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There is simply no end tithe rape, plunder and pillage that Africa has endured at the hands of international Zionism. ~ Graphic by Skulz Fontaine

By Jonathan Azaziah
May 28, 2012

As the cliché famously goes when one attempts to point out the mysterious or little-known intricacies of a certain historical event, “the devil is in the details.” An extension of this idiom, when it is applied to the shadowy world of the tribal supremacist persons who govern geopolitics through their kinship networks that extend throughout every sector of society, would most aptly be, “the more details, the more devils.” And nowhere is this addendum more appropriately put to use than the ravaged continent of Africa.

In Mask of Zion’s first report on Jewish-Zionist intrigues in Africa, “The Zionist Infestation of Africa: Zimbabwe to Uganda, Congo to Somalia And Beyond (1),” numerous nations, events and figures were investigated and a plethora of previously suppressed or unknown truths were brought to light for the very first time. This second summary will expound upon many of these revelations, exposing new players, going behind the curtains of new nations and returning to critical plot points already discussed to present an even more damning account of the overall agenda of the Jewish exploitation machine vigorously gnawing at the core of the African continent. Thus, “the more details, the more devils,” and assuredly, the following will not contain a shortage of either.
The Zionist entity has stolen so much water from Palestine; it must now thieve from Sudan, Egypt and Libya to sustain its criminal existence

Abdullahi Al Azreg, Sudan’s Ambassador to Britain, recently gave a stunningly candid interview to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Press TV in regards to the ongoing conflict between his nation and the artificial country known as “South Sudan”. Ambassador Al Azreg stated unequivocally that the South Sudan regime was engaged in a “proxy war to execute the projects of the Zionist movement”; he further declared them “puppets,” not only carrying out “designs” against Khartoum itself but “other Muslim and Arab countries.” 
He slammed Jewish Hollywood as a prime mover and shaker against Sudan and accurately noted that the “Save Darfur” campaign was the product of several powerful American Jewish organizations. He also pegged the seemingly nonstop propaganda against Sudan as “mainly Zionist propaganda (2).” These admissions are echoed and fully documented by an abyssal Mask of Zion investigative report on Jewish Hollywood’s symbiotic relationship with the usurping Zionist entity and how it routinely targets the enemies of “Israel” through its films, television shows and actors (3).

What lies at the heart of the criminal Zionist regime’s subversion of Sudan, beyond the obvious prize of oil and the immediate objective of balkanization, is blue-gold; water, lots and lots of water, and not just any body of water either, but the ancient Nile River itself.
This plot, developed in 1974 and known as the “Yeor Plan”, would see Nile water diverted from Egypt’s northern Sinai region through tunnels underneath the Suez Canal and ultimately, through the illegally besieged Gaza Strip into al-Naqab, referred to by occupying “Israeli” Jews as the “Negev”.
The only nation here that was operating from a staunch anti-Zionist stance of course was Sudan, and disapproval from just one of the nine nations, invalidated any such dispersal objectives. Sudan had to be ruined and put under control for the Jewish supremacist enclave’s “H2O hegemony” could be established.
The usurping Jewish regime is not subverting its North African enemies for oil and land alone as it is so often said; "Israel" wants their precious "blue-gold."
The Yeor Plan was concocted because “Israel” is suffering, and has always suffered from a water crisis and thus far, it has proved to be completely incapable of solving it, generating more and more political instability with each passing moment (5). This is due to the Zionist occupiers being nothing more than the equivalents of parasites.
Every one of the rivers that flourished with pristineness before the advent of Zionism is now polluted, some to devastatingly deadly levels, except the Upper Jordan. The Lower Jordan on the other hand is used by the usurping, occupying Jews as nothing more than a dumping ground.
88% of the wells in the occupation capital of Tel Aviv are polluted, and this is just the tip of the iceberg (7).

The Zionist land thieves can’t turn to the water in the occupied West Bank because of their policies of “water occupation” and “water apartheid”, in which they systematically destroy Palestinian water wells while hoarding hundreds of millions of cubic meters of water, insanely forcing Palestinians to buy their own water back at criminally inflated prices and taking over major aquifers throughout the territory, effectively denying the aboriginal Palestinian people of one of their most basic human rights.
These cruel Zionist efforts are being aided by Britain (8), the Talmudist Rothschild family’s “home base” and great colonial pillager of Africa. And in illegally besieged Gaza, the situation is even more daunting. An astonishing 95% of the water in the Strip is undrinkable thanks to Jewish contamination, specifically the ungodly bombing campaign carried out by the “Israeli” terrorist army during Operation Cast Lead.
Additionally, due to this, hundreds of Palestinian babies in the world’s largest open air prison are suffering from “blue baby syndrome,” a horrific disease of immune system deficiency and disfigurement (9). The hateful usurping entity doesn’t mind the children of non-Jews suffering because of poisoned water but it would never subject its own “tribe” to such horrors. Hence why it needs Africa’s blue-gold.
Egyptian giant Gamal Abdul Nasser: assassinated by Zionist asset Anwar el-Sadat.
Without the collusion of the aforementioned Anwar el-Sadat, arguably the Arab World’s filthiest collaborationist, the Yeor Plan wouldn’t even be a remote possibility. In fact, to take it a step further, if the great Arab nationalist leader Gamal Abdul Nasser was alive, not even the dream of such a plot would have made its way into reality. And this is why Nasser, the usurping Jewish entity’s arch-nemesis, “had to go”. A longtime target of Mossad and CIA operations, President Nasser died untimely at the age of 52 on September 28th, 1970.
El-Sadat, a self-hating Arab, immediately hijacked the Egyptian presidency in the wake of Nasser’s death, and began implementing initiatives to spread sectarian hatred throughout society, cheapen Islam for imperial objectives and de-Arabize Egyptian culture (11), all to the great pleasure of “Israel” and the Zionist-occupied governments of the West. Nasser of course, was vehemently anti-sectarian and did everything in his power to preserve Muslim and Egyptian unity (12).

