Tuesday 19 April 2022


I hope this find you all in good shape, as best as can be expected in these times. Gonna keep this short.

Please accept my apologies for simply disappearing, dear readers. However I hit the tipping point when beginning last weekend's post. I was working away and my paintshop stopped working. That was just the proverbial straw to that camel's back. Suddenly there was no juice left. Put it down and have not paid much attention to anything political since then. 

Add to that my vocabulary seems to be disappearing on me. Finding words has become much more difficult these past few months. I find this to be extremely bothersome. 

This is a much needed hiatus, the depression of dealing with this material can be very real. My sorrow at the situation of the world is real. Ennui has me in its grip; who cares if the dishes pile up? Tired of the political confusion everywhere. As are we all, I know. 

Not done yet, just gone off on a fishing trip. Be back soon. This work means too much for me to stop but there is thinking to be done on a few things. Could be a week, could be a month. But it ain't over.

Stay well. 

Friday 8 April 2022


One ticked off house wolf.

This sums things up perfectly.

Tight spaces have always bothered me. Cats are fearless.

Possible Apocalyptic future?
Canadian politicians in sync.
Interior of a Victorian carriage.

This is very telling.
Reset bros Trudeau and Zelenskyy
Meanwhile CTV is doing a heavily advertised special on this issue. From what I have seen, this article will be pushing the agenda. No surprises there. CANADA TO OFFER MEDICALLY ASSISTED DEATH TO THE MENTALLY ILL.

No shoes. No class. But certainly believes herself to be all that and ten bags of chips.

Yes, these folks still roam freely among us.

I know! Let's offer them Universal Income!

Sorry folks. WEF again.


This winding road. This destination.

The pug. Why did they smush in the snout of a perfectly handsome dog?

Just like they did for the Great Depression my parents grew up in...

I wonder if, in his mind, Big Mama and Cornpop are friends. Joe made up another story the other day. He has never driven a rig!

There is a snow leopard hunting these goats. He is not far from them at all so he must be upwind.


Tobacco. Natural. The old fashioned way.
He looked so lost at this event. No tears shed.

Upside down or not, it seems she is not into whatever is on his mind as he casually drapes his wing around her shoulders.

Yea, nay or meh?

Eighteen and able to drink. The scariest photo of the week. Is it just me or are those eyes absolutely frightening? Such a blank expressionless face.

Funniest joke of the week IMHO.

Snow bunnies in strange knitwear.

The last time they did this, the CIA was very upset.
They did this in Nova Scotia, Canada, last autumn. They placed them primarily in grade schools.

Gathering psychedelic honey in Nepal. Mad honeyis produced by bees who feed on specific species of rhododendron plants, which grow in mountainous regions like those surrounding the Black Sea. People have used mad honey for centuries for recreational, medicinal, and military purposes. Low doses cause euphoria and lightheadedness, while high doses cause hallucinations and, in rare cases, death. Mad honey is still harvested and sold today, though it's illegal in some nations.

A lot of names missing. Rockefeller. Rothschild. The Vatican. The Queen. Members of the Black Nobility. Where is Larry Fink? I still don't understand how Musk is up there.



The perfect short rib.

My older girl was a major tomboy. She just wore shorts beneath her skirts and did whatever she wanted. In high school she was always bringing home groups of boys to study with ~ calculus as they blasted Nirvana. She played with boys' spacial toys, building things. But she never thought she was anything other than a sporty girl who liked the way boys approached the maths. She is not a girly girl, but she certainly is feminine. But thank goodness this was before all this nonsense began.

The exquisite Prairie Smoke Flower. It is on my bucket list to see, smell, touch one of these beauties.

Yea or Nay? I could do without the face tats myself...

Explicit content. Warning.

'What you starin' at, eh?'

One of the happiest men on earth. This is living. This is life.

Will paid a high price for this stunt.

Raw tuna on the menu.

The smell of napalm in the morning..

Do you remember these Zeller's booths? Next week I will bring you the menu.

If only it were this simple....

Consider Kyle Rittenhouse. Compare. White privilege?

Back to Venice. A gondola manufacturer.

Antediluvian. The Subsiding of the Waters. Thomas Cole.

It does not sound all that horrible. But that tar was very hot and removal of both tar and feathers was not only painful but often next to impossible.

Zelenskyy is starting to look strained. He also looks as if Trudeau has been giving him acting lessons.

Ogden Point in Victoria, a very popular walkway exactly a kilometer long. I have seen some pretty amazing things there. My favourite was a seal digging a huge octopus, piece by piece, from beneath some rocks. I stood directly overhead to watch. People fish and scuba dive all along the way.

So happy to share them with my students!

Have a good week my darlings.