Friday 8 September 2023


Finally! A decent post for you to get lost in. 

Thank you everyone for your wishes and kind words over my accident the other day. They were most comforting and well received. This has been a rather tough week to put it mildly. Regarding my injuries, healing is coming along nicely. As mentioned previously, all I can feel is gratitude that it was not worse, a knee jammed into a dash is so minor, even if it hurts. It will heal, that is what matters. Soft tissue injury only.

What really hurts is knowing I don't have a means of transportation any more. Car was just a write off. By the time they evaluate my ancient vehicle and deal with the deduction I don't know if there will be much; the car was 27 years old after all. 

I am going to ask something of you all, Dear Readers. It was suggested that I do a little fund raising to enable me to get another modest vehicle if possible. If I set up a Go Fund Me or some such thing, would it be worth while? I have always prided myself on this blog being pop up free and not financial in origin, but after all these years, I find myself with a great need. Please let me know what you think in Comments. I will act accordingly.

Meanwhile, this is a very long post. 467 images. I had to cut it down from over 500; the material never posted on Wednesday made for a lot of stuff! Please enjoy. Your journey begins now.... 

All due apologies for this horrid pun.

From a very old folder. Amazing foretelling of things to come.

In Canada we also have prisoners languishing from their activities during the Truckers' Protest but almost no publicity comes their way.

Meanwhile even Rodeo Drive big name luxury businesses are shutting down and leaving town.
Nasty Nancy's nephew is up for the job.

Not this year.

Someone is making a lot of money here. Lower wages for everyone all the way around.

Of course they are. The ADL has been leading the charge for decades.

I should not laugh at this one. The meds I was on yesterday had me having to think about it before I got the connection. I suppose the pain didn't help much either.

Remember that image I posted recently of his fake face melting and sliding off? They fixed the problem with bandages.

Who were these enormous doors originally created for/by?

The beautiful Hermit's Titanium, a true Gypsy Vanner with that sweet disposition. Vanners were bred to be of a very cool gentle disposition. During the days they pulled the Romany wagons; when the families were busy setting up camp, the children played with the horses. Any signs of aggression on behalf of a horse led to its being sold at the next horse fair.

And all that money is going to Ukraine.Those are Joe's desired results.

To be honest, it is a miracle that Larry Sinclair is still alive after all these years. Some of us were aware of him within months of Obama's selection as President.

Consider that all this fuss about Barry's being gay a distraction from the reality of his background and dark tendencies. It keeps folks thinking about his private life instead of his true history as a genuine Manchurian Candidate now serving his third term as President. He is gay, so what? It is the deception of having Michael shoved down our throats as FLOTUS.

He has a magnificent throwing arm! The model for "you throw like a girl" insult to both sexes.

It is amazing what a coat of paint can do


This Grandmother will ever be mugged.


Doesn't everyone look both ways? I always do. Of course that was when I had a vehicle!

Early Democrat training in Golden California ~ decades ago

The Golem of Bolshevism attacking Europe

Nasty old fraud

Found this oldie in my files. It is one that speaks volumes; they even steal the tears of a Palestinian toddler for profit.

So very long overdue

Neolithic portal tomb

I thought Google was all in favour of the truth only!

Explicit. Pass if you don't like gross.
Why do these folks look so smug all the time? I mean, look at those brows and she is still smug.

Why the hell do they humour these sickos?

Er, a Walmart dominatrix?

Just a wall somewhere in Spain


  1. I was slowly approaching asking how I could monetarily aid your wonderful work ( which I greatly appreciate and consider very valuable ). Hence please advise on whatever method(s) are available to aid you.
    Best to you,
    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

  2. Hola Noor!
    So very happy to read you again, and to hear that you're recuperating well.
    Please advise how we can contribute to your "car replacement fund"!

  3. Please add link to GoFundMe--I'll happily contribute

  4. Gofundme is the organization that STOLE the trucker convoy money. I have not read anything bad about GiveSendGo and it claims to be a Christian site which the truckers moved their funding to. Consider a PO Box for checks, an alternative to paying bank fees for a credit card donation.
    YOU ARE LOVED AND CHERISHED. We will help you.

