Thursday 9 February 2023


Flowers to celebrate!

Dear readers all, let me catch you up on events. Firstly, what a ride! A few words then to work: I have so missed this. A lot of good material to share with you despite everything. Actually, this is a great collection so fasten your seatbelts.

As you know, Snippits and Snappits was locked down by Blogspot, a Google product. It is only late this morning that I found it back on line ~ I am still reeling from the shock of it. It is a guarded joy because now I know how fragile things are when you present unpopular opinions and don't back material up; a free blog site leaves one to the mercies of any anonymous person with an agenda. And we all know there are lots of those about.

Then, last week my PC was hacked and every image stored disappeared. Settings were altered and my archives wiped out completely. Not the music, just the images. I was silly with only a very small part of my much older material on a thumb drive; that will never happen again! Very disheartening ~ first my platform and then my material! Icy anger formed but I was already quite busy by then.

That day I drank a bottle of Bailey's which kicked off liver pain; that was a distraction from the blog situation and indicated need to make changes in my life. That aspect is now under control; a well cared for liver heals ~ no more alcohol, something very easy to do when you feel actual pain with your every breath. 

Meanwhile with help and guidance ~ and many pokes in the behind from friends ~ I set up a new Snippits and Snappits blog on a more secure website. When something is free like Blogspot, you are at the mercy of another, in this case Google; lesson learned. And now, they restore this blog you look at now. A bit of a conundrum but a delightful one. I never heard from them once. No emails, explanations. The only change was a video up in the corner removed, perhaps that was the problem. I don't know. It was something by Mediabear.

I will keep working from this site for the moment but am now fully prepared for anything. I do not trust it at all. Or I will work some at the new one then shift us all over there. That seems to be a good way to roll. 

Meanwhile, thank you to everyone for your emails and notes of concern: I hope I responded to every one I received. 

And now... drum roll... here we go.

Remember this oldie but goodie? I was posting it in 2008.

To answer the questions posed by this old cartoon from the visually articulate late David Dees, I have wondered if these people were not murdered in preparation for the many lies and crimes about to be perpetrated upon humanity. From climate to medical to weapons, these people were the makers and shakers. When Dees created this image, Iranian scientists were being assassinated Mossad style at an alarming rate. In looking to see what remained after the emptying of my archives, I found some old gems I had lost including this one in a folder of everything Dees ever posted. David Dees,  you are missed.

You can bet this cat has just been teased beyond all patience by this child.

This short quote is the basis of the horrific Communist gender war we deal with today. The article has disappeared; I might have to pay to download it from Scribd so I can repost the piece on my safer website. They have totally corrupted sexual mores wherever they have gone, but the innate pure nature of Americans has been especially challenging considering the entire range of their attacks upon decency.

This is five years old. Don't have a fit.

A floating sauna in the Kootenays. A deer would starve in those forests;  they are monoforests planted after stealing all the old growth that once covered those hills and mountains. Toilet paper for all. But a pretty place for a sauna.

Meet Waffles.

Old old cartoon.

I also recently discovered a few images that hammer home the fact that HISTORY is REPEATING ITSELF. What the Bolsheviks did in Russia and Ukraine (aka Holodomor) is what they are doing now to the entire planet. The British (bankers) did it to the Irish and the people of the SubContinent. They did it to the Boers and the native South Africans as well. The techniques employed are different but will prove equally effective. 
Once things begin to accelerate, there is no saying what will happen when people get hungry but it doesn't take much imagination. We have been watching them diminish international food supplies for awhile now. It is just a matter of time. Call me Kassandra.
Starving on the city streets of Ukraine

Would you be willing to pay $12 for this microwave, unused, from a thrift store? The purchaser was thrilled.

This is why these things get moved around in wheelchairs. They are heavy.

Tie your hair back properly, lassie!

Home sweet home? It could be done if there is any depth to it.

American beauty....

This one cracked me up.

More concern for eating chickens than killing human beings...

A tall oak tree is hatching.... hush... don't disturb the acorn.

Reminder: when a people are rebelling, the troops brought in to quell the unrest are usually foreign. We suspected that when the Canadian truckers were so brutally mauled during the Ottawa situation. This has been done in Australia and you can bet China is happily renting out troops as would any other nation. America has been doing this for a long time as well.

It is international. And eggs are definitely a target. I found a recipe for a French food that the Russians changed and made their own. Why? Not to improve the treat but because the Bolsheviks had made eggs impossible to find so the Russians altered the recipe to work without them. 
I will look for it but please understand, what is happening now is not NEW! They have done it before and are at it again. Never mind the fact that many commercial feed manufacturers are putting things into chicken food to prevent egg laying and fertility.

I walked into my favourite bookshop the other day. There greeting me at the reception desk were stacks of this, a stack of Michelle, and some other piece of garbage that made me question their ... common sense. What a whiner this child is. Was he ever a man or did he get woked up?

I had four brothers; I know how boys play. THIS made him "release some water?!"

Do you remember this fine fella?

A note to the Red Rabbi, evil man, (((good Jewish man))) Stephen Wise.

Very ancient Egyptian royals from earliest days kept lions as pets. How Tippi Hedren got to live with them is another story altogether.

(((Betty Boop)))
Photoshop of Freud (head superimposed) and a lassie.
Disarm Americans at all costs, but let the settler children have them instead?

Hey, I brought us some mixed greens.

Meanwhile in Montreal...

The artist sits and studies her canvas.

She prepares her tools.

And then, this gifted woman paints herself into her visions. I found the photos on one site then realized this was she in the painting.

Yeah, it's war.

Food for feminist consideration. A harsh chew.
Jakob and his puppy are snug and cozy inside.

More thought for feminist consideration. Try not to gag if this hits too close to home.

