Tuesday 19 April 2022


I hope this find you all in good shape, as best as can be expected in these times. Gonna keep this short.

Please accept my apologies for simply disappearing, dear readers. However I hit the tipping point when beginning last weekend's post. I was working away and my paintshop stopped working. That was just the proverbial straw to that camel's back. Suddenly there was no juice left. Put it down and have not paid much attention to anything political since then. 

Add to that my vocabulary seems to be disappearing on me. Finding words has become much more difficult these past few months. I find this to be extremely bothersome. 

This is a much needed hiatus, the depression of dealing with this material can be very real. My sorrow at the situation of the world is real. Ennui has me in its grip; who cares if the dishes pile up? Tired of the political confusion everywhere. As are we all, I know. 

Not done yet, just gone off on a fishing trip. Be back soon. This work means too much for me to stop but there is thinking to be done on a few things. Could be a week, could be a month. But it ain't over.

Stay well. 


  1. Oh, so glad nothing terrible has happened. Be well, my friend, and rest. We all need a break sometime.

  2. Hi Noor,

    No worries, everyone needs a break from all the BS that's going on in the world, and the lies politicians feed us daily, in Canada, the USA and Europe. We're at war with politicians who used to be elected, but are now selected. Traitors to the western world.
    I don't want the job, but maybe you could/should train someone to take over for you from time to time?
    Take care :) And no sleeping with the fishes...


  3. I empathize with you, what is the word for a complete stranger who feels like a friend/twin soul, I don't know. Turn it off, its necessary for your mental health. Really happy you are well.

  4. Just want you to know that I start anticipating your website by Wednesday, as possibly the highlight of the week! That is why we all feel so lost and depleted when it is not there, new in all its freshness and delight, each Saturday a.m.! Stay well, many blessings, and keep the faith! Father God, please bless this wonderful woman with renewed faith, vim and vigor for the fight! Recharge all her batteries and bring her back to us all better than ever, restored and strengthened. It is in Christ's Name we pray, amen and amen!

  5. Happy to know that you're allocating time to refresh,
    You are greatly appreciated and loved,

  6. I stopped by this way again just recently Noor. It is a delight and an inspiration for me to see you still having such a great site with such fantastic dedication & input.

    Would you believe that my last post here was Dec 2012? I ‘went fishing’ just over 10 years ago and almost to the anniversary day recently I found the need once more to join the conversation.

    As the Aussies say – sometimes you just need to go walk-about wherever it takes you.

    I seem to remember a lovely photo and a tiny wee one on your lap. Tiny no more I’m sure.

    May God bless and come back if you are ready.

  7. Just glad to know you're OK. Looking forward to your return.

  8. Hi Noor,
    Thanks for letting us know and hopefully you get some rest. Sometimes you have to detach yourself from all this insanity going on. I wish you can recharge your battery and really appreciate all your work and postings in the past!
    Take good care, Charlie

  9. I'd say that kingfisher has bitten off more than he can chew!

    1. Usually, it's the pikes that bite off more than they can chew...

  10. best wishes and enjoy your time to the fullest

  11. Find your Zen, Noor! Peace!

  12. Ennui is cured by fishing, be safe and I'm glad i found your blog and hope, yet don't press, to find you here again.

  13. Recharge the batteries, happy fishing!

  14. You rest up as long as you need to. But, please come back. We need you.

  15. We are so grateful for service you provide to the world. Get some rest....

  16. Noor, glad you are OK. We don't realize the full value of what you do until it is not available. Snip/snap is the first website I visit every Saturday morning at 7am. Last week was a wake-up call


  17. Completely empathise Noor. Took the week off, just had enough of everything. Did jobs that my wife had wanting doing for a while.
    Keep well, come back when your ready, we will be waiting.

  18. Thanks Noor!!!

    So glad to see that you are ok. Get some rest, and recharge a bit. Us internet folks will always be here, demanding you entertain us, so DO NOT think you are letting us down. If you can come back we'll be happy to see you. If you cannot, then just let us know that you are ok every once in a while. God bless you.

  19. Hang in there, Snips. We love you and, of course, need you. Love, Nick

  20. Noor, come back, honey! We need You and Your great comments. Be save, be well.

  21. Hello...62 year old...in Texas...I will help? What can I do? Semi-retired half of my life...seek truth in all things...your site has been a weekly spot for me for many years...it should never go away. William

  22. Hello...maybe I can help? Your site is a weekly "must have" for me...truth and freedom should never die. The power of "the words" have evolved into the power of the meme! hausmannwilliam777@gmail.com William

  23. Thanks for all your posts. Look after yourself, and take all the time you need to recharge.

  24. You can take a break but never give up!

  25. Hi Noor: Miss your posts here and on Twitter. Nobody knows the difficulty you're dealing with as well as I do, so I understand why you need to take a break. Looking forward to seeing you back soon. Some good things are going on, gc

  26. PLEASE come back soonest!!!!
    Hi Noor,
    Hope you're enjoying your fishing time, you well deserve it.
    But it's time that you come back soon!! Like now!! Immediately!!!
    We miss you, terribly! We greatly miss the witty, intelligent, insightful, and tremendously topical and highly relevant postings that we regale in reading every (almost ;-)) Saturday morning.
    We are suffering severe withdrawal symptoms! Really severe! Intense!!!
    PLEASE come back now! PLEASE!!!
    Your faithful reader and sincere fan in La Belle Provence,
    Fifty Guitars
    P.S. - Please forgive the histrionics and immoderate exhortations...we really want to read you again soonest. Come back soon, please, please please!!! We beg you. ;-))

  27. Take care old girl (from another old girl)


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