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‘Gaza in Context’ Film Takes Aim At Media Coverage of 2014 Gaza Attacks

ED Noor: Gaza in Context offers a comprehensive teaching guide. To study this film in depth with full script and educational content, please head over to this page. The screen capture above says so much about the uneven treatment given to the inhabitants of Palestine.

By Noura Erakat and Tareq Radi

In the summer 2014, Israel launched its most devastating offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip to date. It sealed the perimeters, expanded the buffer zones, concentrated the already dense population, and launched six thousand airstrikes and fifty thousand artillery shells in an air and ground offensive that lasted for fifty-one days. 

The register of death and destruction was harrowing and included the killing of 2,251 Palestinians, including 551 children; the complete or severe destruction of eighteen thousand homes; the forcible displacement of one hundred thousand Palestinians, and untold trauma that has left more than three hundred thousand children in need of psycho-social treatment. 

Palestinian forces killed seventy-two Israelis, six of whom were civilians. As Palestinian doctors struggled to treat the injured in under-sourced hospitals vulnerable to attack, Israel’s military industry boomed. Three hundred employees of one company, Israel Military Industries, worked twenty-four hours shifts for four weeks, to ensure that the Israeli Army would have a sufficient arsenal. One company CEO explained, that

“After every campaign of the kind that is now taking place in Gaza, we see an increase in the number of customers from abroad…” because they can market their weapons as “battle-tested’.”

Indeed, Gaza’s captive population has become a laboratory for means and methods of warfare.

Israel used disproportionate fire power on a civilian population in Gaza, 2014 summer, committing every war crime in the book. From illegal weapons testing to human shields.

Despite the imbalance of military force, as well as the structural violence of siege, media narratives of victimhood and survival were exclusively reserved for Israel and Israelis. The harshest critique of Israel’s unparalleled use of force was that it was “too much” or “excessive” implicitly suggesting that the colonial relationship between Israel and its captive subjects is normal; the realm of abnormality was reserved for Palestinians who used crude weapons to challenge their condition. 

The de-historicization of the Gaza Strip and its severance from the rest of the question of Palestine functions as another site of violence, one that perpetuates colonial subjugation and all but ensures a repeat of the kinetic warfare necessary to maintain it. 

This pedagogical compendium, in combination with the short narrative documentary film Gaza in Context, uses Operation Protection Edge to demonstrate the temporal and spatial continuity of Israel’s settler-colonial policies across Israel and the Occupied Territories in order to disrupt the language of exceptionalism surrounding Gaza today. The volume scrutinizes Israeli settler-colonialism through a multi-disciplinary lens including history, law, development, political economy, and gender across Israel’s singular jurisdiction extending from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.

While the scope of Israeli force deployed during Operation Protective Edge is unprecedented, warfare is not. The summer 2014 offensive was the eighth attack on the coastal enclave since unilateral disengagement in 2005 and the twenty-second attack since the exchange of letters between Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and President George W. Bush in April 2004. 

In her contribution, originally published in The Nation, Noura Erakat surveys Israel’s aggressions towards Gaza and concludes that warfare is systemic, longstanding, and is an extension of Israel’s broader policy towards all Palestinians.

This policy is guided by two principles:
1. To obtain the maximum amount of Palestinian land with the minimum number of Palestinian people; and 

2. To concentrate a maximum number of Palestinians onto a minimum amount of land.
ED Noor: Gaza stat: 1.8 M Palestinians of which 1.4 are homeless

Through this analysis, Erakat resituates the question of the Gaza Strip within a framework of settler colonialism that helps put the rest of the pieces within this publication in conversation with one other.

