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A beautifully fitting tribute for a great man. It almost captures his shining spirit, but most certainly his smile. And his goodness.

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by Ghali Hassan

Global Research, February 7, 2006

"We are being challenged by Islam these years - globally as well as locally. It is a challenge we have to take seriously. We have let this issue float about for too long because we are tolerant and lazy. We have to show our opposition to Islam and we have to, at times, run the risk of having unflattering labels placed on us because there are some things for which we should display no tolerance. And when we are tolerant, we must know whether it is because of convenience or conviction”. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, 15 April 2005.

Tolerance is a falsehood often pronounced with difficulty in Western societies. Small countries such as Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, and Norway are leading the pack in the war on Muslims at home, and may be on the road to encouraging a new Holocaust against humanity.

While these countries are part of the US-led coalition, which is responsible for the mass murder of Iraqis, they have also introduced discriminate and draconian immigration laws which are specifically directed against Muslims fleeing war and economic hardship. The pretexts are always the phantom of the “War on Terror”.

Historically, Muslims have been at the receiving end of Western-Christian violence for centuries. Following the 9/11 attack on the USA, Western Europe joined the US in its anti-Muslim crusade: “We are all Americans now” united against Muslims. In this context, 9/11 is used to legitimize a new form of Western-Christian fascism. Media pundits such as Christopher Hitchens and Daniele Pipes, who support the anti-Muslim ideology, are springing up like mushrooms all over the Western world. Using the cliché of “free speech”, they are fuelling a vicious and violent war against Muslims around the world.

The recent blasphemous images of Prophet Mohammed are nothing more than a campaign which promotes racism and violence.

Islam is a peaceful religion, and Muslims are not “terrorists”. The insult to Prophet Mohammed, who is revered by over a billion people around the world, has nothing to do with “free speech”. Had the Danish cartoonist shown instead George Bush and Tony Blair slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi women and children, he would have had lost his job by now and would be condemned by the same people who are barking about “free speech”. Would any newspaper in Europe dare to discuss Europe’s strict censorship laws of discussing the Holocaust?

Barely a month ago, in early January 2006, Flemming Rose, the “cultural” editor of the Danish Jyllands-Posten (J-P), the newspaper that published the blasphemous cartoons, told Dan Bilefsky of the International Herald Tribune, that, “he would not publish a cartoon of Ariel Sharon strangling a Palestinian baby, since that could be construed as ‘racist’”. In the past, J-P has also refused to run drawings lampooning Jesus Christ submitted in April 2003 by Danish illustrator Christoffer Zieler, because they were “offensive, not funny”. Zieler was also advised by the editor, Jens Kaiser: “I don't think Jyllands-Posten's readers will enjoy the drawings. As a matter of fact, I think that they will provoke an outcry. Therefore, I will not use them”. (The Guardian, 06/02/2006). It is “free speech” only if Westerners agree, otherwise, it is “offensive” or “anti-Semitism”.

The Danish Far Right Party (Dansk Folkeparti) is the country’s third biggest party and underpins a hard-line centre-right coalition government claimed that Muslims are secretly planning to takeover Denmark. Although Muslims make about 2 per cent of the Danish population, one in four Danes have been brainwashed by their opportunist monarchs, politicians and the media to seriously believe that there will one day be “more Muslims” in Denmark than non-Muslims.

The 2005 report of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF) on ‘Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims in the EU’ found that attacks on Muslims have markedly increased recently. Muslims in Sweden, Denmark and Austria are encountering difficult barriers. In Sweden, Muslims are advised to change their names to “Swedish- sounding ones” to increase their chance of employment. According to the report, 64 per cent of Muslims interviewed in Britain said that they were “unfairly targeted by counter-terrorism policies”. In Denmark and Austria, the report reveals, Muslim women wearing headscarves are less likely to find work or pursue education. In Sweden, rightwing parties warn of a “Muslim invasion”. Other Europeans such as Belgium, Holland, France, Italy and Spain are also contaminated with far right groups and anti-Muslims parties.

In Belgium, the country which has one of the “most vicious and inhuman of all colonial histories”, the far right Party (The Vlaams Blok or Belang) dominate local politics, with an agenda to repatriate all people of colour to their countries of origin. One of its prominent leaders, Filip Dewinter, told the BBC recently; “When I see Muslim culture I think that our culture is superior. Our values, our way of life are superior and we have to say so. I don't think the way of life of Muslims is compatible with our way of life”. Muslim is our enemy, is the new European anti-Semitism motto.

In the “liberal-minded” Netherlands, famous for its brutal and violent colonial history, racism is becoming part of Dutch values. Muslims have become targets of religiously motivated attacks. After the killing of an anti-Muslim fanatic and unknown Dutch film maker, Theo van Gogh, allegedly by a Dutch Muslim of African origin, after making the obscene film about Islam, the Netherlands erupted in anti-Muslim racism. The death of a Muslims-hater is used to justify much uglier crimes. Islamic schools and Mosques were bombed and set on fire. Muslim women were attacked throughout Holland. The rightwing Dutch government is embarking on anti-Muslim legislation to crack down on immigration and close-down “suspected” Mosques, and give police power to arrest people of Muslim faith. Although Muslims make up about one million (6%) of the Dutch population, former EU Commissioner Frits Bolkestein, said recently; “The most common first name registered at birth these days in Amsterdam is Mohammed. This, they say, is the Europe-to-be”.

