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The Kabala Tree of Life (If enlarged, you can see the basic layout for the Tarot cards)

The Six-Pointed Star, Babylonian Witchcraft,
and the Hollywood Perdition of
Jerry Seinfeld and Associates.

The cabala six-pointed star/hexagram,

a powerful and familiar symbol.

He said furthermore unto me, Son of man, seest thou what they do? even the great abominations that the house of Israel committeth here. ~ Ezekiel 8:6

Kabbalism is a system of Jewish mysticism and magic and is the foundational element in modern witchcraft. Virtually all of the great witches and sorcerers of this century were Kabbalists. ~ William J. Schnoebelen, in The Dark Side of Freemasonry

In the decades of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the hottest spiritual trend was the New Age movement. As we move forward through the first decade of the 21st century, the latest cure-all spiritual phenomenon seems to be the Jewish Cabala (or Kabbalah). The Cabala is not new, of course. It's been around for centuries.

The Cabala is actually ancient magic. It is an exotic blend of devilish, sometimes fanciful, New Age mystical practices topped by a philosophical bent of Jewish supremacism. Orthodox Judaism, or phariseeism, is rife with cabalism, and Jewish rabbis are the Cabala's greatest promoters.

Celebrities and Cabala

The recent explosion in mainstream interest in cabalism is boosted by the many big-name celebrities who have recently been hawking cabalism as the miraculous answer to all of man's problems. An undercover BBC reporter who infiltrated a London cabala group witnessed singer Madonna and Guy Ritchie chanting mystic spells to "cleanse" Chernobyl, the site in Ukraine of a nuclear plant disaster in 1986.1

Madonna admits her highly sexual performances have always been

heavily laced with Masonic themes, symbols and ritual;

the performance in which she kissed Britney Spears

and Christina Aguilera was her time of

moving up higherin the occult.

That is when her name was changed to Esther.

The deeply intellectual and moral Ms. Hilton,

sporting red string, fashion fad of the hour.

Other news accounts link entertainers Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Roseanne Barr, Demi Moore, Shirley MacLaine, Ashton Kutcher, Sandra Bernhard, Barbra Streisand, Dianne Keaton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Goldie Hawn, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Uri Gellar, Diane Ladd, Laura Dern and a legion of other "stars" with practice of cabala.2

Mick Jagger's affiliation with Satanic ritual was

well proven with his song, "Sympathy for the Devil".

Now he is a Cabalist?

Look closely when you see any of these people on TV or pictured in magazines and you'll often see the characteristic red string wristband they wear. Lately, former President Bill Clinton's been spotted wearing it ~ he's a cabalist ~ and so has Florida's politician Katherine Harris, who became a famous household icon as Florida's Republican Secretary of State during the bizarre 2000 election snafu. Republican bigwig and former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, is reported to be a cabala advocate, and some say conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh and his rabbi are also into the cabala.

So far we are seeing nothing but the most honorable

folk on the planet wearing these red strings?

Are all new age cabalists so solid and trustworthy?

Among the most notorious of cabalists are the TV comedy stars of the once #1rated "The Jerry Seinfeld Show." The producer of the Seinfeld show was Larry David, a Jew, all four of the cast were Jews, and cabalistic hand signs, occult language, and magic rituals were covertly planted in many episodes.

Republican Party spokesman and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, shown here wearing his Judaism skull cap, is into New Age cabalistic magic and is a paid spokesman for Zionist interests.

Newt in his cap looking appropriately sombre.

Jason Alexander, who played the loveable loser "George Costanza" on the show, posed for TV Guide magazine in a blatantly cabalistic body pose. Plus, his left and right hands gave the "El Diablo" horned devil sign in an "As Above, So Below" gesture.

Michael Richards, who portrayed the klutzy "Kramer" in Seinfeld, also seems to relish giving cabalistic and Masonic hand signs and gestures. Richards was pictured on the front cover of the Scottish Rite Journal, and inside the publication, he told of how pleased he is to be a Freemason.3 Please watch Mr. Richards at his best in this YouTube Video. Warning, X-rated language.

Mr. Spock, a Star Trek character played by actor Leonard Nimoy, became famous for giving the Vulcan greeting with his right hand. Nimoy, a Jew, says that the sign is the same gesture given in Jewish Synagogues when the Rabbi and Elders bring out the Holy of Holies.

It is based on the Hebrew letter "shin." In essence, on the popular TV show, every time Spock gave the "shin" Vulcan greeting hand sign, he was invoking cabalistic magic.

Leonard Nimoy aka Dr. Spock

Its display is part and parcel of Jewish religion. So every time viewers observed Mr. Spock (Nimoy) giving the sign, they were unknowingly being made a participant in a cabalistic occult ritual.

Sodom, Egypt, and 21st Century Judaism

In one of the most controversial of all the many video documentaries I have produced, Cauldron of Abbadon, I stated, "From Jerusalem and Israel flow a torrent of satanic evil and mischief endangering the whole world. "5 Zionist Jews and their cohorts in the Christian Zionist community were angered over what I said, but they had no response to the mountain of facts presented in the video proving my point.

It is undeniable that God Himself, in Revelation 11:8, declares that in the last days just prior to Christ's return, one of the most wicked places on earth will be Jerusalem and Israel. In Revelation God calls Jerusalem "Sodom and Egypt."

The question is, why? Why is Jerusalem and the nation of Israel spiritually "Sodom and Egypt?" I believe it is because of the Jewish religion, a religion diametrically opposed to the Old Testament faith of Moses, Isaac, Jacob, and the prophets.

From the days of the Jews' captivity in Babylon, to today, the religion of the Jews has increasingly grown more dark and more wicked.

Children of hell, that's what Jesus called the Jewish religious teachers. That was almost 2,000 years ago. Well, guess what? The Jewish religionists are even worse now, in the 21st century. They've had almost 2,000 years more to practice and perfect their evil religion. Today, those who practice satanic cabalism and believe in the Talmud are the children of hell a hundred times over.

In Codex Magica we do not have the space to fully report on the almost unbelievably wicked Talmudic and Cabalistic religion of the Jews. But it is important to understand that the horrific nature of the Jews' religion lie in its man-made traditions. In reality, these traditions are satanic in origin. I refer especially to the Jewish Talmud, the legalistic law traditions of the rabbis, and to the Jewish Cabala (also Kabbalah or Quaballah), which are the mystical teachings and traditions of the rabbis and sages.