Someone is whacked right out.

Chemtrail skies, unlike any sunset. The brighter the sunset often the greater the pollution. After major volcano eruptions the world experiences more beautiful sunsets.

Sounds like me. I am old and just like that. But I don't dress nearly as groovy.

She pushed back! Well done, woman. I wonder if they will continue to screw her over to prevent her from collecting the way they are with Kyle Rittenhouse. They are pulling EVERY trick in the book to keep that bad boy from collecting a penny for fighting to save his own life. What a man that lad is; his future is bright; he does have a good head on his shoulders. Meanwhile, others less noted, are still winning.

A bee stings you and he dies.
This is what he lost. His teeny innards.

Another win!

Back to eggs again. Another reason to disappear them?

Yet more winning. No matter the outcome, the fact that this information is coming out and being shared is a win in itself.

I have the same style portraits of my maternal grandparents. They are not actual photos but a sort of charcoal drawing of a photo.

Always the white babies. Meanwhile haters like Talbot Swan have at least 10 of their own!

As long as those green bits are not cilantro, this looks way good.

She said this. I would probably be shut down for promoting suicide if I dared comment ~ it would be horrible to suggest she and Bette sign a pact, wouldn't it? So I won't.

This Roman glass bowl is about 2000 years old.

My current mood:

Would you, could you, bathe in this tub hanging out over the side of a ship? Shark infested water and you cut yourself shaving...

Trying not to giggle there, Bill?

From what I have seen, this was another satanic event using the energy of the crowd to boost the power of the rituals. Madonna has been a high priestess ever since that show with Christina and Brittany a decade ago. The naive have no idea their energy is being harvested in this manner. And others, they revel in it.

Before Elon, these types of posts were closed down, further silencing the victims. Love him or loathe him, this matters.

Sadly, I no longer trust Candace Owens any longer.
Not my Mother's strawberry rhubarb pie.

Those spike proteins are showing up in fast moving cancers, especially in young males.

Speaking of Russian music, one of my favourite songs by a Russian group of ladies. Otta.

We made it to the end! I forgot how long this process takes; I began at about 2 pm and with only a dinner break, it is now 1:15 am. See you again on the weekend!


  1. Welcome back, Noor! Can't tell you how much you've been missed. Bonne journée !

  2. Sooooo glad to see you are back!

  3. Happy to see you are back!

  4. Gracias, gracias, gracias!
    Salut de l'Espagne!

  5. So happy to see your return!

  6. Welcome back Noor!
    I was already imagining that I would never see your wonderful posts again.
    Don't leave us ;)

    Hug from Portugal

  7. Now my Saturdays will be complete again! Glad you are back!!!

  8. Count me as another who is glad to see you back. But there is the matter of your hacked archive. Have you considered an external hard drive as a back up medium? They are fairly inexpensive: $50 to $200 (US) + depending upon size and manufacturer.

  9. Here's a smaller selection of memesnsnippets, some of which may be of interest

  10. So happy you are back Noor, missed you!

  11. Here are a few more memesnsnippets, some of which may be of interest

  12. You can't imagine how happy you made me today. Please stay forever. Best regards Peter from Slovakia ;)

  13. I so missed you; glad to have you back! we love you and your work. God bless -Ted

  14. I wondered what happened to you! Glad to see you're still with us! God Bless You.

  15. Only found you three months ago, couldn’t believe it when you disappeared (well I could but that just means your fighting the good fight) so glad you made it back. Your work keeps me sane in a insane world😁


  17. Add me to the list. So happy to see you back.You were greatly missed.

  18. It's great to have you back :)

    Don't you think it's time to go get a "" url, and ditch these hook nose bought bitch traitors?!?

    Like someone suggested, getting an external drive is a good idea.
    And before doing anything else, have an expert look at your computer, they have the skills and software to get most of your archive back, if it was just deleted.
    I downloaded free software years ago, to recover what I could after a serious harddrive crash, and got about 50% back. With a bit of luck, you could get +90% of your archive back, if a pro has a look.


  19. I forgot this.
    If money is an issue for your own url because of bandwith and such, you have a few thousand readers.
    I'm sure most would be willing to donate $1/month to keep you going, and keep getting their 2 doses of memes a week.
    I know I would, my smokes cost me $50/week, so $1 a month wouldn't hurt one bit.


  20. Then again I'm so glad you're back. Anna

  21. I’m glad to see you back- I worried it was a permanent ban. Please share whatever backup you get going- your posts spark many a conversation and bring smiles to our faces! Also glad you’ve learned your lesson from the Kah’lua- take care of yourself.


  22. Just found out you are back Noor, you have been greatly missed.
    I agree with Jurgen, if you want to set up a fund me I would contribute.
    Loved the Russian musicians.
    Keep well.

  23. Nooooor . . . . . .You're back ya old reprobate !!! I went to open something from my bookmark list the other night, clicked on S&S by mistake . . . . . voila One of the better mistakes that I made this week. So to see you again, so unexpectedly & so soon! Well, hope you enjoyed your wee break but looks & sounds like you'll be back in the saddle again AND enjoying it. I'm stoked !!!

  24. Brilliant. Just Brilliant! You were missed, so glad you got sorted.
    from Squodgy.

  25. In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom,freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world. ~ Edgar Cayce, 1944,

  26. In the immortal words of Bob Seger, The bitch is back.
    Fight them all the way down, Noor- no quarter.

  27. I'm glad you are back. I blog at a truther site in Canada and I get a lot of my memes from your site. Keep up the great work! Do you take donations?

  28. Welcome back Noor! You were missed, dear!
    Well, after not voting for decades, Cher and Bette may tempt me to become politically active again, if just to call their bluff. :D


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