Friday 29 March 2019


Sad me. There won't be cartoons for today. My arm just won't allow me to work the mouse for long enough to find, prepare, organize and post. It is painful to do just about anything, but when I spend too much time at the pc, the next day it is hell. 

I have resisted taking this break for a few weeks but realize it is what I must do if ever I wish to lift or carry a cup of tea with my right hand again. Let alone almost anything else. Aging includes not healing so quickly if at all it seems! Years ago this would have been healed within weeks. But enough of my complaints. Getting an MRI in a few weeks, so I don't think this will be a swift procedure to deal with but avoiding too much PC time is important.

I might put up some articles instead since that is much easier on the arm. But we shall see. 

Please continue being whatever you are so long as it isn't liberal! Be proudly nationalist, a word now deemed the lowest of insults. There is SO much going on on both sides of the border. And so much international attention to freedom of speech for those who don't have a high melanin count. "White Nationalism" indeed! Just being born white seems to put you into the nationalist category unless you sell out and kowtow to other folk in an attempt to 'redeem' yourself. It is not going to improve methinks.

Spring is glorious and you should be out there if you can. Meet your neighbours and talk. Share and sneak little observations in. We all have SO MUCH work to do if there is to be any hope for our descendants. 

In the meantime, here are some lovely time-wasting, non-political images. Please enjoy. 

 April Fools Day Suggestions:

Hit the road, Jack!

This is the street I raised my children on. We loved these blossoms for almost 20 years, despite the glorious mess they created. They were also great climbing trees for kids. Then they flew the nest and we all moved away.

Spring scene on Salt Spring Island. Elder and child.

These Salt Spring lambs are famous around the globe for their delicate taste. Yes, they are absolutely delicious. Cute as heck, too. I cannot wait to have some on my platter!

Tuesday 26 March 2019


How many of the distractions in the media are there also being utilized to draw attention from Israel's actions in Syria? In 1989 Netanyahu stated that Israel had wasted a great opportunity during the distraction of the Tienanmen Square Massacre since they did not take advantage to obliterate Gaza. This is NOT an American issue; Israel refuses to leave Syria alone. 

Please read: 

In Trumpland There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch ~ Not Even for Netanyahu. 

‘…Trump is a shrewd businessman who operated in the world of New York real estate — he does not do free lunches, and certainly does not do free gifts. Everything has a price in Trumpland and the day of reckoning will certainly come for Netanyahu.’

Sad but I could see a Canadian doing this!

The utter hatred behind the comment to this article. Just. So. Sick. The world leaves these people to die, Russia offers them sanctuary in its icy climes; Western liberals call them Nazis!


Depends upon the women. Sorry, not a good idea ~ just a funny idea; brainwashed and incompetent liberal women are ruining things worse than men ever did in the countries they rule. Sweden. Germany. Canada. (Ooops!)

And Trudeau wants us Old Folk gone.

I just wasn’t ready for kittens. Maybe later when things are better and I’m in the right space for kittens, but not now. Why should my life be disrupted by visits to the vet, shots, getting the little furballs spayed and neutered, extra cat litter, and the list just goes on and on. Also, it’s the best thing for Athena, my tabby who has a right to choose. I know my cat, and I can tell you she’s not ready for kittens, either. So, we decided it’s off to the vet to have her litter aborted, and it was such a positive experience.

First, the vet took a sonogram of the little kitty fetuses. I still have the picture, and it’s one of my dearest possessions. Also, the vet had a group of interns who had come to see different cat abortion techniques, and I was so proud to do what I could to advance science and the quality of life for felines everywhere. Athena was partially anesthetized and that strong little girl just purred all the way through the procedure.

The first step the vet took was to drain off the amniotic fluid that the kitten fetuses were swimming in. The vet went after the first fetus with a pair of forceps. Since the forceps were sterilized, the procedure was perfectly safe. Well, after a little tugging, first out came a back leg with a tiny tail attached to it. Then after a little more tugging and a few more tries, the vet had all four legs and most of the torso. Finally, the vet found the head of the first kitten and pressed down with the forceps. There was a satisfying popping sensation and a little grey trickle of cat brains ran down the forceps. “Got it!” he said to me with some professional satisfaction. I smiled back warmly at the vet who was doing so much for my Athena.

Next up was the second unborn kitten. The vet showed the interns the still beating heart on the sonogram. “No problem,” he said, “we’ll just drive a needle into its heart and inject a little something.” One of the interns looked a little nauseated and asked if that was the same as killing a living kitten. “Goodness, no,” the vet reassured, “we’re inducing an intrauterine demise, so nothing gets killed, and we’re doing it with a sterile needle.” I was so moved with the vet’s compassion, that I could sense tears forming in my eyes. A moment later and the heart was no longer beating, so out came the second kitten which was laid on the table next to the pieces of its littermate.

