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[not necessarily in order of importance and all totally interdependent]

All the serious spiritual doctrines have warned us of lust (self-driven desires, I want), greed (I want more) and attachment (this is mine and you are not having it).
Myopic. Not seeing the wood through the trees. The bigger picture. Root versus problems. Short term versus long term effects.
I think the latest term is Man up. Think what our forefathers had to take on. Yet we are scared of another sentient being in a costume who is brain-washed into believing s/he somehow has governance over us because of pieces of paper and their presumed authority. Look at the pitiful state they have got us in.

 There is nothing NOTHING in your life which this agenda does not effect directly or indirectly, and does not intend to destroy; as it umbrellas EVERYTHING.

So it is essential you prioritize your life around facing this beast head on. Otherwise it’s like going to the cinema when you have a full on toothache. Now is the time to put our intense focus on sorting this toothache out, as a priority, before we do anything else.

Why have we become such lazy bastards? Is it the fluoride, our precious telly, the poisons in the false foods perhaps? Maybe it’s the years of intense conditioning through the fooling (schooling) system? Perhaps a combination of all these? Whatever, it’s done the trick.

We’ve all met people when you impart this information to them don’t deny it, but just don’t give a f**K. This unfortunately can be the case with long term truthers. They’re just hooked to the Truth more as entertainment than caring about addressing these issues.
The ostriches who choose not to know when they’ve had umpteen opportunities to face this brutal Truth. Even those who have been in the Truth movement for many years are scared of calling a spade a spade, by using amorphous terms rather than mention judaism. Yet another example how fear plays a significant role in this.
6/. I-AM-ISM 
Identity/ego. Throughout the ages all the true mystics have urged us to look at who we really are. We are much more than our imposed artificial, superficial, transient identities.
Don’t we just love to follow. Politicians, gurus, experts, external sources and saviours, We need to become our own sovereign beings. Self governed, taking personal responsibility for our lives and having consideration for others and the collective good.

That’s not saying we shouldn’t have people taking key positions, but the herd mentality has to be dropped. We need competent organizers working within a team vs hierarchical authoritarian leaders.
“Well what can I do about this?”  Everything and something. “I don’t know what to do?” Oh yes you do – in your heart you know exactly what to do!

You are not insignificant! You are a powerful force, but just haven’t realized it – yet. None of us realize our true potential…..the lion within.
Directly linked to our selfish desires, and our identities; we have been conditioned to want more and more external stimulants to fill these voids of insecurities in our lives.

Our fundamental needs are:
Relative healthcare to be able to breath naturally, be pain free and have relative levels of mobility
To give and receive love levels of kindness, social interaction, compassion and altruism to all sentient beings
Relative security from dangers of nature and man
Shelter/Protection from hot/cold temperatures and normal weather patterns
Sustenance unadulterated water, food fresh air and sunlight
When we take an honest look at these five fundamental needs, they should put our trivial wants into perspective. Especially when we are well aware many of our brothers and sisters around the globe have these fundamental needs compromised.
Plain and simple conditioning. “That’s just the way things have always been – that’s just how things are.” This is our lifestyle and that is their lifestyle.

We have become almost ritualistic in our lives. Wednesday we go to Sainsburys to do the weekly (false) food shopping. Fridays we have cod n chips with mushy peas. Monday evenings we go to our art class – never miss a week. Saturday mornings without fail off we go to play footie.

These little rituals are our comfort zones. They help us maintain some normalization in these insane times. However it is our innocuous comfort zones which are ultimately enslaving and destroying us in the long run. 

They maintain us in a self-absorbed mode. Keeping us detached from the outside world. Artificially reinforcing that ‘everything is OK’, that things are just dandy.

Tap into the inner resource ‘within’.

Begin your spiritual journey towards consciousness. In my humble, this is the only way we are going to get out of this mess, by waking up to the spiritual side to this agenda.
Most of the traits listed above are fear based. It is only through tapping into this inner strength, this spirit, the Light that we will be able to face and deal with our fears.
Until we can fully embrace our spiritual quest, we won’t even begin to make headway with fighting this demonic force. 

I describe these elite Jews as PPP’s. Parasitic Psychotic Predators. I am also aware this agenda is more than a bunch of insane rabbis. I realize they are only the physical manifestation of a dark demonic satanic/luciferian force. They are indeed the ‘chosen ones’ ~ Lucifer’s chosen ones.

In addition I feel we must also be mindful that this darkness has shadowed us all. We all to some degree have been infected and effected by its presence.

So this is much much more than just sitting meditating for 20 minutes every day and hoping the world’s problems will magically go away like a nasty rash. 

This is about truly embracing the spiritual elements harbored within us.

I feel we need to first self-reflect and look at these negative traits which we have allowed to sneak in through the back door. 

We need to objectively look at our lives and the incremental roles we have played in allowing this beast to have developed to the stage that it is now breathing down our necks.

