Saturday 30 December 2023


Happy New Year, dear readers. 
Congratulations on your surviving this past year but remember that we face so much in the one ahead that we cannot get cocky about anything. 

I am, as so often stated, thankful for so much in this world of strife. It may not seem like much to many but I am fortunate to have enough for my needs. May this continue so, the fates be willing. We are so wealthy compared to so many. Luck of the draw as has always been the case for each of us throughout time.
No more Wednesday posts for awhile. It was fun while it lasted but left me little time for much else! Health needs now take precedence. Maybe they will be back but not for the moment. 

It is difficult to post with a lot of optimism at this time. About a drop of hope is all I can muster. New Year's Eve never really meant a lot to me to be honest. It seemed silly to get so excited over the movement of a watch hand. I was always aware that in a day all would be back to normal and another year lay ahead, a year with gifts, promises, challenges.
Anyhow, it is late. I will let the images posted speak for me. Thank you all for your notes and messages over the year and simply for visiting and letting me know once in awhile that I am still doing goooood. 

Blessings. There has been a ripple of optimism that I failed to make note of. The bottom levels of the enemies of humanity are falling away. Bit by bit they expose themselves and bit by bit humans are becoming aware around the globe. We all, all, are fighting the same battles against the same malignant forces. 
It's not much, but that one drop of hope could be enough to turn things around. We are strong; it has taken them thousands of years to bring us down to this point; it is truly now or never for us. 
Do not give in. 
Stand strong. 
Spread good.
Share insight. 
Be kind. 
Love your kin.
Never give in.

How I feel about the year ahead.

Me too.

Survival Wisdom


Sidney Island is a very wealthy private island just a few miles away. Here in the city we have deer everywhere and somehow these folks get the government to waste our money like this? It was done by native hunters which is equally appalling.

These folk are so tone deaf! "Seniors having fun".

The situation in the shelter arose when two badly abused women were forced to share their room with a person who had male parts. They were recently traumatized RAPE victims. When they complained, they were put out into the freezing winter with no other options at the time.

Tofino is expensive but THIS?

He has the schnoz. Of course he is making up fanciful lies.

Walking into the future....

United against a common enemy

Unpleasant possibility

Honour your ancestors

Looming above us all

Primordial history

This one took a few moments to understand.

War mongering that does not reach the Western media, even if the people cared...

Fukushima is releasing vast quantities of nuclear waste water into the Pacific. The leaks were never plugged and the water used to keep the rods cool has to be dumped. The gift that keeps on giving.

Poland has been conquered

Of course he speaks the truth. This is war against a nation that has been bombing Syria for a decade on an almost daily basis.

Built in the UAE, a portal to the underworld.

My expectations are not terribly high when it comes to this release they promise. Call me jaded if you wish.

Ahead of the rest...

I would like to see some proof of this assertion although it would not surprise me considering her father wrote her memoirs in a ball point pen. Read an old post from 2011. THE ANNE FRANK DIARY FRAUD

Revelation of the Method

This is how they can get away with lying at the rate they do.

Except for the wonderful time spent opening gifts and playing with my Grandchildren, there was a constant nag about Palestine looming over my head. The world is celebrating this season, Christmas for so many of us, as that part of the world is being bombed back into the stone ages. There has to be some connection there...

Bethlehem nativity scene

Hanukkah gifts

The Palestinians don't even have nappies for their infants.

There is so much of this apathy floating around. I do not understand it. Well I do but I don't.

This little hoax came out a few weeks ago to justify events in Gaza. Don't ask me how that works. Anyhow, they are not rings; this is a box of some metal industrial rings for some other purpose. Enlarged they are all the same and there is not a gem among them. Purely all metal, not gold either.

I had to X this one. Never want to see it shared anywhere. Both sides use children for propaganda purposes but the IDF cheerily greeting a toddler? That is appalling considering events in Gaza. Just an obscene image but shows how low they go; and this ain't nothin'.

Marxist/Liberal Lesson #22.

Home school families dance gathering

Never forget the Romans should have finished the job!

This pretty well sums up anything I have resembling a resolution. And actually, health issues mean I am being serious here.

He really said this!

My friend's husband of 60+ years passed away last week. His health was poor; they were not vaxxed. With him passes a set of skills that are almost disappeared today. Bert worked till the day he passed at his career, which he loved, as a high quality upholsterer trained in the old European skills. He was still a hightly sought out artist. Like the pages of the image below, his wisdom is now gone, blowing in the wind. And the world is all the poorer.

We don't want you, Commie Jane.

I can relate... Don't have a cell phone.

The Demon of AI (?) I have seen scarier demons... haven't you? But this one, well looks deceive.

Johnny B. Goode will live forever...

Compassion by John Pitre

When a ballerina does yoga...


This could be the entrance to my underground bunker!