Jewish community organizational leaders have tried to take a more diplomatic course regarding the controversial policies of a president who, as interior minister during a wave of anti-Semitism in France in 2002-04, took a hard line against those who posed a security risk to French Jews.

At first the community leaders sat out what has evolved into a major political storm for the government. Now some are responding, but their divergent responses reflect the divisions among French Jews about the efficacy of Sarkozy’s proposals.

The EU's Fundamental Rights Agency has expressed concern that in the absence of any integration policy, many Roma like those targeted in Sarkozy's announced plan remain unregistered and unable to enjoy civil, political, economic and social rights, even though EU law guarantees citizens the right to move and reside in other EU countries.

Our concern is that the announced plan will only amplify the problems already identified and render many people homeless. Such a plan is not the badly needed solution to the situation of Europe's marginalized minority. Such a plan will not improve public security.

France is not alone in its treatment of Roma. It is only offering up the latest example of western Europe conflating a humanitarian and human rights crisis with a perceived threat to public security. Migrant Roma as well as indigenous Roma and Sinti citizens have confronted a similar attitude in Silvio Berlusconi's Italy, which declared a state of emergency to deal with Roma in 2008 and has been evicting Roma from settlements ever since.

Two weeks ago, Denmark summarily expelled 23 Roma back to Romania.

Sweden expelled 50 Roma to Romania this year.

Germany paid more than 100 Roma to return to Romania in June 2009.

And Finland, amid public outcries about public security, threatened expulsions. In many cases, the police have undertaken operations of questionable legality after statements by public officials that Roma are predisposed to crime and other antisocial behaviour.

This small camp has since been demolished, inhabitants shipped out of France.

Scapegoating Travelers and Roma is not going to solve the problem of their marginalization throughout Europe.

Why are Roma leaving Romania, Bulgaria and other eastern European countries to come to the more prosperous west?

Because they have no jobs at home.

Because their children are segregated into schools ostensibly for children with mental disabilities.

Because they are the targets of extremist violence by neo-Nazis.

Because the vast majority of their non-Roma neighbours express implacable hostility toward them.

If European political leaders really want to address the problems of Travelers and Roma, they must stop seeking to reap political points by emphasizing public security problems. They should instead make real efforts to create equal and adequate conditions for Roma and Travelers across Europe.

They should foster welcoming environments in mainstream schools for Roma and Traveler children so that they can achieve their full potential. They should engage in serious and long-term development programs to create employment opportunities for adults and adequate housing for families. They should provide equal access to health care for Roma as for the majority population.

European politicians have recently been clamouring for a Europe-wide response to the threat they perceive as emanating from Roma communities. Curiously, this echoes the call of civil society organizations for a comprehensive policy at the EU level to address Roma marginalization.

At an EU meeting on Roma in April, the European Commission's vice president, Viviane Reding, said:

"We must admit that, despite our best efforts, the situation of many Roma seems to have deteriorated over the years. That is simply not acceptable." With EU member states acting against Roma in an increasingly aggressive and too-often illegal manner, the time has come for European leaders to redouble their efforts to address the root causes of the "Roma problem".
"Tax inspectors will be sent to inspect the households of the inhabitants of these illicit and illegal camps because a lot of our compatriots are rightly surprised to see the caravans pulled by certain powerful cars," he added.

The French government said many in the camps or settlements were involved in "smuggling, exploiting children for begging, prostitution or delinquency".

France will also ask Romania and Bulgaria to send about 20 police officers to the greater Paris region, where many Gypsies live, and proposes sending its own forces to the two countries to fight trafficking.

Anti-racism groups, however, were outraged, accusing Sarkozy of singling out and smearing a minority for electoral gain.

"The Elysee wants to stir fear in order to deploy security measures and a surveillance society," said Dominique Sopo of the pressure group SOS-Racism.

Sarkozy stirred controversy by warning ahead of the meeting that some members of the itinerant minorities posed security "problems", in response to an attack on a police station in Saint-Aignan, central France last week.

Masked rioters tried to break down the door of the station, damaged other buildings and burned cars during the attack, sparked after police shot dead a Gypsy during a car chase.

Sarkozy called the meeting of ministers and police chiefs to review what he dubbed "the situation of traveling people and Roma and the problems that certain members of these communities pose to public order and safety".

Gypsy groups and political opponents said Sarkozy's approach stigmatizes minority communities and did not distinguish between ethnic Roma and Gypsies, and the separate community of French "travelers".

"If Nicolas Sarkozy must repeat his declaration of war, the Collective of Gypsy Associations will be prompted to take legal action for incitement to racial hatred," the rights association UFAT said in a statement.