ED Noor: In the immortal (and immoral) words of Ariel Sharon:
"We'll make a pastrami sandwich of them, ... we'll insert a strip of Jewish settlements in between the Palestinians, and then another strip of Jewish settlements right across the West Bank, so that in 25 years' time, neither the United Nations nor the United States, nobody, will be able to tear it apart." ~ Ariel Sharon


Illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank

Joel Beinin scrutinizes examples of incitement made by Israel’s governing officials that exemplify the “public devaluation of Arab life,” to expose the normalization of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiments in Israeli society. For example, Uri Elitzur, a pro-settlement journalist and former aide to Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, argued that all Palestinians are enemy combatants and that rape should be used as a tool to deter Palestinian resistance. Beinin argues that this racism lays the foundation for domestic support of military operations and serves to shield the army from critiques of disproportionate uses of force.

ED Noor: Then there is this from Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon:
I don’t know something called international Principles. I vow that I will burn every Palestinian child (that) will be born in this area. The Palestinian woman and child are more dangerous than the man because the Palestinian child’s existence infers that generations will go on, but the man causes limited danger. I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him. With one hit I’ve killed 750 Palestinians (In Rafah in 1956).I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic girls as the Palestinian woman is but a slave for Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do.” ~ Ariel Sharon, 1956, interview with General Ouze Herham.

Israeli "authorities" often incite genocide in their Tel Aviv office. Palestine is Occupied by Zionist extremist "crazies." Occupied Jerusalem is NOT the "Jewish" capital. Even the American Government recognizes Palestine as "Occupied Jerusalem."

While Beinin scrutinizes the societal trends that have shielded Israel’s army from domestic critique and enabled its use of disproportionate force against Palestinians, Erakat’s article on Israel’s manipulation of the laws of war helps explain how such expanded force is legitimated in the language of law. She explains that Israel’s unprecedented use of force during Operation Protective Edge is a reflection of the new norms of war it has sought to establish since the second intifada in September 2000. She unpacks some of Israel’s most troubling claims including a radical understanding of force-protection, a forward looking analysis of proportionality, and a truncated definition of who is a Palestinian civilian. Erakat concludes that as a result of these changes in the law together with Israel’s longstanding policy towards Palestinians, Operation Protective Edge may not be the worst of what is to come.
Oh the horrors! Over 500 children were needlessly slaughtered in Gaza, 2014 summer.

The four articles on development examine the use of development as a political tool to further subjugate, separate, and weaken Palestinian society. As Gaza’s economy reaches the highest stages of de-development yet, Sara Roy, Nuriya Oswald, and Max Ajl each scrutinize the international community’s futile policies adopted to “reconstruct” Gaza in the aftermath of OPE’s devastation.

Roy reaffirms that Israel’s attack on Gaza was not a response to Hamas rocket fire but, rather, continued its policy of incapacitating the coastal enclave. Roy highlights that not a single reconstruction plan has challenged the political status quo that produces vulnerability and deprivation. She argues that the current plans further entrench Israel’s blockade, and outsource the responsibility for its maintenance to the United Nations thus legitimizing Israel’s security narrative.

Despite the imbalance of military force, as well as the structural violence of siege, media narratives of victimhood and survival were exclusively reserved for Israel and Israelis.

The entire infrastructure of Gaza was targeted in the summer of 2014 by the Israeli    attack on the civilian population of Gaza. (ED Noor: Water collection then and now. A man collects water from a small container; behind him the former water system for his area lies in ruins.)

Similarly, Oswald dissects the United Nation’s Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM) to expose the economic benefits Israel may enjoy from the plan. She also tackles Israel’s stated security concern regarding the application of imported materials towards military related activities. She highlights that, due to the current conditions in Gaza, recipients of the materials are unable to cover the cost of labor required for construction and, as a result, proceed to sell the items on the black market. Oswald argues that the absence of a mechanism to track how the materials are used once delivered reveals that the function of Israel’s oversight is control, rather than security.

Taking a step back, Ajl provides a historical analysis of the increasing scale of attacks on Gaza since 2006. He uses this historical analysis to interrogate the notion of “collapse” and its ability to separate Israeli policies from a settler-colonial framework. 