While Egypt was being subverted on a cultural, societal and political level by their proxy el-Sadat, the Zionists deepened their presence in the North African giant that had already been in effect for decades prior. Operation Susannah was the first, in which Egyptian-Jewish Aman operatives posed as Arabs and attempted to detonate explosives inside Egyptian, American and British targets; the goal was to foment a Western proxy war against Nasser so “Israel” could retake the Suez Canal.
The event is known today as the Lavon Affair. Most infamous of all is easily the Mossad-CIA conspiracy known as “Operation Cyanide”, in which Egypt was to be blamed for an attack on an American Navy ship, thus triggering World War Three. The operation spun out of control and is now known as the USS Liberty Massacre. Since 1978, at least 15 “Israeli” spy networks have been dismantled within Egypt.
Much of the Zionist régime’s subversion in Egypt focuses on breaking up the unity between Muslims and Christians
On New Year’s Day 2011, Mossad detonated a car bomb right outside of al-Qiddissin Coptic Church in Alexandria, murdering at least 25 innocent people, just one week after yet another “Israeli” spy network was uncovered. The usurping Jewish regime’s international intelligence directorate was spying on Egyptian government officials, attempting to penetrate Islamic opposition groups and infiltrating Egyptian telecommunications firms to strengthen other Zionist espionage networks in Lebanon and Syria.
Only a few weeks after the murderous attack came the “Egyptian Revolution”, which the Zionist entity had its hands in with its proxy, the April 6 Youth Movement, a group of westernized House Arabs bankrolled by Jewish capitalist strongmen, Peter Ackerman and George Soros.
Currently, as per the 1982 plan of Oded Yinon, “A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s”, the usurping entity has used the chaos of the “Egyptian Revolution” to launch a full-scale intelligence assault on Egypt to reoccupy the Sinai (16), a clear scheme to compliment and facilitate the Yeor Plan. 
NATO, the attack dog of international Zionism, murdered more than 100,000 Libyans including al-Qadhdhafi himself, in another Jewish-designed genocide.
Directly tied to the Jewish-Zionist designs for Sudan and Egypt is the once-glorious North African nation of Libya. Another target of Oded Yinon’s nefarious policy paper (17), Libya has been ravaged by NATO and its proxy militias in another stratagem designed by the forces of international Zionism: UN Watch, a Zionist-headed affiliate of the American Jewish Committee, AIPAC’s foreign policy wing, and the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), a Jewish-Zionist nest of the same neoconservative war criminals responsible for masterminding the annihilation of Iraq.
Apart from thieving Libya’s oil and gold, a central objective of the Zionist war on Libya was to disassemble al-Qadhdhafi’s Great Manmade River and have several Zionist firms rebuild it, establishing a neoliberal stranglehold over Libya’s entire water supply (19).

At the peak of the Zionist-engineered aggression, NATO warplanes not only indiscriminately bombed the Great Manmade River, Earth’s largest irrigation project, leveling it and terribly contaminating it beyond measure, but the only factory that made replacement pipes for it. The Zionist-controlled mainstream media buried this crime against humanity, this act of unadulterated malevolence, with deceptive coverage of the ungodly massacre of Norwegian teenagers on Utøya Island, reporting it as the work of a lone gunman instead of the real perpetrator: the usurping Jewish entity’s Mossad (20).
The Great Manmade River was providing water and irrigation to at least 70% of the Libyan people, in addition to serving as an asset for Libya to challenge “Israeli”-Egyptian hegemony over the vegetable-export market in Europe. A key element of the Great Manmade River’s functioning is the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System, largest fossil water aquifer system in the world, which lies beneath Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Chad (21).
 The US and the EU, the Zionist Power Configuration's vultures, left Libya ravaged so "Israel" could
control its water.
By sabotaging and subsequently laying waste to Egypt, Sudan and Libya in three balkanizing “water wars”, the Jewish occupation regime will then be able to assert its dominance over the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System and the Great Manmade River, in addition to the obvious perk of knocking off three of its sworn and most hated enemies in its quest for “Greater Israel.” The three prospective agents of ushering in this new age of Imperium Judaica’s hegemony over North Africa’s water resources are Veolia (formerly Vivendi), Suez Ondeo (formerly Generale des Eaux) and Saur, Zionist-French multinational behemoths that control over 40% of the global water market (23).
Veolia in particular is an ultra-Zionist firm, with deep ties to the usurping Jewish entity and its closest ally, the House of Saud. The Zionist-French mega-corporation is complicit in monstrous human rights abuses across occupied Palestine, from the West Bank to al-Quds, as it provides direct services to the “Israeli” institutions that uphold the tyranny, from the IOF to the illegal Jewish settlements (24). Veolia will no doubt be the chief executor of Zionism’s Yeor Plan.