In France, the situation is not much different. The French can be proud of their well-known anti-Muslims and anti-Arabs hatred. President Jacques Chirac has adopted Jean Marie Le Pen extremist and anti-Muslims policy, which has increased violence against Muslims and denying Muslim women the right to education and employment. According to the IHF report, the French Front National (an offshoot of fascism), stated publicly that France's Muslims “share an allegiance to a wider community of believers that threatens national sovereignty”. Even Muslims, who were born in France, have no standing in the ideals of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, and the plague is spreading to neighbouring countries.

The new German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, compared Islam with the “rise of fascism”. The East German politician who was selected to solve Germany’s unemployment and other social ills seems to find the war on Muslims a much easier issue.

Thousands of Muslims have been arrested and screened by German police only because of “their profiles have matched basic criteria, including an affiliation with Islam”, reveals the IHF report. The German state of Baden-Wurttemberg has enacted what is called the “Muslim test”, in which Muslim applicants for citizenship are asked about their views on September 11, gay relationships and whether their teenage daughters are allowed to attend swimming classes. Can you imagine all Germans (in Baden-Wurttemberg) have exactly the same opinion on all three? “I am afraid we have not learned from our history. My main fear is that what we did to Jews we may now do to Muslims. The next holocaust would be against Muslims”, Dr. Wolfram Richter, professor of economics at the University of Dortmund told Ziauddin Sardar of New Statesman magazine in Britain. It has always been easier to use crimes in order to commit even greater crimes.

Finally, in Australia, the draconian “anti-terror” laws are designed specifically to victimize Muslims. Indeed, young Muslim men have been thrown in Guantanamo-like prisons not because they committed crimes, but because they are Muslims. Some companies have closed their employment’s doors to Muslim Australians and migrants from Muslim backgrounds. In addition, the army of commentators in the Australian media – one of the most controlled in the world – are accusing the police of “softly” treating Australians of the Middle Eastern backgrounds. This deliberate falsehood is designed not only to discredit the Police, but also to increase injustice and violence against Muslims.

The IHF report’s director, Aaron Rhodes warned that; “these developments threaten to undermine positive efforts at integration and further increase the vulnerability of Muslims to human rights violations and marginalization”. Hence the IHF report recommends that all EU governments “enhance efforts to prosecute and punish discriminatory and violent acts”. However, the warning may fall on deaf ears. As Sardar writes; “Even among individuals with more relaxed attitudes to interracial relationships, racism is unashamed and upfront”. The governments may be pouring fuel on fire.

To clarify one thing that seemed to be missed by most Westerners, Muslims are not ignorant of Western cultures, or Christianity, which is never part of Western civilization any way. Jesus wasn’t born in Denmark or Norway. The fact, that many Muslims are studying in Western and American universities and many Muslims adopted segments of Western popular culture is proof of Muslims acceptability. This misunderstanding of Muslim societies, which suffered greatly under Western imperialism, is embedded in the West's ignorance and imagined superiority, which continue today.

As vassals of U.S. imperialism, these small European nations such as Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands are using their deceptive position of “neutral countries” to commit gross crimes around the world. From Palestine to Iraq and Afghanistan, their armies are complicit in U.S. war crimes against defenseless peoples. In addition, they are participants in U.S. “War on Terror” and in U.S. “rendition” policy – the policy of kidnapping and covertly delivering an individual or individuals for interrogation and torture in undisclosed location or country.

For example, Norway is credited with the Oslo “Peace Process”, the “fig-leaf for the ongoing colonization of the West Bank and Gaza Strip”, and the destruction of Palestine. Indeed, the Oslo ”Peace Process” allowed Israel to confiscate over 50 per cent of the West Bank and constructed dozens of Jewish-only colonies for Talmudic extremist fanatics.

The Netherlands, is leading the way in “building democracy” and terrorizing the people of Afghanistan. Denmark with 530 soldiers is part of the so-called “coalition of the willing”, the group of vassals that participated in the illegal and criminal invasion of Iraq. Indeed, Danish soldiers are complicit in the sadistic torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners and detainees.

This brings us to how the Jewish Holocaust – as an example of Christian Europe brutality – was initiated. Of course, anti-Semitism (anti-Jews and anti-Arabs hatred) was widespread in Christian Europe centuries prior to Nazi Germany. However, modern anti-Semitism was initiated in 1879 by William Marr, the German who founded the “League for Anti-Semitism”. Marr's racist views (Europe’s biological racism) were that Jews constituted a distinct racial group which was both physically and morally inferior, and therefore must be exterminated. With the rise of European racism against minorities in the 19th century, European Jews were targeted, as Muslims are targeted today. Differences between Jews and other European citizens manufactured and used as pretext to justify crimes against Jews. Jews were accused of “taking over” the world and so on.

