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Chutzpah (/ˈhʊtspə/) ~ A Yiddish word derived from the Hebrew word upâ (חֻצְפָּה), meaning “insolence” or “audacity”, used indignantly to describe someone who has overstepped the boundaries of accepted behavior.
In traditional usage, the word expresses a strong sense of disgust, condemnation and outrage. 

Also used to express the ideas of “gall, brazen nerve, effrontery… presumption plus arrogance such as no other word and no other language can do justice to.

~ yeah, that ‘bout sums it up…
Of the millions (billions?) of vowels, consonants, sentences (full as well as fragmented) paragraphs, chapters, books, movies, articles, epistles, etc, etc, etc, used throughout the history of the last 4,000 years in explaining/defining the ‘clash of civilizations’ between the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds, there has been no better 1-word dissertation than that guttural, clearing-of-the-throat noise known as ‘chutzpah’ when it comes to understanding/explaining the ‘Jewish problem’ and all its accompanying ‘anti-Semitism’ that the entire world is forced to hear about on a minute by minute basis.

The latest example of such is an article appearing in Haaretz, of the more ‘sane’ of Israel’s news outlets, entitled ‘Israel says Palestinian economy ‘not stable enough for independent state’ and which reads in part as follows:
Israel is expected to present a report Wednesday at a donor meeting on Palestinian aid in Brussels claiming that the Palestinian Authority is not sufficiently stable to meet the standards of a well-functioning state.

The 44-page report, written by the Foreign Ministry and several other government ministries, will be presented by the Israeli delegation to the representatives at the donor meeting, including Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store who serves as the chairman of the committee, European Union foreign policy Chief Catherine Ashton, and the Mideast Quartet envoy Tony Blair.

The report specifies a long line of actions Israel has taken to aid the Palestinian economy in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, but presents data showing that that the recent economic growth in the West Bank has stopped. Much of the data found in the Israeli report also appears in the report published last week by the World Bank.

Parts of the report are worded in a way that aims to make clear that the Palestinian economy is unable to support an independent state. This message stands out in light of the World Bank’s report and other reports by international bodies that were published in 2011 in preparation for the Palestinian UN statehood bid last September, that claimed the PA’s institutions are developed enough to support an independent state.

Israel is expected to emphasize before the donor countries that despite the growth of recent years, the Palestinian Authority still needs foreign aid to survive.

“The fiscal crisis is especially acute because much of the West Bank economy still depends on the public sector and on construction projects, both still heavily financed by foreign aid. It also serves as an alarming warning sign for the stability of the Palestinian economy,” the report said.

“The current fiscal situation raises doubts about whether the PA will be able to reduce its dependency on foreign aid in the coming years.”
If there was ever a better example of gall, the rest of the sane world would be galled in trying to find one.
Remember, the entity making these statements concerning the ‘poor state’ of the Palestinian economy is ISRAEL. She didn’t even bother with her typical business of jury seduction by using an third party who is SEEMINGLY detached from the original interested party. 

 ISRAEL, the country whose people invaded Palestine:
Wiped 400+ functioning, viable, Palestinian villages off the map, created one of the most horrific refugee crises in history that continues to this very day and who does everything in her diabolic power to impede, impinge upon and interfere with the normal flow of goods, services and quality of life for the average NON-JEWISH resident in the area.

Checkpoints, checkpoints and even MORE checkpoints. A concrete wall high enough that God himself has to take care lest He wind up with bruised shins or stubbed toes…

Water and farmable land resources stolen and expropriated solely for the use of “God’s chosen people”…

An embargo on anything coming from or going to Gaza (Israeli missiles targeting Palestinian civilians being the sole exception) that prevents even the most basic necessities from being met…

Fisherman fired upon by Israeli patrol boats when all they are trying to do is FISH for God’s sake…

We could go on, and on, and on
And yet, DESPITE ALL THIS (and more) she ~ the Jewish state ~ has the nerve, the CHUTZPAH to go before a board of donors providing Palestinians with the meager assistance necessary in transforming their lives from a living hell to just hellish ~ and says that due to the economic situation existing in the West Bank and Gaza, that it is doubtful the Palestinians are ready to form a ‘viable state’.

What’s more, and indeed ALMOST (but not quite) as galling is the section of the report discussing in an ever-so-slightly smirking demeanor how the Palestinians ~ due to their own incompetence, we are left to infer) will continue to be reliant upon ‘foreign aid’ in order to function in the dysfunctional manner they presently do.


No, let’s try that again:

The fact that an official body from the Jewish state would put together and present such a report is only outdone in its brazenness by the complete sense of disconcern that such a body would have regarding any possible blow-back from such an event taking place.

Are they REALLY so haughty in their ‘Chosenness’ that they think the rest of the world is so goyishly stupid as to NOT be able to see the glaring hypocrisy in this? 

That the moral majority making up the 6 billion non-Jewish souls on the planet are NOT competent and conversant in what we might call statistical history and therefore NOT able to see that the reason the Palestinian economy is in such bad shape is as a direct result of deliberate, racist policies implemented by the Jewish state, the eventual end result of which being the ethnic cleansing of historical Palestine, rendering it 100% kosher, Torah-approved ‘Jewish’?

In a word, ‘yes’, they are that haughty, 

they are that arrogant and 

they are that blinded by that guttural, clearing-of-the-throat noise which they themselves consider a character asset but which civilized societies throughout history have considered a flaw.

And it is this word, this 2-syllable dissertation known as chutzpah that best explains why there has (and will continue to be) these things known as ‘the Jewish problem’ and its accompanying ‘anti-Semitism’.

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