The group said it wanted to meet Sarkozy to discuss a solution for the 400,000 Gypsies and traveling people in France.

Authorities estimate that in France there are about 15,000 Roma, an ethnic group widespread in eastern Europe.

Most in France are thought to be from Romania and Bulgaria, which both joined the EU in 2007. Many live in slums in suburbs such as Aubervilliers on the outskirts of Paris.

There, Socialist mayor Jacques Salvator runs an "insertion village", a cluster of publicly-funded plastic cabins that are home to about 12 Roma families while they wait to be allocated public housing.

Salvator said that "50 projects like this one would be enough to solve the problem in the Paris region."

The cabins are home to Roma such as Dominica Mierriutu, 53, and her husband Mircea, 58, who came to France from Romania and were moved to the "village" from a nearby slum along with their five-year-old granddaughter Rebeca.

"We are lucky. It was a miserable life in the slum shack. Now the children go to school, we have hot water and all that," Dominica Mierriutu told AFP.

Meanwhile, France’s main Jewish umbrella group, the CRIF, has not put out any statement on Sarkozy’s new policies. But in an interview with JTA, CRIF President Richard Prasquier said he supports the idea of expelling illegal Roma from the country and that the idea of denaturalizing certain foreign-born criminals is “understandable” if they are guilty of attacking officers.

Prasquier warned, however, against allowing prejudice to develop against Roma migrants who are French citizens.

“When we become French citizens, it must be merited,” he said.

In explaining Jewish reticence to weigh in on the matter, Marc Knobel, the editor for CRIF’s newsletter, said that “Jewish institutions are generally more discreet when handling questions that mostly concern the French.”

The tepid reaction from Jewish officialdom has upset some Jews here.

"I think it's the role of the Jewish community to be heard,” said Patrick Klugman, a member of the CRIF director’s committee and co-founder of JCall, a European-wide group that supports pressuring Israel into cutting a two-state deal with the Palestinians.

Jewish leaders traditionally were “reminders of the principles of equality,” Klugman said. Now, "I notice that almost all of French society has criticized Sarkozy, except the Jewish community.”

Catholic leaders have not been silent as Sarkozy has dismantled Roma shantytowns and deported Roma.

With Sarkozy’s security program, “an unhealthy climate has developed in our country,” André Vingt-Trois, the archbishop of Paris, told French radio last week.

One Catholic priest returned his national medal of honor to protest Sarkozy’s policies.

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance said it is “deeply concerned” about the treatment of Roma in France and warned that Sarkozy’s “government has taken action stigmatizing Roma migrants” who “are held collectively responsible for criminal offenses.”

“Government policies or legislative proposals that are grounded in discrimination on ethnic grounds are impermissible and run counter to legal obligations binding on all Council of Europe member States,” the commission said in a statement.

France’s chief rabbi, Gilles Bernheim, was more circumspect.

“This affair is not easy,” he said last week. “It requires both moderation and firmness.”

While Bernheim said he hoped decisions on security “are made case by case, and that we never stigmatize a community,” he also voiced support for Sarkozy’s tough-cop proposals.

“I haven’t forgotten that there’s a real war that has been established against the police, against the forces of order, and when I see the violence that is exercised against the representatives of public order, I tell myself that we also need firmness to react to that,” he said.

Like Jewish officials, most official Muslim community representatives, traditionally reluctant to publicly comment on French policy that does not refer directly to their community, also have stayed quiet about Sarkozy’s security plans.

The new security measures were announced following two separate incidents of violent skirmishes between youth, believed to be partly of immigrant origin, and the police, plus a case involving violence by some Roma migrants who appeared to be French citizens.

Sarkozy’s new policy proposals include denaturalizing those who attack public officials if they had become French fewer than 10 years before committing the crime, and denying automatic citizenship to immigrant youth approaching the age of eligibility but who are “anchored” in criminal activity.

He is also dismantling Roma encampments that include people of Roma origin who are French citizens and has proposed legislation that will make it more difficult for deported Roma to return to France.

Roma have been subject to discrimination throughout Europe for decades, and hundreds of thousands were exterminated in Nazi death camps. Roma rights groups say Sarkozy’s new policies paint them as criminals.

Alain Finkielkraut, a leading French Jewish intellectual, said the attacks against Sarkozy’s policies are politically motivated and overreactions.

“I’m happy that for the moment the Jewish community has refused to give in to this critical rush of enthusiasm,” he said, adding that the current media storm had “lost sight” of Sarkozy’s intention: to curb crime.

Depicting France as fascist and comparing Sarkozy’s policies to the Vichy government’s Nazi collaboration is “shameful,” Finkielkraut said, adding that he does not see the security measures as racist in themselves.