A man by the name of Jean-Luc Touly, who was employed as an accountant at Veolia/Vivendi for 30 years, blew the whistle on the origins of these multinational water giants. They were created more than 150 years ago. And they were created by bankers (25).
It is fitting that a creation of the International Jewish Money Power, stays with the International Jewish Money Power. And it is equally fitting that Africa, raped and pillaged repeatedly and incessantly by Rothschild-financed colonialism for centuries, is being prepped for this creation, this three-headed Zionist “water monster”, to hurt it and torment it even more.

The United States government, in just one of the many glaring signs that all of its mechanisms of governance have been through a process of “Israelification”, has just declassified a document which states that water-based conflicts will threaten its “national security interests” in the near and distant future.
American “national security interests” under threat? No, the Zionist entity’s. And as per the 1975 MOU between the United States and “Israel” that stipulates America must fulfill the energy needs of the Jewish occupation regime whenever it is necessary to do so (28), it is definite that this study was conducted at the behest of Zionist interests.
And, with Israel” growing closer to the fabricated regime in South Sudan with each passing day, a dastardly military-intelligence relationship that dates back to at least 1967 (29), it is also clear that the water wars against Sudan, Libya and Egypt are, unfortunately, ongoing Zionist projects.
MASHAV, a "humanitarian aid” front for the Jewish occupation entity’s Foreign Ministry, has penetrated deep into Africa

On April 23rd, 2012, the treacherous USAID signed an MOU with its “Israeli” counterpart, MASHAV, a subordinate of the Zionist occupation regime’s Foreign Ministry. As if to brag about the closeness between the two subversives, MASHAV director Daniel Carmon said, “This agreement is not the start of the relationship; it is the continuing and the strengthening of the relationship.”
The “Feed the Future” plot of USAID and MASHAV will undoubtedly assist in these expansionist war plans.
 USAID, run by Jewish-Zionist Donald K. Steinberg, is MASHAV's "American" partner in crime
Mask of Zion’s first study of Zionism in Africa rigorously documented the extensive relationships between the Talmudic occupation enclave and Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Rwanda though, was only mentioned in passing due to Mask of Zion's investigation of Jewish-Zionist Donald K. Steinberg, current controller of USAID and longtime US State Department stalwart who advised the “philo-Semitic” war criminal Clinton administration to turn a blind eye to the Rwandan Genocide (1).
It is completely certain that the destructive USAID-MASHAV partnership was spearheaded by “Israel-firster” Steinberg and, it is also completely certain that he helped cover up the Rwanda Genocide because his beloved Zionist entity was in the thick of it, at the core of it, organizing, plotting and directing, unbeknownst to the majority of the world.

The Rwandan Genocide wasn’t a product of years of ethnic tension between Hutu and Tutsi as it so familiarly repeated in parrot-like fashion, an assessment awash in colonialist and orientalist undertones and overtones. It was the result of Zionist-Western intrigue, neocolonialism and intelligence operations at the highest levels.
A devilish assassination was the spark of the massacres and ethnic cleansing that eventually became genocide. Juvénal Habyarimana, the third president of Rwanda, was brutally murdered on April 6th, 1994 when his plane was shot down by the forces of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), led by current Rwandan President Paul Kagame, who holds office despite being accused of a plethora of war crimes (33).
Rwandan war criminal Paul Kagame with Zionist mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu (real name: Benjamin Mileikowsky); Kagame was and is the front man for "Israeli" intrigue in Rwanda. 
The primary mover and shaker in the horrific travesty of humanity that unfolded in Rwanda during those years, the war criminal who can be considered the architect of the Rwanda Genocide, was “Israeli” spymaster David Kimche (36), a Zionist godfather who participated in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, designed Mossad’s doctrine and modus operandi, helped found Mossad’s research department, established Mossad’s foothold in Africa in the 1960s as an agent of its Tevel Unit, laid the groundwork for the Sabra and Shatila massacre by building up the Jewish occupation regime’s ties with the Phalangists and a whole host of other services to international Zionism (37).