If the Jews had stuck to the teachings of the Old Testament, Satan would not have had such terrible inroads. Indeed, if Moses and the prophets had been heeded, or if their writings were honored today, the Jews would believe in Jesus Christ as Messiah and be saved by faith in His promises.

Talmudic Justice against the first anti-Zionist.

Instead, the Jews departed from the prophets, and over the centuries the rabbis steadily developed a body of man-made literature (the Talmud and the Cabala) that is supremely wicked and corrupt. Their traditions, moreover, are antithetical to the Faith and teachings of Moses and the prophets.

Worse, it can be remarkably demonstrated that the philosophy and doctrines of the Jewish Cabala are the very fount and wellspring of virtually every wicked, occult sect, satanic secret society, and witchcraft cult that has arisen in the past one thousand years!

The Cabala brings together in one neat package the core of all the Mystery teachings of the ancients. Indeed, the Bible gives evidence that the Jewish elders had brought the Mysteries into the Temple and had conducted secret ceremonies in hidden chambers as far back as the days of the prophet Ezekiel (see Ezekiel 8).

Regrettably, the abominations are multiplied in the 21st century Jewish religion in which the Cabala plays a central role.

The Masonic Lodge and The Cabala

Freemasonry has long praised the Cabala, and its top officials have admitted that the Lodge's rituals and teachings are but the offspring of the Jewish tradition. Albert Pike, former Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite wrote: "One is filled with admiration, on penetrating into the Sanctuary of the Cabala."6

Just how much Masonry owes to the Cabala is illustrated by study of the Knights of Kadosh degree (30°). Ed Decker, director of Free the Masons Ministries, reports that the trappings of this degree ritual are "overtly sinister" and incorporate a "High level of Kabbalistic symbolism."

When one is surrounded by black curtains, skulls, and a coffin with a shrouded knight speaking forth from within, it doesn't take a spiritual giant to discern that this is not a Godly organization!7

Confirming Decker's findings, medical doctor James L. Holly, who has done great works in exposing Freemasonry, in his outstanding volume, The Southern Baptist Convention and Freemasonry, shows how the 30° Masonic initiate is led unawares into a direct spiritual relationship with Satan. In the ritual, Satan is personified as a mysterious cabalistic mystic.8

Interestingly, Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry says that,

"the Knights of Kadosh Degree is intimately connected with the ancient Order of Knights Templar, as it commemorates their old ceremonies of initiation."9

Allegedly, the members of the Order of Knights Templar worshiped Baphomet, the hideous male/female Luciferian goat God and conducted blasphemous ceremonies, which included urinating on a cross and homosexual sodomy.

Freemasonry is Jewish

In 1855, the renowned Rabbi Isaac Wise wrote:

"Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."10

The Jewish Tribune newspaper, in 1927, in an editorial, stated:

"Freemasonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left?"11

Ray Novosel, writing from Australia in 2004, states:

Zionist world leaders, men in influential positions with the various Masonic organizations everywhere, have worked "hand in glove" for a universal world revolution, which will bring in the One World Church and a One World Government. Many Masonic Lodges are exclusively Jewish, as are the controlling B'nai B'rith Lodges ~ the mother of the infamous and very dangerous Anti Defamation League (ADL).12

Masonry's Jewish Roots

A popular pro-Freemasonry web site, in an article entitled "Judaism and Freemasonry," comments:

Jews were actively involved in the beginnings of Freemasonry in America. There is evidence they were among those who established Masonry in seven of the original thirteen states...A Jewish Mason, Moses M. Hays, helped introduce the Scottish Rite in America...Jews, including Rabbis, continued to be involved in the Masonic movement in the United States throughout our history. There have been 51 Jewish American Grand Masters...

There are many common themes and ideals in Masonic and Jewish rituals, symbols, and words.13

The late Pope John Paul II was a believer in Jewish Cabala. On March 22, 1984, the Pope received members of the infamous B'nai B'rith Freemasonry Lodge of New York City, made up exclusively of influential Jews, at the Vatican.

"I am proud to be a Mason" writes Rabbi Seymour Adas, 32o, in this issue of The New Age Magazine (April 1987).

Note: The name of this magazine has since been changed to The Scottish Rite Journal, to hide the connection of Masons with the occult New Age movement. In fact, the Masonic order is predominantly led by Jews. As its former Sovereign Grand Commander, Albert Pike, has revealed, the symbols and rituals of Freemasonry are all based on the Cabala of the Jews.

The most honored Masonic leader in the history of Freemasonry was Albert Pike. Pike maintained that, "every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion; and its teachings are instruction in religion."14

Now, Pike also asserted that the true meanings of the symbols of Freemasonry are found in the occult philosophy of the Jewish Cabala, that Freemasonry owes all its secrets to the Cabala, and that Freemasonry is a religion based on the Cabala.15

Demons, Magic, and Mysticism in the Cabala

Here are the eye-opening comments of a number of knowledgeable authorities on the Jewish Cabala:

The Cabala contains such power and demonic teaching, it is more than enough to give the ideology and driving force needed to lead the world astray and to keep such an evil conspiracy alive through the centuries...The Cabala is a teaching source of the Freemasons as well as for other groups. ~ John Torrell, publisher, The Dove

Kabbalah: The sacred books of black magic of Orthodox Judaism which form a large part of the basis of the western secret societies, from Rosicrucianism to Freemasonry and the OTO. Kabbalism is itself derived from the sorcery of ancient Babylon and ... Pharaohonic Egypt, Craig Heimbichner, Blood on the Altar

Kabbalism is a system of Jewish mysticism and magic and is the foundational element in modern witchcraft. Virtually all of the great witches and sorcerers of this century were Kabbalists.~ William J. Schnoebelen, The Dark Side of Freemasonry

The Hebrew Cabala is a series of occultic writings that are as demonic as any incantation ever uttered in witchcraft. Webster's Dictionary tells us the Cabala (sometimes spelled Kabbala) is "an occult religious philosophy developed by certain Jewish rabbis."~ James Lloyd, The Apocalypse Chronicles(Vol. VII, No. 1, 2005)

Sorcery is commonplace in the depraved religious rituals of cabalistic Judaism. Here a rabbi is seen carrying a chicken off to be sacrificed in a voodoo/ Santeria-type ritual during the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur. (Israel, A Photobiography, by Micha Bar-Am, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1998)

Twisted Satanic Rituals and lies

The rabbinical doctrines and teachings of Cabalism are based on a curious blending and mosaic of astrology, numerology, graphology, color magic, symbology, alchemy, pagan religion, and pure Luciferianism.