“The whole world is revolting against Sarkozy," he said, "but what is really dismal is the continual elevation of violence in France.


August 31, 2010
The Atlantean Conspiracy

By Max Igan

Max Igan ~
American Voice Radio


Max Igan's radio show Surviving the Matrix continues to be a great source of information, ideas, compassion, and solutions for the various engineered problems of our society. Have a listen to his latest show above where he gets into subjects ranging from the education system to Luciferianism in new age philosophy.





Monday 30 August 2010




A substantial racist uproar is taking place in conservative America, particularly in right-wing radio and television. Reactionary pundits are drawing increased attention to plans to build an Islamic community center in downtown Manhattan, near Ground Zero.

Republicans and conservatives have long been known to harbor racist views of Islam, although they’re hardly alone in this. Many on the right frame the entire religion as radical, fundamentalist, and a threat to national security. In light of this pattern, there’s little surprising about the right’s most recent attack on Muslim Americans as a secret, under the radar threat.

Islam has at times been portrayed on the right as the bedrock threat to American cultural values, and Muslims are depicted as uni-dimensionally set on overthrowing Christianity, enslaving the American public, and imposing “Sharia law.” The last warning about “Sharia law” ~ repeated by pundits like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh ~ among many others ~ comes off as extremely ignorant, considering that the term “Sharia” itself means Islamic law.

One should take the warnings of those who use the phrase “Sharia law” about as seriously as someone who masquerades as a legal scholar while talking about the importance of “American law law.”

The American right has also taken to paranoid conspiracy theories charging that Obama is a non-citizen. As the story goes, Obama was really born in Kenya, and his “take over” of the White House represents a secret victory for radical Islam, since, as we all “know,” Obama is a closet Muslim terrorist who is allied with Osama bin Laden and other radical Islamists. About half of Republicans believe either that Obama is not a citizen or that they cannot be sure of whether he is really an American citizen or not. These views are shared by nearly 60 percent of self-designated Tea Party supporters.

Of course, the nuances of the Islamic faith and the mainstream nature of the American Muslim community ~ the vast majority who oppose terrorism, fundamentalism, or repression of women ~ have been completely lost in the smug arrogance and incompetence of racists on the right.

The reactionary right has long been opposed to anything related to Arab culture and the Muslim religion in New York and around the country. One infamous example is New York’s Khalil Gibran Arabic language academy, the first of its kind for the city. Rabid right-wingers railed against it, especially those in the “stop the Madrassa” campaign (many of whom worried about the dangers of “Madrassa schools,” while apparently too ignorant to realize that the word Madrassa itself means school).

I argued with one of the leaders of this group on Alan Colmes’ radio show a few years ago. She seemed un-phased by the reality that there was never any concrete evidence that the Khalil Gibran academy was teaching Islamic values. As she announced on the show (despite my scorn for her comments), the very fact that there was no visible evidence of an Islamic curriculum was proof of just how good the schools’ administrators and teachers were of hiding it. Such paranoia demonstrated how far conservative extremism and racism have come in recent years.

This brings us to the most recent “controversy” related to Islam: the Muslim community center planned for Manhattan. Right wingers in radio and at Fox News have gone into overdrive attacking it as a fundamental threat to the American way of life and to American security. Their racist diatribes have been hard for me to listen to, but they remain important to address, if for no other reason than so we can fight the ignorant assumptions behind them head on.

Here’s a quick review of some of the most outrageous comments made in the American media:

* On Fox News, former Congressman Newt Gingrich attacked the community center for its planned location “right at the edge of a place where, let’s be clear, thousands of Americans were killed in an attack by radical Islamists.”

On his website, Gingrich announced that “there should be no mosque near ground zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia.” Gingrich’s choice to spotlight the radical fundamentalist regime of Saudi Arabia (hypocritically supported by Gingrich himself when he was Speaker of the House in the 1990s) ~ while neglecting moderate and secular governments in the Muslim world, speaks volumes about what he considers to be the “essence” of Islam.

Gingrich’s language is truly abhorrent; he frames those supporting the community center in Manhattan as part of the same “they” as the Islamic fundamentalists who perpetrated the 9-11 attacks. As far as Gingrich is concerned, there are no distinctions to be made in the monolithic “threat” that is the entire U.S. and world Muslim community.

* On Fox, Sarah Palin drew attention to “those innocent victims, those families of those who were killed in the 9-11 tragedy, it saddens me to think that people don’t understand what building this mosque at such hallowed ground really represents.”

Inextricably linked to Palin’s warnings is the assumption that the community center represents a single, overarching fifth column threat from American Muslims. This much was clear when she characterized its construction as “an unnecessary provocation” against the people of New York and the American people more generally.