Kagame, Kimche’s puppet and protégé, surely as a repayment for its help in establishing his rule, has become one of the usurping Jewish entity’s most visible and vocal African allies. He visited occupied Palestine for the 60th anniversary of the Nakba and became initiated in the Jewish religion of “Holocaustianity.” During his visit, he met with “Israeli” war criminals Shimon Peres (real name: Szymon Perski) and Tzipi Livni, as well as Burkina Faso’s President Blaise Compaore (38), another Mossad asset who, with strong “Israeli” support, overthrew and murdered Burkinabé revolutionary leader Thomas Sankara, one of the great freedom fighters of the modern era (1).
Thanks to Zionist puppet Kagame, Rwanda and “Israel" now have exceedingly brotherly relations
This is the final phase of international Zionism’s gutting of Rwanda, spreading mascara to cover its tracks and fool the world as it has with every other conflict, war and swindle that it has forged since its ascendance to global power. Hotel Rwanda was produced by Lions Gate Films and United Artists, both owned and operated by Zionist Jews, like every other film studio and production company in Jewish Hollywood (3).
United Artists is a subsidiary of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), a Jewish “founding father firm” of the entertainment capital of the world that has historical ties to Jewish Organized Crime (40), including the real “boss of bosses”, the real “don of dons”, the powerful and shadowy figure who was known simply as “The Fixer,” Sidney Kershaw (41), a Jewish supremacist at heart, as evidenced by his anti-assimilation mentality and vast donations to the Zionist entity (42).

While the interconnected networks of International Jewry indeed intended to keep the domineering role of “Israel” far away from the Rwanda tragedy, its machinations are exposed here for all to see. May the Rwandan people come to know this dark, shocking and potent truth so their martyrs can not only rest in peace once and for all, but so their tormentors, Steinberg, Albright, Kimche, Kagame, his RPF commanders, the Mossad superiors of Kimche and the rest, pay severely for their bloody and pernicious crimes. Rwanda needs its freedom; and the perfect way to start a struggle for it would be to scrap the treachery of USAID and MASHAV, therefore alleviating the East African nation from anymore unnecessary Zionist plunder.
Glencore: the corporate leviathan founded by Jewish-Zionist "fugitive financier" Marc Rich; currently headed by Zionist Jew Ivan Glasenberg

Marc Rich is a name that is perceived to no longer have relevance in the fields of geopolitics, international finance or global espionage. Marc Rich is a man that is considered to be part of a bygone era. Such perceptions and considerations are drastically inaccurate. Marc Rich is famous for being a “fugitive financier”, a Jewish-Zionist billionaire who spent years on the run from American and international authorities for tax evasion and illegal oil deals, only to be pardoned by war criminal and Zionist stooge Bill Clinton on his last day in office.
What is buried about Rich is that he was a lifelong asset of the Zionist entity’s Mossad who conducted business in Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran as a means of spying on these nations for “Israel.”
Rich was pardoned by Clinton after sledgehammer pressure from “Israeli” leaders like the aforementioned Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak (real name: Ehud Brog), ex-Mossad director Shabtai Shavit and the heaviest hitters of the American Jewish community (43). Rich is central to the thesis of this essay for a reason even more abyssal than the aforesaid details.

The Jewish-Zionist “fugitive financier” is the founder of Glencore (previously Marc Rich and Co. AG), “the biggest company you never heard of,” a multinational commodities trading and mining hulk that has penetrated deep into Africa, including but not even close to limited to Equatorial Guinea, where Glencore owns two oil fields, Ivory Coast, where it is described as the “favorite trader” of the state oil company, and Zambia, where it has a 73% stake in the landlocked Southern African nation’s second largest mining company (44).
Glencore is currently headed by “Israeli”-South African Jew Ivan Glasenberg (45).

Rich built Glencore into a world powerhouse through his numerous connections in the intelligence underworld, essentially making it a front for Mossad’s most clandestine operations. Glencore made a killing selling oil to the apartheid regime in South Africa, a brotherly ally of the usurping Zionist entity. It made another killing, literally, in the Congo, through its ties to the Orthodox Jewish “Israeli” war criminal and diamond baron Dan Gertler.
Glencore is a stronghold of criminal Jewish exploits built from the ground up with the blood of innocent Africans from across the continent.
Apart from its relationship with Jewish supremacist gangster Gertler, who has the blood of at least 10 million Congolese on his money-grubbing, war-profiteering hands (1), Glencore itself is linked to an abundance of human rights abuses in the Congo.
Glencore also has its filthy “chosenite” paws in the zinc mines of Burkina Faso and the nickel mines of Tanzania (50), both puppet states of the Zionist regime. Truly, Glencore, the child of lifetime Mossadnik Marc Rich, is a Zionist criminal empire built with the blood, sweat and tears of millions of Africans for the furtherance of the usurping Jewish entity’s ambitious geopolitical aims.
The tentacles of international Zionism have extended into more African countries than one can even imagine. (Graphic by Skulz Fontaine)

The indigenous peoples of Africa weren’t the only ones that the Jewish exploitation machine violated and steamrolled. International Jewish Finance had no problem whatsoever turning on colonialists who weren’t going along with the plan of granting hegemony to “the tribe.” The Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 was a bitter, intra-colonialist conflict fought between the Boers (Afrikaners) and Brits for the domination of the resource-rich land of South Africa.
12,000 native South Africans, 30,000 Boers and 22,000 Brits lost their lives in the three years of bloodshed, with the colonial British army in particular being exceptionally merciless, employing scorched-earth tactics to terrorize the Boers (51).

