Thursday 31 December 2020


I honestly have almost nothing to say about the past year that has not been said a thousand times by others. Much more effectively. This is why I keep that blog roll for you all. It is later on New Year's Eve; I am alone at home and realized maybe, instead of doing laundry, I will just do a last minute post of the annual changeover so they are out of the way and tomorrow's work will not be overloaded with ... 2020/2021 material. Anyhow, Just gonna load some entertainment for yall. 

Above, an image of Ivar the Boneless from Vikings; I made it, primitive and clumsy as it might be. 

There is something else I just have to say to everyone who makes those "If 2020 was..." cartoons; the proper grammar should be "If 2020 were... "!

2021 is going to be challenging, only unlike when we were hit in 2020, we know now who the enemies are and what we are dealing with. It is time to earn our place in the history of humanity by fighting for the future of our children's children. No illusions here. 

Thank you to all of you who come to my humble blog and enjoy what I offer. It is small but I take such great joy knowing my meager effort is appreciated. I wish all of you the best in the coming year. We all need a little "best" in our lives. 

We must find our strength in our families and people with whom we share the resolute spirit to stand for what is right and just. Choose your battles carefully but choose them you must. These are indeed times that try our souls and we are more than capable of rising to the challenge. 

Friday 25 December 2020


Eventually you reach an age where you want to settle.

Is it not interesting how China has replaced Israel in these exact political actions in the US? A little sleight of hand going on here.

Not a parody. A genuine romance novel normalizing Communists.

Believe it or not, one of Antifa's nastier creatures.

Actually there has been a lot of serious discussion on people such as Biden or Cuomo claiming to be Catholic considering their public actions. The Church has condemned these practices but there is little they can do other than excommunicate and it has never gone that far.

Jill has what they call a "vanity degree". In other words, she did not sacrifice much time or effort into getting this piece of paper. Not to mention the grammar and spelling, the idiotic points, nothing of value there at all. But it sure sounds good! And Liberal fools give her credibility she doesn't deserve.

This is #1 for the week.

The first Ronald McDonald.