Tuesday 30 April 2019



What makes a man?

Democrat? Republican? Does it matter when it comes to globalism?

The government has come up with new terminology and questions for civilians reporting strange sightings in the sky.

 Happy May Day 2019!

Remember that Venezuela has had a lot of work done on it to bring it as low as it is now. Insult to injury is the replacement Wall Street bimbo they are trying to force, unelected, upon the people. Why? Wall Street truly IS all about the Benjamins. 

And we can imagine that in this fevered mind, just serving time in an American prison gives an illegal the right to vote as well?

Oh, Jennifer, did you really have to wear that? How much did they pay you?

What a noble beast! Old and loved, protector now protected.

Barry and Bobby sharing a tender moment.

 They certainly are pushing the EU or Nazi narrative over there!

 The temporary new cover over Notre Dame.

Tinnitus is the worst. I suffer from it for a great deal every day almost all day long. My area is all set for 5G and the constant ring is maddening.

Traditional houses in the Netherlands. Land is so rare there, these are passed on down through the generations.

Poor poor Charlie.

The Japanese have been purchasing, in great numbers, as souvenirs, air from the era before the change of emperors.

Jewish cartoon. Am I being rude and intolerant to note that suddenly the horror of Sri Lanka has been put on a far back shelf after this attack on an American synagogue? Ultimate victimhood must be kept fresh in the eyes of the goyim; they cannot ever believe they are under siege!

In another few months, fresh grilled salmon and local sweet corn. Yes!

The next time a church is defaced, a Catholic or Christian (or Palestinian) killed, remember this quote.

Let me see, a woman threw herself in front of him and was shot dead. Did he keep speaking as she bled out at his feet?

I remember when this happened. This form of warfare has gone on for awhile now in Palestine.

Sports Illustrated?

 Tormund Giantsbane has an alternative career! He cleans up pretty well for a Wildling.

This child is listening to his inner instinct and wants OUT.

 NOPE! We ain't the same. That belief is what has us in this pickle today.


Trump was so joking with a twinkle in his eye when he made this quip about being young. But he was serious about energy levels ~ and correct.

School educational materials denigrating Trump and his supporters. So WRONG! Enlarge to read.