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Dr. Bernard Nathanson. This is the face of a man at peace with himself. Sharp, confident and satisfied with life. Compare this Jewish face with that of any rabbi or most Jews with the anger emanating from their every pore.
Bernard N. Nathanson (July 31, 1926 ~ February 21, 2011) was an American medical doctor from New York who helped to found the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, but later became a pro-life activist. Nathanson was born in New York City.  His father was an obstetrician/gynecologist, the same career that Nathanson held in his professional life. Nathanson graduated in 1949 from McGill University Faculty of Medicine in Montreal.

Nathanson stated that suicide "[ran] in [his] family": his paternal grandfather committed suicide when Nathanson's father was a child, his sister committed suicide at the age of 49, and his father attempted suicide at least once. ~ Wikipedia
Both times I was pregnant, the first thing my physician asked me upon confirmation was when I wanted the abortion scheduled; it was assumed. My personal relationship was stable and long term, there was no need for this assumption. In both cases the doctor visit was merely to confirm what I had known from the moment of conception. 

Various abortion-inducing tests were urged. Because I was an older mother (in those days being over 30 was considered to be at risk) I was warned of many potential problems. The “tired egg” and Down’s babies line was used to threaten the happiness of my first child. Abortion would guarantee her a complete and happy childhood more than being a big sister? 

Then I was to be “handed over” to experts; no longer a person but an object to be dealt with. Of course in those days I did not have the political clarity I do now and did not connect the Jewish aspect but instinctively I immediately removed myself from their care and found myself a good gentile physician/midwife.  The upshot was two children of abundant health and the family doctor is Oriental.

The following is a piece by and about rogue Jewish doctor Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson. I have often said that the only good Jew is one who does a complete turnaround from the traditions in which he has been raised. Benjamin Freedman is a superb example of such a rare gem. Now, thanks to CITIZENFITZ  for bringing this man to my notice, I add another to the roster. An unsung hero who deserves to be remembered for his contribution in the battle against the medical genocide of abortion. In this, Dr. Nathanson defends all human rights, regardless of the race of the victims.
May 10, 2012

Anyone who's studied Satan as much as I have can recognize his various tricks. One of his favorites is also the central pop meme of our day: one's self as one's captain. But as Dr. Nathanson's story shows, human beings can be infinitely surprising in their capacity for going off the Satanic reservation.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, 1926-2011, was not your average atheistic Jewish abortionist. 

While it's a given that many of the abortionists you run across are atheistic Jews, not all of them repent, disavow their former ways and become vocal anti-abortionists; and to top it off... convert to Catholicism. 
Dr. Nathanson was by any standard a very, very unusual man 
~ and an inconvenient Jew.
Nathanson was one of the founding fathers of NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League.  

Years later this would prove helpful when he explained how NARAL conjured numbers out of thin air in order to advance the abortion agenda. 

Issuing statements such as, "Ten thousand American women a year die from 'back alley' abortions."  In truth, they knew the number was only about 300.  Abortionists might reply, 
"even one woman dying in a back alley abortion is too many." 
That's debatable, but the point is that a fundamental fraud was afoot. If you apply for a loan claiming $10,000 in assets, when in truth you have only $300, you've committed fraud. The mainstream media generally broadcast NARAL propaganda without question.
There were other tricks as well:
the attempted suppression of the fact that a human life begins at conception.
Fabricating fictional polls. 

One of NARAL's favored tactics was to paint the anti-abortion movement as a mass of isolated, reactionary old Catholics.
Wizened, celibate priests who knew nothing about the real world...
a world of women in emotional distress.
The argument worked.

Anti-Catholic types jumped on the bandwagon with both feet. Even many Catholics bought into it. To be honest they were pale Catholics to begin with (but then most Catholics are pale). 

The msm, in a mechanical formula that's now familiar to everyone, churned out sob story after sob story of "women caught between their inability to support an unwanted child and the intransigence of the patriarchic Catholic Church." 

Years later, after the introduction of ultrasound technology, Dr. Nathanson was able to see an actual abortion being done. What he saw, the fetus desperately recoiling from the suction curette, horrified him, and he soon repented and recanted his earlier pro-abortionism. 

A few years later he took that video and made a documentary called The Silent Scream ~ one of the most powerful anti-abortion arguments ever produced. Dr. Nathanson produced another video, The Eclipse of Reason, with Charlton Heston and also wrote a landmark book on the matter, Aborting America; as well as a book about his spiritual journey from pro-abortionist Jew, to anti-abortionist Catholic. 

Once, while debating pro-abortionist Dr. Henry Morgentaler on Canadian TV, Nathanson responded,
"Henry, I have to laugh when I hear you throwing those arguments and numbers at me.  I'm the one who invented them!"
His Catholicism was a germantive process.  Basically he showed up one day and told a priest he was friendly with that he wanted to become a Catholic.  Some have said that he wanted to get into some of that Christian money.  However, while there are $billions, or at least hundreds of $millions, to be made by the abortion industry, there is almost no money for those opposing abortion. So that argument comes in a bucket without sides.  