  5. Tar & Feathers here Noor. Haven't looked at todays/this weeks offerings . . . wanted to answer you. YES - Set up a Go Fund Me page by all means !!! I know I've mentioned it recently & I'm certain you'll be able to raise enough to afford something a little more expensive than a 'Hot Wheels' car ;-) who view your blog. I'm sure the regular commenters are but a fraction of the people. Even it 10% kicked in $10 each minimum you'll be sweet surely. I'll keep an eye open for it' I smashed a knee into a steering wheel/dashboard (never sure which) with out pain at the time. 30 odd years later - different story - Arthritis but it did take at least 20+ years to even begin to kick in. You'll be sweet. Gotta go Cheers Chris in Ch-Ch, NZ

  6. Dear Noor,
    I think it would be worth it to start a fund for your car.
    Thanks for your work.
    Laughting is a good antidote to apathy.

  7. Please do, Snips

  8. Before you get too excited about our busty 10 out of 10 Communist congressperson, remember that if you start giving female hormones to a boy from a young enough age, that person can develop a very feminine appearance. Even bone structure can be diminished, and breast augmentation is well known. But the teeth will always tell the truth.

    PS. yes, would support a gofundme

  9. Any approach to getting you some money for another car is good by me.

  10. I would support crowdfunding. Have you considered alternative platforms such as GiveSendGo?

  11. I highly recommend NOT using Go Find Me! If they don't like your speech aka thoughts, they will take your money!!
    Use GiveSendGo. Christen- based service w no shenanigans.
    Love, Pam&Tom

  12. Yes, Noor... I would gladly chip in for your chariot. With all the hard work you put in, you are more than deserving of our reciprocation. I have you on my prayer list for healing and wheeling.

  13. Thank you for all the hard work you do in presenting us with this great blog. I so look forward to it on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Your accident must have been a harrowing experience and I wish you well on your road to recovery. And, yes, dear friend, I would be happy to contribute - just advise us how to do that. Best wishes to you and yours. V

  14. Hola Noor,
    So far, all the posters here are unanimous, please count on us to help you out. I concur with NOT using GoFundMe, they folded like a cheap suit when the Freedom Convoy had received $$Million$$ of support funding from patriotic Canadians. GiveSendGo at least tried to block the UkiNazi from stealing the patriotic contributions. You can also set up an Interac account to receive contributions directly, via email. If you have a good bank branch manager or staff, they could help you out with that.

  15. Hi Noor,

    Glad to read you're ok, and no one seriously got injured.

    I can't contribute myself, we live in half a construction site, to much bs to explain here, but I think a "fund me" could just help you enough.
    I believe more people read this blog than you think, a minority on every website post themselfs, but they do read these posts.
    So if everyone that can contributes what they can, it might get you a decent car.
    But like someone said, be careful what site you pick. I can't advice on this issue.

    You also have whatever you get for your totalled one, that some evil spirit pushed into the car infront of you haha.
    Don't let the insurance company screw you, because they'll give you as little as possible. If you get a $100 quote from them, call salvage yards yourself with the car info.
    Alot of parts are still usefull (interior, engine,...), because it'll be mostly cosmetic damage.

    And call the tow company where your car sits, they charge stupid amounts of "parking" fees. So tell them you don't agree with whatever they're charging.
    Tell them you'll pay whatever a parking spot/garage in your area costs to rent per month, because if you don't, whatever you get for your car, will go to them because they'll force you to waive the car, and they'll sell it for more than you own them.


  16. Yes we will help you

  17. "The last thing you see before being hunted for sport on a private island." Priceless! Cut out the middleman. Get a P. O. box. I'm in for $100 U. S. Alberto

  18. Hi Noor, sorry to read about your fender bender but very glad that you are okay. I will gladly contribute towards a newer car. please post the details. Keep well.

  19. Tar & Feathers Again Noor - "Nasty old fraud" above Elie Wiesel - ya got that right Noor. Ya missed putting "Nasty young fraud" above the post below - Ben Shapiro. Cheers


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