The pinnacle of Britain’s savagery was its placement of 115,000 indigenous South Africans and 116,572 Boers, predominantly women and children, into filthy and brutal concentration camps, herding them into the mass detention centers like animals. 27,927 Boers died in the camps due to disease and malnourishment. 26,251 of them were women and children, with 22,074 of these children being under 16.
Other war crimes included the barbaric execution of POWs, the looting of food supplies and the destruction of livestock. All of this mass murder, torture and besiegement was vigorously fueled by the Jewish Money Power. The ever-ubiquitous Rothschild family, the monolithic Oppenheimer gold, diamond and media dynasty, the influential Jewish networker Barney Barnato (real name: Barnett Isaacs) and Rothschild lieutenants Lionel Phillips and Alfred Beit were the hidden hands behind the Anglo-Boer War, manipulating it every step of the way to bolster their wealth and further their quest for global supremacy (51).

Though the predatory plutocratic Jewish financiers worked behind curtains and moved in the shadows, their plans were exposed by numerous British Parliament members, the British Labor Movement and Irish nationalists.
The Anglo-Boer War was damned as a plot “to secure the gold fields of South Africa for cosmopolitan Jews”, in which propaganda was financed by “capitalist Jews” and spread by the “Jewish lords of the press”.
It was said that “the financial Jew” was everywhere to be found “operating, directing, inspiring the agencies that have led to this war”. This Jewish cabal was unrepentantly damned as a “financial serpent”. It was the “Jewish factor”, the “Jewish Randlords”, who did everything in their power to cement their “Jew-imperialist design” in South Africa, in “true parasitic fashion (51).”
It is pathetic and shameful that the Boers, who fought valiantly against Rothschild-backed Britain, would later go on to establish the Pretoria apartheid regime, which was, as long as it lasted, the Zionist entity’s closest African ally. Moreover, the Anglo-Boer War is exceedingly telling of how pathologically cunning the Jewish Power Configuration is, as it weaves in and out of various circles, making friends out of enemies and enemies out of friends, all for the ultimate benefit of World Jewry. 
The Jewish subversion of Africa is part and parcel of the ongoing Zionist war on the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Without question, the current and greatest enemy of international Zionism and the Jewish supremacists who uphold it is the Islamic Republic of Iran, which “Israel” has been mobilizing against, propagandizing against, infiltrating, terrorizing, bombing directly and by proxy, provoking, hurting and subverting since the Islamic Revolution triumphed more than three decades ago (52).
The Jewish “state” is using Iranian efforts in Africa in conjunction with some hardcore hasbara against the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hezbollah as pretexts to establish an “international intelligence agency” with “Israel” at the head of it and West Africa being the starting point of its operations (54). There is no limit to Zionist fanatics’ hysteria and desperation.

In November 2009, after months of strenuous diplomatic negotiations, the Zionist entity firmly established its presence in the tiny West African nation of Gambia, building bilateral ties in the fields of telecommunications, construction, electronics, sewage, commerce, agriculture and beyond. Most notably, “Israel” provided the Gambian government with a state-of-the-art irrigation system (55), indubitably for its growing appetite to foment water wars on the continent. One year later, nearly to the day, in what absolutely appeared to be an “Israeli” victory; Gambia cut all of its ties with the Islamic Revolution and expelled the Persian giant’s diplomats, claiming that Iran was shipping guns and drugs onto its shores (56).

An “Israeli” victory was indeed what it was as the entire affair turned out to be an elaborate farce to humiliate Iran, staged by Mossad’s Gambia station chief, Danny Shinn, who had infiltrated Gambia’s National Drug Enforcement Agency and the State House in the capital city of Banjul (57).
Shinn set up a network of assets comprised of ex-regime officials, placing them on Mossad’s payroll, and also provided torture training, weaponry and surveillance equipment to the Gambian military and intelligence sectors through a front company of his (58).
The slippery Mossad agent’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but his work is done; Gambia is under the dominion of “Israel”.
Relations between Mauritania and the usurping Zionist entity crumbled to nothing after the ritualistic Jewish assault on Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.
Relations between Mauritania and the usurping Jewish entity were once thoroughly solid. Autumn 1999 saw Mauritania recognizing the Zionist occupation regime, in a disgraceful public act of treason to the Arab and Islamic worlds. Trade and diplomacy followed, and Zionism had seemingly gained another ally (read: puppet) on the Arab, as well as the African fronts. Mauritania even accepted a most denigrating proposal from the Jewish terror “state” to take on the nuclear waste from the illegal Zionist nuclear weapons haven known as Dimona (59).
All of this putrid comeraderie, however, was short-lived. Relations between Nouakchott and Tel Aviv came crashing down with Operation Cast Lead. Outraged at the genocidal aggression that claimed the lives of 1,440 Palestinians, including 431 children; Mauritania shut down the “Israeli” embassy and expelled all Zionist entity diplomats (60).
Since this defiance, the Jewish occupation dragon has designated Mauritania an “enemy state” and prepped it for infiltration and subversion.