Through a critical reading of the World Bank report Gaza Economy on the Verge of Collapse, Ajl argues that the “World Bank’s analysis sidesteps the colonial genealogy of the siege,” by attributing Israel’s policies of warfare and blockade to the state’s inability to reconcile with Hamas. In doing so, it elides the state’s deliberate attempts to de-develop, isolate, and control the Gaza Strip since 1993, well before Hamas’s electoral victory in 2006. 

The World Bank’s economic prescriptions reflect this limited analysis.

It recommends that lifting the siege and reforming the economy requires that the Palestinian Authority (PA) replaces Hamas as the governing body of Gaza.
Ajl highlights that
the World Bank’s emphasis to work with the PA
is colonial in nature,
because it only accepts and supports interlocutors
that the colonial power has deemed legitimate.
Gaza, 2014 summer, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced from their homes and took shelter in UNRWA schools, hospital yards and the street.

As Roy and Oswald point out, the GRM strengthens Israel’s mechanisms of control over Gaza by granting Israel the authority to regulate the material that can enter the territory but relieving it of any responsibility for the territory. Israel possesses a similar mechanism of control under the veneer of development in the West Bank. 

In her article, Lamya Hussain discusses the implications of the Israeli Civil Administration’s (ICA) 2008 decision to appoint itself as the governing body that authorizes or denies any plans submitted by or on behalf of Palestinians in Area C. 

Today, the ICA serves as a planning regime designed to obstruct Palestinian development initiatives in order to take their spatial place. Hussain details the ICA’s use of urban planning as a tool to facilitate housing demolitions, restrict mobility, annex resources, and shift local geographies.

Nur Arafeh’s examination of Israeli policies aimed at removing Palestinians from Jerusalem rebuts the explanatory framework of religious conflict. She argues that Palestinian resistance in the city should be viewed as a response to colonial policies, as opposed to religious differences, and that religion is being exploited to obfuscate Israeli political goals.

Furthermore, Arafeh criticizes the Palestinian Authority’s
lack of investment in Jerusalem
as a contributing factor to the Judaization of the city.

As Israeli development initiatives advance, leaderless Palestinians in Jerusalem are left to fend for themselves in the face of forced displacement and economic strangulation.
Tariq Dana’s contribution on the Palestinian Authority’s security coordination with Israel helps contextualize the formal leadership’s apathy towards Jerusalem. Dana identifies the major factors that transformed the Palestinian security sector into a proxy apparatus of Israel’s occupation regime. Upon Hamas’s legislative victory in 2007, Israel and its Western allies moved swiftly to support the PA in the West Bank and rework the doctrinal foundation of Palestinian security. 

Over the next three years and with President Mahmoud Abbas’s cooperation, the US State Department allocated ninety-nine million dollars to restructure the PA’s security infrastructure and an additional 392 million dollars to train and equip its security forces.

Together with other critical junctures,
today the raison d’etre
of Palestinian police forces
is their ability to meet Israel’s security concerns.

Mouin Rabbani uses the PA’s fidelity to Israeli and American plans to scrutinize the potential of an impending intifada. He explains that the interlocking nature of the Palestinian security forces and the Israeli occupation, together with the Palestinian leadership’s aversion to popular mobilization, makes resistance to Israel’s colonial authority highly improbable. 

Despite the increasing ferocity of Israel’s attacks, Rabbani notes that a third Palestinian mass uprising is unlikely because “rebellions are almost never instigated by reality alone.” He highlights that the first and second intifadas were not simply reactions to particular events; rather they emerged and continued as a result of a confluence of cumulative factors that spanned several years. Rabbani sheds light on why and how a colonized people can endure sustained structural violence and not respond with sustained collective resistance.
Nobody is spared Israeli brutality. American/Palestinian child, Tariq Abu Khedair

Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Sarah Ihmoud and Suhad Dahir-Nashif center sexual violence as a tool within the larger structure of colonial domination. The authors draw on Patrick Wolfe’s “logic of elimination,” the understanding that settler colonialism is a structure, and not a singular event, that seeks to destroy and replace indigenous populations, to unpack Israel’s racialized logic of sexual violence. 