* Fox News host Sean Hannity claimed that the “Iman” supporting the building of the community center is a figure who “supports what happened on 9/11” and “praises Osama bin Laden.” Hannity, of course, failed to present any evidence linking community center supporters to defending the 9/11 attacks, but this hardly seemed to matter to him or his guest, Jay Seculow (of the American Center for Law and Justice), who complained that “you don’t get to build a mosque on a site that’s part of ground zero” because “that would be like putting at Pearl Harbor a monument of the Kamikaze pilots who tried to destroy U.S. troops, you just don’t do that.”

In this case, Muslim Americans who had nothing to do with 9/11 are apparently the equivalent of Japanese soldiers who killed Americans during World War II.

* Right wing radio icon Rush Limbaugh, not to be outdone, warned that “the terrorists win” if the community center successfully moves forward. Limbaugh continued, posing a hypothetical comparing Muslim Americans to those who lynched blacks in the post Civil War era: “Let me ask you: What would happen, do you think, if the Ku Klux Klan wanted to establish a memorial at Gettysburg?”

Limbaugh also employed a World War II analogy, likening the dangers of the community center to the destruction brought upon Japan by U.S. nuclear weapons: “Let’s go to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and let’s build giant monuments in the shape of nuclear bombs and call it the Manhattan Project. I mean you’d have Americans objecting to that, wouldn’t you?”

What is most disturbing about the manufactured controversy involving the community center is the blatant arrogance and stupidity of the right in its warnings of an imminent “threat.” Anyone who spends thirty seconds researching the Cordoba Group, the organization responsible for promoting the community center, would know that the group’s representative, Feisal Abdul Rauf (targeted in Hannity attacks as pro-bin Laden and pro-9/11) is actually a public critic of Osama bin Laden and the 9/11 attacks, and a vocal supporter of improving relations between the U.S. and the Muslim world.

None of this is conveyed in any of the right-wing slander above, however, as these pundits are content to showcase their ignorance regarding the basic facts surrounding the community center fiasco they “authoritatively” “report” on.

I should note that all of the pundits above premise their attacks on the Manhattan community center with statements that promotion of religious tolerance and cultural diversity are important and necessary. These claims, however, mean nothing when they are followed by fear mongering and attacks on Muslims as part of an all-encompassing threat that derives from some sort of uniform “Muslim culture” ~ one that is seen as constituting a danger to U.S. security and the American way of life. These pundits refuse to distinguish between the tiny minority of those throughout the world who support terrorism in the name of Islam and the vast majority of Muslims who reject those beliefs. Their reluctance to take a reasonable, level-headed approach to the study of the Muslim faith is an indicator of their fanaticism, religious bigotry, and racism.

Rather than asking whether the Manhattan community center represents a threat, we should be asking ourselves what happened to our country when national discourse is hijacked by those who not only have no interest in facts, but see them as an active roadblock to advancing their racist agendas. The blatant racism and incompetence of those attacking the Manhattan community center should be obvious enough to those who pride themselves in promoting multi-culturalism, racial diversity, and respect for religious freedom. That the racist right remains so prominent in national television and radio is a sign, more than anything else, of the steep deterioration of American political discourse.

Anthony DiMaggio is the editor of media-ocracy (www.media-ocracy.com), a daily online magazine devoted to the study of media, public opinion, and current events. He has taught U.S. and Global Politics at Illinois State University and North Central College, and is the author of When Media Goes to War (2010) and Mass Media, Mass Propaganda (2008). He can be reached at: mediaocracy@gmail.com

Friday 27 August 2010


Return to Florida reveals heaven turned to hell

By John Kaminski
27th August 2010

Three months on the road and at the homes of friends in the Northeast U.S. was all sultry, humid heat, choked with the smog of traffic and industry, and all the passersby coughing frequently. It was ironic, I had told my sister, that I had fled Florida fearing poisoned air, but the air near Philadelphia, dominated by those everpresent chemtrails, was much worse.

After a long sweaty summer, the first genuinely cool weather I ran into happened yesterday as I crossed the border back down into Florida. I’d thought earlier that I could smell the Gulf from about midway down South Carolina, but that turned out to be only the foul mist of the truck traffic on I-95. Still, it seemed something about the air infused the light with a dusty redness, like a pair of sunglasses that tints the air with the psychedelic rust of civilization.

The Sunshine State is what they call Florida. That’s why everybody goes there. It’s always sunny. This summer, the entire U.S. experienced a sweltering heat wave, but Florida has been inexplicably 20 degrees below average. Call it a meteorological pole shift. August 24, 2010, crossing the border into Florida produced a vision of a big black cloud, gyrating menacingly like the tornado clouds of Oklahoma, swirling out of the Gulf, rhythmic rain squalls that lashed the landscape like a sky vomiting the poison it has ingested upon the fools who made it all happen ~ us.

