Tuesday 10 August 2010


The IDF arrest a man for stealing some water for his small son to drink. I am surprised they did not shoot the child for resisting and actually protesting against their actions. It is quite the struggle to not hate them at times. Name calling does no good. They are just bloody brainwashed Zionist tools who take sadistic pleasure out of those whom they can hurt. I know there might be one soldier in that lot who has second thoughts, but until he walks away or stands up for the victims, he is no better than the rest.

Palestine Sky NEWS

TV cameras have captured the distressing moment a five-year-old Palestinian boy sees his father arrested for stealing water.

Translation to English courtesy of Gilad Atzmon:
"You dog, give me my dad. I want daddy. I want daddy. Give me my dad," cried Khalid Fadel Al-Ja’bari, as Israeli border guards detained his father Fadel, 36 in the Al-Baq'a village east of Hebron, where Israel's Civil Administration began destroying what it described as an illegal water irrigation network.
Khaled Jabari wails in torment and confusion as Israeli soldiers drag away his father Fadel in the Palestine district of Hebron.

Walking barefoot, the youngster becomes hysterical as he pleads with the troops not to take his father away.

Fadel is driven away in a four-wheel-drive.

Palestinian boy is removed from the scene.

Israeli forces raided the town of Bakka after accusing Palestinian farmers of stealing water from the nearby Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba.

Angry Palestinian residents say they have documents to prove they are registered with the Palestinian Water Authority, and are paying for the water they use.

They say it is the second time in a month police have removed their irrigation pipes.

"This land is the source of our income, and it is the cause of our struggle with the occupation since day one of the occupation," said Khaled's grandfather Badran Jaber.

"We live from it, we have no other job opportunity in light of unemployment reaching over 40% in the occupied territories."

The child's grandmother, Im Ghassan, added: "What right do they have to do this? Where can we go?"

"This is our land, our home and nation, this is ours. We live here, we were born here, and we want to die here. Let them do what they want, we cannot do any more."

Dear woman, just ask them to let you die. They will happily give you all the help you need to do it. They only want you gone anyhow.

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