There are hand signs and body gestures, talismanic jewelry and clothing, hidden codes, and on and on. The end result is a confusing jumble of "man is God " theology (but only Jewish man ~ Gentiles are inferior) and magical formulae, words of power, incantations and spells.

Heads of chickens are cropped off and blood sprinkled around; "magic cords" of specific color are worn on the wrist as miracle-working bracelets; magic water is used to heal; magic symbols are objects of trance-like mediation; and mantra-like chants are repeated over and over.

The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are touted as religious idols of great magical powers. Even their shapes are studied and accorded supernatural powers. Angels, Archangels, grimoires, devas, and elementals are worshiped and feared. There are "Gods" and more "Gods" but only a mysterious, hazy supreme deity behind everything. This supreme deity is a pantheistic God who fills up the whole universe. In fact, he is the macrocosm, the Universe.

Of course, as in all Illuminist magic, there's the double-minded theology of "As Above, So Below," the insidious lie that black is white and vice versa; that good and evil are one, that the shadow and the substance are unitary.

Sex magic holds an important place in Cabalism, and sex ritual is a popular vocation of students of Cabala.

Margie Martin, in her informed, unpublished manuscript for her upcoming book, The Molten Image, explains that the Tarot cards of witches and occultists are of Jewish origin and correspond with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Finally, Cabalism is pure Illuminism because it teaches the secret doctrine that, ultimately, the higher level adept learns:

That the Holy Serpent is the true God;
that all the evil that a person does,
through alchemy,
is magically transformed into righteousness;
and that, yes,
Lucifer is Lord. Satan is the true and only God.
That is the essential doctrine of Cabalism.

The Star of David and The Jewish Utopia

The symbol of the Jewish six-pointed star, known as the Seal of Solomon and as the Magen David, is the preeminent symbol of Cabalism, but other symbols, signs, and marks also hold the interest of cabalists, including the pentagram or pentacle, the triangle, the circle, the sun, the obelisk, the yoni, and the diamond.

It is believed by cabalistic rabbis that there are hidden codes and messages in the numbering of scriptural letters. It is also believed that by working the Cabala, the earth may someday be renovated, rebuilt, perfected. This, say the rabbis, will result in a perfect Jewish Kingdom, or Utopia on earth, ruled by a Cabalist Master, a Jewish leader, naturally.

This belief system of the coming of a Jewish Utopia fits in well with the teachings of the Illuminati. Lady Queensborough, quoting the Jewish authority Bernard Lazare, in the classic Occult Theocracy, reported that,

"There were Jews behind Weishaupt, founder of the Order of the Illuminati... Jewish financiers such as Daniel Itzig, Friedlander, Ceerfbeer, Benjamin and Abraham Goldsmid, Moses Mocatta, Veitesl Heine Ephram... also Moses Mendelsohn, Naphtali Wessely, Moses Hersheim..."16

David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of the newly formed nation of Israel, performs the First Sign of a Select Master Mason.

Ben Gurion, a dedicated Marxist/Leninist, was quoted as saying, "I am in favor of Bolshevism" (American Spectator, January, 1998). (Photos: Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry, p. 84; Israel, A Photobiography, by Micha Bar-Am, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1998)

This illustration from Mackey's Encyclopedia of Masonry dates the founding by Jews of the Royal Order of the Freemasons in Palestine at Anno Lucis 4037, or 37 AD.

Chart of Masonic emblems showing the many degrees published, distributed by a Jewish-owned jewelry firm.

An old English masonic manual. The words Orbis Miraculum mean "Magic Mirror."

Many in the Arab and Islamic world know that Zionism is racism and resent the United States' blind support of Israeli Zionist aggression. Fanatical Zionism has also led to Masonic excesses, Talmudic evil, and cabalistic magic by satanic Jews. (Photo: Reuters)

For many years, in Europe and Russia, reports of cabalistic blood ritual sacrifices of young Gentile girls and boys were commonplace.

While many were hype and based on old wives' tales, apparently at least some accounts proved to be true, as documented in this revealing book.

Some say the word and name of "Fox" has hidden, cabalistic significance. Numerologically, the letters FOX in the English alphabet equal the sum of 666.

Jesus once called Israel's King Herod, a murderous scheming man who embraced magic, "That old fox." Fox television network is owned by Rupert Murdock, an ardent Zionist.

Logo of the Israel international spy agency, the Mossad. The Mossad has a notorious reputation for skulduggery, deception, murder, and assassination.

Mossad agents commit many terrorist crimes and the Jewish-run media conveniently blame them on "Arab terrorists." Motto of Mossad and its logo is

"By Deception We Conduct War."

Cabala symbol (from book, Art and Symbols of the Occult, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont)

This front cover of book "Chaldean Magic" highlights the importance of the Star of David to occult ritual and magic.

The magic of the Cabala calls for many uses of the occultic star. Both the five pointed star and six-pointed star are used by Jewish magicians who work the Cabala formulas and rituals. An enduring cabalistic tale is that of the Golem. In medieval times, it was taught that by use of the magic word and by other means, an inanimate man made of clay or dust could be made to come alive.

A huge and powerful monster, or beast, the Golem would then do the magician's bidding. In 1920, the classic film Der Golem created a stir. Directed by Paul Wegener, Der Golem depicted the monster variously wearing either the five-pointed star with one point up (white magic) or two points up (satanic).

Also the six pointed Star of David played a part in the film's plot as a Jewish Rabbi, Rabbi Low, using the secret word "AemAct" brought life and breath into the artificial man.

In Der Golem, Rabbi Low employs the magic word and the pentagram star to bring life to the creature.

Der Golem's film crew used this drawing as a model.

This album was advertised in Christian Retailing magazine in February 2002, but the hand-sign of the person seems to be cabalistic.

Horror fiction novelist Stephen King with his hands in exactly the same, familiar position as that of Senator Schumer (right page).

Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Barak (left), U.S.A. President Bill Clinton (center), and PLO Chief Yasser Arafat each look down at their hands to make sure they get their masonic grips done correctly. Notice overlapping hands by Clinton. (Photo and article: Austin American-Statesman, November 3, 1999, p. A2)

Placing one hand, resembling horns, in the other symbolizes the idea that the person is entrusting his soul in care to the superior deity (Satan). Thus, he is submissive, playing down his own power and acknowledging a superior power which controls him.

In effect, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), ADL fanatic and avid Jewish Talmudist, greets "in-the-know" readers of Newsweek (December 28, 1998) with a cabalistic sign. The knowing look on Schumer's face is telling, isn't it?

Albert Nicholas, head of Wall Street's Nicholas Fund mutual stock firm, in Newsweek. (October 10, 1994, p. 52)

Rabbi Yehuda Getz, Chief Rabbi of all the holy places in Israel, holds his hands in the cabalistic pose. Rabbi Getz claims he knows where the Ark of the Covenant is hidden beneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu (right) with Knesset leader Milo (left). Notice Milo's hand sign. (The Jerusalem Report, August II, 1998, p. 15)

Profiled in the elitist Private Clubs magazine (May/June 2004), Kumar Malavalli, shown here apparently displaying the same hand sign as U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, is said to be a member of the Silicon Valley Capital Club.

Malavalli, a native of India, has founded multiple companies and has a portfolio of a dozen businesses.

Statesmen and Nobel laureates in Israel for a Shimon Peres Peace Center conference interlink hands masonically.

A beautifully staged Masonic production with each actor playing his role with adeptness as all form a symbol. (left ~ Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin; center ~ President Bill Clinton; right ~ PLO Chief Yasser Arafat)

The finger to the head like these indicates the elite's approval of the individual's intellect and fitness for office or promotion to the next level.

Drawing from an old masonic text.

Campaign rally for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (Photo: International Jerusalem Post, February 9,2001)

An excerpt from p. 42 of Richardson s Monitor of Freemasonry showing the Due Guard of the Mark Master in the Lodge.

Cabalistic Jews also have similar signs, some using one finger, others using two fingers to the head as is customarily the case in the Mark Master (4th) degree.

Malcolm X wears a ring of the Black Muslims while giving the Masonic sign.

Both Malcolm X and Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan were initiated into the 33rd degree of Prince Hall Freemasonry, an order exclusively made up of African ethnics.

Edgar Bronfman, Jr., son of billionaire Edgar Bronfman, Sr., head of the World Jewish Congress, is CEO of Seagram, the giant liquor and entertainment industry conglomerate. Seagram's logo is subtly placed on the wall and includes a white horse (shades of Revelation 6?) and other interesting features. (Photo: USA Today, December 14, 1998)

In Cabala, the Sacred Tree of the Sephiroth is claimed to represent the Cosmos, including God (male), his Shekinah (Anna, the Goddess/female), and the Kingdom of Zion. As shown here, the Foundation of all things is the male genitals, or the sex generative process. (Zolar's Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge, Arco Publishing, 1984)

Jewish comedian Jerry Seinfeld strikes a decidedly cabalistic pose. It is well-known in entertainment circles that Jerry Seinfeld ~ indeed, all of the performers on TV's popular Seinfeld sitcom-practice cabala magic and ritual.

According to Forbes magazine in 1998, Jerry Seinfeld made a whopping total of $225 million on the comedy circuit. And that's no joke! (Photo and article: Austin American-Statesman, September 9, 1998, p. A14)

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has gained a measure of fame for his national columns, his books (Kosher Sex), and for the fact that he once was a confidant and spiritual counselor and advisor to black superstar singer, Michael Jackson.

Here we see Rabbi Boteach in a pose familiar to practitioners of Cabala. (Photo and article: The International Jerusalem Post, December 28, 2001)

Ben Stiller, popular Jewish comedian and movie celebrity, in a cabalistic pose with his hands. His left hand folded on top over the left indicated Stiller follows the left-hand (dark) path.

On the opposite page, David Rockefeller gives notice he follows the right-hand path.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom lets insiders know he's one of them with this cabalistic hand/arms gesture. Newsom became the gay community's ultraliberal darling in 2003 by promoting gay marriages.

What San Fransisco has since become famous for.

Time magazine's editors go wild in this article, mentioning that the mayor is "simply adored," touting his many achievements, and insisting that publishers give him a "fat cat" contract to write a book. (Time, April 25, 2005)

The glossy magazine Town & Country selected David Rockefeller, Sr., President of Chase Manhattan Bank and founder of the Trilateral Commission, as "Our Generous American for 1995."

This full page photo, bearing no caption or explanation, was included in the magazine exactly as you see it. Occult experts and those knowledgeable of masonic and cabalistic signals will recognize the significance of Rockefeller's pose; also the "X" design cufflinks and the "diamond" designs of necktie.

Cabalists and members of many secret societies use "sacred geometry" to create designs and symbols of magical and occult power. This is the cover of one book on this subject.

Hundreds of books and texts on sacred geometry have been published over the centuries, from the days of Pythagoras.

The Hindu religion also is big on sacred geometry and cabalistic oriented measurements and architecture. This is a "plan" for a Hindu temple based on the diagram of the Perusha, or "Cosmic Man." The ancient Hindu architectural sutra (rule) proclaims that, "The whole universe is present in the Temple in the form of geometric proportion."

In the Hindu practice of Yoga, the participant bends and twists his or her body parts and limbs into specific forms symbolic of universal energies (Drawing from book, Sacred Geometry, by Robert Lawlor, Thames and Hudsen, London, 1989, p. 92)

Again we discover the comedy team from Seinfeld teaming up to present cabalistic messages.

Observe the V in Michael Richards' ("Kramer") leg and in Julia Louis-Dreyfuss' ("Elaine") arm; the circle that Richards makes with the fingers of his left hand, the "X" made by the intersecting hands and wrists of Richard and Louis-Dreyfuss; the descendant triangle sign of Jason Alexander's ("George") hands, and so on.

Sign of the Ram: 2004 Vice Presidential candidate, Senator Joseph Liebennan, a Jew, on the campaign trail. The placement of both hands downward to create the appearance of the two horns of a ram is a cabalistic sign often given by members of Middle Eastern Lodges, especially the Masonic lodges of Israel.

