Friday 17 February 2023


It feels as if they have thrown open Pandora's Box and the world has spun even more out of orbit as a result. They are literally burning it down, all of it. America is at war; your government is showing itself. Infrastructures are being destroyed and will not be repaired under this administration. Death clouds pouring down onto the fertile central farmland of America. 

Apology due: I misfiled some images from last week so you might see a few of them for the second time.

This post has a lot of really bad material without even touching on international politics; it seems America is my complete focus as we watch it being torn asunder before our eyes. There is a deep sadness enveloping me as I watch what is being done to break these good people, the backbone of that nation.

The Biden regime announced today it will not be sending help to the residents of Palestine simply because it is not really an "emergency". 

It is difficult to wrest one's eyes from viewing history as it is being made with most of the world unaware that they are all at war with the same enemies, we are all under attack. But the United States is receiving special treatment due to so much international hatred and resentment for its previous actions. 

Thanks everyone for your warm notes over the past weeks. And HUGE thank you to those who post the link and promote this humble little blog... from the bottom of my heart. Gold stars and all that flowery stuff, may blessings come your way. I am not being facetious when I say I am GLAD you dropped by!

And now, buckle up. Off we go. First up is a true Good Boy. Send him a treat. Another false story they say.

I just opened up to add this last minute headline:

You have to love this guy. This is apparently fake news but such a great headline.

Eat the bugs

If only... Chances are Libya would still be a stable country and Europe would not be over-run by ten zillion illegal immigrants.

Ain't this the truth?

Interesting that all of these criminals are "white".

These "Caucasians" must spend a lot of time in the sun.

For some reason I have known this fact regarding crystals for a very long time. Crystals. Radios. Nicholas Tesla. Scientists and dark intentions. Old history, lost with the burning of the Libraries of Alexandria. I have never really spoken much of these things because folks think one rather mad, but now, I don't care!

So silly. Jill has such good fashion sense.
Deep secret truth.

Someone seems to be aroused by war.
It's coming, we know it.
Can he explain this theory clearly in 30 words or less?

This is PURE existentialism robbing the most natural of emotions with selfishness ~ draining every trace of purity from the simplest things. I got into existentialism in high school, one of the worst things possible. It tainted all the things I had previously taken for granted, most of them from having a good life, even motherhood which this philosophy paints with the same brush as Rand does love and friendship. Needless to say, Jean Paul Sartre was (((a leading intellectual))) spreading his poison.

Some tough viewing here but THIS is what the same Bolsheviks have done before. They are setting this up again.

How long before this poor bag of bones ends up in a Bolshevik soup pot? Stolen from a farmer then worked to death.

These small "heroes" remind me of modern Antifa types. A few cobs of corn from some starving farmers is a big victory. Big men.
American Ukrainians protesting Holodomor attacked by American Bolsheviks.
Scratching for potatoes in the frozen dirt after the Red Brigades have passed through. Sometimes members of the brigade returned a day later and stole what they found and killed the "thieves" for daring disobey regulations.
Taking it all.

I found this in a cookbook. A regular cookbook. The top image is the French version; the lower the Russian full of seeds and other healthier ingredients. Flour was also scarce.

She is in a much better place... she will never feel cold again.

Biden is talking raises for teachers.

And another.

Sharing life memories as you say Goodbye to your beloved companion

The Minister of Transportation

That cloud does not stop at the border. Ontario and Quebec are both effected.

Fishing season is ahead. Are there any fish left safe to eat or is it better to simply catch, take a photo and release?

Is this statistic before or after the covid plague?


Another reason this person is unsuitable for the vice Presidency.

RIP David Dees


It was London demographics that had me moving from Toronto in 1981. I saw what was happening there, Toronto was on the same path, I left. Considering the Palestine cloud, definitely hovering over Toronto, I am once again very glad I made that right decision.

Why do folks assume aliens are all kindly and well-intentioned towards humanity?
I'll take that well-dressed fashion plate and leave the critter in green behind.

Variations on the happy merchant theme.

You might have already read this.

Is the WEF not telling us to eat our pets? Seems Klaus was on about that. Of course this article is 4 years old.

Ghislaine gave an interview a few weeks ago. In it she and her brother made outrageous claims of victimhood, blamed her victims, and it went on and on about everything being a set up. She was slippery and lied, totally unrepentant and intent of clearing the name of Prince Andrew. All I saw was a pathological lying psychopath.
There was nothing much new in the drop anyhow. Just another distraction.