Adolf Hitler’s election on 30 January 1930 was based on his ideology of “one people [‘master race’ or Übermenschen], one empire, and one leader”. Hitler’s election paved the way for one of the greatest criminal acts in human history. Marr’s European biological racism continued during the rule of Nazism and became the vehicle for genocide. Jews, Gypsies, Czechs, Poles, the mentally and physically handicapped, homosexuals and others not belonging to the “master race” were targeted for extermination. Jews were specifically targeted. Bombings of synagogues, blasphemous cartoons depicting Jews, and anti-Jews posters were wide-spread all over Europe.

During the occupation of Europe by the Wehrmacht (German forces), in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway etc. the locals were rounding up Jews, Gypsies and other folk much faster than the Nazis could handle them. And if this wasn’t enough, the so-called “neutral” countries such as Switzerland were sending fleeing refugees back to the Nazis – as they do now with Muslims in daylight – and looking after the Third Reich money in their own bank.

Do Western Europeans want to repeat history’s biggest crime against humanity? It is the duty of every civilized citizen to point a finger at any form of racism and violence against minorities. Our duty is to reject opportunist monarchs, politicians, the media, celebrities and anyone trying to manipulate the public and breed racism and violence.

Global Research Contributing Editor Ghali Hassan lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Tuesday 28 August 2007


“A reporter embedded with the U.S. military in Iraq reports a government official has recounted a new atrocity by al-Qaida: several instances in which terrorists baked a young boy, then invited his family to lunch with the victim as the main course. “

My friends, I thought I had heard just about everything that is evil. When I stumbled across the above statement, I could not believe what I had read. That first paragraph forced me to read on.

This hideous report is from Michael Yon, a Special Forces soldier in Baqubah listening to the statements of an Iraqi official who asked that his name not be reported. Yon, who has earned widespread respect as an independent journalist, reported that Iraqi officials told him about al-Qaida terrorists baking children and serving them to their families.

Yon said the Iraqi told him al-Qaida arrived in Baqubah and united criminal organizations, leaving death and destruction behind. These gangs became absorbed into al-Qaida. They recruited boys born during the years 1991, 92 and 93. Each child was each given weapons, including pistols, a bicycle and a phone complete with prepaid phone cards, and a salary of $100 per month, all courtesy of al-Qaida. These boys were used for kidnapping, torturing and murdering people.

At first they would only target Shia, but over time the new al-Qaida directed attacks against Sunni, and then anyone who thought differently. The official reported that on a couple of occasions in Baqubah, al-Qaida invited to lunch families they wanted to convert to their way of thinking. In each instance, the family had a boy of approximately 11 years. Needless to say, attendance at this meal was not a negotiable matter. Attend or be shot.

Yon said that at these luncheons, the families, surrounded by scowling armed members of al-Qaida, were sat down to eat. The main course was brought out, proudly carried on a large tray by several young men. The main course? It was their boy laid out on the platter, usually with his mouth stuffed. The boy had been baked. Al-Qaida served the boy to his family and forced them to eat or be shot and share the child’s fate. If they did not smile as they ate, they were warned to look as if they were grateful for this meal!

Michael Yan went to army officials. "I gave the name of the village, grid coordinates, photos and posted video, and published names of Iraqi and American officials who were very easy to reach. Nobody lifted a finger. This upset a lot of people at home, and rightfully so. I was here with hard evidence – photos, video, grid coordinates and plenty of witnesses, yet flat line from MSM."

But he stayed in the area, asking questions. "That's when one Iraqi official mentioned the baking," Yon said, a report he said later was confirmed for him by other Iraqi sources.

He said while he did not witness this, there have been myriad other atrocities. I have not just heard about them, I have seen them."

Yon said in another dispatch he witnessed the excavation of the heads of decapitated children. “There is no imaginary line of credulity that al-Qaida might cross should it go from beheading children to baking them," he wrote. This is the same Al-Qaida who proudly broadcast their penchant for sawing off the heads of living breathing people, and in such a manner as to ensure lots of spurting blood and gurgles of final pain, in some cases with the added flourish of the executioner raising up the severed head and squealing excitedly.

According to many soldiers, people at home might find it incredible, improbable, and even impossible. Yet there in combat with al-Qaida, the idea is no more improbable-sounding than someone saying 'The chicken crossed the road.' Maybe the chicken crossed the road. Maybe not. The veterans I've been talking with here have no difficulty imagining the chicken crossing the road, or al-Qaida roasting kids. This is sickening but more than probable.

A clear indicator of just how bad a terrorist group is is when battle-hardened soldiers don’t find it hard to believe a story which purports that al-Qaida had baked a child and set his roasted body out as the main course at a lunch for his parents.

The moral equivalency argument needs to be crushed. We detain someone without due process and these creatures bake a child and feed him to his family. Yet many people in the West are saying, 'We're no better.'"

A Washington policy analyst, Jeremy Sewall, responded to these reports by saying it is "pretty extreme." He then added that, knowing what he does, and with the documentation of various other tortures used by al-Qaida, that this report of such atrocities was no great surprise.

Officials with the Barnabas Fund, an international Christian group working to help persecuted Christians, particularly those in Muslim-majority contexts, then confirmed Yon's report aligns with one of their own reports about such an atrocity.

