Saturday 30 September 2023


Please accept my apologies for the lateness. Last night I want out for dinner then came home and fell asleep! So here we are late Saturday morning. I will not say much here, just get this up for your morning coffee if it is not already too late.

I remember posting this the first time around about 12 years ago. It was almost an edgy comment with humorous overtones at the time; now it is reality.

Rather silly to compare Mengele to Damjanjuk. One was a sadistic abuser, the other just a guard at the gates.

Look at those tightly clenched hands. She was fretting, they were constantly moving, a sign of guilt I am sure.

This is truth. Like Biden. Controlled demolition.

Check that expression

This lookalike is cashing in on the moment. As he should.

Well, we know what the UN does.

I have found photos of victims of Hillary and Huma recently. They are simply too horrific to post. I can understand the suicides of any who have seen the entire batch of them.

This is not the original Fetterman.
Harris/Fetterman 2024

Explosion in the capital city of Uzbekistan triggered by detonating electric car batteries in the airport. Windows shattered 20 miles away from the site.

Poland wants its Nazi back from Canada. Backfired again Justin.
Venison neck roast
Magnificent trolling

No goddamn comment

Today's post has a fair number of images from 2012 and 2013. Forgive the repetition but they are even more valid today than then.

Early grooming ad circa 1960's. This is a child.

Golden beast

Another beautiful Russian horse

Make up or not, I would bet money that she raised that bird from nestling

I saw her vids all over the internet, whooping and laughing like she was at a party. Glad she got nabbed. Very low life. BLM level agitator.
In 2009 this was considered edgy! Look at us now.

"I have to pee. Bad. Do I dare move?"


I had Mr. Hudson in Grade 12 who taught me love of history and the ancient worlds