It is a sign of high rank and is said to invoke good fortune on the part of the user. The sign is often given publicly at the beginning, or commencement of a project to enhance success.

Promoter Sidney Shlenker, here giving the sign of the ram, was in the news back in 1992, Shlenker, a Jewish wheeler-dealer and owner of a professional basketball team, was co-builder of Memphis, Tennessee's massive new Great Pyramid of the Americas.

Newly chosen Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, successor to the late PLO Chief Yasser Arafat, gives the cabalistic sign with his hands to indicate expectation of success and to invoke good fortune.

It is thus apparent that Abbas is a servant to the Jewish Illuminati who only pretends to represent Palestinian interests. (U.S. News & World Report, January 10, 2005)

Four Middle Eastern leaders, all brother Masons, met in 1997 in so-called "peace negotiations."

From left to right: Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin, Jordan's King Hussein, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat. Mubarak is giving the cabalistic sign of the ram. (Photo: Mews From Israel, October 1997)

Israel's Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yisrael Lau clearly conveys a cabalistic message to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

In return Mubarak's left hand under his chin presents a Masonic message. (Photo: The Omega Times, New Zealand, January 1996, p. 7)

This picture of South African leader Nelson Mandela took up an entire page in Modern Maturity magazine in 2004. Modern Maturity is distributed by AARP, which some believe to be managed and run by a radical leftist/Zionist faction purporting to represent seniors.

In this picture, Mandela takes joy in presenting the double V (shin) sign of cabalism. Nelson Mandela became a Mason in 1994. He is a tool of the Rothschilds and the Oppenheimers.

Hindu Dance, Hindu Gods: The positions of Hundu classical dance (Bharat Natyatn) describe geometric angular relationships from the axis of the body's center of gravity just below the navel.

These positions, while defining principle angles, are also often attributed to various deities and are meant to convey their characteristic powers. (Drawing from book, Sacred Geometry, by Robert Lawlor, Thames and Hudsen, London,1989, p. 95)

The late Arthur Murray was called "America's Dancing Master," and so he was. A talented genius on the dance floor, Murray's real name was Arthur Teichman, Jewish of course.

From the era of the roaring 20s to today, a number of the fad dances were based on masonic and Jewish cabalistic rituals.

Anne Rice, writer of the popular "Vampire" series, giving an occult, cabalistic sign with her left-hand, partially concealed yet in front of all. Various occult symbols are on Rice's shirt.

Rice has made a significant contribution to the downward spiral of young people by glamorizing tormented black vampirism, an extremely seductive movement, glorifying the dark elements of life and death; then the whole movement took on a soul-devouring life of its own as it moved towards satanic imagery.

The statues of Mary give evidence of Rice's veneration of the Virgin in the form of the eternal pagan Goddess. (Photo: Associated Press in Austin American-Statesman, January 31, 2004, p. A2)

Chaim Potok, Hasidic Jewish writer and novelist, creates a headcovering of cabalistic magic.

This sign is also reminiscent of the fourth sign in the initiation for the Select Master's Degree (see Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry, p. 85). (Photo: Newsweek, August 5, 2002)





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    Nice discovering Noor.

  7. To those who slam this work and research, your ignorance is appalling but that is ok. It almost excuses your ignorance which oozes from your pores. The last I heard there was a thing called freedom of speech. Well, at least they tell us this until we say something that someone really doesn't like!

    Insults from "Anonymouse" means they do not have the cajones to speak without hiding behind a wall of invisibility. Usually it is used when they are hurling ignorance about.

    On these matters of which I wrote, I have done my homework. Have you? Or are you just repeating what you have been told is the truth? Are your eyes shut because reality frightens you?

    1. "Madonna admits her highly sexual performances have always been
      heavily laced with Masonic themes, symbols and ritual;
      the performance in which she kissed Britney Spears
      and Christina Aguilera was her time of moving up higher in the occult.
      That is when her name was changed to Esther.

      As I'm sure you know your research and analysis thereof is quite sound and if you want to know why "Esther"(19c) was chosen you must understand the number 19. My blog documents this number of the serpents of Dan and gives many examples of it's ritual use.

      Here are a few:

  8. Oh, what a coincidence, another muslim slamming Israel... huh....

    For all your claims of not simply regurgitating what the media feeds you, you do little to alter the persona of the stereotypical muslim that hates Israel. If you are as well-read and intelligent and open-minded as you say you indeed are, why do you close your mind so harshly, and mindlessly follow what your culture TELLS you to hate?

  9. Pssst Hannah!

    blah blah blah blah blah

    Just so you know, I am not Muslim. I am 10th generation French Canadian/Irish. There is nothing in there that is regurgitated. What I think of Israel is from purely a Canadian point of view. What I think of Israel comes from watching her actions. Studying her politicians.

    Besides, it takes no brains to figure out on one's own that Israel is a bully, a liar, a trouble maker, a stirrer upper of crap, greedy, dishonest, and ... well I am running out of the good things to say.

    And this has precious little with Jews so much as decency. There are MANY decent Jews in Israel, tons of them. But they are in the minority and silenced by your vile excuse for media. These are the ones who stand with Palestine against the cowardly military of Israel. You know, the ones who shoot children in the head for sport, or praying Muslims in the back. Hell only a sick country would venerate a mass murderer like Baruch, or listen to the crackpots known as Hassidic rabbis.

    But heck. Truth hurts... get a grip and look at things realistically. I am done with you now.

  10. finger up towards one's head is a popular sign among Muslims, I remember it from pictures of Chechnyan mujahedeen...

  11. Peter - Free Thinker3 April 2012 at 05:34

    I will be honest... I have read this all and kept an open mind wherever possible.
    As you stated we cannot believe what is told to us just because it is told to us by someone who claims to know what he is talking about.
    I will admit this though ... there is definitely something that the bulk of jews are doing as they are mostly powerful and wealthy. Also there has always been this stigma attached to them for as far back as i can remember to be honest... However though i am certain most of what you are saying has close ties to facts and that you have not just sat there and made this all up ... I also believe that you have been slightly blinded by your passion for the subject. some of what you say sounds soo true and honest and from the heart but then some of your writing just oozes with anger and hatred. i think that that is the reason for most of the bad comments. Your writing is good and your points proven however if you want more people to open up to your writing you have to accept that you write with too much aggression sometimes and it makes people think that instead of you being the intelligent well educated writer that your facts prove you are ... they think your a crazed jew hating radical.
    My personal opinion is that you have much passion for the subject and most of what you have said is probably fact, however i must do some of my own research before agreeing with all that you have said.