Welcome home, Johnny. Whatever happened to that seaside paradise you always dreamed of, and thought you had achieved?

Although my Florida neighborhood turned out to be profoundly pristine once I learned the right paths to follow, I always knew ~ and have said for years ~ that one day I’d have to move away from the ocean because it would become, through thoughtless human behavior, a danger to life itself. Of course I knew if this happened, it would be a definite precursor to what most likely will resemble the end of life on this planet as we know it.

I’m here to tell you that the precursor has definitely happened.

Not only are diseases creeping up on us from every angle of a 360 degree spectrum, so are the people charged with fighting disease participating in a capitalist hoax to fleece the populace with invented diseases and their corresponding faux-antidotes, which they create from allopathic poisons that will eventually kill us. The black brew in the Gulf of Mexico is just another of those, the most potent unleashed so far.

To live in Florida today is like choosing to live beside a toilet bowl filled with poison guaranteed to shorten your life. I knew this three months ago when I went screaming out of here. Nothing has changed today. Only the lies have been compounded and a profound environmental hazard has been wreaked upon the animal populations of the Gulf Coast amounting to a long term medical cost that cannot at this point be calculated because it is beyond human comprehension.

Taking that down to a human level, this turning of the Gulf into a poisoned swamp is going to bring a lot of pain into many lives. If they sentence drunk drivers to long jail terms, then the Goldman-Sachs type gents who engineered this disaster should get longer ones than that. At a minimum.

What kind of sentence
is appropriate
for those who have killed
the whole world,
or at least
whole constellations of life forms?

And with each passing day, in the meantime, they’re still finding new ways to kill us.

The most significant character in the current and never ending catastrophe drama now before us is, IMHO, Matt Simmons, the peak oil propagandist who appears ~ like Paul Wellstone, William Colby, and other insiders turned whistle-blowers ~ to have called it right shortly before he was assassinated in his own hot tub by the forces of petro-tyranny ~ there are two wells, and in their TV spectacular, they capped the one that wasn’t leaking.

Haven’t heard much more about the blue plague, where people in the New Orleans area are supposed to be getting blue lips and blue fingernails as their bodies rot from inside from the exposure to the benzene and a greatly reduced oxygen count in the air, down to 13 percent in some zones, I’ve heard.

That’s air almost as thin as on a Mexican airliner. Combined with the average pollution and the intensified chemtrail spraying program, the people of the Gulf Coast and the eastern U.S. are all being asphyxiated, in that same slow tortuous way that the savage vampires are utterly destroying our financial system in perpetuity.

All of these are preparations
for the great die-off
that is about to happen,
or, in so many places,
is happening now.

The best thing I heard on my trip were Paul Topete’s radio interviews with incredibly astute interviewers, which can be heard at http://www.pokerface.com

It’s lapsing back to the basic Thomas Jefferson message, that we should own our country, and not let the money be manipulated by outsiders who regard us as cattle to be milked and slaughtered, or sheep waiting to be sheared and consumed or disposed of in the most profitable way.

The problems are clear, and the crooks are identifiable ~ and completely in control of us. A system predicated on mass murder for profit, the race is on to see who can kill the most people and make the most money.

You doubtless heard they are retooling the swine flu vaccine, and it’s due to replace your regular flu shot this winter, without them telling you exactly that.

Anybody who gets a vaccine for anything is nuts.

They have left an enlarged history of debilitating diseases throughout the 20th century, and doctors and pharmaceutical companies are still playing the same game.

There are about 400 ways to make cancer go away, but the quacks are still murdering people with bad food, bad results and poisons guaranteed to kill you slowly, while they take your money.
Like rats from a sinking ship, people are scrambling to get off the grid, this poison mind-lock that has twisted our illusions into things that get us to actually destroy ourselves.

You only have to walk into a supermarket today and check the list of ingredients of all the popular items to see how they have destroyed our health through debilitating grains and caustic sugars, growth hormones in the milk that makes girls start growing breasts at age 5, that sort of thing.

Most of us think at some time or another lately that it’s time to get out into the desert where it’s safe, up into the mountains where the air will presumably be better, but the thought only lasts for a little while, as our lives and friends are all tied up with cities of some type, and we can’t let go for the property we think we own.

But you can’t run forever, and when you turn around, the big black cloud is still there, right over the terrain at Yellowstone, which is constantly pulsing with an ominous tectonic beat.

No matter where you go there you are.