Whatever plans the Zionist entity had in store for Nouakchott were thwarted when “the biggest Mossad spy ring” in the country’s history was exposed on January 4th, 2012. Fake “activists” from across the Arab world and several high-profile businesspeople were arrested and interrogated as members of a vast, corrosive Zionist intelligence network embedded throughout Mauritanian society (61).
The outed “Israeli” nexus was one of extreme significance, as it was tied to the Zionist agents who murdered Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai and the Mossad operatives that infamously blew up an Ethiopian airliner in Lebanon (62).

Recently, indisputably due to its principled anti-Zionist stance, Mauritania has been slammed with nefarious propaganda by Zionist-run CNN as a modern outpost of slavery. The hasbaranik “news” network alleged that 10-20% of the North African nation’s citizens were slaves (63).
This is another primordial tactic of the Jewish occupation regime; attempt to destroy the enemy militarily or subversively, and if this fails, smear the enemy so the world perceives him as dirty and defeated anyway.
Algerian revolutionary Ahmed Ben Bella; a freedom fighter utterly hated by "Israel" and its French colonialist allies.
Historically, the usurping Jewish demon has always considered the massive North African nation of Algeria an adversary, hating it passionately. Aman, the Zionist entity’s military intelligence wing, worked intimately with SDECE (French intelligence) to undermine the Algerian liberation struggle.
On August 14th, 1963, the Algerian government, freshly (and barely) independent after the debilitating war of attrition with its Rothschild-financed French colonialist oppressors from 1954-1962, foiled a regime change plot led by “Israeli” intelligence and the pro-colonialist terrorist group, the French Secret Army Organization (OAS). Ten Zionist agents and 20 of their proxies were arrested.
President Ben Bella, a fierce anti-Zionist, accused the Zionist entity of attempting to plunge the newly independent Algeria into chaos due to its stance on the total liberation of Palestine (66).

The OAS itself was an iniquitous den of Jewish intrigue. It not only had an exclusively Jewish faction, its leadership was being advised on the intricacies of clandestine warfare by partisans of Irgun, the notorious mass murdering “Israeli” terrorist organ.
The usurping Zionist entity’s intelligence apparatuses were also providing support to the OAS on the ground as a means of retaining the French colonial presence in Algeria, as was the CIA.
What is even more disturbing is that the OAS, tormentors of the Algerian people and willing marionettes of the Jewish occupation regime, was financed by the extremely shadowy Permindex corporation, a nexus of Jewish financial barons, Mossad agents, Zionist lobbyists and Jewish Organized Crime kingpins that was integral to the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy and numerous attempts on the life of President of France Charles de Gaulle (67).

Since the decolonization of Algeria and the triumph over the Mossad-OAS efforts to reverse Algerian liberation, “Israel” has steadfastly targeted the North African behemoth with a cornucopia of designs, especially as of recent. In the summer of 2007, Mossad was revealed to have been running prominent Algerian journalist Said Sahnoun, who had provided the “Israeli” foreign intelligence directorate with information on Algeria’s military capabilities (68).
December 2007 saw the Algerian capital of Algiers being struck with a double car bomb by Mossad, leaving at least 47 innocents murdered in cold blood (69).
There is a strong possibility that this was classical Jewish vengeance for the outing of Sahnoun. In March 2010, a Mossad agent in possession of a fake Spanish passport was arrested by Algeria’s security services for spying on oil companies (70).
"Algerian" separatist terrorist Ferhat Mehenni: traitor of Africa and proxy of Zionism bought and paid for by American Jewry.
Religiously adhering to the Yinon Plan of destabilization and balkanization, of which Algeria is a feature (17), “Israel” hosted Ferhat Mehenni, leader of the Paris-based Mouvement pour l’autonomie de la Kabylie (MAK), an Algerian separatist group, on May 22nd, 2012. Mehenni seeks to establish a tribal enclave in the northern region of Algeria called “Kablye”, a terribly blatant invocation of Oded Yinon’s vision of chopping up Arab and Muslim states into smaller, weaker entities.
The separatist strongman is an advocate of establishing ties with the usurping Jewish entity and setting up an “Israeli” embassy in Algiers. The Zionist regime openly and flagrantly supports the MAK and has facilitated at least three of Mehenni’s trips to the Talmudic stronghold. He plans for the Jewish occupation regime to be the first entity that “Kablye” establishes diplomatic ties with, and why wouldn’t he?
Mehenni has received over $1 million Euros from the wealthy and powerful American Jewish community (72); he is merely catering to his Zionist masters’ wants and needs.

“Israeli” media programs have also been firing bullets of absurd but nevertheless dangerous hasbara about Algeria possessing nuclear weapons (73); a reprehensible lie. With Libya destroyed by the Zionist-engineered war of aggression led by NATO, and Egypt very much under fire from an “Israeli” scheme to retake the Sinai, it vividly appears that Algeria is next on the Zionist hit list. The “divide and conquer” and “weapons of mass destruction” pretexts are already in place and that is exceptionally frightening.