    Thank you for the read, was very informative and i can see that there was a large amount of effort behind it. The world needs people like you (whether they are jews, christians, moslims) it doesn't matter and good person is a good person regardless of religious standing, and people like you might just help that tiny bit to putting an end to the massive history of dictatorship that has been humanity. so that for once a simple man will not be judged by his religious standing but as a human and an individual with his own ideas, beliefs and morals.

    Thank you again. keep it up and speak out.

  12. YIANNI STASINOS27 May 2012 at 15:24

    Athens, May 27, 2012
    Dear Friends,
    As an initiation, universitary level,
    quality books I recomend you the:
    1. Neoplatonism and Jewish Thought, edited by Lenn E. Goodman, State University of N.Y. 1992, see specially pages 319 - 251 "Jewish Kabbalah and Platonism in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and 2. Mythmaking in the Biblical tradition, Slaying the Dragon, Bernard F. Batto, Ed. Westminster/John Knox Press, Louisville, KY, 1992.
    Yianni Stasinos

  13. Its all right to fight for the rights of palestinians, or jews, or irish people, or whatever. But to say kabbalah is evil, is like saying Jesus (a Kabbalist) is evil. Pure bulshit. Kabbalah deals with 2 things: LOVE and No-Ego. I post as anonymous because I was just doing a research about the Archangels for my magic practice and arrived at such a hot discussion:-) Good luck to all and believe not what is said is the first advice a kabbalist receives (believe not even your teachr of kbbalah!)

    1. You know little about Qabala as there's a left and right hand path; the left includes blood magic and it's being used almost monthly in AMerica, most recently against our children in school.

      Evidence is posted above, but here's a link to the easy to understand proof of blood rituals.

      1) Secrets of the 19, 13 and 14!

      2) Basic Ritual Murder Evidence

      From what you claim these numbers revealed are all 'coincidence' and now even non-Qabalists can see this simple ritual pattern.

  14. I think this peice was very informative, I have recently done some research on many satanic 'signs' or 'meanings'.. Since were all on the same page and reading up on this there are many (like the people listed on this page) celebrities who show the satanic symbols, some of wich are very much famous today. - yes i understand the other comments, i do agree that some images provided on this page may not be as they seem.
    you failed to give us some reaserch that you may have found out about some music played backwards that give out satanic messages, or why the media promotes such devil creatures like vampires.
    im 20, i love all vampire stuff, but i want to understand why too the word seems to be infected with persistent satanic septors.
    i dont know much about religion so i cant comment on that side of things, but ive taken it in with a pinch of salt.. i beleive there is something out there, weather there are many beleivers of this or not, many people moaning about religious accusations.. they should get over themselves, we should all be taking something in of this.. not all, just enough.

  15. Hi Kellie.

    THanks for dropping by and reading!

    About back masking or whatever it is called in music. I am very aware of this aspect of music. The Zep has some of the best examples around.

    However, this was already a long piece just with the imagery and spiritual focus and there is only so much one can tackle at one go.

    Regarding the popularity of vampirism. I have my own spiritual take on the whole movement but it is just one of my deep instincts, nothing I can say I read anywhere else but it does involve spiritual parasitism and the sucking of life forces which the Zionist entity is doing to the lifeblood of our planet today....

    It is also a sad type movement, one that attaches itself to the souls of the participants and in come cases that can become very problematic. It is a slippery slope to depression .... a dark beckoning intriguing dark road.

    Sadness is integral to robbing humanity of its joy in life.... all part of the spiritual war being waged against us constantly on every level of existence. Without being ridiculous, being positive is our route to survival, however we approach it.

    What I say has little to do with organized religion and much with personal spiritual health experience and is only my humble opinion.

  16. Hi there, THANK YOU for your interesting hard working research you have performed. I applaud your hard work. I was brought here because I have been noticing hand signals from presidents right before they start speaking. Ive noticed their satanic hand signals as well and thought there was meaning behind it which there is, and you have given me some pretty good clarity and helped me open my eyes. I am amazed that the bible talks a lot about this stuff, giving us insight as to why jesus was scorning these people, telling them to stop their wickedness and witchcraft. I didn't know the extent of what he was talking about but now I do. it also explains why these world dominating people's hate jesus and Christianity. they are purely satanic, hateful, and racist people's.

    1. Thank you so much Seda. I hope you are reading along with The Curse of Canaan by Eustace Mullins that I am slowly posting chapter by chapter. This is an amazingly historically mind altering book by a great historian.

      It is so wonderful to get a note from a reader like you! Sometimes you wonder if you are helping anyone... but you put it out there in hopes that you have planted at least one mustard seed in fertile ground. That is why I do it anyhow.... it is all for knowledge and love, the main ingredients needed to conquer the beast... (along with some good old fashioned righteous anger!)

  17. There is something called the ratchet effect (conformational bias)

    If you strongly believe something is so, you will constantly find "evidence" everywhere to support it.

    All you are really doing, is reinforcing your world view - it is not true engagement with the facts, but looking at facts through your own presuppositions and mental filters.

    Very few people are capable of removing their filters and seeing the real facts.

    You have mentioned the "blood libel" the story of Jews using the blood of gentile children for their ceremonies.

    This is not reporting fact - it is repeating slander.

    By repeating this (although putting in a disclaimer) you are actually reinforcing the lie

    People will read the piece and associate satanic blood sacrifice with the Jews - no one will pay any attention to the disclaimer

    You are reinforcing every negative stereotype about the Jews

    Not one mention of their advances in medicine and science, their setting up of hospitals in disaster areas, their treatment of Arabs from Gaza in their hospitals

    Nothing good about the Jews, just more and more blackening their character.

    I suggest you go to Israel, talk to the IDF, talk to the Doctors, talk to the politicians

    Learn the reality and step outside of you anti-jew world view for a little while, and stop repeating slander as if it is truth

    1. "You have mentioned the "blood libel" the story of Jews using the blood of gentile children for their ceremonies." This is not reporting fact - it is repeating slander.

      You're a lying sack of you know what! How dare you slander these surviving warrior and very Jewish children that, at least get to survive as the Socino, aka Babylonian Talmud says nothing about it being "ok to treat them as meat!"