It’s safe to say they have us hemmed in from all sides. But amid all the futile carping now being whispered in all of the luncheonettes across the country, there is nevertheless a rising tide of consciousness that now sees the U.S. government as absolutely controlled by the Jewish international bankers who make up the rules as they go along with their plan to consolidate everything into one power source.

Our esteemed government has actually become the enemy of the people, by creating a legal and medical spider web of regulations that are literally strangling all its citizens with onerous restrictions upon our freedom.

More and more the talk now is of solutions, instead of constantly recounting the imminent disasters past and present.

The first necessary solution is identifying the criminal masterminds who are killing us.

You need look no further than Goldman Sachs, the public conduit of the death machine that shorted the airlines in 2001 and shorted the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. There you have the culprits who pulled off 9/11 using a smörgåsbord of high tech methods and deceptions, including a 9/11 skeptics movement ready to deploy before the event which kept everyone away from the track so obviously known as the Israeli Mossad.

So the real enemies are all our elected representatives who are still pretending none of this ever happened. That will be the real cause of death listed on our death certificates.

Still today, there are people running around who are saying we can’t discuss Israel while we’re discussing 9/11, but by now, we know who these people are, though most still don’t realize the chicanery taking place among those who are trying to tell you what’s going on.

Clever Jewish media
has masterminded a fiction
which it presents
as it's picture of the world.

However, the facts are clear.
Israel, backed by American Jews
totally polluting the U.S. political process,
through the power
of the international bankers based in London
and worldwide control of major media,
has captured the whole world
with its financial finagling,
and is squeezing the life out of it.

So finally, after three months, I saw it. An unrecognizable ocean, churlish and agitated as I’ve never seen the Gulf before (and I’ve spent 13 years frequently trudging that beach).

My first trip back to the beach of my dreams.
Five miles of golden sand.
One pelican.
Four tourists.

As spritzes of rain lashed in waves across the beach’s parched and mottled vegetation, dark muscular clouds flashed violently overhead, and the sudden thunder was heavier than normal, industrial strength, the kind of threat from which you can only turn and run from in terror and pray it doesn’t strike you down at that very moment.

Then, from far out to sea, came a giant black mountain, with swirling gray tentacles, and a fat lightning bolt that lit it up right down the middle, looking for all the world like a giant freight train cartoon monster, followed by hours of monsoon rains. The new Florida weather pattern is definitely a scene from hell.

Welcome home, Johnny.
Now that you know,
where are you going to run to now?


Building What? New York TV Ad

This is an interesting concept to try and wake up more New Yorkers to the false flag of 9/11. My question is whether the controlled media will actually repeatedly air this ad if BuildingWhat.org can come up enough money to pay for them.




Poor Larry only made a $7 million dollar profit on this sad event. Yes, sad, cannot you hear the genuine compassion and distress that accompany his crocodile tears as he relates the event to the media?

Statement from BuildingWhat ...

Dear Friends,

We are pleased and tremendously excited to share this groundbreaking TV ad with you for the first time. We hope, with your help, to be able to show it to one million New Yorkers one month from now. Please go to BuildingWhat.org to watch the ad and please donate generously. Every $750 we raise is enough for another spot to reach another 10,000 people. Your donation will be fully tax-deductible. 5% of it will go to the WTC Rescuers Foundation. And 5% of it will be matched by another generous donor.

Our strategy for buying spots is guided by two principles. Firstly, showing it to audiences who will respond productively and influence the public discussion, such as young people, academics, journalists and the political class. And secondly, repetition!

We will be sending off the ad two weeks from now. Between now and then we welcome your comments. We're all in this together! {more}


"Building what?"

~ Judge Edward Lehner ~
upon hearing the words "Building 7" in a NYC courtroom


This is possibly one of Dog's sexiest, most potent and powerful writings yet. You might have to read some sentences several times to let the full gist of it all sink into your full consciousness on as many levels as possible.

August 20, 2010

Dog Poet in Orbit…….

Begin transmission…….

While all of us are focused on everything else and that includes the unknown nightmare of the Gulf of Mexico, something else is also happening. Something like this. The world is transforming, my friends. It is happening in front of your eyes and around the corner while you shop and surf and dream and fuck.

I know it has always been the appearance of something taking place, through the television, the windshield and in your mind that flashes by the peripheral of the seeing, discounting, laughing, sneering, without compassion, wincing, disinterested, occasionally with curious eyes and sometimes helpful and compassionate.

