Saturday 18 November 2023


The perfect metaphor for today's world.

The generation born after 9/11 is beyond clueless when it comes to Tim Osman aka Bin Laden.

$40000 a plate

Do you remember when George Bush Jr. promised the world 100 years of war?

Bibi retaliated verbally.

In honour of the Truckers' Convoy

This cat has to be a liberal

Catturd himself!

Crap. Remember the books that are being burned? Remember the trash they contained? Whose works were being destroyed? These were not holy books! This is cognitive dissonance in action. Stupid meme. Sorry I posted it for you! Thing is it is good to see what we are up against out there.

Bernie said this:

"Goes" not "grows".

The entire planet needs to learn from these guinea birds just how to treat a common enemy!

Just for the record. I am not much of a fan.

What would happen if this damage could be undone and the frequencies reset to normal? THINK ABOUT THAT. Could this be accomplished?

The terrifying thing is ~ Ohio could be just that crazy when it comes to this issue.


Russia has been at the forefront of this struggle for well over a decade. Do you remember Pussy Riot a decade or so ago? That group had strong Canadian affiliations I am sad to say. Ever since Putin put the kabosh on foreigners adopting Russian children ~ in reaction to a Russian child's abuse by his adopted gay fathers ~ the pressure has been on. That story went international.

Most of those children/victims were again victimized and mistreated by both the police and the media. They were denied mentioning race, they had to share resulting children with the rapist fathers, and no one EVER mentioned race for fear of retaliation. I call it cowardice.

Adopt the Canadian system and just offer them euthanasia.

Just some random dude out hunting game

Epstein memes will never grow old. Too much depends on this issue.

Does anyone really believe this is the life of Ghislaine Maxwell? Would anyone feel pity if it were?

"Jewish Slave Trader"

And now we begin to sink into the mire. I am so tired of these creatures.

The Jewish world is totally hating on Musk for these comments.

Could this be Bibi tooting his horn again?

Fact checked?  We already know all of this just not the intricate ins and outs.

How they did it

This has been brewing for over a decade. Great Britain and America are heavily invested. This is also a major reason they kept the fishermen so close to shore.

I don't think I can post much more garbage like this even to illustrate a point.

Despite his huffing and puffing, Erdogan is in deep with Israel and will never do much.

Beyond chutzpah. Downright evil.

Useful idiot and Rothschild tool.

More garbage from an otherwise excellent cartoonist. Misled.

This particular book is very banned in schools due to extremely explicit pornographic content.

This is one of the most powerful statements I have every posted. It explains so much especially in regards to feminism. I believe I snipped this from Henry Makow's page.

WTF does this bitter lesbian know about such things? She has never been properly "claimed" by a male of the species so how can she know about such things except from hearsay and books?

This airhead

Elon by a fanatic left wing cartoonist in the US.

The Zombie Ant fungus

I am currently viewing The Fall of Minneapolis. Amazing film.It includes extensive use of the police cameras during the entire arrest of George Floyd. HIGHLY recommended although I am still only half through.

"Saul Goldberg"

A bit of a backrest would be nice but this is one dream vehicle. Of course it's a Harley.

Enlarge this to full size to learn who doesn't love you. So very blatant. It should enlarge so you can read almost every one of these loving tweets from these fine peeps.

This is why I post so many lovely females and other human beings in here. To remind you of our innate beauty.


Just do it. He is totally right. Stop it.

Gypsy Vanner/Cobb horse among the best natured of all horse breeds. A very cool creature, not skittish.

Her face was a giveaway but this vile creature is a member of the tribe.

Is this what brought down Building 7?
That Gypsy Vvanner above? Chances are he pulled a home that kept a family housed and warm in the evenings.


  1. Gracias, Noor!

  2. Thanks, dear Noor! It is more and more difficult to log-in. Don't know, maybe it is the last time. - But your favorite bike is not a Harley, the emblem of the tank is blue-white BMW. - Jesus says, not to swear, not to judge in categories of only black and white. Kind regards from another grandma

  3. The login crap finally seems to be resolved.
    Couldn't verify my age using a creditcard, couldn't use a pic because my phone doesn't connect to my computer anymore.
    Had to dig up old passwords to go online with my phone, never use my phone to go online, to upload an ID pic.
    What a pain in the ass.

    Anyway, I'm back,
    Mr. J

  4. Had to sign in....apparently certain "someones" didn't approve of your pro-Palestinian freedom memes. F them.
    I'm not sure if this is related in any way, but I'm getting 10x the "message is too large to send via text" alerts than I have previously gotten trying to share memes. I wasn't sure if the issue was them altering the file sizes or whether there are just a lot of larger file sizes this round. Nonetheless, I appreciate your hard work - keep it up!

  5. "Fact checked? We already know all of this just not the intricate ins and outs."

    I said from day one, they knew this attack was planned, and when it was coming.
    They let it happen, and sacrified their own citizens, to have a reason to start this war against "Hamas" (who they funded via via), because they wanted to add the Gazastrip to Israël (Greater Israël).
    What a lowlife are you, when you offer human lives for land...

    Mr. J

  6. "This airhead"

    This idiot shoves his tongue so far up Biden's ass, they can french kiss...

    Mr. J

  7. "A bit of a backrest would be nice but this is one dream vehicle. Of course it's a Harley."

    Actually, the nose is from a BMW
    Another one I think looks great is this one
    but it's stupid expensive.

    I've had a long list of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles, apart from one, all second hand. And got them to avoid traffic jams, not sit in them with a 3-4 wheel motorcycle, no matter how fun they look..
    The last two, a Suzuki GSXR 750, it was great fun to drive, shite electronics, and an Aprilia Tuono V2 (new), great engine, but the upright position was killing my back, so I sold it after only driving it 1600km.

    I'd love to get a GSXR 750 again. I'm past midlife crisis and crap like that (I'm from 1972), so I must be losing my mind or so hahaha

    Btw, we're still waiting on the return of our Queen of Memes, my dear Noor :)

    Mr. J


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