In this framework, genocide is intricately connected to settler colonialism. They expand on the sexualized discourses of OPE to demonstrate the embedded nature of sexual violence within Israel’s eliminatory logic. Maya Mikdashi builds on this intersectional analysis of gender and settler colonialism by calling into question the lack of public mourning for Palestinian men killed during the large scale offensive.

ED Noor: At the time of this Palestinian holocaust, there was little mention of male casualties and deaths in the media, all male deaths apparently listed as Israeli combatants regardless of status. 

She takes a critical look at Western-based media’s emphasis on the killing of women and children and argues it “further normalizes and erases the structures and successes of Israeli settler colonialism.” Mikdashi asserts that the Palestinian people are one, regardless of their gender. They live together under settler colonial conditions and should not be separated in death not least because even the most advanced weapons technology does not distinguish them upon lethal contact.

The following contributions, combined with the previously published Gaza Revisited and the short narrative documentary film Gaza in Context, serve to rehabilitate the Gaza Strip within a settler-colonial framework. In doing so, it emphasizes the non-exceptional nature of violence endured by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. 

The articles in both volumes provide in-depth and multi-disciplinary resources that disrupt the current production of knowledge surrounding the “conflict.” Operation Protective Edge, and any past or future Israeli onslaughts, should be read within this framework in order to highlight the abnormality of the Palestinian condition and to realize a viable and just alternative.

To read more and for a comprehensive teaching guide, please visit Gaza in Context website.

Here is a refreshment of Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity which took places extensively all throughout Palestine, but most horrifically in Gaza the summer of 2014.  

The interview is with Miko Peled and Abby Martin on RT’s, Breaking the Set. Miko Peled an Israeli born to “The General’s Son.” 

Wednesday 27 July 2016

London vs. Wall Street: The Other Side of The Brexit

The Rise of the Phoenix at the London Olympics. The symbolism is obvious. 

ED Noor: Sabba nails it in the article below. There is little here in her article that most of us do not already know; however, Sabba has pulled together so many strands of the mess that one can see the “common sense” of her assertions and things make more sense. Alas. I take it further back than that actually. Onc can see where it began with the establishment of the Bank of England under Cromwell. The second is the French Revolution but that is not part of this particular posting.

Since the 1960’s I can remember covers of TIME Magazine (we know who that rag speaks for) lauding the twenty-first century as belonging to China. Communist Mao and his atrocities were lauded. They had chosen not Israel, not America, not Britain ~ China. This has been in the works for a long time. China has also, as we know, been the perfect model for the NWO according to the elite (often led by Walmart) who have moved their manufacturing there over the decades, slowly destroying America’s financial infrastructure.
"You have not begun to appreciate the depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest Great War, but of every other major revolution in your history.

We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone." ~ Marclis Eli Ravage, Century Magazine February, 1926.
Judaism is the soul of Communism as many prominent rabbis have claimed. Communism is the Talmud streamlined for gentiles according to famed author Elizabeth Dillings. When she spoke those words in the 1930’s she was demonized, but we see today the wisdom of her astute observations born of experience.
"Some may call it Communism, 
but I call it what it is: Judaism."
~ Rabbi Stephen Weiss.
What is being done in Europe today has been in the works since the days of the original Babylon. The French Revolution and the return of the Jews to England under Cromwell in 1656; many of the current (and always volatile) messes the world is in can be directly traced back to one of these manufactured events. Once the Rothschilds had control of these two nations, it was only a matter of time.

And here we are as a result, hundreds of years later
 ~ on the threshold of international annihilation. 

Allow me to paraphrase the great Sheikh Imram Hossein when he says, in one of the videos below, 
“This is a good time to be old, 
not so much if you are young.”
Now is the time for this insidious plan for humanity to do or die, hence the amped up volume and desperation, the excessive violence we see everywhere, intended to terrify and have us beg for protection from the perceived enemy. 