Always has been

Not all of the following is true. There was a vast difference from tribe to tribe how these folk were treated. Nor was "marriage" used in their relationships since there was no issue from the unions.

If you find yourself on the highway to hell, just keep on driving through it.

How subversive is this?
Gates has been working on computer controlling women's fertility cycles for years. There is already a small device that can be utilized to monitor birth control and fertility in individuals.
Not exactly a crowd but the cameras were there to take note.

Absolutely horrible, jarring, noisy, white bashing. Totally perverted history. Shameful.


No comment. But his taste in swimwear is missing.

No "apparently" about it. The written message is pretty nasty too. On a guy whose neck tattoo mysterioiusly disappeared without a scar after his escape from near death or whatever .. the clot shot.

My daughter was a baby back then. She called this "popular girl hair".

I wore this as an avatar during my old chat days about 23 years ago.


Slavic beauty

They destroyed Black culture first. Broke up the families, destroyed the men, leaving the women and children to survive on welfare. Basically the Democrats destroyed the families while drugs from the Republican eras were also major contributing factors.
As I asked earlier, why are they describing these criminals as "White"?

More proof many scientists are idiots?

Ooops. Deleted.

Surely this is a joke?

Read this

Artwork created by the elusive artist Banksy that famously shredded itself during a 2018 auction just sold for a whopping $25.4 million Thursday, a record sale for the famed British street artist. 

The work of art titled “Love is in the Bin” was auctioned off at more than three times the $8 million price tag Sotheby’s estimated the painting to go for Thursday. The piece was sold to a private investor.

I do not know where to begin with this one. The man dies in the middle of a game and this fellow is congratulating him for dying doing what he loved. Then he follows with a trite recommendation. "Just life and death".
'It's covid not the jabs.'

"But he died doing what he loved.... "

Marilyn Monroe onstage as Mata Hari


  1. Nick from Newtown17 February 2023 at 22:19

    Ok, prove me wrong, on the East Palestine derailment, happened Feb 3rd 9pm. All those daytime pics of the black smoke in the sky and clouds ... please show me the black smoke in EOSDIS Nasa's satellite images.

    Feb 3 (happens 9pm)

    Feb 4

    Feb 5

    Feb 6

    Feb 7

    Feb 8

    Wheres the massive black smoke ??????? Cuz theres not one ounce of black smoke in any satellite image. Wth?

    1. Nick from Newtown19 February 2023 at 11:50

      Look at the baphomet star in East Palestine. Order of the Eastern Star. Freemasonry is satanic!

  2. Magnificent steam locomotive in No. 236. That's the state flag of Arizona that it's flying, by the way, alongside the Stars and Stripes. I very much enjoy No. 228, the Venus fly-trap snapping shut on a small frog. There are some attractive young ladies this week too. All in all, a fine collection.

  3. "The Big Bang was not the beginning."

    Look at them waking up. I've been saying on FB the "big bang" isn't the beginning. It's an overly full blackhole exploding. So it wasn't the end of a previous one, but only parts from a still existing one.
    Now where's my Nobel Prize?!?


  4. The story about helmets for joggers was a prank. Unfortunately, when you carelessly publish pranks as truth, you diminish trust in everything else.

  5. Lovely butterflies,201, what are they called?
    Alien holding baby, 241, there is speculation that the predicted population crash is to make room for the alien hybrids.
    409 the constellation is Orion, the hunter (my favourite) and the star the lady has in the palm of her hand is Sirius, the brightest star in the northern hemisphere.
    traducteur loves your train posts I love your night sky posts.
    Keep well Noor, hope you got lots of valentines cards

  6. "Why do folks assume aliens are all kindly and well-intentioned towards humanity?"

    I have a few ideas about aliens, this is one of them:

    The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs wasn't an accident.
    An alien species noticed earth, noticed it had precious metals, but it also had enormous killing machines.
    So they launched an asteroid in an attempt to kill the dinosaurs. Alot of the smaller mammals survived the impact, and the aliens started experimenting with humanoids.
    To short, to big, to lazy, to dumb, to this and that, untill they found a race that was smart enough to invent and willing to work to survive. Right.....

    At one point or another, that race discovered precious metals, and started mining them, and here we are thousands of years later, in a capitalistic world controlled by hooknoses, who think they own the world. They have another thing coming lmao.

    I wonder when those aliens will come back to collect their precious metals...


  7. Thank you for what you do. I have 3 Sons and 6 Grandsons 3 hours away from Palestine derailment. Very worrisome. American is falling but many are prepared to fight. We would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.


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