It is exactly the same principle in fighting health. Not only that we should take responsibility for our health; but we must realize we are not necessarily fighting any particular dis-ease or condition (labels), but are in fact faced with an opportunity to clean up our cellular health and embrace a more balanced natural lifestyle. Only then, when we become conscious of this broader outlook, will our so-called ‘conditions’ begin to improve.

I.e. backache, arthritis, eczema, cancer, common cold, etc. These are all conditions, symptoms, problems of a dis-eased body.

Likewise ….. chemtrails, fluoridation of the water supply, race issues, GM foods, FEMA camps, police state, Orwellian legislation, etc. These are all conditions, symptoms, problems of a dis-eased world.

Let’s focus our collective attention on the root causes of our conditions rather than all these labels.
This is above and beyond just waking up. It’s only through us collectively becoming conscious and leaning towards the light, that we going to overcome our oppressors
In summary
1/. Selfishness
2/. Shortsightedness
3/. Cowardliness
4/. Apathy
5/. Willful ignorance
6/. I-AM-ism
7/. Follow-itis
8/. Little ol me-ism
9/. Needs vs wants
10/. Habits

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  1. Very useful.

    (I made some changes to 'News Readers...")



  2. Good list.

    A note on iam-ism's:

    It is the transcendental field of life that is free of 'ism's,
    a quote of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,
    Seven states of consciousness, recorded live, LP, LA, 1967)

    Google: Tony Nader

    (He is Maharishi's succesor. born in a Christian family in Lebanon,
    brilliant neurophysiologist)

  3. "The paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree instinctual."

    amazingly there are negative/evil entities waiting to be invited into healthy hosts...{see America's decline}...since investing in a "Jewish" narrative...the Anti-Thesis of the Christian way of living [KNOW TRUTH] admonished by the Messiah for the Children of Israel who have never been the Ashkenazim Proselytes to Talmudic Judaism...

    just some food for thought...

    It was Jesus after all who recommended SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND..

    It is not debatable that Talmudvision will degrade and destroy cognitive abilities...and not just because of the 'Advertising' ?

    cognitive dissonance -

    Mental conflict that occurs when beliefs {JEW LIES} or assumptions are contradicted by new information [TRUTH]. The concept was introduced by Elijah when the Baal priests were cutting themselves...

    sometimes people confronted with challenging new information, seek to preserve their current mis-understanding of the world by rejecting, explaining away, or avoiding the new information or by convincing themselves that no conflict really exists. Cognitive dissonance is nonetheless considered an explanation for attitude change.[Repentence]...changing the way we THINK...

    SPADE !!!

    Happy celestial events to you,


  4. Thanks for this post. Ever since I figured out the official story about 9-11 was a lie, I knew we were in a spiritual war. We're not going to win this without addressing who we are deep inside.

  5. Freedom, i.e. liberty, is a MEANS, not an END. Having 'freedom' as a goal is irrational and pointless. Until men get that through their thick skulls, nothing is going to change.

  6. Use the spade of whatever meditation to unearth the D.IAM.O.N.D. within

    Divinty I AM Opening New Dimensions

    MMY was one of the few Enlightened Teachers that spoke out against UNO, IMF, WORLD BANK, NATO etc.
    banned his teaching from Britain, saying we don't feed the scorpion.

    The videos that are put out on the net of this great World Teacher by his movement today don't show his fiery side to be seen in unedited internet weekly pressconferences though, during the prelude of the
    2nd Gulf war. They should do so. Divine 'Anger' wakes people like you, davy, up.

    Being the Absolute he was not all closed to what's really happening in the 'relative'.

    Do your- horizontal research- davy

    try this one: raja nader ram every man is cosmic

    (TM news from Lebanon, with some of these 'heavy' Speeches from Heaven written out)

    CIA O

  7. Thank you Gabreal for the "Heads Up"...Being handicapped with an advanced degree in Govt., my horizontal ascension was stymied by the gang stalkers with tanks, Satellites & microwave zapper gizmos that make blisters appear on the epitheleal layers rapidly...


    "It is therefore the responsibility of every "government" to provide the opportunity for its citizens to unfold the total potential of their lives, to unfold their own Cosmic Potential."
    ....cue Cosmic Ethel Dunihoe

    Harboring no ilusions as to the flow chart of the criminally insane Talmudic Terrorist so-called "Government" of the "JEWNITED" States, let's just say Russell and me had to stay vertical...till the storm blows over...if you get my drift.

    In the good news dept...,7340,L-4230954,00.html

    ...the area contains a rather target rich environment...much as the Book of Obadiah alludes to...

    My friends in Lebanon Palestine, Jordan & Syria will be happy to see me when my visit to Baalbek, Petra & the Kings Highway commences...

    After reading Sitchin & Tellinger there are a few escapades and adventures new to my list..

    Cheers old boy,



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