By Sabba

“We did it!” There is not one ‘alternative’ website/media which has not celebrated the Brexit as a victory of the people, by the people and for the people, forgetting that it was a non-binding referendum.

The frenzy we saw everywhere was not unlike the frenzy we saw during the ‘Arab Spring’. The media had galvanized opinion to the point where all objectivity was lost, causing many people to believe that the UK had freed itself from the JWO, that is was the ‘British Summer’.

But Britain is THE beating heart of the JWO! While the USA is right now the preferred attack dog of the JWO, Britain however is the first of the Rothschild’s Empires and the world headquarters of the internationalist financial mafia that rules the world.

I have said in a few ed-notes here on TUT that there is more to all of this than meet the eye vis a’ vis the current Brexit drama. I do not think Rothschild’s Britain freed itself from the JWO, quite the contrary: she just added a massive brick to the JWO wall.

Despite all its financial and economic problems, despite the repeated demands of the Greek people to leave the EU, Brussels is refusing to allow Greece to exit this European house of hell. More than that, all specialists have been warning us for at least the past 6 years that Greece leaving the EU would threaten the entire EU structure.

Economically speaking, Greece is insignificant to the EU. In fact, she is a burden. Economic and financial common sense demands that Brussels kicks Greece out. And yet, they refuse to let her go.

So how can those who refuse to let tiny Greece out because it would bring the collapse of the EU, how can they allow a more powerful state like the UK to have a referendum and even let it ‘brexit’?

Why would they ‘hear’ the voice of the British people and ignore the voices of the Greek, the French, the Italian, the Spanish people who too, in their vast majorities, who also want to exit the EU? And why was the USA so interested in the referendum, as if it was about America itself?

FDR is reported to have said “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
ED Noor: Not so much. Misleading but then, that was how it was planned to bring about the desired result. As with Arab Spring, in retrospect it seems the British were played like a Stradivarius in the hands of a master  virtuoso. Their long vented frustrations were used against them to bring about the desired result.  

Ed Noor: Compare to 1815 when nations had proper borders and people were proud of their individual nations.
The creation of the United States of Europe has been theorized by Richard Von Coudenhove-Kalergi, who explained that the ultimate goal is the creation of a 3 way Trans-Atlantic Union between North America and Europe with Britain acting as the bridge between these 2 unions, while being part of none.

No one has pushed for a United States of Europe more than Winston Churchill. As early as 1946, he said in his speech at the University of Zurich:
“There is a remedy which … would in a few years make all Europe … free and … happy. It is to re-create the European family, or as much of it as we can, and to provide it with a structure under which it can dwell in peace, in safety and in freedom…We must build a kind of United States of Europe.”
But while Churchill called for the creation of a United States of Europe, it was always clear that Britain would NOT be part of it. In fact, Britain joined the EEC on 01st January 1973, only after France had agreed to have a private central bank (03JAN73, eloquently known in French as “La Loi Rothschild” or Rothschild’s Law).

While all the other states forced upon their people all the changes that were slowly changing the EEC into the EU, Britain always refused to embrace these changes. The most important and revealing ones are that the UK is NOT part of Schengen nor is it part of the EURO-zone. In other words, Britain is the only EU country which still has control over its borders and its currency.

Not only has the UK always kept control over its currency, but it also controls the stock exchange of most European countries.

Those interested in such matters know that the London Stock Exchange Group also owns La Borsa Italiana.

They also know that the French, Dutch, Belgian and Portuguese Stock Exchanges no longer exist as such and have merged to become one European Stock Exchange named EURONEXT, which in turned was purchased by the American NYSE.

But there is another and very disturbing secret which is known to none but a few and which our ‘elites’ ensure gets no publicity whatsoever ~ EURONEXT ‘offices’ are no longer located in their respective countries but in Basildon, England. 

That’s right, the famous and magnificent Palais Brongniart in Paris (ABOVE) for example, “a flagship of Parisian architectural heritage”, located in the Place de la Bourse, no longer houses the French Stock Exchange. Instead, it “provides a prestigious venue for hosting your major events in the very heart of the French capital”.

