Saturday 29 October 2016


Lyrics at bottom. Enjoy. This is fun.

I really have very little to say this week. It is way late and I had a lot of trouble loading the material and I am soooo tired. Please enjoy. 



You mean this man CAN tell the truth once in awhile?

This truly is the general overall Canadian attitude. Dear Lord, have mercy on us Canucks.

Integrity of a sort might be found after this latest investigation into HRC. I actually watched Rachel Maddow almost cry over the news. I watched Blitzer fight it with all his might as it broke. Oh it was so lovely to watch! And all HRC could say was, "Blame the FBI for bad timing. Vote NOW before I am indicted."

Someone has noticed that CNN seems to poll things...  differently...

The only Scree I have heard came from HRC... confidence does not screech.

Actually, Trump was hilarious and truthful and very entertaining. I listened to Hillary and she put me to sleep....

Ooooh la! The fun is just beginning, HRC.

Oh, just go find someone from BLM and you will have found someone...

American media

I drew your attention to Saul Alinsky last week...

It was very nice of YouTube to completely remove this young man's account and ban him, is it not?

Seriously, could you MAKE this stuff up?

Doubly owned because she is a true Israel firster and owned by the Rothschilds.

Katy Perry endorses nude voting for Hillary. Femen anyone?

Back to that vampire squid....

Recently I read a description of Gloria Steinhem. The person was discussing feminism mentioning that Hillary and Gloria were both "ice cold feminist bitches".

This is a typical cartoon in the JMSM showing a definite Clinton bias. The Veritas Project has proven these conspiracies of rigging and fraud are very real. But THIS is a relatively non-offensive anti-Trump cartoon i could find; most are beyond vicious and equally misleading.

 Two stories regarding married couples...  One amusing, one totally awesome...

Nasty Woman in a Mao Dress 

Hillary’s campaign’s going down
Heard it from the FBI
Foundation’s a bed of corruption
And evidence is piling high

Huma’s at Hillary’s bedside
While Weiner, he’s been doing wrong
Just about to make a transition plan
When Weiner’s dong got ’em schlonged

She was out of lies when she opened her eyes
She’s seeing her own demise

She was a nasty woman in a Mao dress
Just-a heading up her own cabal
November 9 she’ll have a bad mess
‘Cause that nasty woman’s ’bout to fall

There’s nothing that’s not on the table
For a dirty dealing sewer rat
We know what happens to witnesses goy,
You can be very sure of that

She thought everything was going to plan
Til Donald decided to run
He ain’t no Jeb or John Kasich
And she knew that he had already won

Well his VP was pumping his left hand
And Melania was holding his right
Said Hill, you better be scared
‘Cause you’re gonna be in jail

And I cannot be forgivin’ if I wanna go on livin’
With a nasty woman in a Mao dress
Just-a heading up her own cabal

On November 9 she’ll have a bad mess
‘Cause that nasty woman’s gonna fall
Gonna fall
Gonna fall