Tuesday 24 August 2010


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Quite often I wish that I and others like me had a wider reach in terms of exposure. The people we would most like to have made aware of the things we talk about are unlikely to ever be curious enough on their own to come here. I know this means that they’re going to get a wakeup that won’t be tender because they just can’t catch on otherwise and that saddens me.

Susanne had a friend in over the last several days. We’ve had a number of guests coming from distant and not so distant locations. I noted that her friend was not friendly to me in the way she had been the last time I had seen her. I didn’t think about it because that kind of thing just doesn’t make much difference to me anymore. Susanne came to me yesterday to tell me that her friend had gone to this blog and clicked on one of the sites in my blog roll and got really offended by something that blogger has written, as if I were the author and also responsible for it.

It probably had something to do with Zionism because now she thinks I am a Nazi, even though I didn’t write it and haven’t even seen it. This is an expression of the kind of thing that determines the sense of reality that is held by so many people and which is the primary and greatest problem that operates in the world today.

People aren’t curious or open to more than they think they already know, so they aren’t open to having their mind changed, if the truth about something they swallowed whole from sources, whose intent was to deceive them to begin with, can be conclusively disproved if they would only take the trouble to inquire or look further.

It’s this that makes 9/11 and just about everything being perpetrated by the real villains, so difficult to expose to the people who most need to see the truth. They just accept what they are told, even when the explanations are absurd.

Not only can I prove that 9/11 was not done by Bin Laden and a handful of Stone Age Arabs but I can also prove who did do it simply by the overwhelming body of circumstantial evidence; even more so with the hard and conclusive facts that are not circumstantial at all.

I shake my head in wonder at the colossal ignorance and lack of curiosity that is the present state of humanity. George W. Bush is the poster boy for the mass consciousness of those deluded by materialism and bombastic patriotic hogwash.

I watched an exchange between Anderson Cooper and that Texas congressman who declared on the floor of the House of Representatives that terrorists were sending pregnant women to America so that they could give birth here and receive a passport for their child, in order to return at a later point and commit acts of terror. He had no proof at all and it didn’t seem to matter to him that he was on national TV and being humiliated by his own arrogance and lies. He was going to press on no matter what because somehow he knew that the truth doesn’t matter in a time when all you have to do is say the same thing over and over in order to convince most of the people of anything.

In the beginning of the clip you see a Texas legislator, Debbie Riddle applying the same kind of transparently absurd innuendo, in place of evidence to support this kind of nonsense. Terrorists don’t need babies with passports in the first place. That’s like walking all the way around the Earth to come up behind someone who isn’t even paying attention in the first place.

Meanwhile the actual terrorists are the people who own the media that presents these clueless tools, who were told to say these things because they are shameless whores who knowingly work against the interests of the people they were elected to serve.

I can prove everything I say because I usually don’t say anything I can’t prove and if I speculate I make that clear but… no one cares enough to ask me, or any of the rest of us, to do so. It’s just not important. This is how the president of the United States can tell the nation that The Gulf of Mexico is perfectly safe for swimming and that not only are the fish safe to eat but that the fishermen should be back out there catching them.

In the small print it says

that the fishermen are liable

if anything goes wrong.

There seems to be no end to the lengths that these people will go to make things worse. How does this profit anyone? People will die from exposure to the combination of Corexit and benzene, combined with all of the other toxic compounds that work in concert to be far more toxic than any of these items are by themselves. People will die from eating the seafood harvested from those waters.

All of this deadly mischief can be tracked to the bankers and corporations, whose intent is to reap as much profit as is possible by doing the worst things they can imagine, in order to also make a profit from pretending to clean up the disasters they committed in the first place.

The overwhelming numbers of those responsible

are representatives of one of the smallest

population groups on the planet.

It’s hard to imagine a punishment

that is great enough to equal

what is warranted by the crimes

they have visited upon humanity.

This group has engineered awesome crimes

just for the opportunity

to present themselves as victims,

in order to have even greater latitude

for more crimes and offenses

against the public at every opportunity.

The sheer insanity of this

is beyond measuring

and the public carries on

as if these people

had their best interests at heart.

All of these people and their associates and servants of every stripe should be dragged from their places of employment and given the Ceausescu treatment.

I never thought I would be thinking anything like this

and have the firm and unshakable belief

that this would be a tremendous understatement

in terms of what is deserved but…

necessity demands an expedience

to their removal from this plane of being.

These people have gained control of the Central Banks and used this control to print money that they provide to their associates in order to buy up most of the media and entertainment corporations for the purpose of destroying the human race, or enslaving it entirely, while painting themselves as history’s biggest victims, while history is filled with incidents they caused, which far exceed anything they claim happened to them and which also confirms their propensity to be exactly what was said about them every time they were booted out of any country, at any time, since history was being written.

No group of people on Earth

has been sent packing

more times by more nations, ever.

The irony of this is that if I were given the chance to prove every bit of this beyond any possible argument, I would be made to look like those cretins Anderson Cooper was talking to who had no proof of anything. In fact, most of the public wouldn’t even need any help in coming to that conclusion because there is something in their ignorance that demands the truth be treated with contempt at all times and that lies should be exalted to near religious status simply because they are lies and for no other reason.

It is beyond my capacity for description

to communicate the unbelievable absurdity of the times.

Lately, I am in such awe of what I see that I am almost incapable of writing about it. I sit in a quiet park nearby, or in the backyard by the small pond; on the terrace of the empty apartment below and I sing to myself all of these things, as if my being needs the catharsis so bad that it caused this phenomenon to happen.

I wind up being driven to the small park up the street at any hour of the day or night, just because I need to express these things into the atmosphere. I’m aware of people coming and going while I am doing this and I can’t contain my need to do it any time I am on the streets headed anywhere as if my existence depended on it.

It’s one thing to be so stupid that you allow yourself to be reduced to the state you are in now but it is another thing entirely to willingly cooperate with your abusers, as if that was all you ever wanted, while being reduced to ever worsening conditions, with no other reaction than unflinching support of them. I

If someone comes around and works to free or enlighten you, they had better watch their ass because you will kill them if you can.

I can’t get my head around it.

There must be something I can do,

if not for you then for myself,

which would remove from me

the need to preach to the choir

while the congregation prays

for the possibility to be made

deaf and dumb and blind

to any chance of being affected

in ways that might prove beneficial to them.

When blog entries stop for a time and comments don’t appear and emails don’t get answered, it is because I have become near frozen by the impotence of my efforts in the face of the conditions that surround me.

I am secure in the idea that

there is a reason for all of this

but that does not lessen the impact

of all the things written about here today.

Sometimes you just have to soldier on,

no matter how pointless your own efforts may seem to you

and be comforted by the assurance

that it never did depend on you

but upon the thing on which you yourself depend

for everything and anything

that has made it possible for you to see,

even if you can’t understand.

End Transmission…….


  1. I just finished reading that!

    Someone left this on my site just as you left. Must see



  2. absolutely, people believe what they want to believe. There is no excuse for anyone not to understand full well who committed 9/11. People want to hate and we are stuck with them. I lose "friends" all the time, it really befuddles me. Not over 9/11, I don't even discuss it. It's the Zionist thing. Well I know Christian Zionists are really brainwashed. They just "believe." No critical thinking.


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