And if that was not enough, the London Stock Exchange and the German Börse officially started discussing a full merger last year. Despite it being against the EU regulations, Brussels agreed to this merger earlier this year. This kind of merger does not happen overnight nor does it happen for no reason.

When we look at the historical process, there is a very distinct and clear pattern emerging: those in power start openly talking about their plans, their goals, and the media start reporting on it only at that time when all the elements are in place and their victory is assured. When they start talking about it, it is because it is already done deal.

So when London & Frankfurt decided to go public about it, it is because it was already a fait accompli.

As we can see, there is a lot happening in the world of High Finance and it is all revolving around Britain. More than that: it is all being concentrated in Britain.

One might ask: why are the European stock exchanges offices now all head-quartered in the UK? Where and how does the Brexit fits into this picture?

“One thing is clear: Brexit means that the same forces that created the European Union, the same old globalist club, are now dissolving it for their own purposes, having become disappointed or now looking for a different strategy. Anyway, this will clearly lead to chaos”, ~ Alexander Dugin.
In its issue of January 1988, the Economist had the most prophetic of all its stories: “Get ready for a world currency by 2018”.

That was 28 years ago. Such magazines do not publish stories like this for the sake of it. They must have had some insider knowledge which allowed them to break such a story, knowing full well that only a few initiates would understand what they are really talking about.

No one paid attention to it at that time. Those who did might have laughed it off as something impossible. At that time, each European nation still had its national currency, it was still the EEC, there was no European constitution etc. So none but a few initiates took that story seriously.

28 years later, while it frightens or should frighten us, it shocks no-one anymore. 

I posted on TUT on the 30JUN16 a very interesting article by Thierry Meyssan: The Brexit reshuffles world geopolitics. 

His theory is that the Brexit is not about the English people nor the EU: it is about the end of the US Dollar and US hegemony. If we link his theory with the cover of the Economics of January 1988, I think he has more than a valid point here. 

Last year, “the IMF included the Chinese Renminbi into the basket of currencies which make up the IMF’s Special Drawing Right, or SDR. This is the first time in over 15 years that the list of currencies comprising the SDR has been altered”. And the gold-backed Renminbi is NOT convertible to USD… That will come into effect October 2016. 

Before taking that revolutionary step, the IMF had long been calling for the END of the petro-dollar monetary system. 

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who told us on French national TV that the very first thing he does every single morning is to think about Israel and what it is he can do to help the jewish state, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has made many calls for the end of the US Dollar hegemony. He has made many calls to replace the US Dollar as world reserve currency. He even dared call for a one world currency 

Christine Lagarde has made similar calls several times since she took over from Strauss-Kahn. So the IMF is fully on-board the change of monetary system. The IMF and those it represents are ready to ditch the petro-dollar, knowing the disastrous implications for the USA. 

In April this year, the Daily Telegraph announced that London will be the world global center of gold-backed Yuan trading outside Asia. 

This and the IMF agreeing to include China’s Renminbi n the SDR currency basket mean the end of the petro-dollar which brings us back to the Economist of 1988. In clear visibility on the picture we can see US dollars burning.

I am not sure if they want to call the new currency Phoenix or if the Phoenix is only used as metaphor. I think it is a metaphor for at least 2 things: a coming war and a new society, a new world order with new currency emerging from the ashes. Ordo Ab Chaos.

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away” ~ Netanyahu 
I was puzzled by the obsession displayed by the US government and the US Federal Reserve with the Brexit Referendum, as if it was all about America. And it is indeed all about the petro-dollar and therefore the US hegemony.

I think Thierry Meyssan hit the nail on the head: the Brexit is about Big Finance represented by London vs. the USA and that explains the American obsession with it.

The USA is no longer an economic powerhouse. Her downfall began under the presidency of Ronald Reagan and as such is no longer as powerful as she would like to appear. The US may have a strong military but even that does not impress anyone any more.