      See also evidence in "Ritual Murder Revisited" and yours truly broke the Johnny Gosch Brands here:

      Here's the rest of the story of the Phoenician thieves who, could not even create unique artworks and stole the designs of others; to have Prime Creator's gifts requires a heart and selflessness, not exactly kosher!

      They gave you your 'chosen one glory' stolen from the 'white unicorns' and their Dragons Paw in what is now SRI LANKA! When was the last time you saw a three toed lion FOOL?

      They even cut the Indus religions and created their 'chosen ones' Brahman 'gods' who have the same physiotypes and psycho-pathologies as the other "chosen ones"; they too are Phoenicians!

  18. Dr. Crow, ty for stopping by and taking time to comment. I am fully aware of the "ratchet affect" and am not too concerned about negatively stereotyping our dear friends. They do all of that and more all by their dear little selves without any help from anyone. And I do laugh at the comment about their generous treatment of Arabs who are in most cases ill because of Israeli actions! Here is an old quote from my collection that answers you perfectly re Gaza.

    "There is no single fixed method for murder and not even for genocide. The author Y. L. Peretz wrote about "the righteous cat" that does not spill blood, but only suffocates. The government of Israel, using the military and its instruments of destruction, is not only spilling blood, but it is also suffocating. ... Of course, with our self-righteousness, with our self-adoration in our "Jewish ethics" we make sure to advertise how beautifully the doctors take care of Palestinian victims in the hospitals. We do not advertise how many of those are executed in cold blood in their own homes or how we destroyed their own hospitals. Therefore, it is not yet genocide of the terrible and unique style of which we were past victims. And as one of the smart Generals told me, we do not have crematoria and gas chambers. Is anything less than that consistent with Jewish ethics? Did he ever hear how an entire people said that it did not know what was done in its name?“- Shulamit Aloni"

    As I said, their own actions do a great job of darkening them. They damn themselves accordingly.

    1. Well said and of course speaking of their vast Masonic crime networkS is "antisemitic" NOT the actions of this cult.

  19. As Christians it is our duty to continually expose the darkness. It is everywhere and has even infultrated some of the most respected churches. Many pastors are selling out to the devil for money and fame. As predicted by Christ himself that there will be many ravenous wolves in sheeps clothing in the last days preaching doctrines of demons. Stay close to the Lord. Turn off the TV including TBN and other so called christian chanels. You dont need them Jesus wants to you to walk with him personally, NO ONE CAN BE TRUSTED NOT EVEN PEOPLE WHO CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS. There is a great apostacy (turning away from the truth). Jesus said that straight and narrow is the road to eternal life and there are few that find it. Dont be decieved the Gospel is simple Evil people are sinners and Christs people are holy. God is called you to live HOLY. Dont be decieved by the ULTRA GRACE GOSPEL that implies and SUUGESTS that you can sin and still see God, NEVER, God bless you all that love Christ and to our dark enemies your days are numbered and the lake of fire waits for you for eternity.

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  21. God please forgive me if I makes false statements in the following, and know that I did not intend to falsely state anything if to be false. Amen. Let me quickly ask: who knows the REAL name of God? And his son our Messiah? Now I am not a Christian nor am I a Jew, in fact the jewish religion is bad news I agree. But the way I believe and how I believe is something you would hardly find elsewhere. But I do believe in the God the Christians believe in. I also pray ti Him only. Read his holy word. BUT, I do not go to church as it is filled with lies such as the only way to go to heaven is to believe which is untrue. The only way you would ever have a chance at entering eternal life in heaven, would be to love your nearest as yourself including your enemies (most believe this involves all of mankind, I however believes it is my nation only). Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your might, and all your mind. Live by HIS rules and law and will. Be reborn in the holy spirit. You need to turn to Him (not once and think "oh okay I did it so ii don't have to worry about it anymore, I already told him to take my soul and mould me according his will") you need to turn to Him as frequently as possible, you need to pray by His name (although I believe that those who don't know His holy NAME won't go lost, but if you do know, what excuse do you have? And ask in the name of our messiah. Have faith in Him, trust Him, believe in Him, let Him guide you where he wants to take you. And the biggest and most important of all is to not fear the unholy, and to live in fear of HIS NAME (you must fear the name of God) .

  22. Now before I tell you the holy names I need to add that the letter "J" only came into the english alphabet about 500 years ago. Also I would advise you to do good research on the romanian gods which includes "hesus" and "krishna". Also what is stated above in the article doesn't apply solely to the gesture alone, but to what you imply through it and it only means something if you want it to mean something or if you do know the meaning of it. So guess you don't have an excuse anymore. But randomness is innocent. Also if you state that you believe in God, what God? What is His name? There are so many "gods" out there, which one do you believe in? Now we believe that using the name "Jesus" is unholy. So what are the real name of God and Jesus? The real name of God is Yahweh. This is not present in modern biblical literature, but only in historical ones. What does the name Yahweh mean? Yahweh is famous for the "I am" interaction with Moses in Ex. 3 which indicates that God has always existed and always will. Also it gives us an understanding of who Yahweh is. In historical years a name of a person indicated who that person is. So if Yahweh means "I am" it indicates that He is the one, the one and only God. In Ex. 3 Moses also asks God "whom must I say has sent me?" and God replied I AM that I AM... you must say this to the israelites, I AM has sent me to you." However it would be awkward to say "I AM has sent me to you." So God rephrases and says: "tell them that 'HE IS' has sent you.". The significance of the name Yahweh is that it is confirming God's existence and presence. God is always there, He is ever present. Now what is the real name of Jesus? The real name of Jesus is Yahshua and the meaning of Yahshua is: "He is holy" meaning Yahweh is holy. So god took all the honour, the holiness, power and grace fullness of his name (Yahweh) and poured it into the name of our Messiah (Yahshua). Now I do agree with most of the above article, and just like you I am against witchcraft (actually its one of the things I despise the most), satanic rituals and the wicked way of the Jews because thanx to them we are being slaughtered one by one in our country just for possessing a white skin. Contra-indicated 'names' include: yeshua, yashua, yehshua, yaweh, yawe and to most evil one is jahova. These should never be used. During the intertestimental time of Israel (about 500 BC) the jews became very concerned about not balspheming the name of the Lord. So instead of using Yahweh the started using Elohim which means god. However this did not solve the problem so they the changed it to adonay which means Lord. This also didn't solve it either and they changed it to the consonants of Yahweh which is YHWH. Thus in the middle ages scholars began to read YHWH along with the vowels of adoney thus forming the word jahova which has no reference to God whatsoever. The main reason for changing His name is because they believed it was to holy to use (in those years, now they won't want this either because it would ruin their plans to be believed in as god and thus creating a one world religion). But we must understand that yes the name is extremely holy, but it is very important to use it in the correct way. Using the name without addressing God directly or referring to Him in a fact based argument or conversation is wrong. But when it comes to prayer and addressing Him directly it is very important to use His name. The sam with our Messiah. Hope you do understand what I mean. I have to say nice job on the article above, but just keep in mind that using those hand gestures only has a meaning when you want it to mean something and if you know the meaning of it. But for most of the above I agree with you 100 % :)

