Saturday 7 August 2010


August 7, 2010

Dog Poet Transmitting

Well… I have to say it sometime. I didn’t want to say it because the next thing you know, someone will ask me why I let Jeff Rense link me or some other crap about something that isn't real and which I knowingly appreciate.

I was astounded when Michael Rivero stopped printing my work and didn’t answer my emails but I never said anything bad about Michael. I just said I didn’t understand. Readers here know that I was perplexed and some readers said I should denounce Michael, since he was probably listening to his handlers. I never believed that and Michael stayed in my links and I always went to see what he thought was important because I trusted him to be honest and real. It didn’t matter what he thought of me.

The time came, over a year later, when I saw that Michael needed money to keep going because a certain Zionist controlled entity was no longer willing to pay him for his specialty contribution. I smelled a rat but there was no way I was going to write anything about it unless I asked Michael first. I wanted to help him and it didn’t matter what he thought about me which, I thought had to do with my talking about the divine so much. He doesn’t really know if there is one or not and I think he would tell you so but he doesn’t like religion and neither do I… neither do I.

I wrote him to ask for the information and he said, basically, “Screw all of that. What do you mean by, how I feel about you? I love your wonderful writings.” I thought, WTF? It turned out that, all of a sudden, he never had gotten any of my mail and this went on for two weeks during a period when it had never happened before. My not denouncing him made me feel pretty good in the aftermath.

Then that thing happened with Rense where, all of a sudden, I wasn’t on the site again. Once again I was perplexed, except in this case, I didn’t have anything to do with being on the site in the first place. I’m a curious guy. I discussed at a much earlier time how, when I first heard Jeff Rense speak, that the tenor of his voice made me keep listening. It was as if he could not sound like he did, at least to my ears, if he weren’t real.

When I was suddenly gone from his site, the only thing I said was that maybe that Chomsky quote on his page had something to do with it. Nothing happened. People told me they had written Jeff and it got forgotten. A few weeks later I got an email from a Rense reader and contributor of my work who said that the only reason I hadn’t appeared, or had disappeared was because he was on vacation. He was the one who had been submitting my work. Then I got some emails from Jeff that blew my mind with his courtesy and professed appreciation.

Reader’s… never burn your bridges with people just because you ego, which you think you don’t have, gets offended by something you don’t understand.

People still tell me bad things about Jeff and Michael and Rixon from the Truthseeker too. Rixon is the only one that never put me aside, no matter the reason …but Rixon also was tested here because a crazy hairdresser told him I was a major drug supplier.

You would think, in that case, I would have some when I wanted them (grin); such is not the reality. Rixon found out on his own and has been a strong friend and a tireless advocate of getting me out there. I sometimes question his choices of writers and sometimes I wonder at Michael and his personal windmills.

I don’t know enough about Jeff to have an opinion like that but… today, I got to say something about that blowhard with a bullhorn and I try to be understanding, like I was in these other cases but I got to call it like I see it when those I know, who are doing the good work, get screwed by those presenting themselves as truth tellers.

I don’t know how these three view each other but I know how I view each of them and no one is going to change that and if you respect my acumen and opinion you won’t try. I wouldn’t be alive today if the divine had not given me the power to spot a fake and not get taken in by anything because I don’t want what they offer and have far better given to me, in plain sight, every day if I wanted it.

Not wanting anything makes you a good judge of character and that brings me to today’s painful exercise but I’m still going to have to say just a little more. Besides the people I mentioned, there are very few people I trust. I trust everyone to be who they are but very few are who they should be.

The first time I heard Alex Jones, all I could think was that he was really bombastic and annoying and he kept wanting to attract crowds to follow him in black t-shirts while he screamed that 9/11 was an Inside Job. I had already released an album by that name before he got around to saying any of that and I hadn’t identified who it was yet either, not entirely, but that was something that was still coming and when it did I said it like it was and is.

So did Michael Rivero, Rixon Stewart and Jeff Rense. That is my litmus test when anyone who depends on advertising to do what they do has the courage and conviction to tell the truth and let the money go fuck itself.

I watched Alex Jones now and then. Sometimes Infowars would print one of my articles but if I said anything about Israel it never got published by them. I kept seeing that bullhorn and thinking how George Bush had done the same thing. When I found out that Madrid Train Station and The London Tube, it pretty much rocked my world.

