Thursday 31 May 2012


Talk of machine guns & surveillance spooks hotel guests.

“Topics likely to include Agenda 21 ~
 part of Bilderberg’s efforts to usher in a post-industrial revolution.”

May 30, 2012

The Bilderberg Group has launched an unprecedented security crackdown on the eve of tomorrow’s secretive confab of global power brokers, with guests at the Westfield’s Marriott Washington Dulles hotel being intimidated by talk of machine guns and high-tech surveillance.
Police tell Jones and crew to leave the hotel. 

Alex Jones’ website Infowars has asked for as many people as possible to occupy Bilderberg 2012 and said,
“We urge as many people as possible to travel to Virginia at the end of the month to do what the mainstream media habitually fails to accomplish” 

“Speaking truth to power and demanding answers as to why Bilderberg attendees think they can break their own country’s laws, such as the Logan Act in America and its equivalents elsewhere, by meeting secretly with foreign agents while serving in public office.” 
Last year over 500 people protested the meeting which was held at St. Moritz, Switzerland and forced the secret meeting to be cancelled early because of disruption. 

It is believed Bilderberg is being held in the U.S because of the presidential race as it was held in the same place in 2008 when the last presidential race took place.

Surveying the scene at the hotel today, Jones described a chaotic picture, with Bilderberg security, including a particularly vocal Swedish woman, stomping around the building announcing that “machine gun nests” were being set up in anticipation of a deluge of protesters arriving over the next few days.

Given the fact that a record number of demonstrators are expected to attend, Bilderberg has been more stringent than ever before in its efforts to get people out of the way, telling customers who had made room reservations for two days before the start of the conference that their bookings would not be honored.

ED: There is nothing newsworthy in that. Bilderberg does this every year in every venue it utilizes; it is standard procedure. On the plus side, every inconvenienced person in that hotel will remember the name Bilderberg and perhaps start thinking about things.

Undercover Fairfax police, secret service, hotel security, as well as diplomatic service personnel are all now rushing to finalize preparations for the arrival of Bilderberg members tomorrow morning.

According to London Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton, conference organizers were also using iPhones to film guests who had arrived for brunch. Regular guests as well as journalists are also having background checks run against their names.

Alex Jones also heard discussions between members of Bilderberg security about how sophisticated surveillance equipment using satellites was being used to tap phones of prominent activists and media personalities set to cover the event.

Although well over a thousand people have signaled their intention to attend the protest, Bilderberg only expects around 500 to be in place at any one time.

Over the years many people have got information out of Bilderberg and have been able to accurately predict many world events before they were announced.

As outlined on the Corbett Report website the predictions have included,
The Iraq invasion to start later than expected ~ announced by Jim Tucker that Bilderberg asked for a delay

The popping of the housing bubble ~ Daniel Estulin made this predication which at the time had people laughing at the idea

Oil price drop in oil price ~ Jim Tucker again made an excellent prediction which was thought to be a crazy idea
The list of predictions is frightening but the aspect which most people are most worried about is the secrecy within the Bilderberg group and lack of transparency.
If all the different movements including, occupy, 9/11 truth, anti war etc come together for 4 days and occupy Bilderberg then the media will struggle to keep it quiet.

This is the best chance to let the power elite know exactly what you think with attendees including banking elites such as Rockefeller or political elites such as Mitt Romney.

It is widely believed that the Bilderberg meeting could decide that Mitt Romney should go up against Obama or even whether they should allow Obama another term.
Occupy Bilderberg is an excellent opportunity to make sure no plans or decisions are made at this illegal meeting which defies the Logan Act because American citizens negotiate with foreign governments.

If you would like to join the Occupy Bilderberg 2012 movement, then simply turn up at the Marriott hotel in Chantilly, Virginia  

Alex Jones himself was contacted yesterday by Bryan Stolz, Director of Hotel Operations at Marriott International, who told Jones that his room booking was cancelled and that he and his crew would be banned from entering the premises of the hotel.

People who are already staying at the hotel have had letters delivered to their rooms ordering them to leave the premises before noon on Thursday.

We are also expecting to receive details of Bilderberg’s 2012 agenda within the next few hours. 

One topic of discussion already confirmed to be up for debate will be ecological issues and Agenda 21 ~ part of Bilderberg’s efforts to usher in a post-industrial revolution.

Sources: Paul Joseph Watson, Info Wars, World Under Control

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