If Anwar el-Sadat was the Arab World’s greatest and most perfidious traitor, the “kings” of Morocco and “King” Hassan II in particular, undoubtedly register as his closest front runners or even, his heirs. Forged by “King” Muhammad V in the early 1950s and furthered after his death in 1961 by his son, “King” Hassan II, the devilish relationship between Mossad and the Moroccan security-intelligence complex is one of the utmost closeness and treachery.
It began in 1954 when Mossad founder Isser Harel set up a clandestine base in Morocco for the purpose of forcing Moroccan Jews to occupied Palestine. Mossad agent Shlomo Havillo was initially made station chief, but he was later replaced by a more devoted Jewish supremacist named Alex Gatmon, who was also given dominion over the Misgeret, Mossad’s secret militia in Casablanca. Harel and Gatmon launched two major operations, “Mural” and “Yakhin”, in which they smuggled hundreds of thousands of Mizrahi Jews out of Morocco with the full complicity of the “King” and his security services (74). This was just a front for something far more diabolical however.

The main reason that the Moroccan monarchy and usurping Jewish entity formed an alliance was to overthrow Gamal Abdul Nasser. Meir Amit, lifelong servant of Zionism and Isser Harel’s “replacement” as director of Mossad, trained the security services of “King” Hassan II in counterintelligence, interrogation and torture, all for the purpose of taking down Nasser and replacing his regime with one more compliant to the regional objectives of “Israel” and the monarchy (75).
This new alliance would prove destructive to Nasser and his anti-Zionist ambitions, as the turncoat Moroccan intelligence apparatus supplied the Jewish “state” with critical access to high-level meetings between Arab military  commanders just prior to al-Naksa, thus giving “Israel” the upper hand it needed to launch its preemptive war (76). 
The tyrannical Moroccan monarchy and the usurping Zionist entity are intimately intertwined through their intelligence services
It was this putrid cooperation that also led to the kidnapping, barbaric torture and murder of great Moroccan revolutionary Mehdi Ben Barka, first discussed in Mask of Zion’s first report on Africa. Mossad was the guiding hand behind Ben Barka’s tragic and bloody fate. The international Jewish murder machine had tracked the “Moroccan Che Guevara’s” entire career, penetrated his inner circle and set him up on a fake meeting with a “sympathetic French millionaire” who wanted to help him topple the “King” and liberate Morocco from tyranny.
It was at this meeting that Moroccan Interior Minister (and Mossad asset) Muhammad Oufkir and his allies in an “Israel”-allied SDECE faction would kidnap Ben Barka and later execute him. The man behind the fiction that led to the cold-blooded murder of Mehdi Ben Barka was none other than David Kimche (77), the ancient Mossadnik behind the Rwandan Genocide.
Beyond the cooperation between his security services and Mossad, “King” Hassan II held numerous secret meetings with “Israeli” war criminals over the years, from prime ministers to generals, Knesset members to intelligence heads, doing everything that he could to harm and undermine the Palestinian people (78).

Mossad also trained the bodyguards of the Moroccan despot. To show just how deep the friendship between Tel Aviv and Rabat actually went, when longtime Mossad contact Muhammad Oufkir plotted to overthrow “King” Hassan II, the Zionist entity’s global terror squad stopped it from occurring. As a means of gratitude, the “King” increased his ties to Zionism; more weapons, more intelligence, more cultural and economic cooperation, more trade, which amounts to at least $100 million per year, and more “Israeli” involvement in helping Morocco emerge triumphant in its brutal, expansionist war against the indigenous Sahrawi people of the Western Sahara (74), who were and are being (righteously) supported by the Zionist entity’s hated enemy, Algeria. 
Zionism’s wholly vile and incestuous friendliness with the Moroccan tyrant is especially vital to its infestation of Africa, on all fronts. Morocco is essentially a launching pad for Jewish criminal activity on the continent.
The Moroccan people themselves, known for their visceral despisal of the usurping Zionist dragon and who literally chased an “Israeli” diplomat out of their country in March (79), must take down the “King” and restore dignity to Morocco.
Al-Shabab, the righteous Islamic Resistance of Somalia, is under intensifier from the marionettes of International Jewry
While Mask of Zion prominently featured the plight of occupied Somalia in its first report, new revelations have since emerged that add more layers of devilishness to what has befallen the Horn of Africa nation. Additionally, International Jewry’s proxies in Europe and America have stepped up the aggression against the Somali people.

On May 15th, 2012, EU naval forces and helicopters ruthlessly shelled the village of Handulle, ridiculously dubbing it a “pirate haven” and vowing to continue facsimile attacks in the future (80).
No evidence was (or has been) presented to confirm the “pirate” allegations and no casualty count was issued either although it wouldn’t be farfetched by any means to assume many civilians were murdered by this cruel, criminal and colonial attack. It is imperative to note that the Somali pirates are by no means “robbers” or, as Zionist ideologues tend to describe them, “terrorists,” they are defenders of their homeland, putting their lives on the line to stop Western (read: Jewish) imperial encroachment and corporations from dumping toxic waste in Somali waters (81).