It is also soon to be right there where ‘you’ are; discounting you, laughing at you, sneering at you, without compassion for you, not wincing, disinterested in and occasionally curious about you and sometimes helpful and compassionate

I don’t know what the reader knows about The Partition/Pakistan and Gandhi; not to mention the coincidental timing of two different countries in two separate places; one of them receiving most of the misery of late and the other one causing it; one of them the size of a Liberty dollar and the other the size of a centime… the Hindu Kush…

Karachi has 20 million people nearly (digressing) and all that grasped and expanded and crunched territory that looks like god reached down and grabbed a part of the world like a brown paper sack and crushed it for a moment and then let go.

It could have been Mother Nature grabbing the ground like it was a bed sheet as she thrust her hips back up into her heavenly lover and then she fell back and became an ocean. I don’t know. Don’t ask and well, you can’t tell anyway can you? What was that thing about the groove under your nose? Isn’t that where the angel pressed its finger and said, “Shush”? …silence.

What kind of a number is twenty million? That is the amount of people affected there.

And we’ve seen those numbers in those places before, gulag speaking. Never forget that Stalin was from Georgia either. Don’t forget, if you ever knew, about the tunnels through the Caspian Mountains. Don’t forget about all those strange fires in Russia. Don’t forget about all those interesting oil spills in Michigan, China and what you already know or… don’t know.

There’s a game called Risk and a game called Go. One is more like Monopoly and the other more like chess, I guess (rhyming feature turned on).

Somebody said a hard rain was going to fall and I’m writing a song about The Gulf of Mexico, hope to have it up here soon but this ain’t about the rain; the rain is the responding to a karma kind of thing where the people who did some shit before are now reincarnated into the next chapter of it and this isn’t about my songs because those are incidental to anything.

The people I am going to talk about don’t care about Karma, even if it is the truth, they would help anyway. This is about who and why and do you really know. I’m following along with some of yesterday’s Smoking Mirrors.

The time is here now and so all of us have to take off our masks. Some of us do it willingly because we’re like Strider before he was Aragorn. We’re the real marines who have been protecting your borders. Other masks are going to be ripped off. Those are the ones employing the people who turn into red faced, martini drinking, heart attack victims and who work at destroying borders and making laws and rules that turn honesty and truth into a crime.

Yes, I’m writing a lot better. I’m allowed to now. It was a little difficult keeping all those horses in the stable, snorting, champing, not at, but for the bit, mucus frothing at the brisk hit of Spring dawning, like cocaine snorted off of the ass of the most outrageous and intelligent, flexible and articulate jailbait of all time (made illegal by those who keep it for their private stock, getting the unwilling end of it), wild, inventive, both innocent and knowing, telling you, “It don’t matter how old I am. I am definitely old enough for that and I want it and if you don’t, I’ll say you tried… with my innocent face, or… if you do, I’ll let you do it again and again and I won’t tell anyone, except for my friends and they are all prettier than me."

It’s an almost lubricious, deliquescing, palm reading, hot love done in Braille in the room next to the parents that are probably listening cause they want some of that too. Yeah… it’s that good and yeah, the parents offer you money to come back and do it again but you have more important shit to take care of.

That’s how the truth is for me
and that’s how the truth is
for some of the people I mentioned lately,
so everyone should remember
that the truth is the best fuck in town
and yes, she swallows
but she shows it to you first.
It’s perfectly alright for you to feel good
when she says
that’s the best thing I ever tasted
because, hey, it’s the truth.

All your enemies are watching it happen too
and they can’t do a thing about it.


Because they work for the lies.
The lies have all the paper;
paper money, paper documents, paper dicks.
What happens
when you stick your paper dick
into the hot mouth of truth?

Our side, with the obvious moles and occasional warts and unfortunate public farts may live a life of dishonor and discredit in the fuckless wastelands of perfumed toxic and unmoving pussies, being serviced by short-sheeted dicks who think great love is made by hammering the fuck out of something that already opened its legs for you and surrendered itself for it, but I suspect you and they get what you both deserve. One lacking motivation and the other lacking finesse.

I know I could be set down in any street in Karachi, or even a Taliban location in the Kush and be safer than walking around Piedmont Park in Atlanta after midnight or off street wise from Sunset in Hollywood, even though I am safe in either place.

People are people except when they are not.
The right people know each other wherever they are.

Even tigers don’t fuck with people who aren’t afraid of them.
Who are these people who are not afraid of tigers?
They have the Lady of Truth on their arm.
They don’t need armies and police.
They don’t need weapons.

They don’t need anything.

Your Bible is full of these things, even if it is all bent out of shape, you can’t conceal the truth when it’s there. She doesn’t take her clothes off for everybody. You got to win her ass and that having been done, it’s not surprising that some people will turn down everything that most people sold their asses and souls for and got the shit end of the stick in return for it.

