Friday 29 July 2022


Here we go again, mes amis. Buckle up and enjoy. I realize that I am including more art images in here lately. What do you think? Do you like it or should I just stick to the previous format? One reason for the art is that is is positive, shows the ingenuity and creativity of many modern artists. And it is fun. But is it too much? Anyhow, enjoy today's offerings. And thank you for dropping by! 

My beloved grandson tending his own little garden. He turns 4 this weekend, a true little Leo. How time flies!

"The cause of death has yet to be determined..."
Seth Rogen is responsible.

The Pope's visit helps with Trudeau's campaign to destroy Canada. Read:  
The Function Of Indigenous Canadians For Justin Trudeau’s Woke Revolution

Klaus, stfu. Remember, folks, he is a Rothschild after all.

Modern Tower of Babel

They went woke and turned him into The Vegetable Monster or some such idiocy. Numming on cookies "bad".
Damn that sounds worse than eating the things! Who milks them? Tiny worker ants?

Don't leave out Gates and Bezos!

This happened to me when I was about 12. I walked home through fields of cattle and often just sat with them. I was jealous of their calm peace even though I had a great life at home.

BOT much, Joe?

It has been a long time since anyone has looked at me like that... my last dog! 

PA libs seem to be terrified of this Mastriano chap. Go for it, Doug!

Good. He won't be breeding if he keeps his word, which is unlikely.

Yes, she said that.

Pacific Northwest Rain forest Wolf pup

"Could you please NOT?!"

I cycled until I was 46 or so. Only the requirements of a single Mom with two active daughters got me driving. Miss it now but the knees just won't do it. Bikes for transportation are one of the best things going, but let folks have options.

Charging electric vehicles, circa 1915.

So now, you buy the apps with your car but pay monthly to use it in your vehicle. That really is a rotten way to do business. And you can bet you have to subscribe so you pay for this heating app in the summer as well as winter.

Felt sculpture
What do you think this might be?

This guy is such a flake I am sure even Kirk would be embarrassed by him today.

The German people are getting fed up and beginning to make noise about these problems. At last.

You have to wonder why these stories never hit the main news cycles. Not really. The farmers are blocking roads, burning bales of hay, tires, etc. as part of their battle. Media does its best to paint them in the same way that the Canadian media did to the Canadian truckers ~ as vandals, rapists, thieves, etc. and totally ignoring the importance of their plight and the future for all of us.

Remember, too, that Palestine is what they want for the rest of the world under basic Communism. The Palestinians have been fighting our battle and taking the brunt for 70+ years now.

Mood. Love this dog. He just doesn't care.

Some of them aren't even women!
OK. This is a nauseating truth.
And so is this.

Takei, back then, spoke of the advantages offered a young man taken under the wing of an older man for introduction to the world, some sort of mentor-ship perhaps. No matter, it was as wrong then as it is now but that is where he comes from. Whatever he says now is most likely a complete contradiction to his past experiences.

What drives people to do these things to their faces? Scarification? Crazy inserts? Demons?
So Loreena wasn't the first!
Imagine this hears, pulled by a team of four ebony horses, black ostrich plumes waving from their headgear, hooves clacking sharply over the cobblestones, carrying their passenger to eternal rest. I have seen such things in the distant past ~ Paris, the 1890's...

Yes, (((Mr. Zimmerman)))

Canadian Badlands...

And the rest of us are supposed to be afraid of the reportedly growing numbers of this silliness? This twink ain't the only one of his kind behaving in such a nauseating and careless manner.

Truly timeless beauty
Perhaps to spread it around a little more to create a "problem" to be aware of?

Still not sure how juvenile otters got onto a gravel road...

I still have one! We grew up with one full of koolade in the fridge. It was to keep us away from the milk and juice. They came in orange, kelly green, royal blue and white.

Stunning photograph of total trust and love. Professional gymnasts here, don't try this on your own!

CRT as taught in some schools. Totally dividing people from each other. There are almost no words for this destructive drivel. "FOLX"? Holy smoke they are crazy mad. "Look for microaggressions."

"It was fun, Mom."

Yorkville in Toronto. My old stomping grounds in the 1960's. Canada's "Haight Ashbury" district.

Mine remains open every single night all year round unless there is a very wild gale blowing in. Otherwise, it is open and the heat does not go on.

The ancient skill of willow binding is in itself an art form

They met at Woodstock.