I wrote above that London is the financial world headquarters of the international mafia. London, who has now centralized all the western world’s stock exchange offices, London now wants to drop the US dollar and therefore the USA. In other words, there is no more blood to suck, the parasite needs a new host and the most appetising host right now is China. 

ED Noor: Here we have China in a nutshell: “This may seem strange. What can there be in common between Communism and the largest banks? Ho-ho! The Communism of Marx seeks an enormous centralization of the state, and where such exists, there must inevitably be a central state bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, which profiteers from the labour of others, will always find a way to prevail. In reality, for the proletariat, this would be a barrack regime, under which the working men and the working women, converted into a uniform mass, would rise, fall asleep, work, and live at the beat of the drum." ~ Bakunin (1814-1876)

The American members of La Kosher Nostra who do not want to let go, fully understand what is at stake and a world war seems to be their only way out, even if it goes nuclear. I sometimes think, especially if it can go nuclear. America has nothing left to lose.

The Brexit could also explain why Alan Greenspan is now urging the US to get back to gold standard. 

But it is a done deal. The financiers who control and/or own London have decided to give up the US dollar to go with the Chinese gold-backed Renminbi . China knows it and seems to be preparing for a different kind of war which got her to become “obsessed with jews and judaism’.

Many major political events happened right after the British referendum of 23rd July 2016 and I believe they are all inter-connected. 

The day after the Brexit Referendum, China stated its desire for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to work closely with World Bank.

On that same day, 24th of June, President Putin was in Beijing. Pepe Escobar wrote a brilliant op-ed for RT:
Hot off Brexit, Vladimir Putin goes to China“ ~ As the whole planet attempts to digest the implications of Brexit, the real heart of 21st century action once again shifts to Beijing, where President Vladimir Putin on Saturday pays a visit to Chinese President Xi Jinping.” 
On the 27th of June, we saw Erdogan apologizing to Vladimir Putin for the death of a Russian pilot who was killed when Turkey downed a bomber flying over Syrian territory last November.

Shortly afterwards, the same Ergodan was trying to make a rapprochement with Bashar Al Assad. Two days later, on the 29th of June, Istanbul is hit by a terror attack for which the Usraeli Foreign Legion, aka, ISIS, claimed responsibility.

The zionist kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also been showing some sign of ‘rebellion’ against its masters and trying to cosy up to Russia. And like Turkey, the US have unleashed its foreign legion against its vassal state during the holy month of Ramadan and again on the 21st of July, so twice this month.

ED Noor: Saudi Arabia has been on the bottom of the PNAC hit list as part of the Oded Yinon or Greater Israel Plan so none of this should be a surprise, even though the Saudis are so closely tied to Israel. 

NBC News had a very revealing title for their article regarding the last attack: “ISIS Trying to Topple Saudi King with Attack on Mohammed’s Mosque” 

At the same time, the US regime is trying to condition the minds of the American people for their next war against Saudi Arabia by finally releasing the 28 pages of a 2002 congressional report about the alleged ties between Saudi government and the 9/11 hijackers. I do not think they got the reaction they expected. 

We are now seeing France and Germany being hit while Turkey just escaped yet another American engineered coup d’Etat.

Many countries understand that America is dead and are trying to re-position themselves in order to adjust to the tremendous geopolitical changes that are taking place before our very eyes.

They also understand that the aggressiveness being displayed by America is nothing more than the signs of her near demise. Everyone at the top knows it and many cannot wait to see her pass away at long last. They also know that the near future is in Eurasia but none understands better than the parasite.

While the death of America as a super-power has been signed and sealed, I do not think they want to dissolve the EU just yet. Moreover, let us not forget that the EU has never been an end but only a means to an end. That means that the EU can be ‘rearranged’, reshuffled and even sacrificed whenever they need to make their next Fabian move towards the same goal.

