Tuesday 29 August 2023


Hi folks.

This is just a little post to keep you going. It has been difficult to post these days. It has taken time to reorganize all the data and files that somehow reappeared last week. So I have just gathered a few quotes that I can actually get behind at the moment. 

At the moment, all of that optimistic stuff posted in the past seems shallow and meaningless when I think of Lahaina and the ritual sacrifice of thousands of children now missing. The more I learn about this planned sacrificial ritual, the more I am saddened on a very deep level. Everything seems to be lost at the moment.

No one listened; few still listen; so many are already buying back into the lies and propaganda of the past few years. Please pardon me for my low mood. I think I remember why I liked to drink!

Why do we even bother? Posting images and pretty pictures seems so frivolous to me in this mood. It will pass. So for now, please enjoy this meagre offering and know Saturday will be a full post. It is just a bit too much at the moment.


Do you remember that droning dial tone?

I have fish.


Struggling with those britches this week.

It has been too hot out although that might be changing soon.

At the moment, these words seem so frivolous when one considers the enemy we deal with. Their relentless onslaughts of violence and evil tend to wear one down.