  23. I also have to agree on the comment posted on January 11th. Not all christians or believers in God are holy, you have to live holy and accordingly. Well said there. The previous 2 comments posted on this date regarding the names of our Lord and Messiah was posted by me. Just so no one gets confused.

  24. Also it is believed that the name Yahweh derived from the Aramaic word 'HAWA'... so don't confuse it from deriving from YHWH. Although YHWH is used by people believing the way I do just because it is pronounced in the way 'Yahweh' is pronounced.. so using YHWH in in such way does have positive qualities, but thanks to jews using it wrong has negative unholy qualities thus I do prefer not to use it.

  25. You seem to be very well self-educated on this and I hope you'll excuse my first post which was more than a little vitriolic due to having been attacked with that "blood libel" LIE more than once by these liars! I too have researched this deep into the rabbiT hole and know what you say is fact.

    1) Do you know where that term Rabbit Hole derives? Have you seen the Medieval Evil Rabbits ?

    2) We're NOW in 'Final-Evil', about to cross the 'finish line', and that's what the Boston Bombing Cabala Rituals were about.

    FIRST in Hebrew sequence, lineup of major religions, in sequence of birth, with proper color jersey, RtoL, at finish line: here w/almost dead 'White Unicorn'!

    SECOND by runner's finishing sequence showing how Phoenicians, aka Hebrews, took over ALL religions long ago, which I knew and can otherwise corroborate! This blew my mind: Showing Erased 'White Unicorn' logo and physical sequence of runners

    3) See so-called Showing so-called Masonic Lions Paw
    , it's far older than we're told and those are Dragons Toes! Lions have four toes, not three!)

    I'd love to get your take on this mind blowing discovery, for two reasons: one is because of my fear others have not the eyes due to my deep knowledge assuming they'll see and two to help get eyeballs via a 'reblog' or other vehicle you might know.

    I'm now 100% certain they're planning the final extermination of the white gentile race! (Begun a long time ago and most recently in Russia, Europe and Armenia! We, the UK and Sweden are next on their menu!)

    Their plans for extermination put in your face 3+ times! (Orange is the New Black also ties in perfectly with the symbols and it IS a "Jewish thing", as you know!)

    My blog was just setup and I'm hoping to find someone to help get more eyeballs on this as SLIMES at Google censored the hell out of my video channel greatly limiting the eyeballs! (By de-listing the vids/tags!)

  26. THANK YOU FOR THE POST!! YOU AND THE WORK YOU DO IS NECESSARY!! Keep exposing the plans and schemes of the Devil!! JESUS CHRIST IS LORD AND HE IS WORTHY AND DESERVING OF ALLLL GLORY HONOUR AND PRAISE!! We are only given insight and knowledge to educate and enlighten the nations!! Thank you again GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES!!

  27. I started praising the name yahweh listening to these idiot Hebraic teachers and a firey serpent showed up. There was an evil presence. Called on Jesus and it disappeared. They are trying to bring this witchcraft into the church under the false pretense that it is Hebrew roots."

    1. See my other comment just before this one to understand the zAyin-ist and sAYin-ist serpentS; it's about AYin worship/magic; they're 'devils', aka demons.

      See "Qabala 26 AYin" for their 'gawds', aka LAMS of Crowley fame who are quite powerful as many demons are!

    2. I'd LOVE to have tea/coffee with you as you're one smart lady who does very good work! Thanks for that!

      Two books you must read are by Geoffry Higgins: Anacalypsis and The Celtic Druids; the latter corroborates "The Arctic home of the Vedas"; the door to the Stonehenge temple was facing North-East.

      The people came to them in the same direction they came to the people! (The holy texts came from THEM not the Jews who hacked them into pieces and added their pedophile crap!)

  28. Israel is merely the 'hand of the King', as are we! (Disposable "PiRats")

    Very important information accumulated here:

    Jewish ritual symbology for Goyim.

    Italians are Jews!

    Jewish (Cohen) Whistleblower of inner sinagogue!

    Here are KEY books that were good and short:
    Jewish Fifth Column

    My latest vain attempt to get so-called "law enforcement" to move on these qabalist pedophile child/organ selling bastards from hell that are our cali-whacker senators/governors!
    You think I'm joking? See Pelosi Demands California dissident's children as collateral for a ONE-WAY (JFK?) passport to Dallas!

    International Google (pronounced Joo-Gall) Racketeering, Pedophile and Theft Ring!

    These bastards from HELL threaten my children and just murdered "Benji" my Shepard over these: I'm rather perturbed and 'cannot take this anymore!"

    IDES of November!

    Note Swedish/UK flag falling at their fav:9/11!
    NOT coincidence!
    Their US/Euro plan put in your face 3 times: demonic 'jews' Hate white goyim!

    Backup this comment as Joogall is deleting my comments: see Aaingirfan blog!

    If the audio is messed with or the channel is deleted by Joogall see "Ides of November" folder here:

    Love/Regards from Cal/USA,

  29. Thanks for this article, not many people have the guts to put truth like this out there. They have more fear of man than of God. Regarding FOX News and the 20th Century Fox logo, I am sure it is also related to King Herod, whom Jesus called, that old Fox, and who was the first to behead a Christian Martyr, John the Baptist for his outspokenness against Herod and the wickedness of the whole corrupt Jewish/Temple system at that time. Nothing new under the sun!

  30. have you read the guide for the perplexed?


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