The third kitten was a little more trouble. It looked like it could all come out except for the head, but its legs were moving and causing some inconvenience. But this vet knew his stuff. He quickly bored a tiny hole in the back of kitten number three’s head, inserted a vacuum tube, and had those brains evacuated in no time. No more squirming for that kitty! And once the head had collapsed, it was much easier to extract it.

Something seemed to go wrong with kitten number four. It seemed like Athena had gone into an accidentally induced labor and out popped number four all squirming around with its mouth opening and closing looking for nourishment. “No problem,” said the vet again to the small crowd of interns, “in this case we just submerge the kitten in this bucket filled with a toxic solution.” It took about a minute, maybe less, for the little thing to stop squirming, but it finally got still and ended up on the table with the other three. I was amazed. These vets think of everything.

The vet carefully snipped open the head of number four to retrieve its brain for someone who was coming by later to purchase it. “I want a Lamborghini,” he joked, and we all had a good laugh together.

I was so proud of Athena, my brave little tabby trooper, who remained calm through the whole operation. She got an extra bowl of Purina that night.

But as beautiful as this experience was, there are some narrow minded bigots out there who want to pass a law protecting kittens. They want to set the clock backward and make post-natal cat abortions a crime. Will you contact your congressman and remind him that your cat has a right to choose? ~ SOURCE

Lest ye forget.
Remember this the next time another one of your freedoms disappears.

Celebrating the Mueller report!

So is Venezuela to become another proxy war zone between America and Russia?

Further down, read his wife's tweets on why to vote for Beto. This guy is so cucked!

Seriously? If ever there was proof needed to rescind the female vote here you have it! This woman does not deserve the right to vote until she learns to think with her head!

The Mueller Report is finished and the results are known. There was no evidence whatsoever of Russian collusion by Trump or anyone associated with him. There was no evidence whatsoever of any conspiracies amongst Trump and his people. And there was no objective evidence that Trump made any attempt to obstruct justice, even though Mueller ~ in a spectacular act of weasel-wording ~ chose to say that this lack of evidence "did not exonerate" Trump, and the decision should be made by the Attorney General of the United States. And that decision was (drum roll)... that there was no obstruction of justice.

In other words, all of the accusations we've heard from mainstream media talking heads, sleazy politicians, and Obama-era intelligence agency heads were complete and total lies, fabricated out of pure hatred and a desire to overturn the results of a Presidential election. .

We should be in a celebratory mood over the Mueller Report, but we're not. After all, we've known the charges were baseless since before Trump was even sworn in. Nor can we take any pleasure in the notion that Mueller's Report is going to change the dialogue in the media or in Washington DC, because it won't make a damn dime's worth of difference. MSNBC, CNN, and the roughly five thousand Democratic presidential candidates are already out there proclaiming that this two year, $40 million dollar investigation doesn't clear Trump of anything. As AOC notably said (and we paraphrase for intelligibility) "it's more important to be morally right than factually accurate."

This comes as no surprise and, at this point, not even much of a disappointment. But what does concern us ~ a lot ~ is what comes next in terms of bringing to justice the many high-ranking officials,  including Obama, Hillary, and various intelligence heads, who tried to destroy the American election system and, failing that, subsequently attempted a Presidential coup d'etat.

That's the type of thing traditionally sorted out with fair trials and firing squads, although we'd be satisfied to see long, long jail sentences. Obama did a pretty good job of emptying his friends and allies out of our containment facilities at Guantanamo Bay, so we know there's plenty of room down there for those enemies of our nation and Constitution who no longer deserve the privilege of living on American soil.

Three paintings on the horror of FGM. Each stands as a work of art, let alone represents this issue from the traditional societal view of the victim.

OMG. I did it the challenge for July 2. I got "Florida Man Sits on Gun, Shoots Himself in Penis".

I am only truly interested in those two big bones in the middle.

Ain't this the bitter truth for far too many of us? But in today's world, being bored of routine is a GIFT to be thankful for.

These people are not just evaporating into thin air. Nor are their loathsome thoughts and ways.

One of those Israeli cartoonists, Bones being the most beloved over there, most loathed by myself. I only post this to show the general chutzpah of these folks.

Speaking of Tienanmen Square Massacre, June 4, 1989. The aftermath.

Shall we discuss "Liberal Privilege" that Smollett has been released with no charges. The Chicago police and investigators are furious at this outcome. There are direct connections to an Obama connection.

Water on Mars

Chernobyl Bumper Cars

Winston Tobacco uses child slaves to pick product in Africa.

What a lovely woman!

This is the coolest stair finish I have seen. What a dream to keep those things clean with ease. Plain fine craftsmanship.

Modern warfare?