The Barnabas Fund said its sources inside Iraq confirmed "a toddler was kidnapped in Baghdad in October 2006. The mother could not afford to pay the ransom, and so the kidnappers killed the child. They returned the body to the mother. The little child had been beheaded, roasted and was served on a mound of rice."

"We received a number of inquiries about its veracity," the organization said about its December 2006 report. "More questions followed when a reporter at the [London] Telegraph blogged about it on their website on March 31 of this year."

"A few sites on the web not only openly doubted it, but also published statements saying that we surely invented it for purposes of fundraising and/or because of Islamophobia. After seeing Michael Yon's report, we hope such horrific incidents will indeed be reported upon and recognized as the dark works of terrorist jihadists, not ours and others' imagination.

"We heard this story from two separate sources, both of them senior Christian leaders in the region, one of them with direct pastoral responsibility for the family involved," he said. "We were offered a photo, but the UK office [of Barnabas Fund] said we did not want to see it. The family has some relatives living in the UK."

But he, also, said he'd witnessed the results of atrocities, such as the unearthing of the heads of decapitated children, which convinced him al-Qaida certainly was capable of such a heinous crime.

Thursday 23 August 2007


Joan Bryden
Canadian press

OTTAWA – The Mounties and Quebec provincial police deny using agents provocateurs at this week's Montebello summit, despite video evidence that suggests undercover cops tried to incite violence.

The denials Wednesday did nothing to quell mounting outrage over police tactics. Anti-globalization and union activists joined with opposition politicians to demand an independent investigation.

They also questioned whether police were acting on orders from the Prime Minister's Office and called on both Stephen Harper and Quebec Premier Jean Charest to denounce the use of agents provocateurs.

"In a free and democratic society, people have the right to peacefully protest something they don't like," said union leader Dave Coles, who confronted the alleged undercover officers outside the summit site Monday.

"Are Canadian citizens going to have to face these kinds of provocateurs just because Stephen Harper seems to think we're some sort of loony-left group?

"Quite frankly, that's insulting and we don't accept it and we want answers from him."

The three alleged provocateurs were caught on camera (view YouTube video) – with bandanas masking their faces and at least one carrying a rock in his hand – approaching a line of Surete du Quebec police in full riot garb. They refused to back away, despite the insistence of Coles and other protest organizers that they leave the area.

As protesters surrounded the men and tried to snatch off their masks, one of the three spoke to an SQ officer. The trio got through the police line, were forced to the ground and handcuffed.

Photos of the men lying on the ground show the three were wearing combat boots with identical markings to the ones worn by an SQ officer kneeling beside them.

Video also shows the three eventually being led quietly away to police vans. By contrast, Coles said four legitimate protesters – whom police say were the only people arrested and charged at the summit – were "roughed up pretty good and dragged away."

A spokesman for Harper denied any role by the prime minister in the fair, saying "the PMO is not involved in security for events." Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day's office referred all questions to the RCMP.

The Mounties and the SQ, the two police forces involved in summit security, continued to refuse specific comment on three alleged undercover officers caught on camera in an apparent bid to incite a confrontation.

But they denied using agents to provoke violence.

"I confirm (to) you that there are no agents provocateurs in the Surete du Quebec. . . It doesn't exist in the Surete du Quebec," said Const. Melanie Larouche.

RCMP spokesman Cpl. Luc Bessette said the Mounties do "not use tactics that would encourage confrontation or incite violence."

Bessette said the RCMP cannot discuss details of security measures for major events such as the summit because "to do so could jeopardize the integrity of our operations for future events."

Liberal justice critic Marlene Jennings said the evidence is ``quite incriminating" and called on the two police forces to ``clear this up." She said it's one thing for officers to pose as protesters in a bid to keep an eye on potential trouble-makers, ``but to be instigators is completely unacceptable."

Jennings suggested protest organizers may want to file a complaint with the two forces. Coles said his union has not done so yet but is seeking legal advice.

And then there are the planted news articles.

New Democrat MP Libby Davies, who participated in the summit demonstrations, said the video evidence raises "hugely serious questions" about the role of the police at contentious international meetings.

"It seems like they create this environment, a show of force, that sets it up for a confrontation," she said.

"I think we need to know who authorized this, how high up does this go?"

Coles, president of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union, speculated on two possible motives for the police to try to incite a riot at the summit, where Harper, U.S. President George Bush and Mexican President Felipe Calderon were discussing the Security and Prosperity Partnership between their three countries.

He said police may have wanted to justify the millions spent on security for the summit by creating an incident they could quell. But he said there may also have been a political motive to discredit the protesters as violent radicals, thereby deflecting attention from the substance of their opposition to the SPP.

"This is the face of (the SPP), where people can't even ask a question without having to face these kinds of goons. It's time that all the secrecy and backroom deals end," said Coles.

"The SPP is a fraud, just like those three so-called activists were."

The first film is the event as captured by one of the protesters. The second is the event as reported by a Canadian reporter.

Tuesday 21 August 2007



"All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players." ~ William Shakespeare

Several of the characters in the Portland Nuke plot have supplied their own lines via emails and articles, from which I have included extracts below. All emails were addressed to me as replies to my questions or articles.