And it could well be that they will use the Brexit as the scapegoat for it: they will most likely tell us that the EU failed because Brussels did not have enough power to maintain it and save it, because the nation states retained too many rights, because power was not centralized enough. The replacement will be an open dictatorship. Germany and France are already calling for a stronger and more centralized EU, with its own army etc. 

As for now, the Brexit seems to be a reshuffling of cards: they are moving their pawns in what seems to be a surprising, unexpected direction, but a direction which should allow them to get to their goal faster: pax judaica which will come thru ‘ordo ab chaos’. 

While the world of High Finance is pivoting to Eurasia, Israel is pivoting to the world’s reserve of raw material: Africa. We have seen Bibi embarking on charm offensive in a whirlwind tour of Eastern Africa. And the offensive was by no means limited to East Africa: Israeli foreign minister met with the Chad President on 14th of July, while on 20th July, Israel renewed diplomatic ties with the Republic of Guinea after 49 years. 

All this prompted Sheikh Imran Hosein to comment:
“Israel is most likely seeking

to look favourable

in the eyes of the world,

looking to champion a Halo

before stepping into

the shoes of America.”

Sheikh Imran Hosein has been saying for about 20 years that the US Dollar will sooner rather than later collapse. In fact, he has been saying more than that: the US Dollar MUST collapse in order for Israel to replace the USA as ‘the ruling state in the world’.
None but a few believed him, most even laughed at him. No one is laughing anymore.

The USA is now at a crossroad with 2 options.

The first one is to willingly accept the end of their bloody hegemony which is what Trump seems to pre-conize.

The other option is a war against Russia and China and the rest of the free world to try and maintain their superpower status by maintaining the blood-stained rule of the petro-dollar.

The oligarchs in control of America feel the USA have nothing left to lose if a world war breaks out. Or maybe they are in a ‘Samson Option’ mode, whereby if America goes down, they will take the world down with them.

Those behind Trump know that the end of the US dollar and therefore the US hegemony is non-negotiable and irreversible. I think their goal is to prevent a crash/a war which will devastate the American people and do all possible to allow a ‘smooth landing’ and salvage what they can before it is too late.

The Brexit is like a gigantic puzzle. We do not have all the pieces yet but enough however to identity whether the picture is a mountain, the sea, the countryside, etc. One thing it definitely is not however is ‘a victory of the people, by the people, for the people’.

It appears the Brexit is meant to act as a trigger for at least 2 major future events.

The first one is a market crash which they have already engineered but for which they will blame the Brexit.

They have been telling us since last year that 2016 will see a major economic crash which will make the 2008 crash look like a picnic in the park. The expected result? Mario Draghi, former Goldman Sachs employee and current president of the European Central Bank, spelled it out for us: a New World Order.

Bloomberg published an article titled “Draghi Wishes For A New World Order Populists Will Love To Hate.” They have since removed ‘NEW’ from the title but it is still visible in the URL. 

The next crash will then facilitate the death of the moribund petro-dollar monetary system, which the majority of those in power seem to be calling for, and the creation of a new one, which is already all prepared for us. It is just a matter of finding a reason and the most opportune time to implement it.

As the Economist Magazine of January 1988 told us, it should be around 2018.

The other event the Brexit is meant to trigger is “the Big War”, a war for survival of the Petro-dollar, which the decaying and declining USA must have and which the Last Prophet of God, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) described as ‘the war where 99 out of every 100 will die’: WWIII.

The American members of La Kosher Nostra represented by Hilary Clinton have already chosen war. And, should she fail to steal the election in November, there is a possibility that they will trigger a war anyway, either as a ‘welcome’ gift to Donald Trump or before the January 2017 inauguration, taking the war as an excuse to suspend the Constitution and all rule of law and engulf the world into an extinction level world war which will see Europe and North America vaporized.

Either way, the winner, it seems, will be the Jewish state.

To sum up and to use Sheikh Imran Hosein’s terminology, the Brexit will be the trigger that will allow the transition from Pax Americana to Pax Judaica.

And God knows best.

By Sabba, July 2016

ED Noor: Please refer to:

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