Saturday 23 September 2023


Just a short note before you begin. A note of thanks to everyone for your good wishes and your helping me with my goal for a vehicle. I have found the car and it is considerably less than I asked. $12000 in total for a cute little 2007 Corolla in beautiful shape. What I find as welcome as your gifts are the kind words that accompany them. Then I give thanks to God for every little bit....  Anyhow, enough of me. It is going on 2 AM and time to close up. An afternoon with my Grandson left me behind schedule and tired. Lego can be demanding you realize.. And again. I do the frivolous stuff; for real news and updates, visit the Blogroll on the right!

This resonates with almost all of us, does it not? Personal life challenges that never ends.

Entire towns were emptied of all residents by the slavers of Africa. This little set of numbers below is only a small part of the truth.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find links to a few pieces I posted years ago on art that touched upon the destruction of Western Art.

It used to be primarily immigrants from European nations that came to North America. Trudeau the Daddy changed the rules and opened the floodgates of multiculturalism; now South African Boers are refused asylum because they are "supremacists" due to their White skin. How things have turned around for all concerned and not much of it to the betterment of any nation concerned.

I watched his final speech that day live. He said these things; this was his tone.

Some folks get tired of the January 6 events and the fallout but this is a most important event to be aware of. January 6 cannot be laid to rest any more than the Epstein assassination; these things are not to be let fall by the wayside. Like the murder of John Kennedy or 9/11, these are systematically planned events to take down America. Most of the world will be marching merrily along when it is all over too. . 

Amethyst Tub

This is a realllly bad cartoon IMHO. It is along the old Jackie Gleason line of humour back in the 40's and 50's.

This is an understatement. Nor is it news any more. Every headline has to be checked before you use it and I am not referring to so called fact checkers.

Girls want to slap that face too.

They forgot Canada....

Speaking of Jackie Gleason, he was one of the first to be silenced because the world developed a kinder approach to the less blessed among us, often targets of his acerbic and bombastic humour now so out of style.

Must be an interesting family situation going on here.

Appears to be a Russian bear

Maybe Biden is an alien; he cannot master the stairs either.

In the 1990's I attended a few boxing matches my daughter was fighting in. It was expected that we dress for the evening which included tables around the ring. It was a lot of fun.

And he is suing for defamation of character!

LOL I do this all the time. Never knew it was "a thing" to do this. Every few days I would check back to see what havoc I had wrought.

Conch Fritters, Fresh coconut along with a fresh Daiquiri sounds fabulous. Marley songs drift in the air...

A Canadian doctor from BC made this diagnosis sometime last year. It got headlines, all of them supportive.

This person is older than I. Her skin is still this good. Of course Ukraine has an almost endless supply of adrenochrome...

Tonight Zelensky and Trudeau are partying up. How much of our money will he get away with this time?

Is this a threat from Ukraine?  Sounds like it is.

I imagine this was a curse on Nicholas just prior to his assassination.
How and why Epstein's clients are protected ~ by another Maxwell woman.

En route to Tofino.... an old trestle

There are times you want to scream "Get me away from the madness!"

A defenceless and endangered Pangolin and her pup

So ridiculous. The moment he announce political ambitions with the Republican party.

This child was put into transition at a very young age, fully aided by the mother. Criminal.

Dragsters ore WW2, Berlin.

I don't need C or D.

(((The War))) against Christianity continues....

So this is where LeBron learned to cry?

This receipt is from yesterday

AND HERE WE ARE, YOU ..... cannot say the words I am thinking...

And lemme tell ya, the kids' side of the pool is noticeably saltier by the end of summer...


  1. Tar & feathers in NZ here Noor. Will catch the Give Send Go with some $$ Tuesday Night my time - Pension day. Our dollar isn't much better than the Venezuelan/Argentinian Peso but will put $NZ20 in on Tuesday Cheers & good luck. Hope there's enough all up to stick it to your ungrateful famdamaly !! What happened to respect for your family (or dare I say it - your elders ?? ;-)

  2. Dear Noor, thanks again for your collection. I'm happy for your next car. I recommend a small motorbike, too. Private charity gifted me a Z 124 ccm two years ago, because I cannot afford a car. Kind regards from another Grandma

  3. Hola Noor!
    As always, muchas gracias for all your work, time and dedication to keeping your loyal fan base delighted every Tuesday and Saturday! We all appreciate it enormously. Very happy to see that many are coming forward and contributing to your ancient chariot replacement program! May you soon achieve your financial requirements to acquire your newer chariot!
    Saludos desde Valencia,
    P.S. - Hope that you have received recent messages in your barbara lee email account. Please advise if it's still operational. Gracias!

  4. The goal is Agenda 2030, so we have seven years. How do we get from here to there? They're not just going to roll out digital currency, 15-minute cities, and digital ids all at once, but it will be gradual with the appearance of being harmless. AI technology will probably get so advanced that we start to wonder about every online interaction- who is real and who is a bot. People would begin clamoring for some kind of digital ID proving who is a real human. Meanwhile, gas and cars could get so expensive as to be unaffordable due to runaway inflation. When a loaf of bread hits a billion dollars, people will say that the USA has abused and mismanaged the privilege of printing the world's currency. We'll all be broke and forced to accept a new global digital currency. And just like that, we'll own nothing and perhaps be happy

  5. '07 Toyota Corolla is an excellent pick if very clean. Will get great mpg, will run forever with basic maintenance, parts are cheap since it's a world car, will go great in the snow and has great resale. Well done!

  6. Hola Noor!
    I see that your "chariot replacement fund" is still going forward, but at a reduced speed. I thought that an out-of-sequence posting by you, say, every second day from your normal Tuesday and Saturday postings, to update your dedicated audience on the progress of the fund, and to reiterate its importance to achieving your very worthwhile objectives, might help to remind your readers of the great value of your work for them every week.

    Just a thought. You richly deserve the very modest help which you are seeking. Your readers appreciate all the happiness that you bring them with your many hours of hard work in putting together your twice-weekly compilations. I'm certain they'll appreciate being reminded of how they can assist you in your time of need. Just a thought.

    Saludos from Valencia!

  7. I meant Wednesdays, not Tuesdays! Sorry!


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