"In August, NOBLE RESOLVE will coordinate with officials in Oregon to model a nuclear attack on Portland." wrote Josh Rogin, military reporter for Federal Computer Week’s on April 4. His article was the basis of my first call with Lt. Col. Philip Smith, a senior public affairs officer for the U.S. Joint Forces Command, which is conducting the military exercise.

Smith and I found plenty to talk about in a half-hour chat. As a former Army public affairs officer myself, I knew about his job, which is to inform the public on stories of interest or concern. We discussed computer-simulated exercises like NOBLE RESOLVE, and he seemed interested in my own experience with the concept back in its initial days, around the time of the first Iraq war. It’s a small world when you’re part of the military intelligentsia, and we soon discovered that both his wife and I had belonged to the 75th Division, specializing in military exercises, headquartered in Houston, Texas.

On the subject of NOBLE RESOLVE itself though, he had few ready answers other than the date of the exercise, which was August 20-24. I told him that this bare fact added greatly to public knowledge, and said that I found it shocking that no press release had come out since the spring. It was as if the government was purposely avoiding informing the public of the training it claimed to be conducting for the public’s security, and that impression of things had become general across the Internet, where alarmed citizens and specialists were writing that the exercise might be a cover operation for the execution of the nuke scenario it was practicing.

Smith agreed with me that it was important to get an updated story out, and later replied to my email promising to follow up with much-needed details. By then, we were on a first-name basis:

Subject: RE: ATTN LTC SMITH: Next 9/11, Summer 2007?

Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007


I’ve have [sic] not received an answer to the two questions you asked yesterday; a list of participating agencies to include Oregon state assets, and a list of unclassified exercises like NOBLE RESOLVE.

Ms. Susanne Moore, LT Jereal Dorsey or I will contact you via phone or email as soon as we have the answer.

Philip J. Smith

Lieutenant Colonel,

U.S. Army
Deputy Director of Public Affairs
U.S. Joint Forces Command

After this communication, though, he dropped strangely out of touch, something public affairs officers are taught never to do.


Smith wasn’t the only government official playing hard to get. Penny Dodge, chief of staff for Oregon’s Congressman Peter DeFazio, had already disappeared from media scrutiny, although her boss was the center of anxious attention. DeFazio’s constituents had blitzed him with their fear that NOBLE RESOLVE might turn out to be a false flag attack against them, undertaken by a sagging Bush administration to justify implementing National Security Presidential Directive 51, a plan for dictatorship, which Bush signed into effect in May — at about the time that Dick Cheney led a growing chorus of White House insiders suggesting that an Al Qaeda nuclear attack was imminent.

Worried Oregonians hounded DeFazio, despite his initial assurances that all was well, into requesting an examination of the secret annexes of NSPD-51. As a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, with all appropriate security clearances, DeFazio was entitled to see NSPD-51 in full, but for the first time in his 20-year career he was refused access.

"Maybe the people who think there’s a conspiracy out there are right" DeFazio said in a July 20 interview, and then issued a second request, this one written and co-authored by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bernie Thompson. On August 1 the possibility of a conspiracy seemed all the more likely: the White House had again refused DeFazio.

To date both DeFazio and Dodge have failed to return calls or offer an update. They are more than a week into the congressional summer break, and less than two weeks away from NOBLE RESOLVE.

ONE OF THE SIGNS OF AN OFFICIAL CONSPIRACY, IT’S SAID, IS THAT OFFICIALS REFUSE TO CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY OF A CONSPIRACY. According to that rule, the city of Portland is behaving most curiously, if not complicity. On the same day I contacted Mayor Tom Potter’s office about the widespread concern that his city might be a false flag target, his chief spokesman dived for cover, and hasn’t been heard from since:

Subject: RE: John Doussard (Portland’s Director of Communications)

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007

Capt May - No agency or bureau affiliated with the City of Portland is participating in any part of any operation affiliated with NOBLE RESOLVE. Our director of the Office of Emergency Management has contacted the federal government and asked that our name be removed from any public communication about NOBLE RESOLVE.

John Doussard

Director of Communications

So Portland isn’t an interested participant in a most alarming exercise — it’s only the target.


Wednesday, after a week of waiting for LTC Smith to supply promised details of NOBLE RESOLVE, and more than a week since Congressman DeFazio and Mayor Potter had become incommunicado, my editor at The Lone Star Iconoclast, W. Leon Smith, decided that we had waited long enough. I wrote a brief article, "Portland Nuclear Inquest Formed & Functioning." It contained the email from Smith, was copied to the offices of DeFazio and Potter and, thanks to a raging Internet interest, was quickly published worldwide. It was a no-frills attempt to kick start what had become a closed conversation — and it worked.


The next day Portland’s KBOO FM radio station continued the truth offensive. Its news analysis program Press Watch, hosted by Theresa Mitchel, carried an hour-long examination of NOBLE RESOLVE. Mitchel noted that the KBOO news department had just contacted the JFCOM public affairs office, which had informed the station that the Portland nuclear attack of NOBLE RESOLVE had been changed into a volcanic eruption instead. Mitchel said she doubted the new story, likely issued as a "public relations soother," and urged her listeners to monitor and discuss the upcoming exercise.

