Friday 10 November 2023


I am glad things are cleared up already. As a result, my dears, you are getting the post I intended for last Wednesday. So here is what I think is happening. 

You know I post a lot of, er, "controversial" material. Much of it comes from outside the West, countries that do not hold the Canadian/American view of things. They are clamping down hard on anyone posting imagery and facts from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Hard. My material on this has been extremely vocal about the genocide and this blog has hundreds of articles about atrocities committed. 

So now I am under a warning notice. Touche. I am thinking this is a bit of a blessing. It provides me with a small bit of protection from those who disapprove; now they have to ACCEPT before entering. Personally, when I see a warning notice it only piques my interest! This notice also means I am just too much on target.

Today there are some rather... blunt entries

Thanks everyone for your notes and comments about the other evening. I just did not get upset just figured it would work itself out. The reason I could not post was probably because the kinks from my new designation were still working through the system. It was such a blessed surprise this morning to see I could serve again.

Anyhow. Please enjoy!

JT wearing a beanie and speaking with some local Sabbataeans.

Street gym.

He was eventually booted from the army. His West Point brothers in arms were furious for insulting their graduation ceremony with this abomination. He had a pro Commie message printed inside his cap to show off as well.

Seriously, do you think wolves ate on schedule?

What a beautiful mother Mike is! At last, we see him swollen with child. Well done, Obamas. Now we know you are a real woman. Pity about the six fingers, though.

You cannot flippin' miss it.

This sweet little potty is only $2,699. Not expensive enough? Visit Royal Toiletry Global.

Safe storage for the garden goodies. They dug this about 20 years ago and have been making it thicker over time. Holds everything they need and then some.

Would you do this just to see where you went, allegedly, during your sleep time?
Hunting cabin

Alawa and his partner Zephyr are equally lazy apparently.

I see two interpretations here. First, a Jew goes to Hell. Second, and equally valid, the demon level are throwing, once again, their own people down for sacrifice as was done during WW2 during the creation of Israel.

Rosenthal was not confessing. He was bragging in a very ugly manner. If you read the entire book, this would be obvious. He was arrogant and rude to the bone.

Rabbi to the stars, including Bob Dylan whom he brought into the Chabad fold.

This delightful little girl, Misk, was shot by the IDF today as she walked home from school. Just another drive by.

Humour. Satire.

A child's drawing of his life during Operation Cast Lead in 2008. I don 't know if they have done it yet, but during that horror once the cemeteries were overflowing, they bombed those resulting in body parts being scatted for a very wide radius.

Now THIS is truth.

Just a shaggy old wild stallion

Sheer effing IGNORANCE. THIS is what people are hearing as opposed to any sort of facts. It also is the arrogance of these people who think they should be telling the Palestinians to shut up and take it. It ignores the falsehood of Hamas. Etc etc etc...

I can think of one person I would hide. But this is a campaign to rouse the memories of "Anne Frank" and her Bic pens to get sympathy from folks. Average folks should not be subject to violence.
I watched a film today of a Jewish teacher being violently arrested by thug police for posting a note of sympathy over the death of Palestinian children. This was in Israel where any objection is being violently silenced.

This international model, whoever she is, was released from her agency and all her assignments cancelled due to the following tweet.

Check the date of this old thing. There are still folks who support this idea! Sadly, as good Mr. Branco is, his knowledge of the enemy is still rather limited. I won't be posting his views on the Gaza genocide because he doesn't get it.

The ice man comes

Useful idiots and totally wrong. Not acceptable IMHO.

There are so many types of wells to poison.

Speaking of useful idiots...

Even Michael Ramirez, one of the best Conservative cartoonists, does not get it.
IDF soldiers on LSD

West Bank settler

No one has ever ever ever created such an image for the children of Gaza forced to live in such misery for so long. But la! Israeli children get a lot of attention. NO children should be in this situation but where is equal representation?

