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May 17, 2012

We innocently forfeit our legal and parental rights when we  purchase a marriage license. ~

I wanted to pass along some VERY important information regarding marriage, the marriage contract, contract law, the state and children. This has helped me see the TRUE DANGER in getting married today.

I have been studying the law intensely for the past few years and learned all about maritime law, contract law, trusts, corporations, policies, common law and how nearly ALL such "laws" today are not laws at all, but are merely Policies. They're operating under pretense of law. That is why police today are in fact called Police...because they enforce POLIC(E)-IES... NOT laws.  They actually work for the insurance companies who are themselves owned by the banks, especially the Federal Reserve central banks.

The marriage license began in the middles ages as a private contract between two families. Most of the time this was recorded in the local church with or without eyewitnesses. Usually the word of a couple that stated they were married was sufficient to have the marriage recorded as such.

According to Black's Law Dictionary, the word license is defined as ~ "Permission by competent authority to do an act which without such permission, would be illegal."

In other words, the government makes something that was lawful to do, illegal. They then charge you a fee (which is a bribe) to turn their backs and give you a permit that allows you to break the law that they just said was illegal to do!

So the state, in instituting any kind of licensing, is forcing you to contract with them and pay a bribe to do something that they claim is illegal.

In Civil Law, the marriage is considered to be a for-profit venture. As the wife goes out to the local market to purchase food stuffs and other supplies for the marriage household, she is replenishing the stocks of the business.

Moreover, as children come into the marriage household, the business venture is considered to have "borne fruit."

Another way to look as the marriage license contract with the State is as a contract of adhesion, a contract between two disparate, unequal parties. Again, a flawed "contract."

This contract with the State is said to be a "specific performance" contract as to the privileges, duties and responsibilities that are attached to it.

Consideration on the part of the husband and wife is the actual fee paid. This results in an implied agreement to be subject to the state's statutes, rules, and regulations and all court cases ruled on related to marriage law, family law, children, and property.

It should be emphasized that this contractual consideration places the bride and groom in an inferior position (as defined-by-law) and makes them subject to the State. Very few people realize this.

It is very important to understand that children born to the marriage are considered by law as "the contract bearing fruit" ~ meaning the children primarily belong to the State.
In this regard, children are regarded as "contract bearing fruit,”

This was established in the US in the 1930's by two doctrines. The first is the Doctrine of Parens Patriae. The second is the Doctrine of In Loco Parentis.

Parens Patriae means literally "the parent of the country" or to put it more bluntly ~ the State is the undisclosed true parent.

Along this line, a 1930's Arizona Supreme Court case states that parents have no property right in their children, and have custody of their children during good behavior at the sufferance of the State.

This means that parents may raise their children and maintain custody of their children as long as they don't offend the State.

But if they in some manner displease the State, the State can step in at any time and exercise its superior status and take custody and control of its children ~ i.e. the parents are only conditional caretakers. [Thus the Doctrine of In Loco Parentis.]

The marriage license is an ongoing contractual relationship between the husband, wife and state. It's a trinity, just like a pyramid, with the State on top.

Technically, the marriage license is a business license allowing the husband and wife, in the name of the marriage (a maritime corporation), to enter into contracts with third parties and contract mortgages and debts. They can get car loans, home mortgages, and installment debts in the name of the marriage.

Also, the marriage contract "bears fruit" by adding children. If sometime later, the marriage fails, and a "divorce" results the contract continues in existence.

The "divorce" is merely a contractual dissolution or amendment of the terms and conditions of the contract. Jurisdiction over the marriage, husband and wife, by the state, now separated, continues over all aspects of the marriage, including over marital property and the children brought into the marriage.

That is why Family Law and the Domestic Relations court calls "divorce" a dissolution of the marriage, because the contract continues in operation but in amended or modified form. The marriage license contract is one of the strongest, most binding contractual relationships the State has on people.
This is why time and time again CPS feels that they can just come in and take over your children, because according to the marriage license (along with numerous other unrevealed contracts), they have legal jurisdiction over your children without you really knowing or understanding why.
 Much of this also goes back to the 14th amendment, your all capitalized name and each person’s name being incorporated, thus giving the states and Feds authority over you.

This is how we have all become enslaved once again, by these dangerous and unrevealed adhesion contracts, many of which, like the marriage contract, are always in force to some degree.

Others include: Social Security, Drivers Licenses, Building Permits, Property Taxes, and SO many more. ALL of these items are adhesion contracts that have far reaching implications, without you knowing it.
None of them are mandatory!!!!!
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