Wednesday 30 May 2018


Arial view of downtown Barcelona.

Recently, people have been wondering why Mrs. Clinton is showing up for hot weather events wearing thick pantsuits, coats, and an omnipresent scarf which occasionally blows aside to reveal some sort of odd structure under her clothing. Odder, even, than her actual body.

The speculation is that it's a back brace...but from what circumstance, and why would she hide it? Then again, Hillary wasn't exactly forthcoming about her post-Benghazi brain trauma and loss of memory, her use of prismatic glasses, her recent need for a therapeutic boot, or having her arm in a cast after taking an alleged slip (or sip?) in the bathtub.

Oh sure, she could just be coquettish about the fact that her aging body is falling apart, but we can't help but wonder if it's something more sinister than that. What if Hillary is being rebuilt, piece by piece, to become a cyborg capable of being a shrill and annoying presence in future elections for the rest of eternity?!
Oh sure, it seems far-fetched, but this week we also saw the Left-leaning media celebrating when they thought North Korea wouldn't negotiate on nuclear disarmament, and top Democrats celebrating the beautiful "spark of divinity" in the bosom of every vicious MS-13 killer and rapist.
Is Robo-Hillary harder to believe than that? We think not.

This very old post aged all too well.

None of the professors remember this student.

Arial view of Dubai

Making a shiv with a a toothbrush. The fire in the brick softens the plastic....

I have seen lots of photos of Tommy Robinson that show his utter allegiance to Israel; therefore I have not paid any attention to him considering him a shill. However, his arrest and the clandestine nature of the proceedings used to silence him for exposing the crime of pedophilia by grooming gangs is wrong, simply wrong. They are creating a martyr although I also wonder where the money for these actions comes from as well. Of course, as always, there could be much more to this story than we will ever know.

UPDATE: I have just discovered this was a complete farce! Robinson played the world. "By Deception thou shalt do War" is definitely the motto here. I considered pulling his cartoon, but he cucked everyone almost.  


Interesting to see thousands and thousands of rabbis gathering in protest of Israel. I still trust them as far as I can throw a volume of the Talmud, but it is worth noting that not all support Israel. But they still follow the Talmud which is a problem.

The Cat-Lady Aisle.

If you found yourself having difficulty buying your overpriced addictive drug of choice yesterday, it was likely because 8000 Starbucks locations had closed for the day in order to help their employees learn not to be KKK-loving bigots who have trouble differentiating between a latte and a lynching.

Or at least, that's pretty much the implication when a major corporation feels the need to take (and promote) such drastic actions. They're practically screaming "Mea Culpa," although can't actually do so because using Latin in front of people who've had only a poor public education is also considered racist and non-egalitarian and sexist if a blond says "what?"

But in complete candor, we find much that is admirable about the training Starbucks is paying for. Not because it will do any more good than hanging up a sign with The Golden Rule in every location, but rather because we have such appreciation for the con-artists who are teaching the baristas how to deal with their unconscious bias. By definition, it will be impossible to see results - which is the tastiest scam we've heard since the idea of charging $7 for a cup of java.

The "unconscious racial bias" instructors might as well be charging each location $2000 to scare away invisible tigers. Can anyone prove their services aren't working? And is the web domain for still available?

Of course, the real purpose of the training isn't to aid race relations. Rather, it's a very expensive bit of well publicized virtue signaling intended to showcase the idea that Starbucks is absolutely, positively, not racist when it comes to overcharging suckers for coffee.

At least, not consciously.

Well that didn't take long. ABC has abruptly cancelled the new "Roseanne" series owing to an allegedly racist tweet sent by the show's star.

The tweet in question suggested that Valerie Jarrett, Obama's Iranian-born puppet master, was the offspring of the "Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes"...

Was it a stupid and tasteless joke? Sure. But was it really reason enough to cancel a successful TV series, especially with Barr quickly offering an apology? We don't think so.

Rather, we think ABC was relieved to be able to dump the show in part because it was successful. And they were further tickled to be able to slap the "racist" label on this "pro-Trump" show which wasn't so much pro-Trump (the show was still overwhelmingly liberal) as it was pro-working class. A class which the liberal Left doesn't really like to get noticed, as the plight of America's working families so clearly reflects the cruel impact of the Democrats' countless political failures.

Personally, we thought the show was okay-ish...and it was the only network show we'd watched in years. If Starbucks was running the network, we presume that Roseanne might have gotten scolded for unconscious racial bias instead of canned.

But then, that wouldn't allow ABC to label all of the show's fans and all of Trump's supporters as racists, would it?

"Know when to walk away from the table" Practitioner Kim Jong Un of "The Art of The Deal". Kim Jong Un reiterated "Complete Denuclearization" meaning that, both DPRK and USA to dismantle all of their nuclear arsenals at the same time, to be witnessed and monitored by IAEA. In addition, Kim Jong Un will get a Nobel Prize for Peace. Otherwise, no DEAL!

This is one of the worst things Pence could possibly have said. He is not a stupid man; why would he speak such words?

From the air, Paris looks like a pizza!