Another "woman" replacing a natural woman. They are so busy normalizing this perversion for the younger members of our world, the kids they are trying to destroy in the school system.

This is a fact alas. The new "organ" has no way of cleaning itself as a real woman's would. Extreme cleanliness is a must. And even then it can be a challenge. Stuff they don't tell you about.

Even his wife had no clue. That poor woman to learn this way about a coward who took the easy way out and left his mess on his family.

The most confusing word soup of nonsense ever. How do these men get PhD's and then spread this idiocy?

Contents of her "manifesto". Nothing surprising and tells you why it is not for public consumption.!

More attention than the contents of course.

And why should we give a good Goddamn about it?

He doesn't like these laws...

I love my raw salmon. Almost as much as this magnificent creature.

Barnyard gossips

There are times when I really cannot tell AI from real. This is one such image.

Lest ye forget. And if you don't catch the hint or let it pass, they figure you are giving permission for them to have their will with us.

German eugenics back in the day
They are using Palestine to further divide America. This Cotton chap has to go.

I loved that song as a child. Was a sweet movie. Hope you enjoyed hearing it again.


  1. Dear Noor, thanks again for your brilliant work. I hope this time you maybe able to read my thankful wishes. Kind regards from another grandma on motorbike, fasten her bra, removing dentures, Asthma spray ready to hand ...

  2. Tar & Feather Noor. Logging in to Saturday nights offerings @ 8.05pm NZ time tonight there is NO "Warning, controversial content - please push to accept & continue" page there tonight. Gawd only knows what's going on tonight. I do agree, (((they))) & their minions are working overtime to keep the photos of dead, dismembered or injured children from appearing too much in the West . . . . . not that the media are publishing anything controversial. - you have to (well I do) go to Telegram to get the Inside scoop. But even they are shutting down the Hummus channels. Right - off to peruse - glad it worked OK Noor

    Cheers - Chris in Ch-Ch.

  3. Sadly, still asking for me to agree to the "Controversial Content" and asking me to login to my Google account

    Nice update, thank you!

  4. Hola Noor,
    No "sensitive content warning" here today.
    As always, an excellent compendium of relevant issues, gracias!

  5. It's now Nov. 12 here, and the "sensitive content warning" is back.

  6. Today November 13th and still asking to agree to the "Controversial Content" and asking to login to my Google account. You must get out of blog*ger.
    Besides any comment fails due, so they say, "If your comment is not posted, it was deemed offensive."

  7. At any step: Enter Gaggle Account and other Gaggl Shit. I am too old to help. But there are for sure people who know, how to blog outside of Chew Shit Gaggl asshole fuckers. Every better hoster offers a blog that is easy to install. Or there may be other free blogging services.

  8. "The most confusing word soup of nonsense ever."

    Getting a degree used to mean something. You learned a skill.
    If your parents had money, you could become a doctor, lawyer, etc. If they didn't, you became a craftsman. I became a cook.

    In my opinion, all are equal, because I don't see a doctor build his own house, or a carpenter operate on someone.
    The only doctor and craftsman that might be interchangeable, are a plumber and a gastroenterologist...

    Anyway, all that just to say western schools lowered standards so much to give foreigners a chance of getting a degree, and were invaded by leftists and their jews friends, a degree is now a useless piece of paper, that says nothing about what you have learned.

    And that's why we see alot of "confusing word soup of nonsense", because the heads of younger generations, are filled with a load of useless leftist crap.

    Mr. J

  9. Hi Noor, this is my first comment here (I never saw this option before, maybe because I was never logged in before. First, I want to thank you for your wonderful blog -- you are educating a lot of people. My mother and I both got a laugh at your family's attitude toward what you do (one of the best blogs on the internet); we can relate! Finally, I just want to echo what others have said, if you didn't bring in enough for your new wheels, put it up again. I would like to contribute, impecunious as I currently am.

    A fan


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