Those people get beautiful robots that can’t move; food that tastes like what it turns into and intoxicants that kill their capacity to enjoy and they pay big for the opportunity to look like they are enjoying themselves and it is exclusive.

It’s real exclusive for tens of millions of people who have physical fortunes and no physical grace.

Only the few, the real marines, the truly unstruting proud have it all.
They give their life away every moment and count it well spent.

The rest, parade around in uniforms with medals and toast their victories that were won at the expense of another man’s life. It’s their useless, predatory life and they paid for and never even understood how much it cost or how little they got out of it.

Think about all of this the next time you pick up a magazine or a newspaper, watch TV or go to a concert.

Think about this the next time you read or listen and think about what you are seeing and hearing and ask yourself if the empty vacuous crap, with the accelerated yeast infection rise, is the Wonder Bread of your tomorrow and the source of the strength in your bones.

Ask yourself why you can’t dance to music with no meaning or make love to someone not even designed for or capable of the expression, while lean men with nothing can fuck better than the most expensive hooker you can buy, underneath the most ordinary man and turn him into Casanova and make him follow them around and forget he ever saw any of the women that you made everyone think was more desirable and beautiful.

Lest anyone think I am demeaning women or making them an object, it’s possible, if you consider the truth an insult or don’t recognize god as your mother as well as your father, well… you probably then don’t even understand karma because that all starts with getting born by a woman and which of those women, is up to you (nudge nudge… let’s see, sexual history, capacity for love, yadda yadda).

Take a look around my friends at your fine and fashionable urban environments and tell me what you see. Yeah, well… the truth is not politically correct and it’s not fair either, not the way we come to define fair, or justice or laws.

Before you consider going to bed with the truth you had better be prepared to bend over for it first because that’s how the truth will first appear, as your father coming up on your rear (rhyming feature turned off).

It hurts the first time too but then it feels incredible and you got to watch that. The idea is to have it happen to you and not to have it keep happening to you because it feels good to know that you’re so wrong, over and over; “ turn me over and beg me to make you the master of my ass” but then you never can give it up.

It’s far more pleasurable to deliver it to someone else, even though you are the one who gets the pain this time. That’s love baby and that’s the truth but you don’t have to bear the child either.

Think about it. It’s the lies that bear the truth. It’s the lie you told her that made her pregnant with the possibility that you didn’t lie. Did you? Your children will be the evidence down to however so many generations and so forth and so on. I’m telling you more here than you will read in ten thousand volumes that will never tell you this in personal terms.

It’s all sex baby, it’s just not exactly Freud, unless, of course (heh heh, yeah, right but at least you get the funny hats). Your outrageous cosmetics are necessary and proof that lies grow more ugly each moment they are alive and so do you ( I thought I turned that feature off?) if you are presenting yourself as something other than you are. That’s why you need the night and darkness so you can look as good as you ever will and send in a proxy to play your part while you watch.

Think about this
the next time you visit a real truth site.

You know who they are.

They tell you about what’s really happening
in Pakistan and The Gulf

and it doesn’t matter
if one of them thinks that HAARP is a radar machine
and one thinks it’s a weapon.

It doesn’t matter if one gets pissed
about no plane at the Pentagon

and somebody else
thinks it’s a missile.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t like each other
most of the time and compete like siblings do.

It’s that children of Abraham thing.
You know what I mean or you don’t.
Think about these guys when you buy a magazine,
turn on a TV, buy a newspaper,
some pointless piece of shit
that was easier to get
than the genuine article,
given to you free
on a real man’s sweat and blood

for and on your behalf.

The next time one of these people
tells you they need donations
and you can imagine how that makes them feel to do it ~

as if they aren’t trusting enough

or doing without enough to keep it real,

short of the lights going out;

you ask yourself whether maybe
that isn’t a reasonable operating cost for you
since you would be in the dark without them

and I’m not talking about me,
not even subliminally.

As you can see, I already got a birthday present from the divine, even if it is a few days early and you’re reading the evidence of it.

The truth doesn’t mean much if it can’t be communicated and my daddy gave me a bunch of new bells and whistles to put some more shimmery, even more see-through sexy dresses, on the most beautiful woman in the world ~ the Lady of Truth ~ because, like I say, when the truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears and there’s nothing like seeing your reflection in her eyes.

So, you make it a point now to tell everyone you see to come away from those uptown girls on Commercial Street, cause they are too expensive but you know a girl who gives it away for free and she’s the best fuck in town.

Now do you know the difference
between a whore and a prostitute?

Now do you know the difference
between virtue and vice?

You’ve been looking up the wrong skirts
and the truth doesn’t have to shave
except a little when she wants to look nice.

God have mercy on Pakistan.

End Transmission and ahrooooooooooo!!!