When asked why he converted, he stated,
"No religion matches the special role for forgiveness that is afforded by the Catholic Church."
By all accounts, Dr. Nathanson became a good, unapologetic Catholic. He was troubled by his involvement in killing unborn babies and friends noted how he would undertake long fasts in expiation for his former crimes. 

Dr. Nathanson died after a long battle with cancer.  He was a unique man and it's fitting and proper to say a prayer in his memory and honor.



Republished with Permission from Roy Tidwell of American Portrait Films as long as the following credits are shown:

VHS/DVDs Available
American Portrait Films
Call 1-800-736-4567

Dr. Bernard Nathanson's classic video that shocked the world. He explains the procedure of a suction abortion, followed by an actual first trimester abortion as seen through ultrasound. The viewer can see the child's pathetic attempts to escape the suction curette as her heart rate doubles, and a "silent scream" as her body is torn apart. A great tool to help people see why abortion is murder. The most important video on abortion ever made. This video changed opinion on abortion to many people.

Introduction by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, host. Describes the technology of ultrasound and how, for the first time ever, we can actually see inside the womb. Dr. Nathanson further describes the ultrasound technique and shows examples of babies in the womb. 

Three-dimensional depiction of the developing fetus, from 4 weeks through 28 weeks. Display and usage of the abortionists' tools, plus video of an abortionist performing a suction abortion. 

Dr. Nathanson discusses the abortionist who agreed to allow this abortion to be filmed with ultrasound. The abortionist was quite skilled, having performed more than 10,000 abortions. We discover that the resulting ultrasound of his abortion so appalled him that he never again performed another abortion. 

The clip begins with an ultrasound of the fetus (girl) who is about to be aborted. The girl is moving in the womb; displays a heartbeat of 140 per minute; and is at times sucking her thumb. As the abortionist's suction tip begins to invade the womb, the child rears and moves violently in an attempt to avoid the instrument. Her mouth is visibly open in a "silent scream." The child's heart rate speeds up dramatically (to 200 beats per minute) as she senses aggression. She moves violently away in a pathetic attempt to escape the instrument. The abortionist's suction tip begins to rip the baby's limbs from its body, ultimately leaving only her head in the uterus (too large to be pulled from the uterus in one piece). The abortionist attempts to crush her head with his forceps, allowing it to be removed. 

In an effort to "dehumanize" the procedure, the abortionist and anesthesiologist refer to the baby's head as "number 1." The abortionist crushes "number 1" with the forceps and removes it from the uterus. 

Abortion statistics are revealed, as well as who benefits from the enormously lucrative industry that has developed. 

Clinics are now franchised, and there is ample evidence that many are controlled by organized crime. 

Women are victims, too. They haven't been told about the true nature of the unborn child or the facts about abortion procedures. Their wombs have been perforated, infected, destroyed, and sterilized. All as a result of an operation about which they have had no true knowledge. 

Films like this must be made part of "informed consent." 
NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) and Planned Parenthood are accused of a conspiracy of silence, of keeping women in the dark about the reality of abortion. 
Finally, Dr. Nathanson discusses his credentials. He is a former abortionist, having been the director of the largest clinic in the Western world.

Here is the official Jewish attitude towards abortion:



So what can we make of the life of Bernard Nathanson?

First and foremost,
A JEW CAN CHANGE! For the better that is!
Needless to say, this man is the ultimate “self hating Jew”. To embrace Jesus and Catholicism is, in itself is huge for any Jew, whether atheist, Orthodox or “pale”. (Most Catholics are “pale” also.) There are almost no words to describe this leap to anyone unaware of the Jewish attitudes towards Jesus and His Mother and what is written of them in the Talmud and Torah. So such a leap in beliefs is a necessary challenge to overcome.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nathanson has turned his back on the AMA-condoned legalized genocidal big business of abortion, also admittedly a tool for population reduction and clandestine experimentation and sterilization of millions of women of various ethnicities. 

We must applaud this man who had the moral courage to admit that he was wrong on such life-and-death matters. It cannot have been easy for such a high-profile advocate of abortion rights to re-think ~ and then publically renounce ~ that about which he had felt so strongly.

Having turned from that which was evil, Dr. Nathanson also moved to face his guilt. Unlike much of his life, that was done privately, and with the help of spiritual counsel. But that must also have taken great courage.

Knowing what we do about the innate hubris of the Jewish mindset, this, again, is an amazing development for the good doctor. Honesty and straight talk are not natural to the Talmudic ones. Or even the non-Talmudic ones. Again, however, Dr. Nathanson proves it CAN be done.

Nathanson’s embrace of technology, and his willingness to let new evidence change his mind on abortion, is also an example for us.

Early in his career, before scientists could peer into the womb, Nathanson shared the assumption that there was nothing especially wrong about abortion. The lack of technology produced a blissful unawareness in that earlier time. But that lack of comprehension need not be so today.

His early and easy assumption about abortion is shared by many in the “pro-choice” camp today. He came to change his mind by squarely facing the evidence, in the form of ultra-sound moving pictures.

So, happily, this man, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, is added to a very short but special list of human beings. A Jew who found the truth and followed his deepest conscience ~ and became a true hero in the eyes of millions.

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