That same day The Iconoclast and I received word from an anonymous military official that there was plenty in Noble Resolve — and JFCOM’s silence about it — to worry about:

Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007
Subject: Re: "PORTLAND NUCLEAR INQUEST" Formed & Functioning

CPT May: I’m sure LTC Smith has been given his marching orders to NOT reply to your questions. If you make enough noise about Portland going live, then they can’t pull it off. I have no vibes on activities, but if I were there, I would be on the look out for indicators of something being set up. I sure hope someone steps up and offers assistance from the inside. I look forward to your words and works.

Act Four: A Lap Dog and a Lap Dancer ~ The Oregonian

On July 28 The Oregonian ran a story by its Washington reporter, Jeff Kosseff, with the headline "DeFazio chases secret terror-crisis plan," followed by the subheading "After the White House denies access, the Web buzzes with conspiracy chatter." Kosseff’s article continued:

"After conspiracy theorists fanned the Internet with their outrage, the Oregon congressman renewed his push Friday to gain access to the classified portion of a White House plan to operate the government after a terrorist attack."

The deprecating tone of The Oregonian and Kosseff toward the "conspiracy chatter" in the Internet was a cheap shot to say the least. By all accounts, the only reason that DeFazio had attempted to gain access to NSPD-51 at all was the incessant — and informed — opinion of Internet writers that there was a story worth investigation. Without "conspiracy chatter" and "conspiracy theorists," DeFazio would have dodged the confrontation with the White House, and The Oregonian wouldn’t have bothered to run the story of the presidential directive.

Further, The Oregonian had ignobly shirked half the story of why Oregon residents were worried about NSPD-51 in the first place: the Noble Resolve nuclear exercise, which they feared would turn into an awful false flag reality. In the months since the Internet took up the story, The Oregonian had never bothered to acknowledge the existence — let alone report the details — of NOBLE RESOLVE.

Having failed to report the news of the exercise, The Oregonian nevertheless editorialized in favor of it yesterday with its "‘Noble’ is good, not grand."




Subject: RE: "PORTLAND NUCLEAR INQUEST" Formed & Functioning

Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007

CC: Rep. Peter DeFazio, City of Portland, The Lone Star Iconoclast

Mr. May,

As discussed in our phone conversation last week, NOBLE RESOLVE is an experiment conducted completely in a modeling and simulation, or computer, environment. No troops or emergency management personnel will deploy. All of this is conducted in rooms and across computer networks.

[T]here is no "nuke" or weapon of mass destruction event, real or otherwise, simulated in the NOBLE RESOLVE experiment.

The [sic] most recent article on the experiment is found below. I believe it will answer your questions.

Philip J. Smith

Lieutenant Colonel,

U.S. Army Deputy Director of Public Affairs

U.S. Joint Forces Command

Smith attached a JFCOM press release, prepared that same day, with the innocuous title "NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 AIMS AT MAKING COMMUNICATION EASIER." It asserted the same points he had made in his email, and it was poor reading — unless you read between the lines. Needless to say, I had some hard questions for Smith about his email and the press release, but he had sent them at the close of business on a Friday, and neither he nor any other public affairs official has responded to messages relayed through the JFCOM duty officer. It’s worth noting that Smith failed to provide the specific answers he had promised to my specific questions of the week before.


"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories..."

George W. Bush to the United Nations, 11/1/01

The "war president" who uttered the words above was, at the time of the utterance, credible and supported by nine-tenths of the American People; the same man now lacks credibility and is scorned by two-thirds of the American People. His White House actions and actors have revealed impeachable motives, and could/should lead to his impeachment. As commander-in-chief, he is the ultimate source and director of NOBLE RESOLVE, and we are right to not trust him.

The same presstitutes who now openly detail his lies were once afraid to question his assertions in private, and they continue to lag behind public opinion when it comes to George W. Bush. Their incessant description of anyone who knows about, speaks about or writes about things outside their "reporting" as a "conspiracy theorist" is a self-serving attempt to explain away their failure to do their jobs, and is a good argument that there is indeed a conspiracy — and that they are part of it.

I offer one parting conspiracy theory for the affable or the anxious reader: Portland really has been set up by a failing Bush administration, and is being let down by its political and media leaders. A disturbing report, dated April 19, by the "Preventive Defense Project," suggests that Portland is in the crosshairs of a nuclear attack. With the ominous title "The Day after: Action in the 24 Hours Following a Nuclear Blast in an American City," the report contains three nuclear blast/fallout maps. Two of them are general and, not surprisingly, show Washington D.C. as ground zero; the third is quite specific, and, quite surprisingly, shows northwest Portland’s Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge, near the port on the Willamette River, as ground zero:


Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. Readers can receive regular updates on Noble Resolve through the Portland Nuclear Inquest:


Plume Shape of 10 Kiloton Nuclear Explosion Portland Oregon

Is Portland Oregon Set Up for a Nuclear 911 in August 2007?