It is now known that the Zionist-occupied United States government has been using F-15s to bomb Somalia, as well as its naval destroyers (82).
Just two weeks later on May 11th, America’s remote-controlled death machines hit Somalia again, this time murdering more than 38 people in the southwestern district of Badade (87).
It is utterly miraculous that Bab-el-Mandeb, the strategic waterway between Somalia and Yemen, hasn’t changed colors from blue to red from all of the innocent Somali blood spilled.
Abraham Karem: the Jewish-Zionist maniac who invented the Predator Drone, the machine of death currently tormenting Somalia
Never should it be forgotten that the perverted mind that gave the world the Predator drone was a Jewish one. Abraham Karem, who served in the Air Force of the “Israeli” occupation army for 9 years, is considered to be the man, or rather, the Zionist parasite, who “changed the way the United States wages war.” Karem gave birth to the Predator drone in 1980 in his home in Hacienda Heights, California, after emigrating from Jewish-occupied Palestine (88).
The warmongering Zionist Jew wreaked havoc on the Palestinian people as an occupation soldier and now continues that legacy vicariously through his twisted and murderous mechanical creation, which wreaks havoc on innocents all over the world, including Somalia.
Moreover, even before Karem fathered the Predator (aptly named considering the predatory natures of Jewry and Zionism), going back to at least 1970, “Israel” was manufacturing drone technology. In fact, the Jewish “state” can be considered the “drone godfather” and first deployed drones in Lebanon in 1982. The Zionist entity accounts for 41% of all drones exported worldwide, its drones are used by at least 24 countries and it maintains a network of front companies to “judaize” security establishments the world over (89), just like it is “judaizing” occupied al-Quds. Therefore, it can be said, unequivocally, that Somalia’s drone torment is Jewish at the root.
 Jewish-Zionist fanatic Michael Chertoff: author of the Patriot Act, 9/11 conspirator and godfather of Somalia's plight
While Somalia has been occupied by AU-UN forces since 2006, its humanitarian crisis was manufactured several years before that; 5 years before that exactly, just weeks after the September 11th massacre in New York City. Drought and famine are maliciously widespread, with women and children being the main victims of this weaponization of human catastrophe, public health care has all but collapsed, food aid has been suspended and millions of Somalis have been displaced inside and outside of their homeland.
Somalia’s humanitarian woes are also Jewish at the root, making Al-Shabab’s Resistance (and eventual victory over) these Zionist-backed invaders all the more important.

There is truly no end to the rape of Africa by the Jewish exploitation machine. What has been written here may be even more detailed, more abyssal than the previous Mask of Zion report, but it is by no means the alpha and omega; books, masses of books, can be written about what “Israel” and its Jewish internationals have done to the African continent.
Indeed that is what many Jews involved in the plunder of Africa may be, but this is about geopolitics. This is about the execution of Zionist stratagems and Ben-Ari knows it.

The much-discussed Chabadnik war criminal Dan Gertler is now linked to blood diamond dealing in the Southern African nation of Angola, and he has recently launched new projects in the Congo to finance more illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank (94).
In Mali, an initiative of Jewish cultural imperialism has been launched, with big-name “Israeli” and Malian musicians collaborating to defy the BDS movement and normalize the crimes of the “Israeli” occupation army (96).

The Zionist entity has also fully restored its diplomatic ties with the West African nation of Ghana (97), more than four decades after Mossad overthrew Ghanian founding father and cherished leader Kwame Nkrumah in its secret war with the Chinese Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS). The usurping Jewish entity would end the war with CSIS after the “Nkrumah Affair” and then forge an alliance with it to curtail Soviet influence in Africa, as per the policy designed by Meir Amit to keep superpowers divided and weakened in the name of “Jewish survival”. Mossad would do just that in the years following, pitting Chinese operatives against Russian operatives and using Africa as the battleground (98).
Field Marshall Dedan Kimathi Waciuri: Kenyan revolutionary who defied Rothschild-funded British colonialism and gave his life for the freedom of his nation

55 years ago, Kenyan freedom fighter and legendary revolutionary Field Marshall Dedans Kimathi Waciuri was hung by the Rothschild-financed British colonial regime, one of at least 1,090 Kenyans executed in this manner during the 1950s, along with 300,000 other Kenyans thrown into British concentration camps (99), like the Boers and their indigenous comrades before them who fought Jewish domination. Field Marshall Kimathi was murdered for one reason and one reason only: he resisted his oppressors and utterly refused to compromise this dedicated stance.

He chose dignity over humiliation. Liberation over subjugation. Death over a life in slavery. It is this kind of steadfastness that the African continent needs now, maybe more so than ever before. Without it, the Jewish exploitation machine will continue onward with its rampage throughout Africa, leaving an oceanic trail of blood in its tracks. With it however, the Resistance will be triumphant, in honor of Field Marshall Kimathi and all of the martyrs before him and after him, from Rwanda to Libya, Somalia to Egypt, Algeria to Gambia and every nation in between. And the Zionist infestation of Africa will not only be counteracted, but prevented from manifesting itself ever again.

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