Since then, if bad shit happens, I know they are behind it. Unlike most people, I have been deeply immersed, for a few years in each case, in the great religions of the world, except for the Synagogue of Satan, which I did know was just that a long time before I started doing this.

Then I saw where Alex Jones said that the Saudis controlled Hollywood which was off the charts full of shit. Then I saw him defending Israel and never doing anything more than taking the attention of his readers and followers away from the truth, by acting like a loud embarrassment proof version of all the things he was supposed to despise and being proud of it.

Then I found out who his advertisers are and who handles his public relations and the tree of money and influence that is the fruit of the poisoned message that takes the attention away from who and why is what and where.

I probably wouldn’t have ever said anything because when he goes down behind having made his ass a pleasure ground for some momentary money and fame, it will be through his own efforts and none of mine.

Apparently the ruination troops of the American Dream and all those subsidiaries that call themselves countries and routinely bow down to felate the withered extremities of someone older than their own mother; referencing the Queen of England, have now circled the wagons because the truth will not be made into the same kind of bitch as one Alex Jones.

When you are full of shit and don’t mind celebrating the fact then you damn well need a bullhorn since that leads into that Mussolini thing and your panting red face and rabbit ready incontinence is bound to make you angry enough to fuck everyone badly and with zero satisfaction ~ in the process ~ before you supremely fuck yourself.

It’s a strange problem for the mathematicians, given that your reach can’t even reveal anything more of what is concealed by your pudgy little hands. The divine blesses those who seek with all the equipment necessary to the celebration of what the religions forbid ~ but he’s real cheap with the pretenders and catamites who have to pay for it or get it as a perk that fakes the result, which is convincing enough for those who make lying a profession.

Alex Jones, you’re full of shit and better men than you have suffered because of it. You want Michael Rivero off of your channel, when it so happens he is Sephardic and loves truth so much more than the dark wet places you hump to help you forget what you are, minding that you might actually be those dark wet places in a confusion of bodies who forget what they did in the night.

We can no longer afford people believing a tolerable lie in the face of an uncomfortable truth. Every Jew in the world owes a debt to Michael Rivero whether they are in the majority of villains and supporting staff or… silent and lacking the conviction he displays on your behalf every miserably paid day. Like the others I mentioned, there are some few people who work on your behalf like monks in a small cell of determined sacrifice and wouldn’t even count their lives meaningful if they couldn’t keep on doing it to their last breath.

So, Alex Jones, on behalf of this deep asleep human race, I urge you to go fuck yourself and tell me whether you’ve been given the means to make that worth doing, given that you’ve done such a bad job on everyone else.

Addendum; I apologize for being too chickenshit to say what I actually think, so I hope you can read between the lines and forgive me for acting like a chick. This is my understanding of who runs my world, so I can’t do more than emulate it (grin). Anyone defending this cat works for what is funding him and don’t tell me about how many eyes he has opened when the whole point is to blind them to the truth as soon as they get a whiff of it.

End Transmission…….

In the spirit of your piece, Dog, I am adding the one hour film by the esteemed William Cooper in which he debunks and exposes Alex Jones. I am sure you know of this but perhaps others will enjoy. I might add my own take on Alex. He and Icke were the first two I found when I realized there were others out there who though like me. I got a lot of education from them both but preferred Icke because of his emphasis on the spiritual forces behind it all, feeling Alex reported events, not motivations. However, Ales taught me a lot.

But the two of them still left me hungry, feeling something was missing. I knew there was more. Since then, it has been my own research and digging that found my answers. The key I found was to never think I had found the final answers and close down to fresh information. Icke was who I returned to when I was boggled, usually his basic common sense and humanity put me in the proper direction to find my answers.

I know Jones is married to a Jewess who has her own set of connections. He avoids all discussion of Israel and I was amazed at his lack of coverage of the Gazan Holocaust. But it was not until his friend Jason Bermas tore a strip of a man who called in to express feelings about the Israelis. That made me distinctly uncomfortable to be honest.

Jones, i felt had access to too many things and got away with so much. He never gave real meat to his exposes, despite the excellence of his movies. But even they ignored many truths. He gives out some very very good information but he also does things that leaves you wondering. This expose by William Cooper is, as with everything else Cooper did, thorough and an eye opener.


Whoever fires the first shot loses. ~ William Cooper


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