Wednesday 29 November 2023


Forgive me folks, but I need a short break. My soul is weary from the events of the world and I simply need a short time just being "normal" to refresh my juices which are, at the moment, running very low.  As I am learning new very unpleasant truths about the international political scene. A lot of reassessment going on here as I listen to Max Egan and Mark Glenn discussing the state of the world. (And Trump.) Not exactly light fare but necessary. BTW. If you have not figured it out, Trump is not good news for the world either.

Even so I find myself weeping for the world. This uptick in World War 3 as it prepares for WW4, already well on the way, is something I have known was coming for decades. And here we are. It is now upon us. All that time and energy spent trying to open eyes ~ not wasted but insufficient. I finally ceased warning folks during the covid hoax that still lingers and threatens. One can only be Kassandra of Troy for so long without it catching up to you, I suppose. 

What I do here in this little blog feels terribly frivolous at this time. I find it almost impossible to do anything without thinking of the situation in Palestine and how this is going to change the entire world. Bibi is very specific in his intentions if you know how to read into his Coda Nostra style threats. Sometimes one can be a little too black pilled!

As well, the blogger 'sensitive content' warning has cut my readership in half and that has me bothered. That warning has had its intended effect I suppose. Time to make some changes and I HATE change. It entails work and brainpower and concentration and, worst of all, learning new specifications. Grumble grumble.

Please be patient. I am not going anywhere, just need a short time off. And I will be just fine! It does take a great deal of time collecting, sorting, preparing each post. Two full days per post actually. Then there is the filing and storing. No complaints at all, just there is work involved that I love doing. But sometimes we need to take time for ourselves and I do hate being depressed about everything. 

What I will be doing, however, is going back over some of my old material and bringing it to the fore considering its pertinence to what is going on in Palestine today.  And perhaps the popular series "Merry Christmas, Off With Your Heads" while I am at it. Anyhow, I just need some time away from the PC for a little bit.

Love you all. Truly. Saying I will be back soon is both a fond threat and promise. And I keep my promises. 

Saturday 25 November 2023


Good morning, mes amis. I have just put up the last image and now for a few words. I have closed the GiveSendGo account, I think (not too good with these things) and am waiting on their payout. Did the paperwork the other day, a full report to come.
Thanks everyone who has remained after blogger put me under wraps. I have no idea what you go through to get in but thank you for doing so. Even I have to give permission to get in to my own blog if that makes you feel any better. 
To the reader who asked about downsizing my material. I already cut most of it down considerably before posting it. Rarely anything over 1000 pixels is used. So I am sorry if you are having problems. 
Once again I turn your attention over to the blog roll on the right if you are looking for some good insightful reporting on events. There is always something new to read.
And on that note, good night. I might not do a blog on Tuesday, please stand forewarned that might be the case. Meanwhile, stay strong. We living in exciting times; privileged or damned, if we were born into this time, there is a reason for it. We have purpose. 

The Barbie Casket

Recent bill on Vancouver Island.

No terrorists. Fox News had to take their story back. No explosives. No passport. It's almost like they wanted it to be real.

Meanwhile Canada's journalism is being further weakened as we taxpayers give more to subsidized media.


There is a Jewish organization who, for a price, assures that a person can send a personalized bomb to Israel's enemies. This is not a new thing.

Ballerina legs

This about sums it up
A battle of wills. Chances are Fido will dominate.

Expanding cabin.

This woman looks so much like my Grandmere that it shocked me. But Mere did not have quite such a nose.

This is the second time the Taliban has accomplished this feat.

This man is not to be trusted.

Apparently rioting is now done by Far Right folk when they oppose the slaughter of their own by an invader.

Meanwhile in London

1956 Alien computer by an Italian company. That keyboard is fabulous looking. Those keys.

Can you imagine walking down to this kitchen at 3 am to fix yourself a PJB?

There is Wifi. I could live here.

It has been widely reported that, as these groups of people walk the roads to nowhere, they are fired upon randomly by the IDF.

I saw a film of an IDF soldier tiptoeing up to a mosque. You could hear the chants inside as the people prayed. He swiftly opened the door and tossed in a few smoke bang explosives and ran away laughing.

Typical Israeli mind manipulation/fabrication from BIBI

Can you unsee this?

This is so clown world.

Look at the size of those bushes!

It took her 34 years to get upset about being raped (allegedly) by a rock god of the period?

Dolly makes it work at 77. The body suit did the trick.

Actually this Papito is hilarious and very clever

Save this classic. It is difficult to find and so prophetic.


If you believe this, then you know the Israelis are stupid to be so shameless about the evil they do.

The Pink Nuns. A real religious group of nuns who believe in prayer and happiness.