“Operation Noble Resolve” - August 2007 in Portland

A 9/11-2B, “Military Exercise”, scheduled for August 20-24 includes a simulated nuclear attack on Portland. There were 5 documented “Military Exercises” on the East Coast during 9/11 in 2001. A drill, similar to the actual event, took place during the London Bombings on 07/07/2005. In depth information available at:

Map taken from a Harvard/Stanford study dated May 2007 titled: “The Day After: Action in the 24 Hours Following a Nuclear Blast in an American City “ Page 9. Report contains the above map – but Portland is NOT named!!! The city was identified by street names. Researchers discovered the map while looking for information related to Noble Resolve.

Why Portland, Oregon?

The easiest way to nuke Portland would be through a cargo ship container with a nuclear device docked in Portland. Research has identified this agenda as well. The northwest section of Portland shown in the "nuke map" is where port facilities are located. Did you know that Maersk shipping recently moved their offices out of Portland to Seattle?

The destruction wrought by the 10 Kiloton nuclear device occurs only within the relatively "expendable" industrial port section of NW Portland. Lethal radiation will travel in the shaded areas of the map and eastward. Prevailing winds will spare Portland’s western suburbs and its critical computer industries.

Portland is an ideal target because it is: 1. Big enough to be noticeable. 2. Small enough to be expendable. 3. Provides a political advantage. 4. Has low economic impact. 5. Will have a big propaganda impact.

Tell others immediately time is running out!




I dunno about you all, but this week is so intense, I have to do something that cheers the spirit, imbibes it with happiness. None better for that task than our DOLPHIN friends around the ocean. I hope you enjoy the paintings and the quotes. Once again, PLEASE hit the THUMBNAILS to appreciate this lovely art!

We live in harmony. With order.
You live in turmoil. No order.
We do not actively kill each other.
You take your lives in war.
And then you decided to take ours.
You make us play the court jester,
so we can make you laugh, just so we can eat.
We do not ask you for such.
A few of you treat us well when you contain us,
trying to learn more of us while keeping us healthy.
We appreciate that. We like your contact.
But we also like your respect.
Those of us who know not the wild,
happily dwell in your confinements, without regret.
But those of us of the wild, we like you,
but we like our freedom too.
Until you choose to learn from us, in our world,
You will understand little of us.
We have learned your ways.
Now, Learn ours.

Since the beginning of life as we know it, the sea has supported our planet. From it has come the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. In short, the sea has given us life. Perhaps it's time we returned the favor. ~ Bob Talbot

And when the day comes that we can communicate intelligently with dolphins, they may introduce us to the concept of survival without aggression, and the true joy of living, which at present eludes us. In that circumstance what they have to teach us would be infinitely more valuable than anything we could offer them in exchange. ~ Horace Dobbs

It is the dolphin's birthright to swim in a straight line in the ocean as far as its heart desires. ~ Ric O'Barry

Man has always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much. The wheel, New York, wars, and so on. While all the dolphins had ever done was much about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins always believed that they were far more intelligent than man ~ for precisely the same reason. ~ Douglas Adams

There is about as much educational benefit to be gained in studying dolphins in captivity as there would be studying mankind by only observing prisoners held in solitary confinement. ~ Jacques Cousteau

Fact: Dolphins sleep with one half of their brain plus one eye closed, then switching to the other side of the brain and the other eye closed during other parts of the day -- slowing down everything inside their bodies and moving very little.

Cows have dreams too!

Fice species of dolphin can live in fresh water, they are usually named after the river they swim in, such as the Amazon or the Ganges

Dolphin clicks are short pulses of 300 sounds per second.

All animals except man know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it. ~ Samual Butler; 1912

Rape, even gang rape, is not unknown among other wild animals. But dolphins have perfected the practice. The team doing the herding is often shadowed at some distance by another. If outsiders try to steal the first team's victim, the back-up group will come to the rescue - not of the female, but of their male friends. ~ The Economist

Cetaceans seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in sexual activity. This may be generated by boredom in captivity, but observers in the wild tend to confirm it. Dolphins engage in love-play with almost every creature in sight - with mothers, brothers, fathers, daughters, cousins or aunts. There is even one record of a Bottlenose Dolphin masturbating with a herring. ~ R. Brown

It is of interest to note that, while some dolphins are reported to have learned English ~ up to fifty words used in correct context ~ no human being is reported to have learned dolphinese. ~ Dr. Carl Sagan

If dolphins drove mini cars!

No well-mannered fish goes anywhere without a good porpoise. ~ Lewis Carroll

Listen to the voice of a dolphin, and you shall learn the secret to mankinds' survival: PEACE!!! ~ Mallory Watson

Dolphins carry their young inside their womb and gestation is about 12 months for a bottlenose. The baby emerges tail first, and will suckle from its mother for up to 4 years ~ a calf may stop suckling sooner depending on circumstances.

To breathe when they are asleep, female dolphins lie on the water's surface with their blowholes exposed to the air; males sleep just below the surface and rise to breathe periodically as a reflex action.

"In the water, whales have become the dominant species,
Without killing their own kind.

In the water, whales have become the dominant species,
Though they allow the resources they use to renew themselves.

In the water, whales have become the dominant species,
Though they acknowledge minds other than their own.

In the water, whales have become the dominant species,
Without allowing their population to reach plague proportions.

In the water, the whale is the dominant species,
An extra-terrestrial, who has already landed..."
~ Heathcote Williams

"When dolphins speak They use only vowels, and just faint hints of consonants, But recognizable:
'Hello. How are you.
My name is Elvar.
My name is Peter.
My name is Bobo. Clown.
It is six o'clock.
Trick. Squirt water. Trick. More water...Bye...bye bye.' "
~ Heathcote Williams

There are currently 8 species of dolphins on the endangered species list. Two species of dolphins number fewer then 500 in the world. If nothing is done to help protect and preserve these species of dolphins, they may be gone forever.

Diviner than the dolphin is nothing yet created. ~ Oppian, Halieutica

To the dolphin alone, nature has given that which the best philosophers seek: Friendship for no advantage. Though it has no need of help from any man, it is a genial friend to all and has helped mankind. ~ Plutarch

Dolphins have their own language that they use to communicate with each other and with humans. Even though we do not understand their words, sounds, noises, and clicks exactly, we do know that they are communicating feelings, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors just as humans do.

Not caged by union rules
Unfettered by sales targets
No trains or planes to catch
Your time is set by the flow
Of the sea's tides
And the moon's glow
~ Horace Dobbs

How sharper than a sermon's truth it must have been for many human beings when they learned that bottle-nosed Dolphins may, in time, succeed battle-poised Man as the master species on earth. This prophecy is implicit in the findings of those scientists who have been studying, and interviewing, dolphins in laboratories. It neither alarms nor surprises me that Nature, whose patience with our self-destructive species is giving out, may have decided to make us, if not extinct, at least a secondary power among the mammals of this improbable planet... As far back as 1933 I observed a school of dolphins (their schools increase as ours decline) romping, as we carelessly call it, alongside a cruise ship in the South Atlantic, and something told me that here was a creature, all gaiety, charm, and intelligence, that might one day come out of the boundless deep and show us how a world can be run by creatures dedicated not to the destruction of their species but to its preservation. ~ James Thurber

I want to swim as deep as Dolphin
Into Ocean's grey currents
to see as they see
to feel Water under my fins
to dive so deep Light is only a memory
to know Oceans waves.

Today the dolphins came to play
I watched them jump for joy
It seemed just then, they were wise old men
and I, a foolish boy

Atop the mighty waves they danced
to the rhythms of the moon
in harmony with the song of the sea
they played in perfect tune

Behind me fast cars rushed on by
towards some other time and place
What wonders do we never see
that stare us daily in the face?

Today the dolphins came to play
I never felt so small
and yet so grand, bare feet in the sand
a vital part of the all.

Dolphins diving here and there,
Over the waves without a care.
Lazily gliding through the sea,
Perfect animals so gentle and free.
Happily they talk and play,
In the water they frolic all day.
Naturally beautiful and smart,
Surely a wonderful work of art

You give us images of ecstasy
That we lock away
Behind the doors of memory
For quiet moments
when released from our possessions
We dream of a freedom like yours . ~ Horace Dobbs

Pushing through green waters
Symbol of joy
You leap from the depths
To touch the sky
Scattering spray
Like handfuls of jewels. ~ Horace Dobbs

Dolphin societies are extraordinarily complex, and up to ten generations coexist at one time. If that were the case with man, Leonardo DaVinci, Faraday, and Eistein would still be alive. Could not the dolphin's brain contain an amount of information in volume to the thousands of tons of books in our librairies? ~ Hubert Humphrey

Even lonely, they're friendly,
teaching trainers, performing hoop-jump,
nose-balancing acts.
Easy to believe this animal spends its life at play.
That something dies
when ocean whispers behind the wall.

I would like to be a dolphin under the sea!
Oh! How happy I would be.
Jumping threw the waves and dancing with the sand.
While listening to a crustacean band.
Laughing with my friends under a ship.
Oh! That would certainly be hip.
I would like to be a dolphin under the sea!
Oh! How happy I would be.

"Have we studied, long enough, this genocidial thing?"
"Must we live in tainted water"?, asked the Dolphin King.
We have shown it care and guidance at a cost so dear.
And they all replied, "Dear King, they're ruled by greed and fear!"

The Dolphin King said, "Yes, I know! And lately some have tried
To understand our kind, to communicate their pride.
But others net our children and by some, released. Too late.
Soon we will be no more! Will race extinction be our fate?

The crowd replied, "Their minds are small. They're learning every day.
Though slow and clumsy like a child, a few have come to play.
They know we are intelligent. We see it in their eyes.
"But will it last and overcome their greed." The King replies.

We have to be so careful when the creature-man comes near.
They do not recognize their plight. Their fate remains unclear.
I can't decide to leave or stay! Dear friends, what shall we do?
And in their wisdom, all the Dolphins said, "Let's see it through!"

It's though we have a lot of pets, and dangerous they be.
So we must strive the harder and must teach them how to see
This Home that spins amoung the stars is all they have, for now.
The Dolphin King replied, "You're right!" "We must succeed, somehow."

You may all go back to your task of teaching creature-man.
I'm tired of talking and would like to race the sun again.
Then turning, he was off with lightening speed; a blur of grey.
The King, in wisdom, love, and kindness went back to his play..

I have used here paintings by Jim Warren, John Pitres, Andrew Annenberg and work by others whose name I have never known.